WankItNow – Sophia Smith – Behind The Curtain – Masturbation Encouragement, Jerk Off Instruction

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Well aren’t you just the regular pervert? You’ve caught the sexy Sophia Smith getting undressed in this changing room, but she doesn’t care if she get’s caught, you work here, she doesn’t! For being such a filthy perv she’s going to put on a show for you and show you her cute little pussy. Watch this stunner spread her legs just for you.


WankItNow – Hello doctor Part 2 – Blowbang, Milking

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Last time she wanted you to JERK OFF for her… Now she wants you to FUCK her! You and 2 of your colleagues get to experience the magical nurse, Jasmine Lau. Get hard and let this stunner take control of your COCK. Let her thrust herself up and down until you SPUNK… This naughty nurse wants to be covered in all your CUM… So do your worst!


WankItNow – Hannah Brooks – Oh Daddy! – Masturbation Instruction, JOI

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Hannah Brooks is your son’s sexy girlfriend… He’s currently out of the house and it’s just you and her together. She starts confessing that she’s always had a crush on you, her boyfriends father… Now it’s time for you to find out just how filthy she is, you’ve always had your suspicions… Get your COCK out for Hannah Brooks and let her put on a once in a lifetime show for you… This is guaranteed to have you SPUNKING in no time!


WankItNow – Sex addict Part 2 – Panties, Blowjob

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You’ve just finished your sex addiction meeting with your sister… But it’s made you both hornier than ever! Now you can’t keep your hands off each other. All your step-sister wants to do now is SUCK and FUCK your DICK! You know it’s your step-sister but you can’t resist her sitting there with her legs spread, just waiting for you!


LingerieTales – Jenny -Watch Me Fuck – Female Domination, Slim

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When David steered me into a room without a door, in a swinger’s club, with porn playing on a big screen, I was grateful that we were the only ones in the room.
I told him, as he pulled me onto his lap on a couch, that I didn’t have public sex, and he told me to tell him when to stop. We kissed, my shirt came off, then my bra. His shirt came off, exposing his muscular chest and arms. I kicked off my shoes.
Up until this point, this wasn’t new to me – being nearly naked in public. Heck, I’d been fully naked twice in public but they were with my ex husband and it was involving toys in rope.
David yanked on my hair and rotated us to lay me down on the seat, stripped me out of my jeans and underwear. There are a few, rare times in my life when I no longer give a fuck about limits (that doesn’t mean I’m unsafe in pushing those limits). Those that care about me worry because they view it as vulnerable, and perhaps I am. Twice this year now I have pushed past my own comforts and limits – once when I did slutfest and a weekend with my husband after my husband left me, and that night in the swinger’s club (so far, but I’m still mourning, so we’ll see what else I get up to).
It makes me feel alive when I am otherwise numb trying to cope. When he hesitated at my pants and looked down at me to see if I was okay, I knew we were going to have sex right there in the room. I was surprisingly okay with that.
Swingers Club
He fingered me, and I briefly hoped that there was no one in the doorway. At least my head was more towards the doorway and my spread legs were facing a wall. He sat down and pulled me onto his lap where I was facing the doorway, I shut my eyes so I wouldn’t know if we had an audience and he continued to finger me, nibbling on my shoulders, neck, rotating me slightly to bite on my nipples.
I arched into his teeth, I moaned and shuddered around his fingers. Now I was fully exposed to the view of others, something he intentionally did, but I was focused on the pleasure he created rather than a potential audience.
He ordered me to lay down doggy style on the seat of the couch, and I bent my elbows to brace them on the seat which buried my head against the back bottom of the seat – so no one could see my face and I couldn’t see theirs. He put on a condom and began fucking me at a vigorous pace.
Have I mentioned that David is a military man at his prime and is in amazing shape? There is no part of him that is soft and the hardest part of him was rubbed and built up an orgasm; I welcomed the release of tension that seemed to be consuming me. Of course, once I orgasm once, the others just begin to flood my senses – and I am by no means quiet.
He would smack my ass and thighs occasionally as he fucked me, and he yanked my head up by my hair, forcing it to the other side. Briefly I peeked and saw the outlines of people in the room with us, I shut my eyes tightly but orgasms are glorious things and before I could be mortified I was being carried on the wave of another one. He stuck a thumb in my ass hole and used the pressure to increase the intensity of my orgasms. We switched positions quite a few more times.
I was sweaty and had no idea how he kept up an almost maddening tempo. When he finally found his own fulfillment and withdrew out of me to hold me tenderly, I was grateful he shielded my face away from the doorway and towards his chest.
And then I heard the men complimenting us. I’m sure I blushed as David thanked them politely. He sounded almost proud, and he should have been – he gave them one hell of a show.
When I came in from cleaning myself up, some female friends of ours were sitting and chatting with David as he cleaned and sanitized the room. They mentioned how they had tried the sybian in the next room, expressed they were sad they missed the show we obviously gave, and inquired if I had tried it. I was already overcome with shyness and not talking much, so didn’t do much more than shake my head. When I expressed that I had not but I was curious, David took my hand and steered me towards that room.
Guess the night still wasn’t done….


Wankitnow – I Spy A Perv – Femdom, Brunette Hair

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You’re back from university for the weekend. While collecting a few thing from your old bedroom, you look out of your window and you notice your busty neighbour sunbathing in her garden with her TITS out! You sit there for a few minutes with your DICK out WANKING over her… But she catches you perving on her and decides to come over to teach you a lesson… That next time you need someone to have some fun with LET HER KNOW!


WankItNow – Hello doctor Part 1 – Masturbation Instruction, Trimmed Pussy

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Nurse Lau had a SEXY thought while on shift… She asked you and 2 other colleagues to join her her office after your shift. She’s so kinky! She wants you all to wank over her. So grab your DICK while this sexy nurse bends over for you and shows you her tight little holes! Nurse Lau always has the correct type of treatment ready… especially for hard DICKS!


WankItNow – Big tit wank – Big Tits, Titwank

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Your step-sister Kate Anne has a date later tonight, but she’s shy and doesn’t know what to do when it comes to sex. As her older brother you decide to help her out and let her give you a titwank with her massive tits! A titwank is exactly what her date is going to want later, you know this so letting her give you one now is helping out both parties!