Terminal Euphoria Productions – Bizarre CBT POV #6 Camo featuring Mistrtress KALI – Urethral Sounds, Femdom

Terminal Euphoria Productions  Bizarre CBT POV 6 Camo featuring Mistrtress KALI preview

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Mistress Kali is wearing a camouflage bra, tiny black lace-up thong and black leather 8 inch ankle boots. She begins by teasing her victims cock with her extremely long hot pink nails, then she applies a red silicone ball harness. Her goal is to milk as much pre-cum out of him as she can, although she informs him that she will not be allowing him to cum. Mistress Kali then torments his shaft with a fondue fork, followed by a long Q-tip which she inserts into his urethra repeatedly. Her next tool is a medical sounds, which she inserts deep inside his penis. Finally she utilizes an automotive antenna magnet, which she uses to beat his cock and insert into his urethra. Mistress Kali enjoys taunting her victim with his pre-cum. Shot in High Definition.


Carlin Says – Foot Fetish Therapy – electric, Bondage Male

Carlin Says  Foot Fetish Therapy preview

00:23:09 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 581 MB

With the subject screwed down, our experimental foot fetish removal process can begin. With a state-of-the-art Violet Wand technique, Dr. Petrova herself becomes a conductor. Her feet touch the patient, a shock travels through her and to the bound pervert. He writhes n tries to escape, her feet, as she shocks n shocks with the very object of his desire. By the end, tempting him with a ‘foot job‘, we start to see some interesting results…


Chicks vs Balls – Kick The Sexual Deviant – Sophie – Garter, Hard

Chicks vs Balls  Kick The Sexual Deviant  Sophie preview

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Sophie’s been getting a lot of complaints about a fat loser who’s been a bit of sexual deviant so his been requested to see a counsellor to overcome his perverted ways. The stupid fucker thinks his about to talk about his issues n hopefully leave a new man. Little does he know his about to leave less of a man. Sophie has a very peculiar way of dealing with sexual deviants, she likes to get straight to the cause and annihilate it. The cause of this pathetic guys behaviour is the cock n balls between his legs so it’s only right Sophie destroys them. The poor fuckers balls take a hell of a beating! Sophie seems to be enjoying it a bit to much, I am sure your not supposed to laugh at and mock the person in counselling. Oh well, sucks to be him I guess.