TheEnglishMansion – The Cuck Box (Complete) (720 HD) – Mistress T – Hot Femdom – Electric, Fucking

TheEnglishMansion  The Cuck Box Complete 720 HD  Mistress T  Hot Femdom preview

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Mistress T is feeling sadistic and horny, so brings in her pain slave and attaches electrodes to his cock and puts a big electrified metal plug into his arse. She then puts him in the isolation box and connects the Erostek box to electrify him, his moans and cries making her pussy wet. She then brings in one of her sex slaves and takes pleasure from his tongue and cock, the sounds of the cuck slave’s suffering helping her to a big orgasm.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – CBT Fan Boy – Hot Femdom – Goddess Snow, Female Domination

Goddess Alexandra Snow  CBT Fan Boy  Hot Femdom preview

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I’ve got a new little slave boy here. He’s expressed interest in going further. He wants to go beyond his previously assumed limits. Luckily for him, that is my specialty. I love playing with new slaves. Bending them and flexing to them just before the breaking point. I love seeing how many clips I can attach to his balls. I love counting the strikes against his tied cock and balls. The whimpers out of his mouth are delicious. I love breaking in new meat.


Dangerous-Girls – Electric CBT (Elektro CBT!) (720 HD) – Hot Femdom – Female Domination, Electric Play

DangerousGirls  Electric CBT Elektro CBT 720 HD  Hot Femdom preview

00:15:22 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 669 MB

It’s the first time a slave’s torture is relaxed, nothing easier than that. The loser is fixed and has the electrodes directly on his genitals. Now I can sit back with Jane chilled and give the slaves one electroshock after the other. The device stands naturally on full achievement so that the painful pain draws it by each vein and each nerve. The little one begs that we should stop, but there he has cut himself, instead I put in permanent current and let him suffer even more until he collapses and probably hardly notices anything more. Unfortunately, our little amusing game round with him is over. But he will still pay for it because he remains attached to the cross and the device stays on while we leave him alone and drive home. The batteries should last 12 hours, I had replaced them before the session *Smile*.
Mal entspannt einen Sklaven qualen, nichts einfacher als das. Der Loser ist fixiert und hat diese Elektroden direkt an seinen Genitalien. Nun kann ich mich mit Jane gechillt zurucklehnen und den Sklaven einen Elektroschock nach dem anderen verpassen. Das Gerat steht dabei naturlich auf volle Leistung sodass ihm der qualvolle Schmerz durch jede Ader und jedem Nerv zieht. Der kleine bettelt das wir aufhoren sollen, aber da hat er sich geschnitten, stattdessen stelle ich auf Dauer Strom und lasse ihm noch mehr leiden bis er zusammensackt und wohl kaum noch etwas mitbekommt. Da ist unsere kleine amusante Spielrunde mit ihm leider beendet. Er wird es mir aber trotzdem noch bussen denn er bleibt am Kreuz befestigt und das Gerat bleibt eingeschaltet wahrend wir ihm allein lassen und nachhause fahren. Diese Batterien sollten locker 12 Stunden durchhalten, diese hatte ich vor der Session erneuert *Smile*.


Princess Ellie Idol – Toilet Slavery Hell – CBT, Penectomy

Princess Ellie Idol  Toilet Slavery Hell preview

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Welcome back to hell, loser! I have a voice-controlled electric cock shocker attached to you now and I intend to use it. I’m going to make you worship a fresh pile of droppings as I, the devil, inflict pain upon your genitals. Once I’m satisfied with your dookie worship, I lower onto your face to unleash another blast of brown! You’re in for an eternity of suffering with me here in hell, but I have a surprise for you! I’ve brought someone to keep you company: your brother!! You will be my s***eating slave team here in the underworld. Now, before I finish pushing this loaf into your mouth, I’m going to castrate you!! I just love to make my toys suffer. Would you expect any less from Satan herself?


Ceara Lynch – Dungeon Chastity – Cock Locked, POV

Ceara Lynch  Dungeon Chastity preview

00:09:05 | 540×360 | mp4 | 402 MB

I’ve got a new slave locked up in my dungeon. I torment him and have him bound in a spiked chastity belt, teasing and stripping for him, watching the spikes dig deep into his swollen cock. Stop your whimpering. You think that’s painful? I’ll show you pain. How about I put some of my special hot sauce on those spikes. Now you’ll know what a fire crotch really means.


Vicious Femdom Empire – Rewarded Plaything – Demi Sutra – CBT – Cumshot, Milking

Vicious Femdom Empire  Rewarded Plaything  Demi Sutra  CBT preview

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Goddess Demi Sutra loves her playthings to be quiet, hard and tied up so they are always at her disposal. His behavior has been exceptional this week and is rewarded with a milking by her strong, dominant grip. One comes out must go in though as Goddess Demi shoves every last drop of cum right back inside his slutty asshole.


FemmeFataleFilms – Mistress Vixen – The Confession – Part 2 – Boot Worship – CBT, Submissive

FemmeFataleFilms  Mistress Vixen  The Confession  Part 2  Boot Worship preview

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The prisoner still refuses to confess. There’s nothing for it but more severe treatment from Mistress Vixen. She kicks him into submission, tramples him in her sharp stiletto thigh boots, making sure to dig and grind her heels into his flesh and then pisses over him and in his mouth. Degradation and brutality is the name of Mistress Vixen’s game and there’s no one better at it!


ClubStiletto – Tiny Penis, Giant Pain – Mistress Irene – CBT – Bondage, Female Domination

ClubStiletto  Tiny Penis Giant Pain  Mistress Irene  CBT preview

00:07:52 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 578 MB

Mistress Irene has her bitch all bound up on the kitchen island and he’s whining like a little bitch as she strikes him with an electric flogger. She’s already beaten him with a crop so his ass is covered in tram lines and the tight rope and cold ceramic counter is making his life miserable. She then starts to cover his balls and micro-cock with clothes pins. The slave is really crying in pain and Irene is just as happy as punch with the entire situation.
Now she again picks up the flogger and runs it over his ‘manhood’. She flogs the clothes pins and the little slut begs for mercy. She then yanks the clothes pins off and the slave is just in agony. Once they are all off she twists his cock and balls and slaps them too. This slave really puts on a show looking for mercy but Irene is oblivious to it all. She sticks a clamp on his balls and then slaps his little dick while commenting on how insignificant it is. Once sufficiently amused, Irene leave the slave there telling him she’ll be back in the morning.