Goddess Paige – CBT Boot Camp Week 1 – Cbt Instruction, Pov

Goddess Paige  CBT Boot Camp Week 1 preview

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You know how much I loathe your cocks. They are all disgusting. They all deserve punishment. With that in mind, I decided on a new game. I want to put you through an endurance challenge. A CBT boot camp. Every week in October, I will release a new video, and we will see which of you pain sluts has the ability to make it to the end. We will start off gentle, but every week, the tasks will grow more difficult, more intense. I am going to wean out the bitches from the true pain sluts. Are you ready? Do you think you have what it takes to survive all four rounds of CBT Boot Camp?


The Mean Girls – Hit The Dick – Small Cock Humiliation, CBT Instruction

The Mean Girls  Hit The Dick preview

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Ok, so We found this awesome card game at the store called “Hit The Deck” and it gave Us this GREAT idea of a game to play with you slaves! Except We are going to change the name of it to “Hit The DICK”! finger LOL And that is EXACTLY what you are going to do to that worthless little pecker of yours for Us! We are going to pull cards from the deck at random, and whatever number we draw, that is how many times you have to hit yourself in the dick with a ruler for Our entertainment! LOL!


Mistress Ezada Sinn – Going to bed with Mistress Ezada – Humiliation, Cbt

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Going to bed with Mistress Ezada  preview

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Tonight is My slave’s lucky night: I will take him to bed with Me. Well… he’s not exactly going to be in bed with Me, he will spend the night tied to My bed (on the outer side) by his hands and genitals. Still, this means he will be able to watch Me sleep, hear Me breathe – what more can he wish for? I can see he is very aroused to be so close to Me in such a private setting, to watch Me go to sleep in My tiny nightgown that doesn’t really cover too much. I know he loves Me and he wants Me, and all this unintentional teasing is not really helping him with his tied up cock that is quickly turning blue. Or maybe not that unintentional, I must admit, I might be quite enjoying this, seeing him so aroused yet so helpless. But, with all this arousal, I don’t want him to cum on My feet during the night. That would be gross! So what should I do? Should I milk him, so that he’s emptied and has nothing to cum, or should I hurt his cock and balls so much that he will not be able to have even a trace of erection? Difficult decision…


ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – I WANTED A HORSE! Starring Princess Jennifer – Corporal Punishment, Ball Busting

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  I WANTED A HORSE Starring Princess Jennifer  preview

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When Princess Jennifers financial submissive flounders! When he fails to provide the horse that she was promised. He is humiliatingly reduced to the horse that he didnt provide. Further more by the time that she’s done with him he will be her personal slave too. This Princess is not going to deal with the pathetic man for he is no man and Jennifer is making it perfectly clear! Yes the Princess assuredly knows how to punish him as a man. But from psychological perspective he cannot possibly feel like a man. He can only hurt like one. Jennifer literally beats him down until he agrees to be her slave and signs a slave contract.


THE MEAN GIRLS – Reprogrammed Gay – Princess Bella – Financial Domination, V

THE MEAN GIRLS  Reprogrammed Gay   Princess Bella  preview

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A slave is handcuffed to a chair naked, with his wrists & ankle scuffed to the chair, wearing only a high-voltage ball shocker strapped tightly to his tender, vulnerable balls. Princess Bella has decided that this slave needs to be “reprogrammed” to be gay. That way she can it out and use it to make more $$$ for her! She laughs in the slaves face that she has “ways” of reprogramming slave’s brains- she can even reprogram their sexuality if she feels like it. The slave BEGS her not to. He does NOT want to be gay! He is afraid of Princess Bella. She laughs that he has no choice- and then shoves a penis gag into his mouth and STRAPS it on his TIGHT so no one will here his screams. Then she explains her diabolical plan…
Princess Bella looks her helpless slave right in the eyes and taunts him with the ballshocker remote control she is holding in her delicate little hand…she sadistically LAUGHS about the high voltage she is going to be sending coursing through his little slave testicles with just a simple push of a button. She explains that she plans on using a brainwashing video reel to MAKE the slave like cock- whether he wants to or not. (She laughs that this will end with either the slave LIKING and WANTING cock- or IT’S cock getting FRIED!)
She begins playing the video on the screen in front of the chained slave…picture after picture of BIG COCKS scroll by on the screen-nothing. Suddenly, there is a picture of a hot girl that pops up, and-ZAPPP!!!! Princess lays on the JUICE!! The slave screams and writhes in pain. This is done over and over again….every time a picture of a hot girl appears, Princess ZAPS HIS BALLS with the max voltage!! When pictures of cock appear, it actually provides a welcome relief for the slave. Princess verbally torments the slave and explains that she can take this “training” of hers as far as likes. With enough time and voltage, she can basically make him do ANYTHING. And it is actually FUN for her. She starts laughing in his face about how his “holes”should be “open for business in no time” based upon his reaction so far…If the slave tries to look away from screen, Princess grabs him by the hair and FORCES him to keep watching the screen! He NEEDS to be reprogrammed for HER maximum income potential!
*This is princess Bella writing. I LOVED doing this clip.It was fucking HILARIOUS. Especially when I REALLY cranked up the “juice”to a LEVEL 15 and made the slave literally flail around in the chair like a fish! Haha! He was actually DROOLING through his cock-gag from the pain at one point. LOL! He really WAS legitimately BEGGING for cock by the end of this clip! It was awesome!! ��