Vicious Femdom Empire – Feminized – Time for a sissy milking – Lexi Sindel, Cunilingus

Vicious Femdom Empire  Feminized  Time for a sissy milking preview

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Time for a sissy milking What time is it, Sissy? It’s time for your sissy milking. After sucking off many men for Lexi, this sissy slave gets her own special reward… she gets a milking from her lovely Mistress Lexi Sindel. That entails getting out of her chastity device for the 1st time in weeks. But soon, that useless clitty is going to get hard and need to ejaculate. Rewarding a sissy to cum is the greatest gift a Dominatrix can allow her slave. Soon that sissy slut is shooting loads of cum on to a plate… guess what’s the best part, sissy? You’re gonna eat it all up. Prove your devotion to your mistress… ingest your cum. starring the super beautiful Lexi Sindel


Vicious Femdom Empire – Feminized – Rikki’s Chastised Sissy – Ladyboy, Sperm

Vicious Femdom Empire  Feminized  Rikkis Chastised Sissy preview

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Miss Rikki keeps her sissy bitch locked away in a pink chastity cage because she only likes big cock and his cock is of no use to her. Mistress Rikki dresses her bitch in a pink nighty n orders her to lick her pussy. The sissy will be serving her sexually now as a woman, only allowed to use her tongue while sissies cock is locked away in chastity.


Young Goddess Kim – Locktober is not over! – Asslicking, Stilettos

Young Goddess Kim  Locktober is not over preview

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With only a few days left, the fact remains: Locktober is not over! What better way to start the final countdown then by teasing your locked cock to tears n full balls blue. I have created the ultimate chastity tease n denial compilation – using the best tease scenes in such a way to create a flowing, non stop erotic tease that will break you. you may recognise some of these top selling clips – but this compilation is a new clip in itself. In the entire 31 minutes, you may not take your eyes away from My captivating and torturous tease – no matter how hard you beg for mercy or how much your prison dick aches. Your helpless suffering in the cock cage is exactly what I want. Beg all you like – Locktober is not over!


Humiliatrix – Princess Tiffani ‘Loses’ the Key to Your Chastity Cage – Cock Locked, Jerk-Off Commands

Humiliatrix  Princess Tiffani Loses the Key to Your Chastity Cage preview

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Oopsie! I can’t find the key to your little pink cock cage. I don’t know where I might have put it. Why don’t you help me look: down my cleavage, under my skirt, dangling from my ankle… Uh oh! I think I might have left it in the lingerie store! Dropped it by ‘accident’ into a frilly pair of panties. Guess you’ll have to go find it…


Young Goddess Kim – Who Owns you? – PVC, Locked Dick

Young Goddess Kim  Who Owns you preview

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Custom Clip Request:
You have my arms tied over my head fastened to the ceiling, I’m naked and in chastity of course. Today is the day you’re considering releasing me from chastity, but first you want to have some fun, your voice is soft yet firm. You walk around me (in and out of camera view) running your fingernails over my body, reminding me that I’m your property. You casually walk to the other side of the room and return with a crop, you laugh as you see me tremble. You tell me that every time you whip my ass I must shout out “you own me Goddess Kim,” I beg for mercy but you don’t care. You walk behind me and begin whipping my ass, laughing as I repeat the words with each whack. Now and then you walk back into view inspecting me, before going back behind me to continue the humiliation. The final time you walk back in front of me, remove one of your shoes and hold it over my nose telling me to sniff, as I do you reach behind me and once again whip my ass, it amuses you as I yet again repeat the words. Please end the clip by untying me and ordering me to floor to lick your heels, when I do you tell me that I’m to remain in chastity, and this will happen each day for the next week. Please wear the same clothing as in the video Morning Ritual Chastity Tease.
Custom Clip Feedback: “Thank you for bringing this to life for me in a masterful way that I knew you would. Your style, demeanor, and overall tone is absolutely amazing, which is why I’m such a fan. Honestly, my heart was beating like crazy, and I was truly trembling as the clip began, you appeared to be really enjoying yourself which only bought more authenticity to the clip, and it made me feel like I was right there in front of you. Thank you Goddess Kim, you’re one of a kind.”


Humiliatrix – Mistress Kendra Cages Your Cock and Breaks Your Spirit – Keyholder, POV

Humiliatrix  Mistress Kendra Cages Your Cock and Breaks Your Spirit preview

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I like my slaves to be feisty, with a little fight in them. I enjoy the challenge of breaking a willful submissive. It’s all the more pleasureable for me to break you down — break your body and spirit, so that I can cage your cock, discipline you, punish you, and do with you whatever Mistress pleases.


Arena Rome – Chastity Lock Up POV – BDSM, Cock Cage

Arena Rome  Chastity Lock Up POV preview

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Yeah I know your cock is toast after a whole week of Ass Enslavement and it needs a break. But that’s not why I’m locking you up for thirty days. This cold steel has been needing to encase your male member for a long time. You don’t need that thing and I certainly don’t need to be hearing about it all the time. It’s time for it to go away, the world will thank me and heck they may even thank you. Come inside and let’s get this done. I’ll talk you through this process every step of the way. When it’s time to actually lock that useless thing up I want you to stay as still as possible as I don’t want that thing touching me, ever!


Tara Tainton – Youll Be My Eternal Chaste Slave – Locked Dick, Cock Locked

Tara Tainton  Youll Be My Eternal Chaste Slave preview

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Watch me… watch this. You know you want to. You HAVE to. What’s in store for you? What sexy thoughts will I reveal? What erotic delights are waiting for you? You’ll never know unless you watch this video… look into my eyes… watch my soft lips move as my deep voice soothes you to a sleep… trail your gaze over the smoothness of my leather pants and the pointed heel of my leather boots. I know what you like… I know what you secretly want. I’m connected to your subconscious. You and I are linked. I am your mistress; you are my slave. My voice you… my lips issue your orders… my eyes control your mind… my pants hold you within my power. You can’t resist. You don’t WANT to resist. You’re going to watch every second, you’re going to follow every instruction, and you’re going to be completely within my control FOREVER. Watch if you DARE…


Princess Lyne – Piggybank Lockup! Financial Domination Chastity Control – Findom, Cock Cage

Princess Lyne  Piggybank Lockup Financial Domination Chastity Control preview

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That’s right, the ultimate control – Financial Domination & Chastity. you have no choice now… you’re all locked up and I’m going to do some MAJOR damage to your financials, loser! That’s right… we’re taking out another mortgage, you’re selling you’re car… draining your 401k.. you fucking name it. ALL FOR ME!! And I’ll keep you locked up… even once the money runs dry, you’ll still be Mine!