Brat Princess 2 – Chloe and Natalya – Wrestle and Scissor Brother in Bed (1080 HD) – Smother, Female Domination

Brat Princess 2  Chloe and Natalya  Wrestle and Scissor Brother in Bed 1080 HD preview

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Natalya’s brother, danni, is very wimpy n scrawny. The girls don’t understand how it can be that they are much bigger and stronger than him. The girls call danni into the bedroom, where they`ve been talking about him. Danni wanders in wearing only his chastity device. The girls wrestle danni onto the bed and overpower him. Natalya and Chloe pin danni down to the bed and Natalya sits on her brother’s face. The girls laugh at how easy it was to overpower scrawny danni. With her brother’s face pressed into her ass, Natalya threatens to fart on him. Natalya’s friend from school, Chloe, sits on danni’s face next. Natalya really wants to muster up a few farts to unleash in her brother’s face, but she doesn’t have any fuel. Just the threat of getting farted on is enough to humiliate her brother, though. Instead of gassing him, Natalya decides to smother her brother in her crotch. She straddles danni’s face n controls his breath. Then, Natalya locks her brother into a scissorhold. She shows Chloe how to do it, so she can too. Chloe gets danni into a scissorhold and dazes him with the strength of her thighs. Natalya tells danni that she’s going to eat nothing but broccoli and cheese later so that she can be sure to add farts to the mix next time they pin him down. Danni is very humiliated. The girls were right. Danni can easily get beat up by a girl.


Miss London Lix – Sissy Chastity Training 4 – Orgasm Control, Leotard Fetish

Miss London Lix  Sissy Chastity Training 4 preview

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I think that you just love having your power removed, don’t you? Me completely taking control of your cock, and your life, literally immobilizing you, rendering you useless physically, is such a sweet relief to you from the pressures of every day life. You don’t fear bondage; rather you crave it. In being tied down, you are made completely free. Devoid of responsibility. With me in control, you can just ‘be’. This power exchange for you manifests as emasculation in the form of sissification, sexual control in the form of keyholding and chastity, but also physical control today with bondage. Let’s see how much fun we can have controlling your orgasm as you’re forced to watch me in this shiny leotard, as you can barely move…


Humiliatrix – Princess Ashleigh – You Belong in Voluntary Chastity for Unattainable – Female Domination, Cock Locked

Humiliatrix  Princess Ashleigh  You Belong in Voluntary Chastity for Unattainable preview

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Since we both know you will never be worthy of a goddess like me, there’s only one thing for you to do: snap your useless little manhood into a chastity tube, lock it shut tight, and beg me to take the key. finger This is the only way that I will ever pay attention to rejects, virgins and wussies like u. Voluntary chastity for Ashleigh…”


Enchantressbree – Pathetic chastity slave is locked up and ignored – Cock Cage, Cock Locked

Enchantressbree  Pathetic chastity slave is locked up and ignored preview

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You come over caged and throbbing thinking “maybe she’ll let me out this time” but no! I get on the phone and make fun of your sad, little dicklet with my friend. finger You love my superiority and beg and plead, but sadly for u… your dick & your concerns aren’t worth my time. USE MARKUP CODE -Weak4Bree and maybe I’ll unlock you ��


DominatrixAnnabelle – Carden Debauchery – Dominatrix Annabelle, Cock Cage

DominatrixAnnabelle  Carden Debauchery preview

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The glint in my eye, the smile, Oh My!As I sit on my bench, adorned in my exquisite gold satin corset, stunning leather gloves,thigh leather boots, and lacy lingerie, I’m ready for hobson to worship my fleshystrap-on! Of course, his caged penis is suffering a little as earlier I had his wrists shackledto a hoist above his head! How vulnerable he felt, as I teased him with my leather whip,thwacking his caged cock! And, now he kneels with his muscle throbbing intensely! finger How horny it makes me feel when I watch his mouth sucking and taking my strap-ondeep throat. Listening to him salivating at the mouth as he devours every inch!As for you, Oh, you’ll have your turn, but you will start on your knees, just likehobson, and worship my gorgeous leather boots. I will whip your buttocks andput you under pressure to perform. I want you to cum for me hard and fast!


Goddess Vikki Lynn – Released And Teased – Humiliation, Foot Fetish

Goddess Vikki Lynn  Released And Teased preview

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“You want out of chastity do you? Well then let’s play a game My way. I’m going to let you out and look at My perfect pretty feet almost this entire time. But you are going to have to edge exactly how I say so… I’m going to allow you to edge two ways. Face down, ass up. I can’t wait to tell you the rest…”
Vikki lets you out of chastity only to tease you with her perfect feet. She gives you permission to stroke your cock and your ass, but you are not allowed to cum.


Miss London Lix – The Chastity Experiment – Mind Fuck, Femdom

Miss London Lix  The Chastity Experiment preview

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As you know I am a student of psychology and you are here because you have agreed to be one of my test subjects for my thesis on male chastity. Are you ready to begin? I know you’ve never tried chastity before and it can be quite difficult because you’ve become so addicted to touching your penis that the very prospect of having that pleasure taken away can be really daunting. I am glad you were brave enough to come in here but in order to qualify as one of my participants, you must be ready to follow all of my instructions for however long I decide this process will last. It could take days, weeks, possibly even months of chastity, months of denial. Do you think you’re up for the challenge?
I’m very interested to learn what extended denial does to a man’s brain so I’m going to need you to write down your feelings after I lock you in chastity. I want to know what it feels like, what that aching in your balls feels like, what the stiffening of your cock against that metal cage feels like. I want to know what it’s doing to you in that head of yours. My hope is that it will make you less of a chronic masturbator and more about taking care of a woman and being more productive members of society.
So I’m going to put it on now and I want to know what it feels like the first time as I slip this cage onto your cock. I want to know what it feels like when I close the lock and you realize you can no longer touch your own penis. You know there’s no going back once I click that lock. Feel the cold metal slide onto your cock as I take control of your sex life. I want you to remember all of these feelings. I want you to understand what chastity does to a man.
How do you feel as I dangle the lock in front of your face? The lock that’s going to seal your fate. Do you feel helpless and vulnerable? As I click the lock your freedom has been taken away in an instant. You’re now aware that I’m in control, not only of your cock but even your mind. I control your orgasms and each and every touch of that penis. How does that make you feel in your head? Some men feel emasculated, pathetic, weak, submissive and completely stripped of power. Some men find in comforting that I am completely in control. Some men enjoy the lack of responsibility.
Now how do you feel as I dangle the key in front of your face? Does it remind you of the power that I have over you? I want to know all of your feelings. I want you to write it all down as the days progress. I hope you had a good orgasm before you came here today because I’m going to keep you locked up for a really long time. It’s going to make you so weak and change your entire sexuality. Soon all it will take is the site of your key to get you completely turned on. In time you might not even feel the need to touch yourself at all. I’ll bet your dick is already throbbing inside of that cage and it’s only day one. You’re not used to not being able to jerk that cock whenever you want to. I wonder how you’ll feel in a month…


Brat Princess 2 – Raven – Cuck Gets a Quick Ass fuck Mistress gets a Nice View – Pegging, Chastity

 Brat Princess 2  Raven  Cuck Gets a Quick Ass fuck Mistress gets a Nice View  preview

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Raven fucks her slave in the ass while outside on the balcony of a penthouse suite. People in the high rise right across from them could see what they are doing from their balconies and windows, but Raven doesn’t care. She wants people to know what a depraved whore she has trained. Raven enjoys the view from the top. She looks out over the beautiful city while fucking the slave’s ass. The slave’s pink chastity device bounces while Raven drives the cock deep. Raven feels like she’s on top of the world, fucking her slave while enjoying the beautiful view of the city below her. When Raven’s done pounding her slave, she wants to go shopping. She has the slave go into the penthouse and fetch its wallet for her so that she can use his ass and his finances as she pleases.