ClubDom – Fucked by Lady Karma for the Holidays – Pegging – ClubDom 2019, Ass

ClubDom  Fucked by Lady Karma for the Holidays  Pegging preview

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Lady Karma wants to turn her slave into her Christmas ho. She has her slave on his knees sucking, licking and gagging on her giant strap on. He is such a slut that he loves every minute of it. Now, Lady Karma’s cock is sufficiently lubed with her slut’s saliva. She puts him on his hands and knees and fucks his ass from behind like the animal that he is. Lady Karma forces him to take every inch of her huge cock like a good slut. Because it’s the holiday season, Lady Karma wants her slut to sing a song while she fucks his ass. It’s going to be hard to sing while getting fucked with her huge cock! She tells her slut to sing “Jingle Bells” for her. He tries his best to sing through his moans and cries. He isn’t the best singer in the world but at least he is entertaining. Lady Karma laughs hysterically as her pathetic slut humiliates himself. Lady Karma has her Christmas ho!


ClubDom – Holiday Ass Stretching – Lady Karma – Femdom Spanking, Anus Fucking

 ClubDom  Holiday Ass Stretching    Lady Karma  preview

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[Femdom 2019] ClubDom – Holiday Ass Stretching. Starring Lady Karma [Ass Fucking, Dildo Fucking, Dildo, Anal, Anus, Ass, Pegging, Strap-On, Strap on]
It’s the holiday season and Lady Karma is in a giving and festive mood. She decides to take her slave out of the dungeon and bring him into the mansion’s living room. She puts a Santa hat on her hooded slave and dresses herself up in a hot Santa outfit. It’s time to turn her slave into her slut! She is wearing her huge 16 inch strap on but she needs to destroy her slut’s ass first. She begins by giving her slut a hard paddling. When his ass is nice and red she decides to stretch out his asshole. She brings out a hand shaped dildo and shoves it up his slutty asshole. Her slut moans and cries as Lady Karma pushes the huge dildo-fist in and out of his ass. She twists the dildo in order to stretch his ass even more. Now that Karma has turned him into her ho (ho ho), he is ready for her huge cock.


ClubDom – The Cock Slut gets Dahlia’s Cock – Big Black Cock, Anal Fucking

 ClubDom  The Cock Slut gets Dahlias Cock  preview

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The cock slave has taken his paddling well and his ass is the right shade of red now for his stuffing. Goddess Dahlia makes her slut give her cock a thorough blowjob. He gets it wet with his spit and drool so it his ass will be lubed for her giant cock. Dahlia gives her bitch more than he asks for with her giant sized black cock. She fucks him brutally in different positions until he begs for relief. Goddess Dahlia is disappointed and angry at her slut for not being a better cock whore. She forces him to suck her cock clean of all of his ass juice. If he can’t be a proper cock slut, he will be an atm slut.


ClubDom – Punished For Speaking By Lady Karma – Female Domination, Boot Worship

 ClubDom  Punished For Speaking By Lady Karma  preview

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It is a beautiful day on the slave farm, so Lady Karma decides to go for a ride on the pony cart. After going around the grounds a few times, she decides to give her pony cart pulling slave a break. She allows her slave the honor of worshipping her long thigh high boots. He kisses, licks and sucks on her heel. Her stupid slave loves it so much that he can’t shut up about how much he enjoys it. Lady Karma is annoyed by his insubordination. She reminds him that he is to serve, worship, obey and only speak when spoken to. Lady Karma commands her slave to open his mouth so she can spit in it. Then, without warning, she slaps his face ferociously. Lady Karma brutally continues face slapping and spitting on her humiliated slave. She doesn’t let even her slave’s tears stop her relentless attack. Next time the pony slave will use his words more wisely.


ClubDom – Mistress Crystal Paddles The Pony Slave – Outdoors, Paddling

 ClubDom  Mistress Crystal Paddles The Pony Slave  preview

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Mistress Crystal is going for a ride around the slave grounds on a pony cart. Her naked bound slave is not doing a satisfactory job pulling her cart. Mistress Crystal orders him to bend over the back of the cart so she can give him some motivation. Mistress Crystal demands perfection at all times from her servants. She takes out her leather paddle and severely disciplines her bitch. The slave must thank his Goddess for each painful blow. Next time this bitch serves Mistress Crystal he will do a better job!


ClubDom – Lady Karma’s Degraded Ashtray – Femdom, Cigarette

 ClubDom  Lady Karmas Degraded Ashtray  preview

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Lady Karma has made it clear to her slave that it is not a person. It is a thing for her use and her enjoyment. Her slave has no voice and no opinions. It just exists to please Lady Karma. Her pathetic slave is now kneeling below the beautiful Lady Karma in the dungeon. She is smoking a cigarette while explaining how she expects her slave to behave. What Lady Karma wants now is too use her bitch as an ashtray and spittoon. She blows smoke in it’s mouth, spits in it’s mouth and fills it’s mouth with her ashes. When Lady Karma is finished, her slave looks like the disgusting pig that it is. It’s face completely covered in ash and spit. After she has completely degraded her slave she makes it crawl over and get into it’s cage. The slave is learning that serving Lady Karma is not easy.


ClubDom – Caned to Tears for Lady Karma – Corporal Punishment, Female Domination

ClubDom  Caned to Tears for Lady Karma  preview

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It’s time for Lady Karma’s slave to take some pain. He has already been completely humbled and degraded by Lady’s Karma’s slaps, spit and smoke. Lady Karma laughs as her slave crawls over to be caned by her. She hasn’t even touched him yet and he is already crying like a baby. He tells Lady Karma that he doesn’t like pain and he doesn’t like to be caned. Well that’s too bad for him because Lady Karma’s slaves take a lot of pain, whether they like it or not. She explains to her property that he will learn to be a pain slut if he wants to serve her. Lady Karma makes him beg for her cane. Once the punishment begins her slave begins to cry even more. This gives Lady Karma an idea. She brings over a bucket and places it beneath her slave. She wants her bitch to fill the bucket with his slave tears. When Lady Karma finishes beating her bitch, the slave’s ass is covered in red welts marks and the bucket is full of slave tears. Lady Karma makes her slave kneel before her as she finishes him off by dumping the tear bucket all over his pathetic face. Lady Karma is happy with how her slave suffered for her. She is smiling and laughing as her slave continues to weep from his punishment.


ClubDom – Anniversary Cock Hole Fucking – Crystal Rush – CBT – BDSM, Smoking

ClubDom  Anniversary Cock Hole Fucking  Crystal Rush  CBT preview

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Mistress Crystal has had so much fun celebrating her slave-anniversary by beating her slave mercilessly. Now its time to give her slave his reward. Mistress Crystal has her bitch bound on the bondage bed. His cock is already rock hard as Mistress Crystal explains to him that she is about to fuck his pussy hole with her metal sounds. Mistress Crystal begins to stroke his cock before stretching out his pee hole. She turns around and positions her naked ass and pussy above his face as she continues to fuck his dick with her sounding rod. He can’t take much of her sitting on his face while stroking and fucking his cock. He explodes with an orgasm while Crystal laughs at her slut. Now Mistress Crystal is satisfied. She locks her bitch up in his cage as she smokes a cigarette, telling him that she has even more planned for the next month!


ClubDom – Fun Anniversary Cock Beating – Crystal Rush – CBT – Degradation, Bondage

ClubDom  Fun Anniversary Cock Beating  Crystal Rush  CBT preview

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The celebration continues in the dungeon as Mistress Crystal’s slave has his arms suspended above his head. He is standing in the dungeon, bound and helpless. Mistress Crystal decides to continue the 1 month slave anniversary by torturing her slave’s cock. Mistress Crystal has so much fun beating her bound slave’s dick with her crop. She teases her bitch by letting him lick her nipple. But that is only her cruel way of getting her bitch to take more pain. This is a day that will surely be remembered!