ClubDom – Milked by Goddess Dahlia – Milking, Handjob

ClubDom  Milked by Goddess Dahlia preview

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Now it’s time for the pony slave to be milked! Goddess Dahlia makes it clear that it isn’t going to be easy and fun for her slave. This isn’t about giving pleasure it’s about teasing and tormenting her poor tied up slut. Goddess Dahlia has her slave standing on the milking platform in the dungeon. The slut’s hands are bound above his head. He is helpless as Goddess Dahlia teases his cock. She uses her spit as lube while she slowly strokes his hard cock with her latex gloved hands. When Goddess Dahlia decides that her slut has been tortured enough she gives him permission to cum. Of course, pony boy will have to eat every drop of his filthy milk.


ClubDom – Mistress Dahlia turns Her Pony Into Her Toe Sucker – Dahila Rain, Fetish

ClubDom  Mistress Dahlia turns Her Pony Into Her Toe Sucker preview

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Mistress Dahlia Rain is being pulled in a cart by her pony boy bitch. She motivates her pony by periodically whipping him as he runs. Dahlia commands her slave to stop pulling her and kneel before her, sitting in the pony cart. She wants to see her pony boy now turn into her toe licker. Her slave has the privilege of kissing, licking and sucking on her toes and feet. Mistress Dahila commands her bitch to spit on the soles of her feet and lick his own spit. After that, she spits on the top of her foot and makes him lick up her spit. The pony slave has done a good job worshipping Mistress Dahlia’s feet so she rewards him by spitting in his mouth. After drinking his Goddess’s spit, the slave is told to crawl over to the whipping post. Dahlia has more planned for this bitch than just fun and games today.


ClubDom – Miss Roper’s Dungeon Slave – Dildo Gagged – Femdom, Facedildo

ClubDom  Miss Ropers Dungeon Slave  Dildo Gagged preview

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Miss Roper has her slave in the dungeon on his knees. After dishing out some corporal punishment with her whip and cane, she now decides it’s time to tease her slave with her perfect body. Her slave’s cock is already rock hard. Miss Roper wants to keep his cock hard so she teases him by unzipping her latex body suit revealing her gorgeous breasts. She then sticks her round bubble butt right in his pathetic face to further his torment. Poor guy is so close but is not allowed to touch her perfect body. Miss Roper spreads her legs and forces her bitch to watch as she pulls her latex to the side and begins to rub her pussy in front of him. You can tell how badly this slave wants his Goddess. He would love to fuck her with his now completely rock-hard cock but Miss Roper informs her bitch that he will be fucking her pussy, but not with his cock. Miss Roper shows him the dildo gag and tells him that he will be rewarded now by being allowed to please her by fucking her with a chindo. The cock gag is attached to the bitch’s face and he pleases his Goddess by giving her an orgasm with the chindo. Miss Roper lays back and moans in delight as the dildo goes in and out of her wet pussy. After cumming, Miss Roper gets up abruptly and slaps her slave’s face, telling him that he has served his purpose with this dick on his face. She is laughing with a devilish grin, I think Miss Roper has more in store for this bitch!


ClubDom – Mistress Crystal Trains A New Slave (Full Movie) (1080 HD) – Femdom, Strap on

ClubDom  Mistress Crystal Trains A New Slave Full Movie 1080 HD preview

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Full movie contains six parts!!! Mistress Crystal has put out an ad for a new slave. She has one prospective bitch coming to the dungeon today. She told him to make sure he is wearing a hood and a collar. The potential slave knows that Crystal is kinky but he thinks that he is coming to fuck a hot Russian chick. What he doesn’t understand is that although, Mistress Crystal is hot, she is equally sadistic. She lets her bitch know right away that she is boss by slapping his face and making him smell her pussy and ass. Now that he understands that he is here for Crystal’s pleasure and not his own, the fun begins in the dungeon. Mistress Crystal forces her new slave to worship her pussy then fuck her until she cums with a chindo. Next, it’s time for the bitch’s cock and balls to be milked. After edging her slave until he can’t take it anymore, the Russian Goddess allows her slave to cum. The slave soon finds out that the price for male orgasms is eating your cum in Crystal’s dungeon. The Mistress wants to find out how much pain her slave can take, so she bends her bitch over and gives him a hard caning. She is pleased by the bitch’s pain tolerance and finally she needs to find out if his ass can handle her cock. Mistress Crystal gags her new slut and fucks his face and ass with her strap on. Mistress Crystal is pleased with her new toy but needs to show him how a real slut gets fucked. She uses her trained sissy slave to show her new slave how much his ass needs to be stretched. She puts on a giant cock and brutally fucks her slut. Mistress Crystal locks her sluts in the cage together and enjoys a smoke. Crystal Rush demands perfection and demands satisfaction. She is satisfied with her slave today!


ClubDom – Submit to Mistress Crystal’s Cane – Corporal Punishment, Rubber

ClubDom  Submit to Mistress Crystals Cane preview

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It takes more than eating pussy and pleasing Mistress with a chindo to make it into Mistress Crystal’s stable. Crystal Rush is a strict Russian Dommes. Her slaves need to be able to take abuse and punishment. Mistress Crystal is about to find out if this bitch can take the pain. She orders her slave to bend over as she begins to warm up the bitch’s ass with her cane. After the warm up, Crystal has the slave stand up and bend over the cage, presenting his ass for discipline. She starts to hit her bitch with harder, more intense strokes. His ass is already full of red cane stripes. Halfway through the punishment, Crystal rewards the slut by allowing him to lick and suck her nipples. After properly worshipping her perfect breasts, pleasure time is over. Now it’s time for her slut to feel the pain. Mistress Crystal beats the slave’s ass without mercy, hitting him intensely with each stroke. Being pleased with her slave, Crystal rewards him again, by allowing her slave to smell her pussy. He’ll remember Crystal’s scent and he will remember who owns him, forever.


ClubDom – Pleasing Mistress Crystal – Facedildo, Boots

ClubDom  Pleasing Mistress Crystal preview

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Mistress Crystal is tired of her slave’s mouth and tongue. She asks her bitch if he wants to please her. Of course, he says, “yes, Mistress!” She then tells him to open his mouth n takes the dildo gag from behind her back and shoves it in his mouth. Mistress Crystal spreads her legs n demands that her bitch fuck her pussy with the chindo. At 1st the slave isn’t working hard enough, so Mistress Crystal yells at her bitch to fuck her harder, faster and more intensely. Once her bitch begins using the proper motion with his head and neck, Mistress Crystal begins to moan and scream in pleasure. She instructs her bitch to make her cum, as he continues the dildo fucking from behind now. Mistress Crystal grabs his head and grinds her ass in his face as he makes her cum with the chindo. This bitch knows now that he is here to please Mistress Crystal. What he wants or needs doesn’t matter anymore.


ClubDom – Forced to Worship Mistress Crystal – Cunilingus, Boot Worship

ClubDom  Forced to Worship Mistress Crystal preview

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A young man arrives at the estate thinking that he has scored big time. He answered an online ad of a kinky, hot Russian chick. She told him to show up wearing a hood and a collar. Just as he is finishing to tell his friend on the phone about how he is going to bang a hot Russian today, Mistress Crystal Rush comes over and grabs her new bitch out of his car and forces him to his knees. Mistress Crystal is a very demanding Russian Dominatrix. She is going to teach her new slave who his Mistress is and how to respect her. She slaps his face hard and commands her bitch to smell her pussy and ass. After the new slave properly shows respect to his Mistress, they proceed to the dungeon. Mistress Crystal leads her slave on a leash, forcing him to crawl on all fours. She spreads her legs and plays with her pussy while her slave worships her boots. Mistress Crystal commands her bitch to deep throat the long heel of her boot. She tells him to suck it just like a cock. Finally, she allows her slave the privilege of licking her pussy. Mistress Crystal moans in ecstasy as she pushes her slaves head deeper into her wet pussy. This is just the start of Mistress Crystal’s fun today!


ClubDom – Sissy Fucked by Miss Roper – Ass Fucking, Strap on

ClubDom  Sissy Fucked by Miss Roper preview

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Miss Roper’s sissy slave has taken his punishment and his ass is now the proper shade of red. It’s time for the slut to get his ass fucking. Miss Roper has her bitch on his knees in front of her. She shoves her fingers in his mouth as she tells him how she is about to make his slutty dreams a reality. But before he can take Miss Roper’s cock, he will have to beg for it. After properly begging for Miss Roper’s cock, she allows her slut to suck on it. Miss Roper makes him drool and slobber all over her shaft, as she forces him to deep throat her huge cock. Now it’s time for the fucking! Miss Roper wants to make sure this slut never forgets her cock. She slams her hips with her cock into her helpless slave’s ass. She laughs and smiles, the deeper she rams her huge cock into her screaming slave’s ass. There is no doubt that Miss Roper owns this whore completely. Especially his slutty ass!


ClubDom – Miss Roper’S Dungeon Slave – Whipped – Boots, Smoke

ClubDom  Miss RoperS Dungeon Slave  Whipped preview

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“The best thing after a nice deep fuck, is a cigarette,” says Miss Roper to her kneeling obedient slave. She has just given her bitch a proper strap on fucking and now Miss Roper is relaxing on her throne. Miss Roper has her slave light her cigarette so she can blow her smoke in his face and use his mouth as her ashtray. Impact play usually isn’t Miss Roper’s favorite thing but she is in a particularly sadistic mood today! She informs her bitch that she is going to destroy him with her red dragon tail whip! Miss Roper commands her slave to stand on the whipping platform and she secures his wrist cuffs to a bar positioned above his head. Now that he isn’t going anywhere and can’t run away, Miss Roper begins her slave’s discipline. She starts by warming up his back and then begins to whip her slave harder. Miss Roper has no mercy n ignores the screams and moans of her helpless victim. By the end of the beating the slaves back is covered in red welt marks from Miss Roper’s whip. Too bad for him that Miss Roper’s thirst for pain is not quite yet quenched!


ClubDom – Miss Roper’s Dungeon Slave – Caned – Canning, Degradation

ClubDom  Miss Ropers Dungeon Slave  Caned preview

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Miss Roper explains to her slave that the whipping that he received was just a warmup. She tells him that the caning that she is going to give his ass will make the whipping seem pale in comparison. Miss Roper laughs as she tells her now terrified slave that she loves destroying ass more than any other body part. The bitch is secured to the caning bench with his sore balls still tightly bound in rope. Miss Roper begins the beating by lightly hitting her slave’s ass with several cane strokes. She lets her bitch know that his ass belongs to her! She can fuck it, spank it, slap it, cane it or anything else she may feel like doing. The fierce caning continues as her slave kicks, thrashes, cries and screams. Finally, Miss Roper walks away from her helpless bound slave, satisfied by the red cane marks that cover her bitch’s ass. Her slave is left wondering, if she will come back?