Mistress Victoria – Your new marriage counselor – Cocktease – Goddess Worship, Topless

Mistress Victoria  Your new marriage counselor  Cocktease preview

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You are your wife have been having some problems so you are taking turns seeing me. Well I have some news for you! dump the bitch. she was just in my office and shes a slut. I made her cum so many times…and well I’m going to turn YOU into my sex slave. I know you can’t resist jerking your cock over this, can you?


Mistress Victoria – Intense Edging Schedule Part 2 – Did you make it? – Instructions – Masturbation Games, Tease

Mistress Victoria  Intense Edging Schedule Part 2  Did you make it  Instructions preview

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I left you last with a very intense edging schedule. You were absolutely not allowed to cum or else you had to pay a tax. I made you watch so many videos every day and edge exactly how I said. Did you make it? Well if so keep watching…here is your reward for waiting all this time to be allowed to finally cum.


DownBlouse Jerk – Take The Blame – Cocktease – Teasing, Blonde

DownBlouse Jerk  Take The Blame  Cocktease preview

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Naomi has dropped some very smelly fluid on the floor and she is trying to get it cleaned up before the doctor comes back, she has noticed he already seems frustrated and she doesn’t want him to get annoyed. Seen as you work here Naomi thinks you should take the blame for her and if you agree to she will be more than happy to let you carry on looking down her blouse which she knows you have been doing for the last 5 minutes!


DownBlouse Jerk – I’ll let you wank – Cocktease – Cleavage, Erect Nipples

DownBlouse Jerk  Ill let you wank  Cocktease preview

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Your landlord is due round soon for an inspection on the property and your flatmate Georgie is on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor, she wants you to help her clan but you can’t help but stare at her massive tits. Georgie catches you looking and decides to make you a deal, if you agree to clean the rest of the place before the landlord arrives she will let you take your dick out and have a wank over her tits.


BoppingBabes – Sapphire – Talking Body – Teasing – Medium Natural Breasts, Femdom

BoppingBabes  Sapphire  Talking Body  Teasing preview

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You better start talking and soon! Sapphire doesn’t have time for your shit, you better tell her what she wants to know, or else. It’s been a long day and everyone wants to go home, so Sapphire wants to make a deal with you. If she strips off for you and lets you jerk your COCK (while you’re in handcuffs?) you’ll tell her everything she wants to know… Deal?


Goddess Christina – JOI Game: Are You Getting All Worked Up – JOI Games, Redhead

Goddess Christina  JOI Game Are You Getting All Worked Up preview

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Custom request. No name used. You are my girlfriend’s best friend and you two are going on a trip to the islands. You come over to get her opinion on some outfits you bought but she isn’t home. You always catch me staring at you so you decide have fun with me. You ask if you can try on some of the outfits for my opinion. You start trying on the outfits teasing me as you show them off and make me watch you change out of them. You notice me getting excited and aroused. You decide to make it a game instructing me to get my dick out and stroke for you. If I can make it to the end without exploding I win but if I can’t then I have to pay for the outfits. At the end you add another twist by telling me that I have clean it all up or you will expose me.


Goddess Angel – Drained before your date – Findom – Cocktease, Jerkoff Commands

Goddess Angel  Drained before your date  Findom preview

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Let’s get real here, there’s no way you’re going on a date without thinking of me a few times, rubbing your hand against the outside of your crotch, and giving in completely- like you usually do. I think its adorable you’re trying to replace me with a “real” girlfriend, but I know you. You need to be used, abused, and taken advantage to get off, not smothered in love and affection, LOL. What a joke. You don’t need a real girlfriend, you need me, your bratty, demanding online Princess, who knows exactly how to persuade you. Sneak away to the bathroom, drain those little bitch balls, and of course, your bank account. I’m taking it all, and leaving you and your date absolutely nothing. Princess always wins, what a stupid date! (HIGHLY recommend watching this before a real date, as it includes direct instructions!)


DownBlouse Jerk – You’re enjoying the view – Tease And Denial, Dirty Talk

DownBlouse Jerk  Youre enjoying the view preview

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Lola is trying to relax you after your workout and she thinks the perfect way to wind down is to try some Yoga, she quickly realises though that you have other ideas when you tell her you can’t get on your mat because you have a hard cock. She thinks on the spot and realises the best way to relax you is to let you have a wank while she teases you with her perky tits and pink nipples.


Crystal Knight – Only Non-Nude JOI For You – Mental Domination, Masturbation Instruction

Crystal Knight  Only NonNude JOI For You preview

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*This clip is on sale for one reason, to addict you FOREVER* If you’re reading this, you’ve adopted the censored life, or at least you’re about to. You know you are such an addict you’ll do anything for me, and we both know that losers don’t deserve nudity. No nipples, no asshole, no pussy. The only thing you get is extremely erotic IMPLIED teasing that will drive you crazy. I love reminding you that you are only allowed non-nude jerking sessions, loser.