ClubStiletto – Rubbery and Slutty (I like playing with dolls) – Miss Jasmine – Urethral Sounds – Corset, Forced Ejaculation

ClubStiletto  Rubbery and Slutty I like playing with dolls  Miss Jasmine  Urethral Sounds preview

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“I’m lying here with my rubber doll” Jasmine says as this scene opens. She mentions that his clitoris is a bit big though and she rubs it to stimulate ‘her’. She takes a sharp tool and rolls it over the dolls clitty. “She’s just a doll so she really can’t complain” Jasmine adds. Now she reaches for a sounding instrument and talks about how she wants to stretch the dolls clitty so it can take her little finger. The dolly dick is hungry and it completely swallow the metal rod. Jasmine moves it in and out and while the dolls facial expression isn’t changing the breathing does.
Jasmine decides the doll needs something bigger so removes the rod and reaches for a larger one. This one is quite big and she wonders if her toy can take it all. She gets the tip in and works it up and down and then suddenly it falls deep into the hole. Jasmine strokes the dolls growing clit and soon it’s rock hard. The sound completely disappears. She slaps the dolls berries and says “I like abusing my dolls.” Now she spits on the clitty and strokes harder and harder, she wants her toy to squirt a big juicy load and shoot the sound out at the same time. She squeezes her berries and strokes and strokes until suddenly a big creamy load shoots out onto the dolls corset. Jasmine removes the corset and says “I like playing with dolls.”


Tara Tainton – Sharing the Bed with Your Sister – Brat Girls, POV

Tara Tainton  Sharing the Bed with Your Sister preview

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Sucks that we have to share a bed. You better not touch me! Or accidentally kick me in your sleep. Or anything else! Every Christmas Eve, no matter how old we are, we have to snuggle up in the same bed just because the relatives are staying. It’s so annoying. But I do love to TEASE you. I mean, it’s my very favorite pastime. You’re so easy to tease! You get all in a huff, all frustrated… and I even know how to give you a BONER. You think it’s always an accident, something that just HAPPENS when your older sister’s around but no… I do it to you ON PURPOSE. Because it’s fun! But I didn’t know you were really gonna SHOW it to me… or that I could make you masturbate in front of me! I guess it’s just the superpowers of my super boobies!


Maya Sinstress – Cock and Ball Destruction with Julie and Maya – CBT – MayaSinstress, Milking

Maya Sinstress  Cock and Ball Destruction with Julie and Maya  CBT preview

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Julie Simone and Maya Sinstress want to destroy slave 66’s cock and balls. They start by adding heavy ball weights on his already tender junk. He grunts in agony as more weight is added & a spiked metal chastity cage is put on. They tease his cock while it’s all caged up. Not please with the amount of agony he is in, the Ladies swop his cage out with a much cruel and sharper cage. They use a vibrator to get him hard while in the cage, making the spikes dig in even more. He cries out in suffering and agony.


Shaye Rivers – Count Your Strokes JOI – Edging Games, Cocktease

Shaye Rivers  Count Your Strokes JOI preview

00:18:16 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 568 MB

I am going to give you the most intense jerk off session you have ever experienced, and all you need to know how to do is count. Listen closely to My instructions. You have never had jerk off instructions like this before, and I guarantee you are going to blow the biggest load of your life. Give Me all of your cum and submit to Me.


Empress Elle – Miss Me – Teasing, Tease And Denial

Empress Elle  Miss Me preview

00:12:02 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 695 MB

I can see you clearly missed Me. I bet you got hard just knowing you’re about to bust your load to Me. You’ve been aching to jerk to My instructions. Well the wait is over. Give in to My huge tits while following My commands. You’ll go to the edge and back watching Me take My panties off, then teasing you relentlessly until I count you down to the big finish. Now go get a towel and press “play”. Trust Me- this clip has been worth the wait.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Pay to Cum – Jerk Off Encouragement, JOI

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Pay to Cum preview

00:10:57 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 410 MB

Your masturbation habits are completely out of control. You think that you can just jerk that cock all the time and do whatever you like? I have a solution for you, a way to make you break that habit by making you PAY to cum. No more haphazard stroking either– once you start, you must finish because the fee applies every single time you grab your cock. Once you’ve paid you orgasm fee, you can proceed as I tease you. See this awesome tiny little mini dress? I know you want to jerk to me, but you must pay before you play.
This will be your new habit as you turn into my new little piggybank.


Crystal Knight – Irresistible CEI For Beginners or Experts – Teasing, Sensual Domination

Crystal Knight  Irresistible CEI For Beginners or Experts preview

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This is one intense session. Whether it’s your first time or your 101st time, you are going to love this session. Nothing feels better than following my jerk off instructions and ending it with a bang. You’re going to eat your cum for me today. I can make you do it because you know you want to do it. I am your CEI queen and you will bow and jerk for me.