The Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – Scream for Our Rent Cuck! (1080 HD) – Whip, Whipped

The Mean Girls  Princess Carmela  Scream for Our Rent Cuck 1080 HD preview

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So my REAL man boyfriend calls me and tells me that we need to pay our rent. (I totally forgot it was the end of the month.) How to pay it? Easy. I just explain to Alpha over the phone that I simply need to beat the fuck out of our cuck-slave, record its beating, and sell the clip to pay our rent! And the worse I beat it, the more $$$ we will make!! Maybe we will even make enough to pay for a nice dinner out for the 2 of us if I beat it bad enough!
Alpha loves the idea. So I drag my cuck-bitch slave out to the Torment Chamber and casually explain to it that it is about to suffer terribly- just to pay me n MY Alpha boyfriend’s rent for us with its suffering!
It has no choice, really. This is the only way Alpha will allow me to keep this loser in my life, so it’s either this, or I have to get rid of it- and I know my cuck is so fucking pathetic that it will let me use it for whatever I want. It is sooo desperate to be in my life lol. Pathetic.
So I chain it up from the ceiling and make it balance on a wobbly rock- just so I can laugh at it while it dances on that fucking rock as I beat it. And BOY do I give it a BEATING!! Apparently my looong whip keeps wrapping around my cuck slave’s body and the tip is cracking right near its poor little cock n balls haha!! It is really hurting him bad and making him SCREEEAAAM!!!! But I think that’s great because this will make this clip sell better!
And I don’t really care about how much my slave suffers because it really doesn’t matter to me. It’s just a “thing” for me to use and abuse in whatever way benefits ME the most! 🙂 So buy this clip if you want to see my cucky-bitch SUFFER to help pay my rent!!


Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – £3600 lost – Corporal Punishment, Female Domination

 Miss Jessicas Punishments UK  3600 lost  preview

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Miss Jessica has been reviewing files and she has noted Paul has lost £3600 on an account. This is outrageous and just isn’t on. In order to make her point and ensure this doesn’t happen again he’s going to get a punishment. A cane stroke for every £100 lost so that’s 36 strokes. Jessica starts off with 6 over the trousers, 6 over his underwear and the remaining 24 on his bare bottom.


Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – Unruly class – Femdom, Hair Brush

 Miss Jessicas Punishments UK  Unruly class  preview

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Miss Jessica has called Mr Davidson in to see her. She is not impressed with his recent teaching skills. It seems his form class has been somewhat out of control and disruptive. She runs a very strict school and pupils need to be well behaved. He is going to have to go on a training course to become better equipped to deal with them but not only that, he is going to get a little spanking from her. Instilling some much needed discipline which is somewhat missing from his teaching duties. Starting with hand spanking and then moving onto a wooden hairbrush and mixing it up as she goes on, he gets a suitably punished bottom for his lack of effort.


Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – Staff meeting – Female Domination, Corporal Punishment

 Miss Jessicas Punishments UK  Staff meeting  preview

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Headmistress Wood has a meeting arranged with one of her teachers. During the staff meeting there were some unpleasant smells, Miss Wood asks the Mr Parker about it and he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. However, he seems to have accidentially texted her instead of one of his friends, admitting to exactly what he’d done! So Headmistress Wood is going to give him a punishment. With a very long leather strap to stay as far away from his bottom as possible! He is bent over her desk and the strapping starts. Mid way through she moves him to being drapped over the wooden chair so the leather strap comes down hard on his bottom. A very red punished bottom ensures.


Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – School gambling – Miss Jessica Wood, Femdom

 Miss Jessicas Punishments UK  School gambling  preview

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Miss Jessica wants to talk to one of her teachers. The student elections are coming up and it appears he’s started a little gambling enterprise around it! He tries to fob it off as maths tutition for the pupils. When really Miss Jessica knows it’s just to make him money. She cannot believe what he’s been up to. So he’s going to get a 1 out of 1 chance of being punished! His trousers come down and he’s bent over the school desk and she starts caning his bottom, initially with his underwear on but then after 6 of the best they come down for a bare bottom caning.


Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – School drug dealer – Spanking F/m, Miss Jessica’s Punishments Uk

 Miss Jessicas Punishments UK  School drug dealer  preview

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Headmistress has caught a drug dealer selling outside her school and has dragged him into a school classroom by the ear in for a “chat”. Which really means a punishment over her knee with a hand and plimsoll spanking whilst telling him off and warning him what will happen if she catches him outside her school again.


Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – Mobile usage – Otk Spanking, Female Domination

 Miss Jessicas Punishments UK  Mobile usage  preview

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Mr Hinds has come to see Miss Jessica as she has had reports of him excessively using his mobile phone in class. Calling and texting in class! It’s bad enough distraction when they pupils are at it but he needs to set a good example. So to make her point very clear, first he get tawsed on his hands which like using his phone so much and then it’s time for his bare bottom to get lots more of the same treatment.


Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – Late lunches – Female Domination, Sandals

 Miss Jessicas Punishments UK  Late lunches  preview

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Miss Jessica is enquiring as to why an employee had been back late on lunches recently. He talks about a waitress with large breasts at a cafe nearby! Then he talk about her breasts! Jessica is not impressed. So it’s down with his trousers and over her desk for a good spanked bottom. She uses a flat stinging sandal to make his bottom very red and sore all over.


Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – Escort agency – Female Domination, Paddling

 Miss Jessicas Punishments UK  Escort agency  preview

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Miss Jessica calls her partner into her office to have a discussion about his recent expenses. Miss Jessica wants to know about some random expenses and says she’s been doing some digging, to try and get the truth from him. He admits it’s for an escort agency! He can’t be doing things like that and wasting their company money so to teach him a lesson she decides to give him a special punishment of some leather paddles on his bare bottom. She used to use them in her old company and didn’t think they’d be needed again, but down come his trousers and over the desk he goes. First of all a small thin leather paddle and then after that a larger flat leather paddle to knock some sense into him.


Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – Office cleaner – Miss Jessica’s Punishments Uk, Spanking F/m

Miss Jessicas Punishments UK  Office cleaner  preview

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Miss Jessica has a meeting with the office cleaner. She found a half eaten prawn sandwich in her desk left to rot over the weekend. It now smells and also the rest of his cleaning isn’t up to scratch. So he’s in for a warning from her. A special kind of warning. His trousers are to go down and he’s to bend over her side cabinet. Miss Jessica gets a wooden paddle and if he doesn’t take the punishment he will lose his job. So he reluctantly agrees and takes the punishment on his pants, then bare bottom and gets a very red sore paddled bottom.