The Mean Girls – Princess Skylar – What Were You Doing on New Years Eve? (1080 HD) – Foot Worship – Humiliation, Boot Fetish

The Mean Girls  Princess Skylar  What Were You Doing on New Years Eve 1080 HD  Foot Worship preview

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*This was filmed back in January, the day after NYE*
This poor slave was locked in the closet all night while me and Alpha were out on the town in Vegas for New Years Eve- using THE STUPID SLAVE’S credit card to fund our lavish year-end celebration together! The fat ugly old slob comes crawling out of its hole and begins groveling for me…so pathetic. I just mock it for being USED and treated like GARBAGE- and still putting up with it just to be a part of my life. I throw it in its face about how much the table & bottle service me n Alpha cost- and how much the charge will be on the loser’s credit card next month! I even tell it how I bragged to all of my friends that were at the table about how it was “just some old loser that I was using” to pay for it all. They coulnd’t believe it- but we all just laughed and ordered a second bottle!
And this old loser puts up with it..why? JUST SO IT CAN SNIFF AND KISS MY STINKY FEET AFTER BEING OUT ALL NIGHT IN MY THIGH-HIGH BOOTS WITH NO SOCKS OR STOCKINGS ON! HAHAHAHA… fucking pathetic. Here’s your “New Year’s Kiss” loser- on my FEET!


Humiliatrix – Princess Missy Turns You into Her Ass Cleaning Cuck Daddie – Instructions – Humiliation, Jerkoff Commands

Humiliatrix  Princess Missy Turns You into Her Ass Cleaning Cuck Daddie  Instructions preview

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I’m back at college with a cute new boyfriend. Last nite I put on this kinky lingerie you bought for me and let him fuck me. I even let him cum in my ass. You’re gonna clean up his mess, wussy. Then you’re taking me shopping for more sexy outfits. By the way, when you find out who’s fucking me? It will totally destroy you. LOL…”


HumiliationPOV – Date Reject Falls Into My Cuckold Trap – Financial Domination, Brat Girls

HumiliationPOV  Date Reject Falls Into My Cuckold Trap preview

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You never stand a chance, you’re just a loser. When you asked me out I felt bad, so I figured I’d let you take me out on a date and pay for dinner and have you come back to my place. But you’re not getting lucky though. The truth is, my boyfriend is at home and I’m going to fuck him and you’re going to sit here and listen, aren’t you?
You just got so rejected, lol. And I’m going to turn you into my cuckold bitch. There is nothing you can do about it. I’m so out of your league. I mean, you didn’t really think I was interested in you, did you? You’re a fucking loser and now I’m going to turn you into a cuck. How do you think that’s going to feel? I’ll bet it’ll feel good. But it will be even better for my boyfriend and I. You’ll probably cry at first like a little loser bitch, but soon you’ll come to realize that this is your place.
I’m so fucking perfect, I think it’s funny that you thought you were going to get lucky. You should have known that a guy like you never gets girls like me. You’re a fucking idiot. I brought you back here so I could do with you whatever I want. So when my boyfriend and I are done fucking, I expect you to take care of everything. You’ll pay for our food and clean our sheets and you’ll thank me for that opportunity. Soon, taking care of us will turn you on. That’s what happens when I transform losers into cucks for the first time.
You’ll never have me idiot, all you’re good for is your wallet. I truly love cuckolding guys for the first time and having them realize how much they like it. You didn’t even expect this to happen, and now here you are, desperate to be my cuck. I can’t wait to fuck my boyfriend in front of you and completely ignore you and show you how insignificant you really are. How does if feel to be totally fucking rejected?


SubbyHubby – Saving Our Marriage – Leena Sky – Forced Bi – Cuck, Make Me Bi

SubbyHubby  Saving Our Marriage  Leena Sky  Forced Bi preview

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Goddess Leena Sky has now had Cameron locked away in chastity for 57 days as she continues using various “marital aids” in an attempt to stay married to him. He begs her to stop, but she refuses and orders him to lick her ass clean before she goes on a date with a man she tells him will be a “big surprise” to him. To frustrate poor Cameron even more, Leena fucks his chastity device, then orders him to lick her pussy while she pleases herself with a vibrator. Leena then orders Cameron to change into a sissy maid outfit and clean the house while she is on her date. When Leena returns, Cameron is shocked to see her with Mr. Halston, his boss at work! Turns out Leena is going to get Cameron a promotion at work by having an affair with him. Poor pathetic Cameron first has to suck his boss’s dick and get a cum load all over his face, then serve as a human lube machine, licking Leena’s pussy and Mr. Halston’s dick while they fuck. To add insult to injury,Leena dumps the cum from Mr. Halston’s condom on his face and orders him to eat even more cum! When Mr. Halston refuses to say when he will give Cameron a promotion, wanting more sex with her first, Leena is furious and slaps him repeatedly until he goes to the ground, continuing the slapping and then putting him into a head scissor hold until he agrees. But now that she is upset, Leena demands new cars for her and Cameron as well! Now that Mr. Halston is also her bitch, Leena has the two pathetic men worship her feet while she files her nails. When her girlfriend calls, Leena tells her all about her exploits for the day and how easy it is for a hot woman to make any man her bitch.


Mean World – Mean Bitches – Kiara Cole – CuckQuean – Cuckold – Asslicking, Assworship

Mean World  Mean Bitches  Kiara Cole  CuckQuean  Cuckold preview

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Kiara knows that her stepfather wants her and that she can easily seduce him any time she wants. She flirts with him in front of her mother, knowing it drives her crazy. She tells her mother that if she doesn’t suck her boyfriend’s cock, she is going to fuck her husband. Her mother knows she can’t compete with her younger, prettier daughter, so she does what Kiara wants. Kiara laughs at how weak her mother is, and then makes her serve cookies to her while she fucks her stepfather.


DirtyDommes – Rich blonde cuckolds Loser husband part 2 – Nesty – Cum Eating – Cuckie, Make Me Bi

DirtyDommes  Rich blonde cuckolds Loser husband part 2  Nesty  Cum Eating preview

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As her hubby is asleep, the couple start kissing and even fucking right on top of him! Haha, he has no clue…until he wakes up and he realises what his dear wife is doing. He cannot be mad, he knows he is a cuckold, destined to watch his young wife fuck other guys that are much better than him! He gets the scraps, he must worship her feet and eat his cum. Humiliated, cucked and she will do it to him again!


Clara Domme – Craving humiliation SPH – Small Penis Humiliation, Cigarette

Clara Domme  Craving humiliation SPH preview

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How about you finaly face the fact that you can no longer call yourself a man because I know for a fact that you aren’t? That small dick, that pathetic attitude… who takes you into consideration? No one! So why are you still trying to fool yourself believing that lie? Now sit down and pay attention to what I’m about to tell you!


Gynarchy Goddess – My Cuckold Husband – Sissy – Keyholder, Cucky

Gynarchy Goddess  My Cuckold Husband  Sissy preview

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I am running late for my date at the opera with my lover, so I must utilise my chaste sissy husband Jessica to help me get ready for the occasion. It is Jessica’s job to silently rub lotion onto my long, slender legs as I brush my shiny hair and apply my make-up. There will be no room for jealousy here – my cuck husband knows the only way I will allow her to remain in my life is as my maid. She must prepare the perfect bed linen and ensure the house is immaculate before I arrive home with my well endowed lover. Jessica knows her pathetic little cock has never satisfied me, so we have removed it from the equation by keeping it locked away by the key that lies delicately and foreboding around my neck. My pleasure is all that matters.


Worship Princess Jeslyn – Cuck Watch Me Fuck – Cuckolding – Redhead, Cum Eating

Worship Princess Jeslyn  Cuck Watch Me Fuck  Cuckolding preview

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It’s always been your dream to watch Me fuck My boyfriend as you are tied up at the foot of the bed. So close to this alpha couple, watching Me enjoy myself as I brag about how perfect My boyfriends cock is and I moan seductively. While I am having a great time sitting on his cock I laugh at you, tell you over an over how wonderful this huge cock inside Me feels. What a lucky cuck you are today! Watching Me is the only sex you will ever get cuck slave. Not only do you get this special treat today of watching Me BUT there is another treat for you after….. ***Clip Features: Cuckolding, CEI, Sensual Domination, Humiliation, Boob Bouncing, Laughing


CuckoldSessions – Riley Star (720 HD) – Cuckold – Cuckie, Female Domination

CuckoldSessions  Riley Star 720 HD  Cuckold preview

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You’re invited to a cuckold party, and Riley Star is throwing it! You see, Riley loves watching all sorts of porn, and recently she’s been watching movies with cucks! She’s not sure what to make of it, so she called two of her pals over — Rico and Rob — to explain to her a little bit more about cuckolding porn…and if cucks really existed! Turns out Rob and Rico brought their cuckold pal Jay over to meet Riley, watch some cuckold porn, and then…you know, turn him into a cuck right there for Riley to witness. Of course Rob and Rico had never tapped that pussy, until today, so they were eager and anxious! Turns out what they suspected all along was true — Riley’s sweet pussy was even better than her “head game”, which turned out to be pretty awesome also! Riley wasn’t too sure what to make of her cuckold, but she did her very best to do what all three men wanted: the cuck to “get some”, too! He sure did, too…especially when it was time for clean-up duty!!