The Mean Girls – Ground Floor Opportunity – Cucky, Dirty Feet

The Mean Girls  Ground Floor Opportunity preview

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What if I just wallet-raaped you right now? haha. Sounds dangerous huh? Sounds like FUN to ME, actually! Well whether you are into that or just want to send me a gift, Here is my info. I am the new “Mean Girl” here at Mean Girl Manor so if you want me to remember your name you should take advantage of this opportunity to spoil me now before I get so many slaves that you get lost among my minions. �� I know it might be hard to type with one hand but I am giving you detailed instructions on how to send me amazon gifts and order custom videos in this clip…
Or you can just gaze at my beauty and fantasize, I guess…but do NOT contact me and expect a response unless there is an amazon GC attached to your email! ��


Princess Lyne – Cuckold Husband – Fucking My Personal Trainer – BBC, Big Black Cock

Princess Lyne  Cuckold Husband  Fucking My Personal Trainer preview

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You know how you’ve been paying $200/hour for My personal trainer? Well.. I have to let you in on a little secret. He’s not JUST My personal trainer, lol, I’m also fucking him. That big black former athlete… yep, we’re fucking. And you’re paying him $200/hr to do so! Haha! I just love it! And I love telling him all about our little arrangement… you being My cuckold husband locked in chastity, while I’m able to fuck whoever I please. He knows you’re unable to satisfy Me, and he’s more than happy to take on that responsibility. He’s actually on his way here soon, so I want you in the corner locked up as usual! But this time I want you to watch how this BBC fucks your wife! I might even let him take Me in the ass…. mmmm.


ClubStiletto – Every Time there will be a Load for you, Hubby – Cuck, Cum Play

ClubStiletto  Every Time there will be a Load for you Hubby preview

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This is a dirty FemDom scene that sub cuckolds will LOVE. You are Kandy’s husband and she calls you into the room and you can see a giant load of cum running out of her pussy. “Did you hear my boyfriend fucking me?” she asks you. She rubs some of the cum into her hand and then brings it up to your mouth to lick from her fingers. “I know you love black men’s cum that’s why I chose him” she tells you. The camera pulls back and you see she is holding a mouth dildo which she tells you to put on to use on her because even though she is freshly fucked this guy made her so horny that she just needs more. As you get close she blasts an amazing fart right into your face.
She loves subjecting you the nastiest things and knows you will do and accept whatever she gives you. She tells you that her boyfriend obviously fucked more than her pussy and laughs out loud. As you stick the dildo in your mouth she reminds you that you will never fuck her pussy and this is as good as it gets for you. As the dildo glides in and out she comments that while the dildo is smaller than her boyfriend it’s much larger than yours. Kandy’s pussy glistens from the dildo and her boyfriends cum that she is using for lube. She tells you that every time she gets fucked there will always be a load because she only fucks raw. “My new boyfriend said he is okay with you fluffing him” she tells you, then pulls the dildo from her pussy and sticks it into your mouth to lick up. She then sends you back to watch while she fucks herself with the dildo. What an amazing hot visual, seeing your wife pleasure herself with her mans cum and then having an intense orgasm while you are denied any sexual release. She pulls it out and tells you to have a suck and then to get out of her sight.


Ceara Lynch – Humiliated Foot Licker – Footdom, Cuckolding

Ceara Lynch  Humiliated Foot Licker preview

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What do you think youre doing? Cant see Im busy texting my boyfriends? If youre gonna be here and stare at me, you might as well make yourself useful and clean the bottoms of my feet. Look how dirty they are. I need a hot wet tongue to lick my soles until they are soft and pink again. All you get are my feet, Im too busy lining up my hot dates for this week to pay attention to you. Just do a good job and maybe I wont kick you in the face.


The Mean Girls – Princess Skylar – Skylar’s Human Wallet (1080 HD) – Findom – Shoe Fetish, AmericanMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  Princess Skylar  Skylars Human Wallet 1080 HD  Findom preview

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So I am going on a hot date tonight with my Alpha boyfriend. But first, I decided to stop by to make a “withdrawal” from my idiot human ATM before meeting my real man though. I can basically treat this fat lard like garbage and take as much $$$ from him as I want- and he just lets me walk all over him. I love it. And me n my man love getting our dates paid for by losers!! (My BF couldn’t believe it when I first told him that I literally own a “human ATM”!)
Watch how bad I treat this fat fuck- and he STILL pays me! I literally make him count his money – MY $$$!!! – out at my feet and BEG ME to take it!! Then he has to kneel there with his wallet in his mouth like a FOOL while I rest my arm on him and make a phonecall to my boyfriend and discuss our plans for the evening. And yes, I TELL my man about what an idiot I think this fat-fuck is for paying for our date- while he is right there listening to every word! I don’t give a fuck.
Me n my BF are literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD over the phone with each other about how pathetic this old man is for letting himself be USED like this by a hot, young “power couple” like us- just so his pathetic ass can be allowed the “privilege” of bowing down and kissing my cute little feet for a few minutes…until I casually kick his face away and walk out the door with all his money!!
But I leave him with a little hope…because if me n my man get druunnk enough, we may even call him from our dinner table to laugh at him while we are spending his money!


Xev Bellringer – Cuckolding Cock Worship – POV, Blowjob

Xev Bellringer  Cuckolding Cock Worship preview

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Why do you want to know if I’ve had a cock bigger than yours? You won’t get mad?…Yes, I have. It was this much bigger, if you have to know. I can’t believe you’re turned on by this! Well in that case, I think you’ll want to hear all about the times he used me with his massive dick…but I’m going to ride you while you listen. Don’t cum too fast, I want your load all over my face just like his was.


MeanWorld – SlaveOrders – Richelle Ryan POV Slave Orders 6 – Foot Licking, Asslicking

MeanWorld  SlaveOrders  Richelle Ryan POV Slave Orders 6 preview

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Your wife Richelle went out to a bar last night. So many sexy men were buying her drinks… she had such a great time she can barely remember what she did. She does remember everyone laughing at how she put you in chastity and she remembers giving the key to one of the guys. So it looks like you might be locked in your pathetic chastity cage for a long time. But there’s good news – he agreed to give it back if she makes a video of you jerking off and begging!


Eva De Vil – Do Your Balls Work? CEI – Cuckold, JOI

Eva De Vil  Do Your Balls Work CEI preview

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I told you I’d be expecting more from you as our training goes on and now I want to test out your scrawny, little, inadequate balls to see if they work properly. I want to see how much cum you’ve got in there for Me and, more importantly, if you’ve got it in you to prove your devotion to Me, not once, TWICE, by eating it all up. This might be a little challenging for you. I’m going to remind you about how My boyfriend would definitely be about to bust twice in this time, but you’d never be able to keep up with him. I’ll make you repeat mantras about how you’re My inferiority, ass worshiping cuck, while I work you up to those two orgasms for Me.


SubbyHubby – Kiki Klout – Kiki Trains the Bitch Part 2 – Lick That Ass – Ass Worship – Chastity, Degradation

SubbyHubby  Kiki Klout  Kiki Trains the Bitch Part 2  Lick That Ass  Ass Worship preview

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Goddess Kiki’s sissy slave is now in agony after being teased in chastity. Kiki decides that this is a good time for her bitch to start licking her asshole. However, before he gets to taste her essence, he will have to sniff her essence. Goddess Kiki instructs her servant to stick his nose right into her tight asshole. He must learn the scent of his Goddess. He must love the odor of her ass! Now it’s time for the sissy to please it’s owner. He must show his devotion by worshipping Kiki’s perfect ass. Kiki commands her slut to shove his tongue deep into her tight asshole. She gets on top of her sissy and rides his face fucking his tongue with her juicy ass. The whole time the poor sissy must remain in chastity. His throbbing cock is locked away. No matter how horny he gets, there will be no satisfaction for the pathetic sissy. He will learn to take pleasure only from pleasing his Goddess!
Part 1 – Chastity Tease