Goddess Alexa Divina – CEI for my cuckold – Big Breast, Denial

Goddess Alexa Divina  CEI for my cuckold preview

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Teasing you while telling you how much you suck in bed cuckie. I tease & you pump, jerk it, lick it up as the precum rolls down your dick. When was the last time you made any girl have a hot, mind blowing orgasm? You can make yourself orgasm so easily, I want you to jerk it right into your hand and lick it up for me. I have been fucking someone else, I let him cum on my pussy and I make you suck every drop of your cum off your fingers. It’s not that hard to make women orgasm you just need to be a real man, have a great cock and know how to use it. Unzip your pants and take out that little dick, you’re going to go to the extreme for me.


Fetish Liza – My cuckold heel cumeater – Femdom, Female Domination

Fetish Liza  My cuckold heel cumeater preview

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I am on the phone with my LOVER whilst my LOSER husband is grovelling before me on the floor. He is only there to provide the money so I can go SHOE SHOPPING all day long. I love heels, I love a nice COCK..just not his! I invite my lover over 2 the house whilst I humiliate my hubby, telling him exactly why he will never have sex with me. His dick is not worthy, he is fat and ugly. I only date guys with cocks as big as my HEELS. So he can watch as I play with my boyfriend’s hard dick…he loves shoes too…especially on his hard-on. My hubby remains LOW…as the low creature that he is…and gets to EAT the whole load of another man’s CUM off my sexy SHOES.


British Bratz – Dumped And Locked – Cock Cage, English

British Bratz  Dumped And Locked preview

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You arrive home from a long day at work to find your girlfriend Sammie is dressed in a rather revealing sexy outfit. Nothing you have ever witnessed before. A little confused, she asks for a chat. Sitting down you see she has something shiny in her hand. She breaks it to you that you are dumped, she has been fucking a HOT, WELL ENDOWED guy.
Completely heartbroken you sit wide mouthed to listen to what your life will now become. You simply cannot live your life without your girlfriend in it so you agree to become their slave. Your girlfriend and new studs slave in fact. Not only this, you will be put in chastity by the both of them. Each wearing the chastity key around their neck as a daily reminder of who you serve. Your Princess and Master.
Are you ready to hear your world fall apart and a whole new life as slave start…..


Young God Danielle – Cuckold Loser Programming – POV, Cuckolding

Young God Danielle  Cuckold Loser Programming preview

00:06:00 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 394 MB

A deep glimpse into my personal life like NEVER BEFORE! Featuring the big cocked alpha’s cock which i adore to fuck of course this comes at a cost to a pathetic beta bitch like you. This is a custom clip with name reference one. Losers clip request “Maybe starting off with just you, speaking to me like I’ve just asked you out or something, rejecting me and they saying something along the lines of “no I won’t go out with you.. but! You can buy my man presents and send us money for being a real man and looking after me like you can’t!” Then turning to him and making out loads, lots of touching boobs and ass, but obviously no nudity as I wouldn’t deserve that. Maybe you could make eye contact with me a few times during that and give me the finger? Then at the end he could maybe carry you off out of shot to the bedroom while you laugh and say bye and tell me to get sending? Also using my name, danny”


Obey Melanie – Lick the Cum Out of Their Balls – Blowjob, Femdom

Obey Melanie  Lick the Cum Out of Their Balls preview

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In this clip we have Melanie teaching his sub how to suck a cock and please a man. There are scenes where she teases him while he’s in chastity and then she releases him and lick his cock until eruption.
A cuckold knows his lips are to serve cock. A man wants his cum sucked out of his balls. So I’m going to teach you. I”m going to teach you to lick their balls until their cocks cant take it anymore. You’re going to beg them to empty their load on your face. Gag on their cocks while they shoot it in your mouth. And when you’re done sucking all that cum out of their balls, I’m going to show you how to lick their shafts clean and thank them for their load.


The Mean Girls – The Shining – Princess Carmela, MiamiMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  The Shining preview

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Good Boy to the slave that got us our latex dresses. Of course you expected to be our latex shine boy but too bad loser we got another slave to do that job. Hes fat and disgusting but he is still better then you so he gets rewarded with the job, and you just get to sit there and watch. I bet it hurts your feelings to know you’re not good enough to touch us, even if you paid for the dresses. This slave even gets to polish our butts and boobs, an act you dream of doing, well too bad loser! We do what we want and you just sit there and deal with it LOL.


The Mean Girls – Cum Dumpster Cuck – Femdom, Goddess Worship

The Mean Girls  Cum Dumpster Cuck preview

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So We (Queen Kasey & Princess Jennifer) have been using you as a cuck slave- and we both think it’s so pathetic how you let us treat you. And Our boyfriends think its hilarious. (Yeah, they laugh at you too, loser! LOL) We all do. You are the laughingstock on all Our doubled dates- that YOU pay for. That’s right- while you are waiting out in the car in the PARKING LOT while we sit in a nice restaurant dining on filet minion and lobster, we are LAUGHING at you and MOCKING you the entire time. Especially when we are texting you to “get your ass in here and pay our tab bitch”- and show the text to Our boyfriends right before you come running in to kneel next to our table and present the waitress with your credit card for our outrageously expensive meal for 4!
Download the clip to hear what we are going to make you do in the restaurant and what we are going to make you do AFTER dinner while We are FUCKING our stud boyfriends! (let’s just say you will need to “open up and say “ahhhhh” while we all have a few more laughs at your expense!!) ��


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Milked Before My Date – POV Handjob, Forced Ejaculation

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Milked Before My Date preview

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I’ve bound and lubed my lowly cuckold husband on my usual date night. His cock is mine and ready for the milking. You see, he doesn’t actually get to fuck me or get to orgasm at all without my permission. If I let him cum whenever he wanted, he would just never stop jerking. This is why tonight he’s going to get milked while I tell him all about the date I’m going to have tonight. I’m going to describe in great detail the possibilities of my latest tryst. He’ll hear all about me fucking some guy in the bathroom of a restaurant. Maybe it’ll be some cute college girl who will become intimately familiar with a place he’s no longer ever allowed to visit. When he’s cum finally, to keep him humble, I’m going to make him eat his cum for dinner.
Once he’s done, I’m going out with someone who actually deserves my pussy.