MeanWorld – Nikki Delano POV Slave Orders 5 – Femdom, Cum Countdown

MeanWorld  Nikki Delano POV Slave Orders 5 preview

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Your sexy wife Nikki comes to your work so she can drop by your boss’s office. She tells you she is impressed by how much nicer his office is that yours, and reminds you that he is superior to you in every way. He makes more money than you, is younger than you, has a nicer car than you, has a nicer house than you, and is in better shape. Then she smirks arrogantly and reminds you that your boss has a bigger cock than you. She tells you she is going to fuck him right in front of you while both of them laugh at you and your small cock. She tells you to get on your knees and start licking her feet, and tells you that you are her bitch. She makes you lick her dirty feet and then clean her asshole with your tongue. She makes you jerk off your small cock while she mocks you and tells you about your life as a cuckold! HOT CLIP…


London Lix – Cuckold Humiliation Addiction – Degradation, Mental Domination

London Lix  Cuckold Humiliation Addiction preview

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So you have a little cuckold addiction problem, huh? One of your exes broke your pathetic heart and now you can’t help but crave humiliation from hot brats like me. For a guy like you, this is all you deserve. You’ve been ruined mentally and emotionally, you’re physically pathetic with your limp little dick, and you looove being teased and denied while I tell you about all the REAL men who get to have me. Guys like you were born to be used and taken advantage of. Your ex girlfriend knew that and so do I. So hump your hand like you do every night and realize there’s no escaping this addiction. You’ll forever be jerking, and you’ll forever hate yourself for loving this. Hahaha!


ClubStiletto – My Stud Came In My Ass Lick Up His Cum – Femdom, Cum in Mouth

ClubStiletto  My Stud Came In My Ass Lick Up His Cum preview

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Sure slaves can be annoying at times but at other times the Mistress understands the need for more than one man in her life. Take Princess Lily’s husband for example, he’s locked away n forgotten when her boyfriend is over fucking her, but after being fucked up the ass by his big cock the cum is just pouring out and hubby is needed to lick it all up. The scene opens with Lily positioned over her hubby who is locked in the cage, having just heard the thrashing next door, and cum covers her backside and is running out of her ass. She makes the slave lick n suck until it’s all gone and she makes sure he his completely humiliated by the time it is. She mocks him as he sucks the sch1ty cum from her ass. After licking her from behind she turns to face him so she can prop herself up and give him closer access to her bung hole. His tongue gets deep inside and by the time she is done with him all the cum has been sucked clean. “I always tell my boyfriends to cum really hard”, she says, “because I`ve slaves to feed.” As always Lily’s verbal’s are amazing and the talk is hot, kinky n downright nasty. Get this clip and it’ll be more than her boyfriend that cums hard tonight!


Vicious Femdom Empire – Your Wife in Control – Degradation, Female Domination

Vicious Femdom Empire  Your Wife in Control preview

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For the last few years your wife Mina has been watching how hard you have worked at the office but to her surprise she had to hear from a friend that you got fired. Mina is not going to be broke so she had to take matters into her own hands. A little private meeting with your Boss, and you can go back to the office tomorrow to keep paying for anything your wife wants. Keep in mind Mina had to do something a little extra for him so you could keep your job. Lets just say their is a reason why he is a big man around the office.


The Mean Girls – Princess Beverly – Secret Cock Cravings (1080 HD) – Make Me Bi, POV

The Mean Girls  Princess Beverly  Secret Cock Cravings 1080 HD preview

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Here you are hidden away thinking of cock! A regular closet faggot. you can’t even get an erection without thinking of sucking cock. I have designed it to be this way. I planted the seed and reprogrammed you for cock. you didn’t even realize what was happening or how deep this fantasy would take you. I have turned you into My closet fag.


Princess Ellie Idol – JOI Reward For Foot Cuckold – Masturbation Instruction, Foot Licking

Princess Ellie Idol  JOI Reward For Foot Cuckold preview

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It felt so good when his cum hit your face. It made you feel proud to be my foot cuckold. It was a fantasy turned reality. This IS your life now, being cuckolded by feet. You now know your place in life. In fact, I have a man coming over tonight to please me, and you’re going to watch. I do NOT want you getting a boner tonight, so as a reward for your previous good behavior, I’m going to allow you to cum beforehand. Take out your cock, you lucky cuck! Don’t make me wake! You’re going to cum for my soles, foot cuckold!


Kendi Olsen – Locktober Week One – Sensual Domination, Mesmerize

Kendi Olsen  Locktober Week One preview

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Happy October! You know what that means… Halloween is coming! You, however, won’t be lol. You’ll be celebrating Locktober all month! You will be in chastity until Halloween. No cumming, no jerking to all my hot costumed content. Your dumb, dirty little dick is going to be behind bars while I jangle the keys and produce the hottest content you’ve ever seen every day this month. I know, this October is frightening indeed! Your cock is going to be leaking so badly your nasty dick is going to look like a glazed ghost by the time Halloween gets here! You’re a fucking Locktober Loser, and you’re in for a month of denial, mindfucking, and more tricks and treats than you can handle!


SubbyHubby – Sheena’s Hubby Slave Part 4 – Chastity – Pussy Tease, Degradation

SubbyHubby  Sheenas Hubby Slave Part 4  Chastity preview

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Domina Sheena is relaxing on the couch with her sissy hubby slave. She is telling him how she is about to have fun with her lover while he is forced to watch. Twirling the chastity key in front of the locked-up sissy, she teases her slave. Hubby slave cries out in pain as Sheena touches and pokes his tiny cock, locked in the cage. After teasing his balls, Sheena decides to finally unlock the sissy’s cage. However, Dominatrix Sheena informs her slave that he isn’t being released out of her kindness. His little dick needs to be free to see what a real cock looks like! Dommes Sheena ridicules his tiny cock, saying that she should have used her pinky to measure the chastity device that she bought for him. She continues to verbally humiliate her sissy slave as she starts to play with her pussy with her fingers in front of him. The sissy tries to stroke his tiny pathetic cock but it’s no use. He can’t even get hard anymore. Sheena is so disgusted by her impotent slave’s effort that she commands him to stop. She doesn’t want to get out of the mood to be fucked by her Big Black Cock later!
Part 2 – Stocking Worship


Glovemansion – Wedding night cuckold contract part 1 – Nikki Whiplash – Princess, Lingerie

Glovemansion  Wedding night cuckold contract part 1  Nikki Whiplash preview

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The wedding night has arrived and Miss Nikki is wearing her sexiest lingerie, awaiting her new husband. He is clearly looking forward to consummating the marriage but…1st his new wife will lay down the rules. He is shocked to hear she has no interest in fucking him! He was so foolish to sign the prenup contract without reading the small print. He finds himself stuck in a situation he never imagined he would be in. His sexy domme wife quickly shows him his new role in life: that of her cuckold husband. She does not waste time either n calls her boyfriend in for some horny sex with a real man!


ClubStiletto – Pleasure Me Between My Dates – Goddess Jewels – Mouth Dildo, Fat

ClubStiletto  Pleasure Me Between My Dates  Goddess Jewels preview

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Goddess Jewels has her boyfriend coming over, but the thought of sex has gotten her horny, and that means her slave will have to pleasure her. His dick is too little though and Goddess can’t stand a man who knows he’s an inferior being, so he will have to please her with a mouth dildo. The slave slides the dildo into her as she sits regally on her throne, but eventually she decides to get more comfortable and moves over to her sex bench, where she can lie back and think about her man. She tells the slave to think about her boyfriend fucking her, too, and reminds him that while he’s locked away he will surely hear her screams from just outside his cage.
The slave gently slides the dildo in and out, but as Jewels gets more aroused, she tells him to go harder and soon he’s really slamming it into her. Really hard. She’s probably even going to have bruises afterwards. In and out he goes, while Jewels moans with pleasure. She talks a lot about the men she likes fucking her, and makes sure the slave understands he can never have his cock anywhere need her pussy. Her arousal level rises and the slave pounds her rapidly until she explodes with pleasure. “Back to your cage” she orders him; his work is finished for now.