Vicious Femdom Empire – Feminized – Time for a sissy milking – Lexi Sindel, Cunilingus

Vicious Femdom Empire  Feminized  Time for a sissy milking preview

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Time for a sissy milking What time is it, Sissy? It’s time for your sissy milking. After sucking off many men for Lexi, this sissy slave gets her own special reward… she gets a milking from her lovely Mistress Lexi Sindel. That entails getting out of her chastity device for the 1st time in weeks. But soon, that useless clitty is going to get hard and need to ejaculate. Rewarding a sissy to cum is the greatest gift a Dominatrix can allow her slave. Soon that sissy slut is shooting loads of cum on to a plate… guess what’s the best part, sissy? You’re gonna eat it all up. Prove your devotion to your mistress… ingest your cum. starring the super beautiful Lexi Sindel


Vicious Femdom Empire – Feminized – Rikki’s Chastised Sissy – Ladyboy, Sperm

Vicious Femdom Empire  Feminized  Rikkis Chastised Sissy preview

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Miss Rikki keeps her sissy bitch locked away in a pink chastity cage because she only likes big cock and his cock is of no use to her. Mistress Rikki dresses her bitch in a pink nighty n orders her to lick her pussy. The sissy will be serving her sexually now as a woman, only allowed to use her tongue while sissies cock is locked away in chastity.


Mandy Flores – Cuckold My StepDaddy Slave With His Brother – Milking, Female Domination

Mandy Flores  Cuckold My StepDaddy Slave With His Brother preview

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My daddyslave ray had no choice but to become my slave and do whatever I say. I have blackmailed him by recording him jacking off to me and admitting damaging information that I could ruin him. I tease and mock him about all the humiliation and torture he has had to endure from me and all my girlfriends. What’s next for my slave? I have a tiny confession to make to him and at the same time expose him to his own brother! Daddy, I have been fucking your Brother and today you will be our cuckold. Yes, watch your brother fuck your sweet little girls pussy and ass! Beg him to fuck me daddy and beg him for his cum. Does it hurt to see my getting fucked? Good, come here and lick your brother’s ass juices. What a fucking loser! Suck on my sweaty dirty feet as I get rammed in the ass. He is going to fill up my ass and you will lay there with an open mouth waiting for me to squeeze it all out. You are so disgusting, this is exactly where you belong.


Meana Wolf – Take Your Medicine – Cum Eating Instruction, Jerk Off Encouragement

Meana Wolf  Take Your Medicine preview

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Uh oh… you don’t look so good. Can’t you feel your body aching? Your heart pounding? You’re all flushed… I can see it in your eyes… You’ve got that Horny Boy Fever. And there’s only one prescription for the Horny boy fever… and that’s a big fat load of cum in your mouth. It has all the right vitamins and minerals to make you well again. Nothing’s going to make you feel better until you swallow that sweet sticky load of baby gravy in your mouth… you know… for medicinal purposes. You better call in sick and stay home with me naughty boy. Come get your medicine.
Clip Contains: You’ve been sick for so long now maybe you don’t even feel the symptoms anymore… but believe me, you need to take your medicine. Your body needs it. You want to feel normal again? Then do as I say and start stroking your cock. Squeeze all that precum out of your dick and lick your fingertips. Now edge yourself over and over again so we can get the medicine you need


London Lix – Masked Slave Tease – Dirty Talk, Cum Eating

London Lix  Masked Slave Tease preview

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London has a man in mask beneath her on a bed.
She kisses and teases him – gives him a handjob and light blowjob with occasional grinding on him through her panties.
She takes her panties off and shows the guy her pussy (camera doesn’t see it) while he jerks off, and she teases his balls.
She sits on his face for a bit, and then attaches clamps to his balls and tortures him by pulling on them.
He continues to jerk it while she verbally abuses and humiliates him and brings herself to orgasm with a vibrator.
Eventually she tells him to cum, and she wipes it off his chest and makes him eat it.


Princess Ellie Idol – Cum Out Of The Closet – Jerk Off Instruction, Dildo

Princess Ellie Idol  Cum Out Of The Closet preview

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I order you to go upstairs, lock the door, and turn off all the lights. I want you undressed completely, stroking. This is standard for a lonely depressed loser like yourself! You have a dark secret, and my ass is going to tease it out of you! Kiss it, it’s what you live for! Today, I’m going to get you to come out of the closet! You’re a bi loser boy, aren’t you? You love Ellie, but you also love cock! A shy loser like yourself, it’s hard for you to come out of your shell. You hate your life, you can’t get women. Why not try to get a cock? It’s a lot easier. You need to accept that you love big cocks and fantasize about them using you! Wank the fuck off bitch! Get into the loser position, legs over your head, and get ready to paste your face full of hot cum!


Princess Ellie Idol – Cum 3 Times In 11 Minutes With CEI – JOI, Forced Male Orgasm

Princess Ellie Idol  Cum 3 Times In 11 Minutes With CEI preview

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I will let you stroke it to my juicy booty! Jerk it! Cum when I say 1, and ONLY when I say 1. Even if that means you have to cum again and again or not at all. Well, of course I made you cum! 3 times in fact, letting that jizz pile up all over your lap. I have a plan for you. A twisted little plan at that… I make you eat up 3 loads of cum like a little sissy loser!


Mina Thorne – Cum Eating Lesson – CEI, Male Cum Swallowing

Mina Thorne  Cum Eating Lesson preview

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I know the thought of eating your cum must be very disgusting to you, however I am going to give you a little lesson that will result in you swallowing your first load. Once I get you all worked up you will be putty in my hands and ready to do anything! A little edging, a few countdowns to build the intensity and when the moment comes you won’t be able to help swallowing down every drop!