Candy Glitter – Condom CEI Task – Bratty Princess, Cum Eating Instruction

Candy Glitter  Condom CEI Task preview

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You’re a horny little cum eating bitch, and I have a fun task for you! You’ve jerked off into your hand or a cup a million times, and it’s time for something new! Here’s what we are going to do: you’re going to jerk off for me, sound good so far? And then, you’re going to put a condom on your cock and finish right inside there. After you’ve spilled your load into the condom, you’re going to remove it and use the condom to feed yourself your load! Buy this clip, and follow my instructions like a good little cum eater.


Empress Elle – Mesmerized CEI – Male Cum Swallowing, JOI

Empress Elle  Mesmerized CEI preview

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Let’s do something a little “off the normal menu”. I like mixing it up a bit. I want you to worship Me by doing as I say and lick up all the cum I make you squirt. That’s right, you’re going to lick up every drop for your Goddess but first, I’m going to put you into a very suggestible state of mind. You’re going to be completely under My influence. Watch My huge tits while you stroke the way I tell you to. You start leaking precum. Oh you’re going to lick up all of that as well. Keep stroking until I give you a cum countdown, nutting all over your hand. Then…you guessed it- you’re going to lick your hand clean for your Goddess. Every. last. drop. Now thank Me for allowing you to do it. Good boy.


HumiliationPOV – Eat Your Cum All Alone In Your Bedroom You Lonely Virgin Loser – Jerk Off Instruction, Cum Swallowing

HumiliationPOV  Eat Your Cum All Alone In Your Bedroom You Lonely Virgin Loser preview

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You are a virgin and that is never going to change is it? No, you’re going to be a virgin for the rest of your life. So go on and stroke to my perfection, I know that’s all you do as you never get laid. I know lonely virgin losers like you will do whatever I say when you’re jerking your stupid cock. This is the most attention a virgin loser like you gets from a hot girl.
As a virgin you’ll never get to experience sex, you’ll never cum in a pussy and no girl will ever eat your cum. So I think you should eat your own cum, that’s what virgin losers like you deserve. You are going to eat your own cum for me as my virgin slave. Stroke to that thought.
Look at me, look how hot I am and know that you will do anything for me. Losers virgins like you have no choice, you’ll do anything for my attention, no matter how degrading. And virgin losers like you deserve to eat their own cum and you’re going to thank me for making you do this. You’re going to eat it for me as my virgin fucking bitch. Stroke hard and fast to me and my perfect body, prove to me that you want to be my good boy and obey.
You’re my addicted virgin loser, you live to please me. You need me, I’m the only one who pays attention to you, isn’t that right? You’re such a good little stroker, I mean you must be, it’s the only way you ever get off. This is your life, you really are a virgin and watching my clips is your real sex life.
Get yourself to the edge loser, I want you to blow your virgin loser load in your hand on my command. Then lift your hand to your mouth and eat it. Lick up every last drop of your lonely load while you sit in your bedroom all alone. Good boy, you love being my cum eating virgin slave.


Bratty Bunny – Cum shot – Eat – Repeat – Instructions, Slut Training

Bratty Bunny  Cum shot  Eat  Repeat preview

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First thing is first, cum shot in a glass. Put it aside. Get it all ready for me. Start jerking for me. You’re going to cum again for me. A nice JOI, some edging in there too. Lucky slave, huh? You already know what’s going to happen, don’t you? You’ll be teased into eating your shot glass of cum. You’re just obsessed with watching me and doing what I say, huh?! You cannot resist jerking and eating your cum for me. That’s a good slave for Goddess.


Princess Lexie – Virgin Loser CEI – Femdom, Cum Eating Instruction

Princess Lexie  Virgin Loser CEI preview

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Just look at you. A loser AND a virgin—home alone (as usual) and browsing My femdom clips. One glance at My perfect big tits puts you in such a stupor that you want to do anything and everything that I ask of you. You’re just so weak and stupid for Me and My boobs, aren’t you? Well there’s something extra special I have in mind for you today. This isn’t going to be your normal loser jerk-off session. Nope. You are going to jerk it, and I’ll give you one of My famous cum countdowns—but then you’re going to cum in your hand and EAT it for Me like a good little virgin loser.
Custom clip. The name Danny is used.


Mystie Mae – Sexy Metronome JOI and CEI – Cum Eating Instruction, POV

Mystie Mae  Sexy Metronome JOI and CEI preview

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I know how much you love to stoke your cock to me. Lets make it a little more interesting today. Watch and worship my sexy body as you stroke to the beat of the metronome I play for you. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. You love starting at my sexy body and stroking for me. And at the end, when I countdown for you to cum hard, make sure you do it into a shot glass, because you’ll be eating it up for me.


Mistress Whiplash – WL 1425 – Christmas Cum-Topped Mince Pie For Lucky Slave – Humiliation – Degradation, Cum Eating

Mistress Whiplash  WL 1425  Christmas CumTopped Mince Pie For Lucky Slave  Humiliation preview

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Merry Christmas! My lucky slave in his Christmas thong is getting a Christmas treat – a delicious mince pie. Unfortunately, I have run out of cream to top it with, but fortunately I do have two condoms full of creamy spunk which I harvested earlier. I snip the tips of the condoms and squirt the spunk out all over the mince pie, then make my retching and protesting slave eat up the whole lot!