HumiliationPOV – You Wouldn’t Be Watching This Clip If You Didn’t Want To Eat It – Jerk Off Instruction, Femdom

HumiliationPOV  You Wouldnt Be Watching This Clip If You Didnt Want To Eat It preview

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How bad do you want to stroke right now? Now tell me how badly do you want to eat your cum for me? Well you might be a bit hesitant but by the end of this clip, you are going to blow that load right into your mouth because you wouldn’t be watching this clip if you didn’t want to eat it. I know u want to. So start jerking your fucking dick.
Jerk it as I tease you with my hot sexy body. Jerk it knowing that by the end of this clip I’m going to have you on your back, with your legs up in the air, your dick pointed straight at your face, with your mouth wide fucking open. Eager, ready and anxious to take that load right in your mouth so you can gobble it all up. Don’t pretend like it’s not been on your mind. I’m sure you have probably done it before, you just love eating your own cum. And when you have a hot Goddess telling you to do so, it makes it so much better.
And if this is your first time, do not hesitate. You’ll blow that load into your mouth. And you will fucking love it. Jerk that dick knowing that when you fucking cum, you are going to cum in your mouth for me bitch. But I don’t want you 2 cum just yet, I want to make sure you build up a huge load.
Now I want you to lay down on your back and jerk your cock with your legs spread wide open. I want it to be easy for you to flip your legs in the air with your dick as close to your face as possible, so that when you blow that load, it can go directly into your fucking mouth and you can eat up every drop, just like I want you to.
I want you to get ready to cum right into your mouth and eat up every last drop. Because I said so, because you want it. Because you are nothing but a cum eating jerk off junkie, watching femdom porn just like u do every other day. You’ll do it every day for the rest of your sad pathetic fucking life. Are you ready? Blow that load right into your fucking mouth bitch. Make sure you lick up every fucking drop loser. I want it all in your mouth right where it fucking belongs. You are nothing but a cum eating jerk junkie.


Dominant Princess – Arrogant Bratty Verbal Humiliation – POV, Degradation

Dominant Princess  Arrogant Bratty Verbal Humiliation preview

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You’re going to sit with Me today as I take some of My precious time to verbally humiliate you, you are not important enough for Me to give you My full attention but instead I continue to file My nails as I talk down to you only to look in your stupid beta male face from time to time. My aim today is simply to put you down, to remind you what you mean to Me and to remind you of how pathetic and beta you’re! I love fucking with your head like this!


Brat Princess 2 – Kimber Woods – Lick My Ass while Moms on a Date (1080 HD) [Ass Worship, Humiliation] – Ass Eating, Taboo

Brat Princess 2  Kimber Woods  Lick My Ass while Moms on a Date 1080 HD Ass Worship Humiliation preview

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Kimber’s mom is out on a date. While mom is out, Kimber wants her step-dad to worship her ass. Kimber goes on social media to see how her mom’s date is going while her step-father licks her ass. She ignores her step-father unless he does something wrong, then she yells at him. Kimber reports to her step-father that her mom seems to be having a really great time on her date and uses her step-dad’s tongue until she gets bored. Kimber wants to play dress up while mom is away n make her step-father into a sissy girl. Her step-father is only there to play with n please her.


Brat Princess 2 – Chloe and Natalya – Wrestle and Scissor Brother in Bed (1080 HD) – Smother, Female Domination

Brat Princess 2  Chloe and Natalya  Wrestle and Scissor Brother in Bed 1080 HD preview

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Natalya’s brother, danni, is very wimpy n scrawny. The girls don’t understand how it can be that they are much bigger and stronger than him. The girls call danni into the bedroom, where they`ve been talking about him. Danni wanders in wearing only his chastity device. The girls wrestle danni onto the bed and overpower him. Natalya and Chloe pin danni down to the bed and Natalya sits on her brother’s face. The girls laugh at how easy it was to overpower scrawny danni. With her brother’s face pressed into her ass, Natalya threatens to fart on him. Natalya’s friend from school, Chloe, sits on danni’s face next. Natalya really wants to muster up a few farts to unleash in her brother’s face, but she doesn’t have any fuel. Just the threat of getting farted on is enough to humiliate her brother, though. Instead of gassing him, Natalya decides to smother her brother in her crotch. She straddles danni’s face n controls his breath. Then, Natalya locks her brother into a scissorhold. She shows Chloe how to do it, so she can too. Chloe gets danni into a scissorhold and dazes him with the strength of her thighs. Natalya tells danni that she’s going to eat nothing but broccoli and cheese later so that she can be sure to add farts to the mix next time they pin him down. Danni is very humiliated. The girls were right. Danni can easily get beat up by a girl.


The Mean Girls – Slave Panhandlers – Degradation, Findom

The Mean Girls  Slave Panhandlers preview

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We have decided what We want to do with all you losers that write to Us and desperately want to “serve” us, but you are broke and/or live like a million miles away from Us. finger We wanted to find some way that we could USE you and make you useful for OUR lives. So here is what we are going to do. You know how you see homeless people on streetcorners and standing on offramps on the highway begging for money? Well, we want YOU to do that! In fact, we want to start an EMPIRE of losers that all stand out in the heat and the cold and the rain and snow for their GODDESSES, all BEGGING for change and looking pathetic- just so they can send ALL their collections for the day to US!!
Isn’t that a GREAT plan?? All you need is a cardboard box anyways. (To live in, of course.) And we will even let you keep the first dollar you make each day so you can go to and order ONE hamburger- and that is ALL you are going to eat all day! Just enough to keep you alive so you can keep working for Us, basically. 100% of the rest of that money better be sent ALL to US so We can make a TON of money without lifting a finger while YOU do all the humiliating “work” of begging strangers for money…just so you can send it all to your GODDESSES! Oh, and We are SOOO going to laugh at you and mock you too every time We get more money from you. But you will still keep standing out on that streetcorner for Us day & night and sending us your “earnings”, wont you? LOL!


Stella Sol – Peeping Tom Gets Verbally Abused – Jerk Off Instruction, Femdom

Stella Sol  Peeping Tom Gets Verbally Abused preview

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HEY MORON! Did you honestly think YOU could get away with jerking off while spying on My friends and I at the beach???? We can see you and so I figure out which place is yours and barge in angry and ready to tear your dick right off. You had NOOOO idea you’d get caught but since you have, you must face My wrath. I come in furious at you, calling you out for being such a piece of , dick beater, and demand that you pay Me to jerk off to Me since that’s what men do. you’re certainly not an acceptation. No freeloader gets the pleasure of enjoying himself to My body without it costing him greatly. Especially no pathetic, little dick, Peeping Tom like you. This video will create some very intense emotional scarring so be prepared to feel as though you really are getting verbally abused by a seriously pissed off bitch that has come for your wallet and balls. This is what happens to sneaky horn- when they get caught. You deserve to pay and be put to shame. I threaten you with blackmailing and reporting you if you don’t pay up right away. You’re sooo lucky that I am professional enough to know the best way to handle idiots like you. Taking your money and draining your ego while giving you your craved and much needed jerk off instruction. You sick fuckers always love the pressure of My anger and control! Beat your dick furiously to My harsh words and accusations. Watch My perfect bikini body tease and torment you as I demand you give Me hundreds, and then you have to hurry the fuck up so I can get back to My girlfriends, and you can be done and gone. You love anger. Admit it! Having a sexy, half naked Woman screaming at you makes your dick so nervously aroused you can’t help but want to watch this clip again and again. It’ll quickly become a lot of people’s favorites due to this aggression. Be prepared to send a tribute just like I demand too. I didn’t just say it for nothing. I mean it! Losers like you always pay more to cum for Me!
HEIMORON! Hast du wirklich gedacht, DU könntest mit dem Wichsen davonkommen, während du meine Freunde und mich am Strand ausspionierst ???? Wir können dich sehen und so finde ich heraus, welcher Ort dir gehört und bin wütend und bereit, deinen Schwanz gleich zu reißen. Du hattest keine Ahnung, dass du erwischt werden würdest, aber da du es getan hast, musst du meinem Zorn gegenübertreten. Ich bin wütend auf dich und rufe dich an, dass du so ein Scheißkerl bist, und du verlangst, dass du Mich dafür bezahlst, dass ich zu Mir wichse, denn das machen Männer. Du bist sicher keine Akzeptanz. Kein Freeloader hat das Vergnügen, sich an Meinem Körper zu erfreuen, ohne dass es ihn sehr kostet. Vor allem kein pathetischer, kleiner Schwanz, Spanner wie du. Dieses Video wird eine sehr intensive emotionale Vernarbung verursachen, also seid darauf vorbereitet zu fühlen, als ob ihr wirklich von einer ernsthaft angepissten Schlampe beleidigt wird, für eure Brieftasche und Eier gekommen ist. Dies geschieht mit hinterhältigen Hornhunden, wenn sie erwischt werden. Sie verdienen es, zu bezahlen und sich zu schämen. Ich bedrohe dich mit Erpressung und melde dich, wenn du nicht sofort zahlst. Du bist so glücklich, dass ich professionell genug bin, um den besten Weg zu kennen, mit Idioten wie dir umzugehen. Nehmen Sie Ihr Geld und entwässern Sie Ihr Ego, während Sie Ihre sehnsüchtige und dringend benötigte Wichsanweisung geben. Du kranke Wichser lieben immer den Druck Meines Ärgers und meiner Kontrolle! Schlage deinen Schwanz wütend auf Meine harten Worte und Vorwürfe. Sieh zu, wie ich dich in den perfekten Bikini-Körper ziehe und dich quäle, während ich dich auffordere, mir Hunderte zu geben, und dann beeil dich, bis ich zu meinen Freundinnen zurückkomme und du fertig bist und gegangen bist. Du liebst meinen gemeinen Ton. Gib es zu! Eine sexy, halbnackte Frau, dich anschreien lässt, macht deinen Schwanz so nervös erregt, dass man nicht anders kann, als diesen Clip immer wieder anschauen zu wollen. Es wird aufgrund dieser Aggression schnell zu einer der beliebtesten der Menschen. Sei bereit, einen Tribut zu senden, so wie ich es auch fordere. Ich habe es nicht nur umsonst gesagt. Ich meine es so! Verlierer wie du zahlen immer mehr für mich!
¡HEY MORON! ¿Honestamente pensaste que podrías salirte con la suya masturbándote mientras espiabas a Mis amigos y yo en la playa? Podemos verte y entonces descubro cuál es el tuyo y la barcaza enfadada y listo para arrancarte la polla de inmediato. Tuviste NOOOO idea de que te atraparían, pero como tienes, debes enfrentarte a Mi ira. Me pongo furioso contigo, llamándote por ser una mierda, un matador de pollas, y exijo que me pagues para masturbarme, porque eso es lo que hacen los hombres. ciertamente no eres una aceptación. Ningún gorrón tiene el placer de disfrutar de Mi cuerpo sin que le cueste mucho. Especialmente no patética, pequeña polla, Peeping Tom como tú. Este video creará algunas cicatrices emocionales muy intensas así que prepárate para sentir como si realmente fueras abusado verbalmente por una perra seriamente cabreada que ha venido para tu billetera y tus bolas. Esto es lo que les sucede a los perros de cuerno astutos cuando los atrapan. Mereces pagar y ser avergonzado. Te amenazo con chantajearlo e informarte si no pagas de inmediato. Eres tan afortunado de que soy lo suficientemente profesional como para saber la mejor manera de manejar idiotas como tú. Tomando su dinero y drenando su ego al mismo tiempo que le da las instrucciones de masturbarse tan ansiadas y necesarias. ¡Ustedes, hijos de puta enfermos, siempre aman la presión de Mi ira y control! Batir tu polla furiosamente a Mis duras palabras y acusaciones. Mira Mi cuerpo perfecto bikini y te atormente mientras exijo que me des Centenas, y luego apresúrate para poder volver con Mis amigas, y puedes terminar y desaparecer. Te encanta mi tono malo. ¡Admitelo! Tener una mujer sexy y medio desnuda que te grita hace que tu pene se excite tan nerviosamente que no puedes evitar querer ver este clip una y otra vez. Pronto se convertirá en muchos de los favoritos de la gente debido a esta agresión. Prepárate para enviar un tributo como yo también exijo. No solo lo dije por nada. ¡Lo digo en serio! ¡Los perdedores como tú siempre pagan más por correrse para Mí!
HEY MORON! Avez-vous honnêtement pensé que vous pourriez vous en sortir en vous branlant tout en espionnant Mes amis et moi à la plage ???? Nous pouvons vous voir et ainsi je devine quel endroit est le tien et barge en colère et prêt à déchirer votre bite tout de suite. Tu avais l’idée NOOOO que tu te ferais prendre mais comme tu l’as fait, tu dois faire face à Ma colère. Je viens furieux contre toi, t’appelant pour être une merde, un batteur de bite, et exigeant que tu Me payes pour me branler, puisque c’est ce que font les hommes. vous n’êtes certainement pas une acceptation. Aucun freeloader n’a le plaisir de s’amuser à mon corps sans que cela ne lui coûte beaucoup. Surtout pas pathétique, petite bite, Peeping Tom comme toi. Cette vidéo va créer des cicatrices émotionnelles très intenses, alors soyez prêt à vous sentir comme si vous vous faites vraiment maltraiter verbalement par une chienne sérieusement énervée qui est venue pour votre portefeuille et vos balles. C’est ce qui arrive aux chiens de corne sournois quand ils se font prendre. Vous méritez de payer et d’être honteux. Je vous menace de faire du chantage et de vous signaler si vous ne payez pas tout de suite. Tu es tellement chanceuse que je suis assez professionnelle pour connaître la meilleure façon de gérer les idiots comme toi. Prenant votre argent et drainant votre ego tout en vous donnant votre instruction implacable et bien nécessaire. Vous, les baiseurs malades, aimez toujours la pression de ma colère et de votre contrôle! Battez votre bite furieusement à Mes mots durs et accusations. Regarde Mon corps de bikini parfait taquiner et te tourmenter comme je te demande de me donner des centaines, puis dépêche toi de baiser pour que je puisse retourner à Mes copines, et tu pourras en avoir fini. Tu aimes mon ton méchant. Admet le! Avoir une femme sexy, à moitié nue, qui vous hurle dessus, rend votre bite tellement nerveuse que vous ne pouvez vous empêcher de regarder ce clip encore et encore. Il deviendra rapidement un grand nombre de favoris des gens en raison de cette agression. Soyez prêt à envoyer un hommage juste comme je le demande aussi. Je ne l’ai pas dit pour rien. Je suis sérieux! Les perdants comme vous payez toujours plus pour cum pour moi!
HEY MORON! Ansåg du ärligt att du kunde komma undan med att rycka av medan du spionerar på mina vänner och jag på stranden ???? Vi kan se dig och jag räknar ut vilken plats är din och pråm i arg och redo att riva din kuk direkt. Du hade ingen idé att du skulle få fångas, men eftersom du har, måste du möta min vrede. Jag kommer in i dig rasande och ringer ut för att du är en sådan skit, dick beater och kräver att du betalar mig för att rycka för mig eftersom det är vad män gör. du är verkligen inte en acceptans. Ingen freeloader får nöjet att njuta av Min kropp utan att det kostar honom mycket. Särskilt ingen patetisk, liten kille, Peeping Tom som dig. Denna video kommer att skapa en väldigt intensiv känslomässig ärr så att du är beredd att känna dig som om du verkligen blir verbalt missbrukad av en allvarligt pissad tik som har kommit för din plånbok och bollar. Det här är vad som händer med snuskiga horn-hundar när de fångas. Du förtjänar att betala och bli utsatt för skam. Jag hotar dig med utpressning och rapporterar om du inte betalar upp genast. Du är så lycklig att jag är professionell nog att veta det bästa sättet att hantera idioter som du. Tar dina pengar och dränerar ditt ego samtidigt som du ger dig din krävda och välbehövliga ryck av instruktioner. Du sjuka knullare älskar alltid trycket i min ilska och kontroll! Slå din kuk rasande till Mina hårda ord och anklagelser. Titta på min perfekta bikinikropp och plåga dig, eftersom jag kräver att du ger mig hundratals, och skynda mig så att jag kan komma tillbaka till mina flickvänner, och du kan bli färdig och borta. Du älskar min genomsnittliga ton. Erkänn! Att ha en sexig, halvt naken kvinna som skriker på dig gör din kuk så nervös väckt att du inte kan hjälpa men vill titta på det här klippet om och om igen. Det kommer snabbt att bli många folks favoriter på grund av denna aggression. Var beredd att skicka en hyllning precis som jag efterfrågar också. Jag sa inte bara det för ingenting. Jag menar det! Förlorare som du betalar alltid mer till cum för mig!


Lady Nina – You’re Disgusting – Brat Girls, Femdom

Lady Nina  Youre Disgusting preview

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It’s true. I Couldn’t be any more honest, you know it and i know it. YOURE DISGUSTING. And i treat you, exactly how disgusting losers deserve to be treated. You’ll continue being abused by me, finger obsessed with me weak 4 me and forever trying to compensate for your disgusting self, with your wallet. All apologies r in the form of cash. DISGUSTING PIG.