The Mean Girls – Friend-Zoned Foot Freak – Foot Domination, Foot Worship

The Mean Girls  FriendZoned Foot Freak preview

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“You are the hottest girl in school. I have spent the better part of the last 2 years basically being “friend zoned” by you. I have done everything I could do to try to make you like me. I bought you gifts, did your homework, and even ran errands for you and your friends whenever you texted me to. It is now our senior year and I decided to finally tell you my feelings for you. but instead of returning them, you just get a strange look on your face and then break out in laughter.
You literally laugh in my face. “Did you really think a girl like ME would ever like a loser like you?? Did you really think doing all that stuff for me would give you a ‘chance’ at DATING me??” You explain that you & I are just friends- and that is ALL we will ever be. From there you decide to give me a choice. Now that you are thoroughly repulsed by this confession of mine, you say that if I want to be anything more than “friends” with you it is going to be VERY humiliating for me. because you tell me to my face that I am NOT good enough for you and that you ONLY date hot, rich, popular guys. But you explain that YOU have a secret- you actually like having your FEET LICKED and TOES SUCKED ON. But the “real men” that you date would NEVER do that- and you would never ask them to because then you would lose respect for them.
So you decide that I can serve that purpose for you- I can be your “personal toe sucker”. And if I want to be in your life I will need to accept that role. Then the rest of the video I am on my knees, staring at your feet, and you explain what my “duties” will be- and laughing in my face for being willing to accept this situation just to still be allowed in your life.”


Sasha Mizaree – Loser Date with Handy – Femdom, Female Domination

Sasha Mizaree  Loser Date with Handy preview

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Nobody has been there for you the way your hand has. No girl has ever wanted to touch your cock, so as a result of all that rejection, you’ve become the humiliation porn addict you are today. Since you’ll never get a girlfriend and will always be a hopeless hand fucker, you will treat your hand as your girlfriend. That’s right dork, get everything ready. I’ll tell you exactly what to do step by step. You will need lipstick/lipgloss or a sharpie, candles or at least the ability to dim your lights, and most importantly your one and only gf Handy. Prepare to feel like a loser idiot for actually doing this.


Mistress Harley – Getting Fucked – Denial, Tease

Mistress Harley  Getting Fucked preview

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I know we have been flirting for a while and I know how sexy and hot you think I am. I can see your big hard on through your pants whenever we hang out. I know you’re just a nice guy, way too nice to make a move. Lucky for you I have no problem being aggressive. I want you to take your dick out of your pants and stroke for me, because I’m going to tell you exactly what I would do to your big dick, and exactly how I’d fuck you.


HumiliationPOV – I Love Playing With Your Broken Brain, Daddy – Femdom, JOI

HumiliationPOV  I Love Playing With Your Broken Brain Daddy preview

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Do you like my outfit daddy? You bought it. Doesn’t it look so good on me? I’m such an innocent, young, pure thing. I know you have devious, twisted urges. I know you’re a nasty pervert. You’re gross.
I know you love jerking to me in this outfit. You get off on buying me hot things. What else are you going to buy me? Lots of things I know, you can’t resist, can you daddy? I like exciting you, I like just how easy it is. I like having your cock in my hand and deciding how long it’s going to last. It could be thirty seconds, or hours, and you’re helpless and I just get to play with that broken brain of yours.
Pump that cock daddy and put it to work for me while you stare helplessly at me. I know you’re hanging on my every word. It’s too late for you, you’re trapped. You ache for me. I know exactly what I’m doing to you. I know what’s going on in that weak brain of yours. You’re giving up control to me. You don’t stand a chance against me. You’re fucked. You’ve told me too much.
I’m going to count you down daddy as you stare helplessly at my young body in this outfit that you bought me. It’s too much for you to resist. So don’t even try. How does it feel to be truly fucked in the head by someone half your age.


Candy Glitter – How Long Can You Last Loser Boy? – POV, Femdom

Candy Glitter  How Long Can You Last Loser Boy preview

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Start pumping your dick, loser boy! I would never fuck you, but I love teasing you with my perfect body. I know that the moment you see my body you lose all control. You want to cum instantly. I can only imagine how quickly you’d burst if I allowed you to fuck me with your loser dick.. But we both know that would never happen! I don’t fuck little loser boys like you. The more I insult you, the closer you get to cumming. Go on loser bitch, squirt, I know you won’t last the whole time!


Candy Glitter – Fleshlight Fucker – Humiliation, Femdom

Candy Glitter  Fleshlight Fucker preview

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You love your fleshlight! It’s the closest thing to a real pussy that you will ever get. You don’t deserve a real pussy. Let me see you fuck your fleshlight, loser. Glide it up and down your cock. Real men are thrusting in and out of tight, wet pussies. And you are just sitting at home, fucking your pocket pussy! How pathetic.


The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum, Queen Grace – Grovel for Grace (1080 HD) – Foot Worship – Toes Sucking, AmericanMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  Goddess Platinum Queen Grace  Grovel for Grace 1080 HD  Foot Worship preview

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I am showing off the life of a “Mean Girl” to Queen Grace. This is her introduction to being pampered, basically. We have 2 slaves groveling at our feet, massaging them and worshiping us.
I decide to be a gracious host and allow Grace to borrow my footslave- so she has 1 for each foot! 🙂 She casually expresses in the video that she “thinks she could get used to this”…haha. Being a Mean Girl RULES.


Pampered Penny – Bedwetter Diapered By His Crush – School Uniform, Femdom

Pampered Penny  Bedwetter Diapered By His Crush preview

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I know why you always ask to be my lab partner, I mean everybody knows you have a crush on me. Another thing we all know about you is that you wet the bed. Did the little bedwetting baby think it was his widdle secret? The real reason I invited you into my room was not to work on our science project but to give you a special present so you know what I think of you. A nice, puffy baby diaper in just your size!
A diaper is really the only thing a bedwetter deserves to wear so I’m going to have to confiscate your nerd clothes. I don’t know which is more pathetic, that you still wet the bed or that you got a tiny stiffy from being diapered and humiliated by the girl of your dreams! I bet I could make you cream your diaper with one glance at my amazing tits.


Mistress Harley – Fucking Over Nice Guys – Humiliation, Degradation

Mistress Harley  Fucking Over Nice Guys preview

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I know you, you’re a “good guy” or a “nice guy”. Women know that just means “push over.” I know that a nice guy can be manipulated into doing whatever I want, all on the hope that someday all that niceness will pay off and maybe you’ll get close enough to me to fuck me. I’ll make you move my furniture, clean my house, run my errands, and you’ll do it all, because you’re such a “nice guy.” It doesn’t matter that I’ll never fuck you, I will always lead you on and tease you just enough that you keep thinking if you give just a little bit more, maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you touch my perfect body. Hahaha. We both know that I’m just going to use you up and throw you away. That’s what I do to nice guys.