Princess Jenny – Cuckold slave – I’ll show you your seat (German Language) – Female Domination, Tease

Princess Jenny  Cuckold slave  Ill show you your seat German Language preview

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You little cuckold-slave will now watch me getting ready while I’ll humiliate you along the way. While such a miserable wanking-slave like you can count himself lucky to be allowed to jerk off for such a lady like me, today a true man will get to know the true promise of having dinner with me. Look at how hot my look is once again. My ass looks extremely sexy today – of course my lover should have the privilege of some nice views, who knows what’ll be supposed to happen tonight!!!
German description:
Cuckold Sklave – ich sage dir wo dein Platz ist (SD Version)
Du kleiner Cuckold-Sklave wirst mir jetzt zusehen drfen wie ich mich hbsch mache und dich dabei erniedrige. Whrend du nur ein elendiger Wichs-Sklave bist der froh sein darf fr eine Lady wie mich wichsen zu drfen – wird ein richtiger Mann in den Genuss kommen heute mit mir essen gehen zu drfen. Schau mal wie geil ich wieder aussehe. Mein Arsch sieht heute wieder extrem sexy aus – soll mein Lover ja auch was zu gucken haben, wer weiss was spter noch passiert !!!


Mistress Vikki – Mesmerised To Stroke For My Ass – Kink, Female Domination

Mistress Vikki  Mesmerised To Stroke For My Ass preview

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It’s been far too long since you were on your knees, worshiping my ass. Look at it, look how it moves. so easily back and forth. captivating you already. MMM. you need it, you want don’t you? mmm…just what you need in your face. My nice big full ass. So why don’t you beg for it? Like a goooood boy. you want it so bad, because you want to be able to jerk your cock to this nice big ass of mine. you need it, you want it. Look at it. so perfect. MMM. Nothing else compares to this ass, being mesmerized by it. you need it sooo bad. right there. so close. MMM. such a turn oon isn’t it?


DownBlouse Jerk – Our Secret – Masturbation Encouragement, Teasing

DownBlouse Jerk  Our Secret preview

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You are staying with your friend and his girlfriend, you have always fancied Honour so when she is in the bedroom and her boyfriend is in the garage you decide to go in and have a chat. You get way more than you bargained for though when her dressing gown falls open and you get a look at her perky tits, Honour realises she is flashing you but she has always been curious about you and your dick so she decides to find out just how big your already hard cock is.


Eva de Vil – 14 Days of Love: Sweet Treats CEI – Male Cum Swallowing, Arrogant Woman

Eva de Vil  14 Days of Love Sweet Treats CEI preview

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My mouth deserves only the most luxurious, divine flavours but a loser like you gets whatever he’s given. These chocolates are for me and whatever disgusting, slimy mess you can conjure up out of your balls is for you! You’re going to watch me pop each delicious treat in my mouth, one by one, while you work up a hot load, knowing that you’re going to have to swallow it all down for me. These chocolates are from an admirer. I don’t know which one, I have so many, but I get so many messages from perverts like you. Your words don’t mean anything to me. You have to prove your love to me with an act. Good boys accept the filthiest of tasks while Goddess is spoiled and pampered.


DownBlouse Jerk – Such A Perv – Jerk Off Encouragement, Gym

DownBlouse Jerk  Such A Perv preview

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Rose is grateful you are giving her a lift home from the gym, she just needs to find her phone. You tell her that you know when her phone is but you will only tell her is she lets you look down her top at her tits, Rose can’t believe how much of a perv you are but agrees to let you look at her perky tits and hard nipples while you wank.


Young Goddess Kim – Merciless Mistress – Cock Locked, Footlicking

Young Goddess Kim  Merciless Mistress preview

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I left the toy out the box, handcuffed and locked in chastity. I walk into the room to find it struggling in the cuffs “you better not be trying to escape” haha I know it is just so desperate to touch its locked cock. Well, lucky I am in the mood to play with My toy. My pantyhose legs are so smooth and sexy, bewitching and captivating. it should have known that the second it saw My legs there would be no escape from My spell. I have the key to the chastity cage dangling from My anklet, torturing the toy even more. I remove My shoes, they get so sweaty in the transparent plastic stilettos. Smell My divine scented pantyhose feet. They smell so good, don’t they…. Addictive. I’ll rub My feet on your steel cage and you can just imagine the feeling on your naked cock. I’ll tell you exactly how it would feel. So hard in that cage, your balls so full and aching. Kiss the key around My ankle and beg Me. Worship My feet and legs. So so desperate little bitch. Hahaha the cruelest denial is yours! Now back in My toy box!