The Mean Girls – Princess Bella, Princess Aria – Worship Our Lazy Asses (1080 HD) – Humiliation, Foot Worship

The Mean Girls  Princess Bella Princess Aria  Worship Our Lazy Asses 1080 HD preview

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“Slaves get in here!” shouts Princess Bella as she sits next to Princess Aria on the couch at AMG. The slaves walk into the room n are immediately admonished for walking when they should have been crawling into the room from their cages. Princess Bella and Princess Aria are lounging on the couch relaxing n eating snacks. They casually throw a few chips onto the floor allowing the slaves to eat them off the dirty floor. The slaves aren’t usually fed very much, not so much as a punishment, but simply because they forget to feed them anything! When the slaves are out of sight in their cages it’s easy to forget all about them and they aren’t ever allowed to walk around freely so they can’t ever feed themselves. And when they`re fed they are usually only given cat food to eat. Princess Bella throws more chips onto the floor this time crushing them to bits under the heel of her shoe. The slaves desperately lick the mess up off the floor like scavengers. When they`re finished feeding the slaves scraps Princess Bella and Princess Aria use the slaves as human foot stools kicking up their feet up n relaxing. They talk about how great it is being a Mean Girl and how all they ever do is sit around and relax all day and party all night! They never have to do any work because they have slaves to do everything for them. Princess Bella and Princess Aria talk about how much fun they`re going to have out at the club later tonight!


Sadistic-Girls – Kyra, Monique – Feel Our Sadism! – Degradation, Smoke

SadisticGirls  Kyra Monique  Feel Our Sadism preview

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The two girls have a lot of fun and continue to beat and humiliate the slave. Kyra`s und Monique`s sadisim is limitless.
Again they slap n beat him up. He face suffered already under very brutal face slapping, but the mean girls don`t care, a series of brutal slaps hit again his face.
Humilating n cruel how the girls use his mouth as ashtray while smoking. He has to eat a lot of ash, also they spit in his mouth.
The suffering and pain increases again when the girls decide to punish him by brutal caning. Full stroke canes make him suffer unbelievable pain.
They cane him fullpower, so hard until the cane breakes. Also than the girls don`t stop, they`re in rush n still continue.
Humiliated by serving as human astray and spitting, beaten by brutal Face Slapping and Caning. Insatiable sadisim knows no mercy.


DirtyDommes – Punished boot fucked slave part 1 – Leather, Victoria Valente

DirtyDommes  Punished boot fucked slave part 1 preview

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Spoiling your Mistress with gifts is a beautiful thing to do, but don’t bring cheap and nasty looking items! You`ll get punished…as our slave is about to find out. Lady Victoria is far from pleased with these thigh high boots and we`ve decided to teach the slave a lesson. His own gift will be used to punish him. 1st he must worship the nasty boots before his butthole gets fucked by the heels!