Princess Nikki Cruel – Mini and Nikki Burping Queens – Spitting – Mistress, Degradation

Princess Nikki Cruel  Mini and Nikki Burping Queens  Spitting preview

00:15:01 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 570 MB

Every time Mini and Nikki shoot together they order the burping slave on his knees and start to burp and spit in his face. They are the burping queens and the clip is full of yummy spit and very very authentic becuse both princesses have so much fun and are loughing like crazy becuse the slave looks so funny with all the spit in his face.


Kates-Palace – A Look Behind The Scenes 3 – Hot Femdom – Bondage, Medical Fetish

KatesPalace  A Look Behind The Scenes 3  Hot Femdom preview

00:26:51 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 625 MB

First rule of femme-domination: They may run, but they always come back. A WORLD CLASS DOMME will scare the shit out of any mere mortal, but submissiveness is hard-wired into us. We NEED to have A NASTY LADY in the driver’s seat, and that need keeps HER in clover. So here we have DOMINA KATE and LADY LARA immobilizing a familiar slave in a straitjacket and suspending him airborne so that LADY KATE can comfortably refuel him in mid-flight with HER BEST FRIEND, AN ENORMOUS FLESH-COLOURED DILDO. While flying high, he has a close encounter with LADY LARA’S EROGENOUS ZONES, which stay maddeningly just out of reach. Instead of just looking at LARA’S BEAUTIFUL TITS, the unmannered wretch has the cheek to try to bite them, and what self-respecting MISTRESS would allow that? THEY promptly refer him to the clinic, where NURSES KATE and LARA have all of the requisite skills and equipment to sand and drill those offending pillow-chompers right out of his horny mouth. As is customary in the PALACE OF SIN, there will be no anesthetic. After all, THEY’RE teaching him a lesson. You can run, but you can’t hide from your deepest controlling desires. They always come back.


Brat Princess 2 – Brianna and Lola – Girl Talk and Foot Play (1080 HD) – Foot Worship – Goddess Brianna, Dual Domination

Brat Princess 2  Brianna and Lola  Girl Talk and Foot Play 1080 HD  Foot Worship preview

00:11:48 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 864 MB

1080 HD Brianna and Lola are at Fetcon. Brianna comes back to her hotel room and makes her slave care for and worship her feet. Later, Lola joins her. The women chat about the convention while sitting on human furniture. They flirt with each other while sitting on the backs of the male slaves and plan to have a nice dinner together. The women discuss their latex outfits for a fetish event and soon head out to get ready for the night.


Brat Princess 2 – Alexis and Jade – Boots or Shoes to get rid of Erections (1080 HD) – Ballbusting – Bootdom, Double Domination

Brat Princess 2  Alexis and Jade  Boots or Shoes to get rid of Erections 1080 HD  Ballbusting preview

00:09:21 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 687 MB

1080 HD: This clip previously unreleased. Alexis and Jade run a cruel experiment on the ball kicking slave. The slave is jerked off until fully erect and then kicks are delivered to remove it. Jade is wearing boots and Alexis is wearing shoes. The erection is eventually kicked away until gone. You will have to watch the video to know which is better for erection removal.


Goddess Kyaa – Cock sucker training 101 – Degradation, Dildo

Goddess Kyaa  Cock sucker training 101 preview

00:06:29 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 58 MB

Bow before our big strap-on cocks and learn to be our obedient whore! We’ll turn you into our robo-cocksucker. A slutty robot with no gag-reflex! Instead of struggling to swallow cocks whole you’ll be able to slide every last inch of the shaft deep into your throat. With our help you’ll be able to fit the biggest cocks in your fuck-hole.
Sarah Diavola team up in this hot double-domination forced-bi and strap-on fetish video. It’s time to learn to be the best fuck-hole you can be!


House of Sinn – A bitch in heat for My big black dick (1080 HD) – Mistress Gaia, Miss Sarah – Pegging – Dual Domination, Femdom

House of Sinn  A bitch in heat for My big black dick 1080 HD  Mistress Gaia Miss Sarah  Pegging preview

00:14:18 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 663 MB

Whenever Mistress Gaia and Miss Sarah meet, fun and games are in the menu but tonight is a special occasion; Mistress Gaia is visiting Bucharest and Miss Sarah invited Her to play with Her strapon slut. The eager bitch is full of fuckable holes, he knows how to suck and he definitely knows how to spread his slutty ass for Mistress Gaia’s big, black cock. Get ready for a strapon feast with Two Goddesses of the Femdom World!


DirtyDommes – Testing our human furniture – Fetish Liza, Mistress Tess – Hot Femdom – Blond Hair, Leather

DirtyDommes  Testing our human furniture  Fetish Liza Mistress Tess  Hot Femdom preview

00:12:44 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 328 MB

Why use real furniture when you have a slave to do the job! Mistress Tess and I love using this male as part of our new collection and we test his skills as a bench, a carpet, a seat etc. Obviously we make him moan and grunt as we put our full weight on his body, digging our sharp heels deep in to his flesh. He best remain in position as we do not want to fall off, even when he gets tortured! Let’s see how well this slave furniture can endure our sadistic testing methods.


Dangerous-Girls – Electric CBT (Elektro CBT!) (720 HD) – Hot Femdom – Female Domination, Electric Play

DangerousGirls  Electric CBT Elektro CBT 720 HD  Hot Femdom preview

00:15:22 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 669 MB

It’s the first time a slave’s torture is relaxed, nothing easier than that. The loser is fixed and has the electrodes directly on his genitals. Now I can sit back with Jane chilled and give the slaves one electroshock after the other. The device stands naturally on full achievement so that the painful pain draws it by each vein and each nerve. The little one begs that we should stop, but there he has cut himself, instead I put in permanent current and let him suffer even more until he collapses and probably hardly notices anything more. Unfortunately, our little amusing game round with him is over. But he will still pay for it because he remains attached to the cross and the device stays on while we leave him alone and drive home. The batteries should last 12 hours, I had replaced them before the session *Smile*.
Mal entspannt einen Sklaven qualen, nichts einfacher als das. Der Loser ist fixiert und hat diese Elektroden direkt an seinen Genitalien. Nun kann ich mich mit Jane gechillt zurucklehnen und den Sklaven einen Elektroschock nach dem anderen verpassen. Das Gerat steht dabei naturlich auf volle Leistung sodass ihm der qualvolle Schmerz durch jede Ader und jedem Nerv zieht. Der kleine bettelt das wir aufhoren sollen, aber da hat er sich geschnitten, stattdessen stelle ich auf Dauer Strom und lasse ihm noch mehr leiden bis er zusammensackt und wohl kaum noch etwas mitbekommt. Da ist unsere kleine amusante Spielrunde mit ihm leider beendet. Er wird es mir aber trotzdem noch bussen denn er bleibt am Kreuz befestigt und das Gerat bleibt eingeschaltet wahrend wir ihm allein lassen und nachhause fahren. Diese Batterien sollten locker 12 Stunden durchhalten, diese hatte ich vor der Session erneuert *Smile*.