The Mean Girls – Yes, We Own Slaves In Real Life – POV, Dual Domination

The Mean Girls  Yes We Own Slaves In Real Life preview

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This is real sh*t, losers. YES, We own real-life slaves that pay Us, serve Us, and work for Us! Download this clip if you want to hear about how We use them and the humiliating things We make them do for Our entertainment and benefit! (Oh, and if you ARE one of Our slaves, then you will DEFINITELY want to download this clip! LOL!)


Brat Princess 2 – Chloe and Natalya – Wrestle and Scissor Brother in Bed (1080 HD) – Smother, Female Domination

Brat Princess 2  Chloe and Natalya  Wrestle and Scissor Brother in Bed 1080 HD preview

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Natalya’s brother, danni, is very wimpy n scrawny. The girls don’t understand how it can be that they are much bigger and stronger than him. The girls call danni into the bedroom, where they`ve been talking about him. Danni wanders in wearing only his chastity device. The girls wrestle danni onto the bed and overpower him. Natalya and Chloe pin danni down to the bed and Natalya sits on her brother’s face. The girls laugh at how easy it was to overpower scrawny danni. With her brother’s face pressed into her ass, Natalya threatens to fart on him. Natalya’s friend from school, Chloe, sits on danni’s face next. Natalya really wants to muster up a few farts to unleash in her brother’s face, but she doesn’t have any fuel. Just the threat of getting farted on is enough to humiliate her brother, though. Instead of gassing him, Natalya decides to smother her brother in her crotch. She straddles danni’s face n controls his breath. Then, Natalya locks her brother into a scissorhold. She shows Chloe how to do it, so she can too. Chloe gets danni into a scissorhold and dazes him with the strength of her thighs. Natalya tells danni that she’s going to eat nothing but broccoli and cheese later so that she can be sure to add farts to the mix next time they pin him down. Danni is very humiliated. The girls were right. Danni can easily get beat up by a girl.


The Mean Girls – Slave Panhandlers – Degradation, Findom

The Mean Girls  Slave Panhandlers preview

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We have decided what We want to do with all you losers that write to Us and desperately want to “serve” us, but you are broke and/or live like a million miles away from Us. finger We wanted to find some way that we could USE you and make you useful for OUR lives. So here is what we are going to do. You know how you see homeless people on streetcorners and standing on offramps on the highway begging for money? Well, we want YOU to do that! In fact, we want to start an EMPIRE of losers that all stand out in the heat and the cold and the rain and snow for their GODDESSES, all BEGGING for change and looking pathetic- just so they can send ALL their collections for the day to US!!
Isn’t that a GREAT plan?? All you need is a cardboard box anyways. (To live in, of course.) And we will even let you keep the first dollar you make each day so you can go to and order ONE hamburger- and that is ALL you are going to eat all day! Just enough to keep you alive so you can keep working for Us, basically. 100% of the rest of that money better be sent ALL to US so We can make a TON of money without lifting a finger while YOU do all the humiliating “work” of begging strangers for money…just so you can send it all to your GODDESSES! Oh, and We are SOOO going to laugh at you and mock you too every time We get more money from you. But you will still keep standing out on that streetcorner for Us day & night and sending us your “earnings”, wont you? LOL!


The Mean Girls – Mega Loser Foot-Tease – Shoe Fetish, Shoeslicking

The Mean Girls  Mega Loser FootTease preview

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Honestly, We think guys into feet are total losers. Sorry. We date REAL men. Not losers that will lick the dirt off the bottom of Our shoes at the snap of Our fingers. Those kinds of males are only to be used as SLAVES. finger And they r SUPER easy to turn into slaves- just take your shoes off! LOL. And that is exactly what we do in this clip. Oh boy, I bet you losers can’t WAIT to see what we are wearing on our cute little feet inside our shoes and boots, huh? lol


The Mean Girls – Hit The Dick – Small Cock Humiliation, CBT Instruction

The Mean Girls  Hit The Dick preview

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Ok, so We found this awesome card game at the store called “Hit The Deck” and it gave Us this GREAT idea of a game to play with you slaves! Except We are going to change the name of it to “Hit The DICK”! finger LOL And that is EXACTLY what you are going to do to that worthless little pecker of yours for Us! We are going to pull cards from the deck at random, and whatever number we draw, that is how many times you have to hit yourself in the dick with a ruler for Our entertainment! LOL!


The Mean Girls – Bondage POV – AmericanMeanGirls, MiamiMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  Bondage POV preview

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I am telling my friend Nikkole how We have this slave tied up in the back yard of Mean Girl Manor. And she TOTALLY needs to come see it! We have kept it out here for days. It came to Us on a Friday after work and paid Us $1000 just to be here for the weekend. So we said “sure!” & took its money. Then we just handcuffed it and tied it up out here in the cage in the backyard. fanger Once a day one of us comes out here and puts our foot through the cage and allows it ONE kiss on our foot – & it like goes nuts its so happy! LOL isn’t that PATHETIC?? All we’ve fed it so far was just some stuff out of the garbage. And We all took turns spitting on it before we fed it to him- and he ATE it! Can you believe it? He gobbled it up and THANKED us for his “meal”! Poor thing things we are releasing it on Monday morning…LOL. It doesn’t realize we are keeping it back here forever. you didn’t know that did you? So sorry. You are here FOREVER- SLAVE. We are keeping you and reconditioning you to be a slave in our videos. You didn’t tell anyone you were coming here right? I didn’t think so. We are going to keep you like property and torture you for OUR profit for as long as We want. And you will learn to love it, don’t worry…


Ep. 99 – Humiliated And Filled (Ep. 99 – Gedemutigt Und Abgefullt) – Double Domination, Dual Domination

Ep 99  Humiliated And Filled Ep 99  Gedemutigt Und Abgefullt preview

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The Baroness and Lady Lia torture their prisoner and the butler of the Baroness with electro until they can’t resist the pain any longer. But the laughter of the goddesses is even more humiliating than the pain. Almost at the end of his tether the prisoner receives intense CBT and golden shower. This is too much for him. Finally he is degraded into an object of the Baroness, left lying at the butler’s feet.
Die Baroness und Lady Lia qualen ihren Gefangenen und den Butler der Baroness mit Elektrofolter, bis die beiden nicht mehr konnen. Doch noch erniedrigender als die Schmerzen sind die Demutigungen durch die beiden Dominas. Beinahe am Ende seiner Krafte erhalt der Gefangene noch intensive Schwanz- und Eierfolter und eine NS-Zwangsabfullung. Das ist zu viel fur ihn. Schliesslich wird er als Objekt zu Fussen des Butlers zuruckgelassen.


Brat Princess 2 – Isabella Nice and Toro – Step Brother taken to Dominatrix for Ballbusting Training (1080 HD) – Femdom, Balls Busting

Brat Princess 2  Isabella Nice and Toro  Step Brother taken to Dominatrix for Ballbusting Training 1080 HD preview

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Isabella wants some help training her step-brother to serve her, so she has been taking him to see a Dominatrix. Isabella tells the Dominatrix, Lady Toro, that her step-brother, fluffy, has been complaining about his chastity device. Lady Toro suggests that they take him out n give him a ballbusting. Soon, fluffy will be begging to go back in. Isabella likes that idea. She lets her step-brother out and Toro starts kicking. It doesn’t take long at all for fluffy to start begging to go back into his chastity device. Fluffy begs his sister to tell Toro to stop kicking him, but Isabella just laughs. Toro shows Isabella how to do it so that she ballbust at home whenever fluffy acts up. Isabell has to run to her manicure appointment, so she leaves fluffy alone with Toro. She`ll be back in an hour or so to pick him up.