Bratty Foot Girls – Jessica Jones, Vanessa Rain – Whose Big feet Stink Most – Fetish, Footdom

Bratty Foot Girls  Jessica Jones Vanessa Rain  Whose Big feet Stink Most preview

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Amazon Brats Vanessa n Jessica have been working out hard at the gym. Their feet are huge – Vanessa size 12 and jessica size ten, and as you know big feet = BIG STINK! They take great pleasure in torturing their facebox slave. They start off shoving their worn shoes over his nose, letting him get a good whiff of their hard work. Then they cup his nose under their sweaty socks. He winces from the extreme smell of vinegar n sourness as they stand over his face. he has NO escape! They peel off their socks and then the real torture starts! Their pink sweaty feet are almost too much as they take turns stepping on his face, wiggling their fragrant toes over his nose n letting him get every bit of toe jam up into his senses!


The Mean Girls – Princess Skylar, Princess Carmela – No Mercy For The Trampled (1080 HD) – Female Domination, AmericanMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  Princess Skylar Princess Carmela  No Mercy For The Trampled 1080 HD preview

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We just came home from seeing some hot guys that we are both kind of into, and Skylar sees my ugly bald fucking slave that I just left out on the deck a few hours ago. I invite her to step up onto him while we chat about our day. (He’s kind of soft and bouncy under your heels and it feels better than standing on the hard deck.)
This is Skylar’s 1st time literally walking all over a slave – but she totally does it like its nothing. I think I have taught her well that these faggot were MEANT to be walked all over by hot girls like Us. Like, its honestly what I think they were created and put on this Earth for – so WE can use them and benefit from them, as WE are obviously superior, higher life forms than them. She even laughs that she would never talk to a bald, ugly loser like this so he kinda is lucky just to be stepped on by her…even if she doesn’t bother to take her stiletto heels off.
We just chat out on the deck and have a smoke break while Skylar lets her stiletto heels REALLY dig into my slave. She told me later that she thinks its hilarious that I can treat him like this (like he basically means NOTHING to me) and yet he totally puts up with it no matter what, and still literally WORSHIPS me.
***(Although this is Skylar’s 1st tramping clip she really does have no mercy for the slave. She literally stands on it for the entire length of the clip with no breaks for the slave at all. This is the most ruthless trampling clip we`ve done in years and when you consider Princess Skylar just continues standing in the same spot, drilling her heels DEEP into the slave beneath her without giving it a second thought…)***
True story – At one point in this clip I accidentally burned my slaves lip while shoving my lit cigarette into his mouth to use it as my ashtray while Skylar was standing on him. So I fucking yell at him for moving and making my cigarette out and kick him in the face in front of Skylar! She laughed her ass off haha.
(Oh, also, it was kinda windy out there so it is kinda hard to hear the dialogue sometimes, but we doubt most of you care about that too much haha.)


The Mean Girls – Princess Gemma, Princess Carmela – Gemmas’ First Foot Worship (1080 HD) – Sole Licking, Femdom

The Mean Girls  Princess Gemma Princess Carmela  Gemmas First Foot Worship 1080 HD preview

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So Carmela is still giving Gemma a tour of the Mean Girls Air BnB. And the “services” of the “servant staff” just continues to blow her mind… Next, Carmela asks Gemma if she has been in those heels all day and would she like to have her feet “refreshed”? “Of course”, Gemma says! Carmela simply snaps her fingers and 2 more losers jump to attention, crawl to Gemma’s feet, take off her shoes, and begin immediately massaging and kissing Ms. Gemma’s feet! Gemma can’t believe it! This feels GREAT! And she asks Carmela if she can literally make these faggots do this for her all day if she wants to?? Carmela casually informs her that she absolutely CAN! They`re all here to do her bidding 24/7 during her stay! (The slaves are obviously scared to deaath of Ms. Gemma giving Princess Carmela a “bad review” of their performance!)


The Mean Girls – Goddess Rodea, Princess Bella – Step Brother Intervention (1080 HD) – Double Domination, Taboo

The Mean Girls  Goddess Rodea Princess Bella  Step Brother Intervention 1080 HD preview

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They order him to strip him down and then make him kneel in front of his step sister with his legs spread – and her hot friend Rodea is sitting directly behind him. It is sooo embarrassing but the worst is yet to come. They take turns slapping his balls over n over with their feet – from the front AND the back, over n over. (Laughing at him the whole time!) Each kick is to remind him that he is sperm cells by smoking. (Just like the kicks are his sperm cells!) Both girls laugh at him and remind him that he HAS to let do whatever they say or Bella will tell their parentts on him! so he kneels their and takes theit foot-slaps to his balls and endures their mocking laughter…


SubbyHubby – Raven and Alyssa’s New Hire Part 2 – Pussy Tease – Sissy Slut, Female Domination

SubbyHubby  Raven and Alyssas New Hire Part 2  Pussy Tease preview

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The new slave has proven himself worthy with his foot worship skills. Goddess Raven and Dommes Alissa decide to keep the slut around. Sissy Cami is now naked in a pink collar on his knees. Mistress Raven tells the sissy bitch that if he wants this job he is going to have to learn how to behave like a sissy n walk like a sissy. Wearing a very tight dress, Raven forces her slaves face into her ass and tells him to get used to this position. She lifts up Goddess Alissa’s dress revealing her beautiful round soft ass. Domina Raven shoves Cami’s face into Alissa’s bare ass and tells the slave to prove how much he needs the job. He is forced to eat Dominatrix Alissa’s ass until she is satisfied. Mistress Raven is verbally humiliating n directing Cami to sniff Alissa’s pussy while she plays with herself. Sissy Cami is learning what it takes to be Mistress Alissa and Mistress Raven’s sissy slave.
Part 1 – Foot Worship


Brat Princess 2 – Chloe and Sasha – Crawl Over Here and Lick My Toes Loser (1080 HD) – Foot Worship, Female Domination

Brat Princess 2  Chloe and Sasha  Crawl Over Here and Lick My Toes Loser 1080 HD preview

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1080 HD Chloe n Sasha make a loser crawl back and forth on the deck kissing their toes in flip flops and sandals. The loser is naked and locked in chastity. He must crawl to whichever girl calls him and do what she says. The girls pass the loser back and forth between them, getting their feet licked. They remind the loser that it is pathetic. The girls get tired of standing. They sit in lawn chairs and make the loser take off their sandals. They verbally humiliate him while he worships their feet. They want to take the humiliation even further. The girls decide to go inside to find something to sodomize the loser with. He has never gotten fucked before and is very scared. The girls send him away to get the big tub of Vaseline as they conspire n giggle.


BallBustingChicks – Floppy Dick Men get kicked in the balls! – Alani and Friend – Double Domination, Female Domination

BallBustingChicks  Floppy Dick Men get kicked in the balls  Alani and Friend preview

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These horny girls like to fuck anytime, anywhere… So this guy presenting them his big long, but hanging down flabbily n swinging from side to side, penis. But anyway they decide to have fun with him by abusing his balls. Inflicting pain in a helpless man’s genitals is almost as much fun for them. So he get his ball kicked n slapped by these two horny brat girls. At the end his bollocks are red as hell!


The Mean Girls – Duchess Dani, Queen Kenzie – We Know About Your Chastity Fetish (1080 HD) – Tease, POV

The Mean Girls  Duchess Dani Queen Kenzie  We Know About Your Chastity Fetish 1080 HD preview

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Chastity slaves are so much fun. It seems all some of you losers are worth is the contents of your pathetic dicks. When we lock that little worm up, you get all desperate and stupid. Well more stupid, cause you’re already stupid to begin with. Duchess Dani and Queen Kenzie want to talk about how locking you up makes that pathetic streak of yours even WORSE. We’re doing the world a favor by caging that thing up and keeping the key. You get more desperate and do more humiliating stuff for us. You buy us more stuff, you serve us better. And the world doesn’t have to deal with your stupid dick doing what it pleases. Everyone wins!