Stella Liberty – Teacher’s Pet Feet JOI – Foot Licking, Femdom

Stella Liberty  Teachers Pet Feet JOI preview

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You’ve been such a good student and your teachers think you may have something in common with us. The way you stare at our high heels and classy attire. We tease off our high heels and reveal two pairs of perfect feet. We want you to pull down you pants and tug your cock for teacher. Jerk that cock as fast as you can for us while you slide your tongue across our toes. We think you have good potential to be a good foot servant. Won’t you rub out feet with your dick? We love getting our feet rubbed!


The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum, Princess Skylar – Hooters Foot Fetish Friday (1080 HD) – Female Domination, Financial Domination

The Mean Girls  Goddess Platinum Princess Skylar  Hooters Foot Fetish Friday 1080 HD preview

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Skylar is the top-paid waitress at the Hooters in Las Vegas. Her new manager that was just sent in from “corporate” can’t figure out why though?? She is lazy, rude to customers, and on this particular Friday she is literally just relaxing in a booth and texting on her phone when she should be working!
When her manager finally confronts her to ask what she thinks she’s doing, Skylar tells her “not to worry about it” and that today is “Foot Fetish Friday” at this Hooters. Its a program that she implemented awhile back- and it makes her so much money now that she barely has to even work anymore.
Basically all Skylar does now is put her feet up and let all the “foot freaks” come groveling to her, begging for her stinky feet, and PAYING her ridiculous amounts of $$$ just to sniff and kiss her feet after they have been in her old, dirty work sneakers all day. Skylar’s manager can’t believe it! That is absolutely ridiculous, she says. “No one would actually pay for that!”
Just then, the “first foot weirdo of the night” comes rushing in and throws himself at Skylars feet- BEGGING her to let him have just a few kisses on her perfect feet, and asking if he is “her first foot customer” of the night? She assures him that he is, and – to her manager’s amazement – she snatches a $100 bill out of the loser’s hands like it is nothing!
And soon the “foot freak” is sniffing and kissing Skylar’s smelly, sweaty socks- while her and her manager laugh right in his face and talk about how easy it is to take his money, like he isn’t right there listening to every word as they blatantly insult him! Skylar even brags to her manager that she doesn’t even have to be “nice” to these foot freak customers- she can treat them like absolute DIRT and they still come crawling back for more, and BEGGING to give her more $$$ just to kiss her feet after they have been sweating all day inside her tan stockings, wool socks, and old smelly tennis shoes all day!
She laughs about how she walks around now, just thinking about how much MONEY the sweat between her toes earns her…she brags that it is literally like liquid gold to these foot freaks! Especially since Skylar is known for having the oldest shoes and stinkiest feet in the entire Hooters! She even makes this customer PAY her just to lick the “chicken grease” off the soles of her old work shoes!!
After just a few minutes of being literally WORSHIPED by this foot-loser, Skylar has already earned more than a lot of the other waitresses do in an entire WEEK of actually “working” and kissing the asses of “normal” customers!
Skylar’s manager wants to get in on this…so she shoves HER foot into the foot-freak’s mouth and takes some of his money…and then she begins wondering aloud if she should suggest to corporate that they implement this “Foot Fetish Friday” promotion at all Hooters nationwide!


SubbyHubby – Teachers’ Pets Part 2 – Chindo – Helena, Stella Liberty – Subby Hubby, Teasing

SubbyHubby  Teachers Pets Part 2  Chindo  Helena Stella Liberty preview

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Helena notices that Stella’s former student and current slave, has a tiny cock. She is surprised that Stella would pick a slave with such a small dick. Stella explains that her slave has other skills and that she has toys that can make up for his lack of size. That’s when Mistress Stella pulls out her dildo gag. She inserts it into her slave’s mouth and straps it to his head. While Stella is being fucked by her slave wearing the chindo, Helena has her bitch continue to worship and lick her feet. Stella’s slave is forced to work her pussy using the cock strapped to his head. She doesn’t care if his neck is sore or he is tired. He isn’t allowed to stop until she is completely satisfied! The party has just started and the ladies aren’t done with these slaves yet.
Part 1 – Foot Worship


Miss Roper – Born To Take Dick For Miss Roper & Goddess Janira Wolfe – Female Domination, Make Me Bi

Miss Roper  Born To Take Dick For Miss Roper  Goddess Janira Wolfe preview

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To Janira Wolfe & I, you look like a natural. Full lips, a plump round ass; you were born to take dick. Though you didn’t think so until now, clouding your life with a vanilla wife and trying to live an existence surrounded by morals & pride. It ends Today. That life of yours that’s as empty as your wide mouth, we’re going to fill it. Introducing you to as many cocks as we can stuff you with. Have you ever swallowed, or have you just fantasized been fantasizing about it behind closed doors. You want to see how far down you can take it, just as much as we do. All shapes and sizes, variety. We’re going to prepare you for the real thing. The pain & pleasure, gags & tears. Prepare you for a life spent on your back and knees. Listen to to our sweet, sadistic laughter as we reveal your future, your fate. It takes a while to learn how to open up, but by the time you’re through; you’ll be gaping for us.


The Mean Girls – Princess Amber, Goddess Platinum – The Slave Under The Stairs (1080 HD) – Boot Worship, MiamiMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  Princess Amber Goddess Platinum  The Slave Under The Stairs 1080 HD preview

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So I am talking to my aunt Platinum and we are comparing our hot boots when I comment that her boots are kind of dirty and could use a good shine. And she tells me that she actually has a slave that she KEEPS UNDER THE STAIRS for just that purpose!! She even keeps a security camera on it 24/7 so she can check on it with her phone 24/7!
I can’t believe it, but she shows me a live video feed of the slave all chained up on her phone, and then walks me down to the “slave quarters” underneath our compound – and there he is! Literally chained and collared underneath the stairs!
We take turns giving him our boots to polish with nothing but his TONGUE – and of course, mocking him the entire time for having such a pathetic life!


Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – Work promotion – The Hunteress – Female Domination, Double Domination

Miss Jessicas Punishments UK  Work promotion  The Hunteress preview

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Miss Jessica has a work promotion to give out and she decides to give it to The Hunteress (Cassie). Mike is not a graceful loser and makes some lewd comments about if he had a pair of tits then he would have got the promotion! Jessica can’t believe what she’s hearing so she grabs him by the ear and pulls him over her knee. She then pulls down his trousers and pants to reveal his naked bottom, which he’s going to get a punishment on and as part of her new job promotion, Cassie will help out. First of all he gets an OTK hand spanking from both of them and then he is told to bend over the chair where they get a pair of rubber soled plimsolls to spank his bottom, alternatively and together for extra pain!


The Mean Girls – Princess Carmela, Princess Tina – Human Ashtray Because We Can (1080 HD) – MiamiMeanGirls, Degradation

The Mean Girls  Princess Carmela Princess Tina  Human Ashtray Because We Can 1080 HD preview

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My cousin Tina and I are sitting out on the deck having a Smoke. I snap my fingers, and my bitch slave comes scurrying over to light our cigarettes. She asks me where the ashtray is- and I just point right at this loser’s fucking face kneeling in front of us and laugh. Tina can’t believe we can actually just ash right into this bitch’s mouth! But after she sees me do it, she can’t wait to try! She laughs her ass off as she dumps her ashes into its open, waiting mouth.
We even take turns burning it with our lit cigarettes! I laugh that I can literally do anything I want to this loser just because he is so fucking OBSESSED with me. And to prove my point (and kinda show off in front of my cousin) I literally stub my lit cigarette out on this fucking loser’s tongue and casually toss my cigarette butt into his mouth for him to “dispose of” like it is nothing.
Tina can’t believe all the uses we can have for these pathetic fucking slaves!


Czech Soles – Mean Girls Humiliate Him And Take All His Money – Dita, Wendy – Shoeslicking, Foot Licking

Czech Soles  Mean Girls Humiliate Him And Take All His Money  Dita Wendy preview

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Dita n Wendy are popular girls and everyone wants to hang out with them. Jack also likes to be around them but and actually can but for him it’s exactly for free. He has to buy the girls expensive shoes and clothes and stuff they want in order to be allowed to spend some time with these two princesses. But last time Jack didn’t buy what the girls wanted and now they are pretty mad. Jack is forced to either pay up or to get lost right now! He’s trying to persuade the girls but they are really not willing to lose their time on some loser who won’t pay for them. Jack has no choice but to pay them right now what he has on him and also give them his credit card. But for being a lazy loser and trash for the girls he also has to crawl at their feet, kiss their feet and worship their shoes. Both princesses are wearing very high heels and they got dirty and need some cleaning. It’s up to Jack to do his work if he wants to hang out with goddesses like Wendy and Dita. But they will anyway remind him what a loser he is, they will humiliate him, flip him off, degrade him and they will enjoy all that with a smile on their faces. Losers don’t deserve anything nicer than that!


Cruel Mistresses – Cruel Strapon – Back And Front (1080 HD) – Mistress Zita, Mistress Amanda – Dual Domination, Strap-On

Cruel Mistresses  Cruel Strapon  Back And Front 1080 HD  Mistress Zita Mistress Amanda preview

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Mistress Zita n Mistress Amanda is about to make a sandwich from their most hated slave. He can’t stay in one place his rapid eyes moves shows how afraid he is. He knows that both mistresses are as brutal as fuck, so when Zita grabs his waist and forces her strapon inside him, he knows that he is conquered. From the front, Mistress Amanda makes him suck on her strapon.