Princess Ellie Idol – Ellie And Mandys New Nylon Ass Slave – Ass Fetish, Pussy Worship

Princess Ellie Idol  Ellie And Mandys New Nylon Ass Slave preview

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Soft silky nylons encasing our sleek and fit legs. You’re incredibly jealous of us touching each other! You want to get close to us. You want to touch us, taste us, smell us. Don’t be hasty though. We need to tease your cock. Let us bend over and show you what you really want….these asses. Ass, pussy. You love what’s between these legs, what’s attached to them. You’re an ass lover! Pantyhose makes it even better. Toilet talk, humiliation…’ll go so far. You’re an ass freak!! Sniff us. Get in our asses, and look at these assholes!


Goddess Jasmine – Suck Cock For Us – Female Domination, Coerced Bi

Goddess Jasmine  Suck Cock For Us preview

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It is something that you have thought about for a long time isn’t it. Seeing the title of this clip just lured you in. You HAD to click and BUY.
You’re such a loser. You really would do anything for a dominant, ALPHA PRINCESS! You are a needy, nerdy DORK! Today myself and Princess Danielle are going to tease you so bad, verbally humiliate you, you will just want to have your lips wrapped right around the strap on.
Now you know you said you would do anything to serve us. We want to see just how far you would go. You are a broke ass loser so we feel the ONLY way to serve us is with your mouth. Yes, you will work for us, taking cock in both your holes. We don’t care that your an anal virgin you will work hard for us and make us money. As you are a ugly disgusting dork so you will therfore charge fuck all. So the pennies you make will come our way. You will have to take A LOT of cock to make a decent amount for us both. You will make the effort, dressing up like a cock craving slut and you will not be fussy.
We will teach you just how to satisfy a man and those measly dollars will come our way all whilst you get absolutely RUINED.


MEDICALY SADO – Patricia MedicalySado, Anna, Glitter Slut – Milking Punishment – Forced Orgasm – Handjob, X-Frame

MEDICALY SADO  Patricia MedicalySado Anna Glitter Slut  Milking Punishment  Forced Orgasm preview

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My friend and I decide to milk our slave tied to the cross, performing a whole ritual of torment on his cock. We take turns to massage his cock, continuously, without stopping, and at no time do we let him ejaculate. We put some red-heeled boots on him, to have him more submissive and it is then that he cannot stand the punishment any more and he ejaculates.


Maya Sinstress – Cock and Ball Destruction with Julie and Maya – CBT – MayaSinstress, Milking

Maya Sinstress  Cock and Ball Destruction with Julie and Maya  CBT preview

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Julie Simone and Maya Sinstress want to destroy slave 66’s cock and balls. They start by adding heavy ball weights on his already tender junk. He grunts in agony as more weight is added & a spiked metal chastity cage is put on. They tease his cock while it’s all caged up. Not please with the amount of agony he is in, the Ladies swop his cage out with a much cruel and sharper cage. They use a vibrator to get him hard while in the cage, making the spikes dig in even more. He cries out in suffering and agony.


ClubStiletto – It Feels So Good When We Hurt Him (1080 HD) – Miss Jasmine, Lady Bellatrix – Ball Abuse – Mistress, Femdom

ClubStiletto  It Feels So Good When We Hurt Him 1080 HD  Miss Jasmine Lady Bellatrix  Ball Abuse preview

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Lady Bellatrix and Miss Jasmine are together for the first time in a couple years and the first thing they want to do when they get together is hurt a slave. Jasmine is sitting on his face and tells Bellatrix that this slave is pretty good at taking abuse. Jasmine slaps his cock and balls and then Bellatrix squeezes his nuts and twists his cock which forces the slave to blow air up Jasmine’s pussy which she says feels really good, thus leading her to encourage Bellatrix to hurt him someone. Bellatrix cups his balls and slaps them repeatedly while they chat to catch up. They talk a bit about their philosophy but don’t let up on causing the slave to cry out in pain, although it is muffled under Jasmine’s ass.
Bellatrix has had a long 11 hour flight and suggests she would enjoy a bumhole message as well so the two switch positions. Bellatrix settles on his face and Jasmine takes control of his balls from behind. Bellatrix comments that her panties are dirty from the gangbang event she was at the previous night and tells the slave to inhale them. They chat about how cum can often leak out quite a bit later, often to their own surprise. Bellatrix tugs on his nipples and Jasmine twists his cock and balls and comments that he is getting very hard. Bellatrix moves to a forward position so the two ladies are now facing each other. They decide to take turns punching him in the balls and they try to outdo each other which means a lot of pain for the slave. Only Bellatrix’s ass muffles his screams. Jasmine takes it to another level by standing up and crushing down on his balls with her foot and then goes back to punching. This slave is a big fan of ballbusting but these two take it to a whole new level. Just as they are about to stop they notice some pre-cum on his cock. “Pre-cum means he wants more” Jasmine says and the punching resumes.


The Foot Fantasy – Amanda Foxx, Ashton Monroe – Mommy Amanda, Sister Ashton Taboo Foot Humiliation – Foot Worship, Mastubation Humiliation

The Foot Fantasy  Amanda Foxx Ashton Monroe  Mommy Amanda Sister Ashton Taboo Foot Humiliation preview

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You are pathetic for having a FOOT FETISH! You didn’t think your MOMMY AMANDA and SISTER ASHTON would find out but now they have and they are going to use it to their advantage. You have a hot MILF for a MOM and your SISTER is sexy too, both of them are BAREFOOT and TOPLESS and you are hard! MOMMY tells you to take out your COCK and show it off to her and ASHTON they want to watch you JERK as they TEASE and HUMILIATE you under their BARE FEET and SOLES while LAUGHING at you as you STROKE. CUM for your MOMMY and SISTER to their sexy FEET that really turn you on!


Goddess Alexandra Snow, Mistress Ezada Sinn – One Month CBT and Ruined Orgasm Assignment Task 1 – Jerkoff Commands, Fetish

Goddess Alexandra Snow Mistress Ezada Sinn  One Month CBT and Ruined Orgasm Assignment Task 1 preview

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I’m sure all you would like to do looking at two gorgeous leather beauties as Alexandra Snow and I is stroke your pathetic cock, am I right? It just gets hard the same instant you see Us, and your hand instinctively reaches into your pants, I know. So, for jerk-off junkies like you We have a one month assignment to show you who is really in control of your cock. A new task will be issued each week, alternatively on My store (tasks 1 and 3) and Goddess Alexandra Snow’s store (tasks 2 and 4). Make sure you don’t miss any and execute them as instructed!
The assignment contains CBT and ruined orgasm instructions that can be performed using nothing else but regular household objects. Each task comes with a different way of ruining your orgasm, and sometimes you will have to try more times until you manage to do it properly.


Mistress Whiplash – WL 1421 – Trapped Cock Trampled (1080 HD) – Nikki Whiplash, Lady Bellatrix – CBT – Cock Crush, Louboutins

Mistress Whiplash  WL 1421  Trapped Cock Trampled 1080 HD  Nikki Whiplash Lady Bellatrix  CBT preview

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There’s no better way to unwind at the end of a long day than to trap a slave’s cock and balls through the cock trample table and give them a good trampling and stomping. Lady Bellatrix joins me to step all over our trapped prey and enjoy the sensation of everything getting squished beneath our soles. I particularly enjoy trampling like this in my Louboutins.


Milked And Busted – Santa Gets Kicked (720p HD) – Daphne, Eden – Ballbusting – Tall Girls, Degradation

Milked And Busted  Santa Gets Kicked 720p HD  Daphne Eden  Ballbusting preview

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Daphne and Eden don’t like the Mall Santa. The girls waited for his shift to end, then they got him. Next thing he knows he wakes up heavily sedated with his hands tied behind his back on a couch next to them. Last thing he remembers is enjoying Milk and Cookies they offered him outside the Mall. They yank down Santa’s pants and start verbally humiliating him, then kicking away. They eventually untie him, but that makes no difference, Santa knows the girls can over power him and he just takes it. Santa’s Christmas is not turning out to be very Merry.