KinkyMistresses – Anal Extremely – Mistress Candy – Strapon, Anal Fisting

KinkyMistresses  Anal Extremely  Mistress Candy preview

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Mistress Candy, a really nasty Ebony lady from Holland, wants to use and abuse her slaves very hard today. 1st she fucks his asshole with an extreme rubber strapon, then he gets fisted and in the end comes a drill machine with a dildo as an attachment to go deep in his rectum while is turning very fast. So he will gets a very hot, used asshole


TheRealQueendom – There’s No Coming Back – Part 1 (1080 HD) – Facesit, TheQueendom

TheRealQueendom  Theres No Coming Back  Part 1 1080 HD preview

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“So you have been asking to be my slave,” Jada says as she takes a seat next to her boyfriend. She doesn’t think he really understands what he’s getting himself into, but Jada isn’t one to turn down a good slave. This becomes clear as Jada quickly takes a seat on her new slave’s face, burying it beneath her huge, amazing ass and cutting off all of the slave’s air! As she sits Jada decides its time to rename her former boyfriend. She thinks he’s always looked like a Jimmy so that’s what she will call him from now on. “Just think, you have no control over your life anymore!” She says, laughing as her new slave weakly tries to lift Jada’s ass enough to breathe. “I didn’t say breathe, Jimmy!” Jada quickly puts a stop to Jimmy’s struggles, grabbing his wrists and ordering him not to touch her anymore. Of course as the oxygen deprivation Jimmy grows more and more desperate and keeps struggling for air, to Jada’s annoyance. The more Jimmy struggles the more Jada wants to smother him with her big butt! “You’re going to be under here forever,” she says as Jimmy moans into her ass. Each time Jimmy manages to break free and breathe Jada simply reaches back with one hand, grabs his head firmly and positions him face up again. When Jada’s leggings come off her ass is truly unleashed and completely swallows Jimmy’s whole head! Her cheeks grip his face and hold him in place, no matter how much he squirms he simply cannot get away from Madam Jada! Jada quickly warms up to this new relationship and she’s going to make sure he regrets his request. “I hope you’re ready because this is just a little bit of what’s going to happen to you!” In fact, Jada decides she needs to go buy some fun toys to keep Jimmy totally in check, but she needs to make sure Jimmy can’t escape while she’s gone. So she decides she’ll lock poor Jimmy in a closet until she gets back! After nearly 20 minutes of intense smothering Jimmy is too weak to put up a fight. Jada easily yanks him off the bed and drags him to a closet…
This clip is HOT! If you love facesitting n big butts you need to see it! Jada is absolutely on point with her smothering and dialogue. You will quickly wish it was you being forced into a lifetime of slavery beneath this beautiful, amazon Goddess!


Vicious Femdom Empire – Rewarded Plaything – Demi Sutra – Ebony, Cumshot

Vicious Femdom Empire  Rewarded Plaything  Demi Sutra preview

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Dommes Demi Sutra loves her playthings to be quiet, hard n tied up so they are always at her disposal. His behavior has been exceptional this week and is rewarded with a milking by her strong, dominant grip. One comes out must go in though as Goddess Demi shoves every last drop of cum right back inside his slutty asshole.