Ceara Lynch – Tits & Pits 12 – Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction

Ceara Lynch  Tits  Pits 12 preview

00:10:45 | 960×720 | mp4 | 385 MB

Are you ready, again? You always come back for more. Desiring to be controlled by me, to worship my perfection. The only thing you want in this sad world is to stroke for my smooth armpits and my large luscious tits. You’d give anything to lick my pits and taste the salty flesh right next to my giant boobs. You’d shoot your load in a second if I didn’t have control of your strokes. I’ll tease you with my beautiful body, bringing you close to the edge. Then slow things down so we can keep having fun. You will stroke faster as I count you down, but I’ll make you stop just as you’re about to lose it. I just love playing with you, all while playing with myself too. It is unbearable for you to watch me and not cum, but still nothing makes you happier then being my mindless armpit sniffing slave stroking for his supreme Goddess.


Princess Ellie Idol – AIR KISSES GAME – Sensual Domination, Masturbation Games

Princess Ellie Idol  AIR KISSES GAME preview

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Watch my lips and listen for my blown kisses so you can inhale while you jerk off to my hot voice and sexy body. Sensually dominating you…controlling your mind and body, I’m going to get you so very high. I’m getting you to do all the fun little things I want. You’re going to be so wasted, my pet. Tell me how much you adore me, SHOW me how much you adore me. I make you feel good, and I know it. Masturbate for me, and cum on my command.


London Lix – Progressive CEI Training 2 – Facial – POV, JOI

London Lix  Progressive CEI Training 2  Facial preview

00:10:29 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 458 MB

Step 2 in your training, and we’re upping the stakes today. You WILL be cumming on your own face, but whether or not you actually ingest any cum will be up to you (and luck, a little). You should have a paper towel/tissue or cloth nearby, and something to eat or drink just in case you’re really feeling like a pussy. I look so hot today & I KNOW you can do this for me. Come on, it doesn’t even have to go in your mouth…yet ��


London Lix – Progressive CEI Training 1 – Precum – Miniskirts, Cum Eating Instruction

London Lix  Progressive CEI Training 1  Precum preview

00:10:39 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 458 MB

First in a 5 part series designed to take you from CEI novice to total cumslut. CEI virgin? Need me to hold your hand step by step through eating it? Then you’ve come to the right place. I know exactly how to help guys like you learn to love eating their cum for me, or at least take the plunge and try it for the first time! Years of experience have shown me the tricks to getting you to go through with it, and even condition you to love guzzling that cum! So, if you want to be my kinky boy, let’s start with an easy initiation; precum tasting. I look sooo fucking hot in my bra, panties & miniskirt, that today’s jerk off instruction will be a sexy one. You’ll be edging and getting that cock to drip for me, as long as you promise to have a little taste…


Princess Rene – Hitachi Challenge – Teasing, Female Domination

Princess Rene  Hitachi Challenge preview

00:08:41 | 656×480 | mp4 | 106 MB

Ready for my hitachi challenge for horny males? Grab your hitachi massager or a vibrator and lets play! I’ll dictate when & how you massage yourself with the hitachi but if you cum before I say, you’ll be punished! I’ll tease you unrelentingly with my hot body, naughty words, and the hitachi wand. I’ll have your dick throbbing & you’ll be begging for mercy before I’m done with you. Think you can take my sexy challenge & avoid getting punished?! [If you don’t own a hitachi, you can use anything that vibrates, or buy a hitachi here.]


Natashas Bedroom – CEI Timer Game – POV, Female Domination

Natashas Bedroom  CEI Timer Game preview

00:25:35 | 1902×1070 | mp4 | 858 MB

Let’s play a little cum eating game. Strip down, lie down, and point your cock at your open mouth. And then the timer begins. You can stroke at any pace you want, but you’re not allowed to stop until time’s up.
If you lose control? It’s a big facial, a yummy creamy mouthful, for you. If you hold out? I’d like to see you try. I know you can’t hold back when I tease you endlessly about that big stream of cream that’ll soon be filling your eager mouth, and especially when I tell you how much it’ll turn me on.
You’re not allowed to swallow until I say. The sooner you explode, the longer you’ll be savoring that load. And you will savor it, even if you last until the very last second. There are more than 10 minutes of post-cum instructions awaiting…


Lady Nina Leigh – Toying Maturbatrix – Edging Games, Masturbation Humiliation

Lady Nina Leigh  Toying Maturbatrix preview

00:13:44 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 918 MB

Im feeling CRUEL, I’m in a great mood and your going to make me even happier by being a good obedient little bitch. the fate of your orgasm relies on ME. the fate of your even getting to jerk off, relies on me. Im going to toy with your pathetic cock, maybe ill limit your strokes? maybe i won’t… whatever happens in this clip. your going to be quiveringly horny, super hard, slightly frustrated and seriously weak for me.


Princess Ellie Idol – Monthly Game – Jerk Off Instruction, JOI Games

Princess Ellie Idol  Monthly Game preview

00:16:42 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 503 MB

I love games and I know you do too! Games of chance are my favorite. You’re going to watch this clip the 15th of every month. This is the only opportunity you have to cum on a day of the month that isn’t the 30th. You’ll need a single dice to play, as well as a bottle of . I will say the number your dice needs to land on in order for you to have an orgasm. Do not look at your dice until the countdown. If you do roll the same number, and you get to cum you have to show your gratitude by buying one item off my wishlist spoilellie.com. You’ll be so wasted for me by the end of this game, just the way I like you. Let’s begin!