Meana Wolf – Demon Daughter – Blowjob, Erotic Magic

Meana Wolf  Demon Daughter preview

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When an occult ritual goes wrong, your late blooming daughter will become possessed by a dark force. All at once her beauty and sexual energy will explode in your arms as the Demon compels her to fuck any and all men insight, including her beloved Daddy. Tell the truth now Daddy. Didn’t you always want to fuck her? Maybe now more than ever. Regardless, your Demon Daughter has an appetite that is insatiable, and she won’t be stopped… even after making you cum in all of her evil little holes.
Clip Contains: A sad girl lost in her self loathing. A father who’s doing his best to raise her. A demonic spell gone wrong. A demon longing for corporeal shape. A daughter possessed who’s insatiable lust compels her to fuck her dad and put an end to her cursed virginity. **Magic. Erotic Magic. Demon Transformation. Father/Daughter love. Vaginal Creampie. ANAL. Anal Cream Pie. Cum Play. Sloppy Slobbering Cum hungry Demon Daughter. A cinematic Thriller that is sure to please!**


GoddessFootJobs – Making Him Late for Golf – Female Domination, Milking

GoddessFootJobs  Making Him Late for Golf preview

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Chi Chi Madina wants to play but her husband is about to go golfing. When he sees her in her sexy pink and black lace lingerie, he can’t resist her. Watch as she teasingly lifts up her babydoll, showing off her big, beautiful breasts, thong, and perfectly round ass. See her tease him with her gorgeous bare feet, stroking his cock through his shorts, getting him nice and hard for her. Watch as he kisses her feet, tasting her from heel to toe before she wraps her soft, wrinkly arches around his cock, working them up and down for the foot job he’s been craving. Will she make him cum all over her sexy feet, foot milking him until he explodes?


WankItNow – Lucy Alexandra – Horny For Mum Part 2 – Redhead, Shaved Pussy

WankItNow  Lucy Alexandra  Horny For Mum Part 2 preview

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Lucy is back from her night out with your dad and she walks in on you masturbating, she is surprised you need to do that after your wanking session with her earlier but admits that she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about your cock all night. She wonders if you taste the same as your dad, she gets onto her hands and knees and takes your throbbing dick into her mouth! It’s not long before she is bent over the couch begging you to ram your dick deep into her tight milf pussy.


WankItNow – Tindra Frost – After Hours Part 2 – Classroom, Open Leg

WankItNow  Tindra Frost  After Hours Part 2 preview

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Congratulations on your graduation! Miss Frost wants to celebrate with you by letting you FUCK her silly! After how horny she was last time she has been waiting for you to come back to college just so she can SUCK the CUM out of your COCK! The college is empty at this time of day and you have a naked teacher in front of you… Don’t just stand there gawping… FUCK HER!


WankItNow – Clear your history Part 2 – POV Blowjob, Sister

WankItNow  Clear your history Part 2 preview

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You never learn do you?! Clear your history! Or don’t because your kinky step sister has found your porn again and wants you to pound her PUSSY! Watch Jaye Rose SUCK your COCK then FUCK your DICK! Shes such a naughty girl and wants you to SPUNK all over her juicy arse! Now, are you really going to disappoint your horny step sister?


Mistress Ezada Sinn – 7 Ruined Orgasms After Extreme Cock Tease – Bondage Male, Female Domination

Mistress Ezada Sinn  7 Ruined Orgasms After Extreme Cock Tease preview

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I absolutely love to take control over a slave’s cock. It’s a concrete reminder that I am the only one who can allow him an orgasm, I control his cock, I control his manhood, and thus I control him. I so enjoy having a grown man beg, and I mean really beg Me for a release. The more aroused a slave becomes, the weaker his will is, and the greater My total control over him. Everything starts with a an extremely prolonged teasing and edging of My cock and when I’m finished I will steal every ounce of his male pride and ego. Against My ample cleavage, commanding eyes, and assertive voice this slave is pleading for My sensual touch. Today, I will extract all his cum through seven kinds of ruined orgasms. By the end, he will be completely and painfully flaccid, yet I will still drain every last drop of filth out of his balls. The slave will cum for Me no matter how unpleasant My forced orgasms become. We both know that I always obtain what I want.
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Chateau-Cuir – Leather glove fetish handjob – Coats/Jackets, Skirts

ChateauCuir  Leather glove fetish handjob preview

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Let’s go, I am ready and fully dressed in my leather. I see you are still naked, I wonder what you are waiting for? Are you too horny to move? Let me give you some motivation and slip in your favourite red leather gloves. I know how excited these make you! They are made from the softest leather and red is always a hot colour. I see your cock twitching already so lay back and let me take control over your manhood, mind and orgasm. I am sure you will cum hard for me!