Mina Thorne – Gay Lover – Instructions, POV Strap-On

Mina Thorne  Gay Lover preview

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Hello lover! I’ve been doing a little thinking and it’s time we added a little extra spice to our sex life, what do you think? I knew you would agree with me! I want to do something really dirty and kinky. Want to know what I had in mind? I want to see you with another guy. Wow, that really got you excited didn’t it? I had a feeling it would. I actually went to your computer to see what kind of porn you liked to watch and found your gay porn stash, I had a feeling you were gay all along. So now I want to help you make the transition. I have a tranny coming over in a few minutes, I figured a good first step would be a pretty he-she. A sexy girl with a nice big dick, I even have my nice big dick for you to practice on. Don’t get nervous now, she is going to be here any minute and we will have you on your knees sucking her off and taking it up your ass in no time!


Asian Cruelty – My Two Holed Bitch Trainee (FULL VERSION) – Goddess Luna Li – Strapon – Ass Fucking, Forced Bi

Asian Cruelty  My Two Holed Bitch Trainee FULL VERSION  Goddess Luna Li  Strapon preview

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I absolutely adore turning weak, pathetic minions into my personal cock suckers for my pleasure and profit. Oh yes, once I have properly trained them to give great head, I will turn them out and put them to good use.making money for Goddess. What else are they good for, after all.
With this pet I choose one of favorite strap on harnesses as well as one of the largest and most beautiful cocks I have. It has the most exquisite shape, and the perfect length and girth to fill his pie hole, and then some. I have him strip naked, drop to his knees, and then order him to suck it Bitch! He complies without hesitation and begins to pleasure my stiff cock like there’s no tomorrow.
Once his mouth and throat have been properly trained.It’s time to turn my attention on his virgin ass. That is right, he has never been ass fucked. So I think tonight will be his coming out party. As I ass fuck him relentlessly, it serves to remind him that he is owned by me. Controlled by me. In a position of servitude to me. And only me. Now bend the fuck over slut, shut the fuck up, and open wide for me.
Now I wield one largest straps ons. The weight and girth of it, its length, and the way that it feels excites me! I will break him with it, I will use it as my power in the same way that men have used their phallus to empower themselves. I will ass fuck him into oblivion and make him into a sobbing little bitch and turn his little man hole into a fucking man cave. I will pound every last bit of male driven ego out of him and roll him over on his back so that I can watch his eyes as his masculinity is taken from him!


Princess Fierce – Get Your Mouth On Me – Femdom, Pegging

Princess Fierce  Get Your Mouth On Me preview

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I want something from you today. I want you to do something to me. I want your mouth on me. I bet you are really good at using your mouth. Good at using your tongue, fingers, lips. I know you’re gonna do an amazing job on me today. BEG TO PUT YOUR MOUTH ON ME. I know you want it. I want it bad too! You ready for it? Ready for me to sit back? Get down on your knees. I know you are ready for it. I know you are ready to get me excited…


Mistress T – Your Cock Sucking Craving – Enforced Bi, MistressT

Mistress T  Your Cock Sucking Craving preview

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You and I need to have a little talk about your preoccupation with putting a dick in your mouth. Specifically, a tranny’s cock. A shemale with big tits, a pretty face & a nice big cock. You look at pics of tranny’s on the internet & think about it so often you fear you’re obsessed…this vid probably won’t help *smile*.


MIstress T – White Bitch Boss – POV, Cuckold

MIstress T  White Bitch Boss preview

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Custom vid (no name used). I am your boss. Superior. White. You are my employee. I insult you & humiliate you. I know you need this job & you’ll do whatever I tell you to. Today you’re going to learn to suck cock with my strap-on while I tell you what will happen next. I will CUCKOLD you & make you suck a real white cock…. NOTE: This vid is designed for black men who enjoy the fantasy of being controlled & degraded. Offensive names/terms are used frequently.


Mina Thorne – Entranced Gay Training – Dildo, Jerkoff Commands

Mina Thorne  Entranced Gay Training preview

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One advantage of having so much control over you is being able to turn you into whatever I desire. I can completely remake you, or I can bring out those inner urges you try to deny. Deep down I know you desire to be on your knees worshiping another man’s cock, indulging in your gay desires. After an arousing induction that gets your heart pumping and your cock as hard as a rock, I use your attraction to me to program you to desire another man’s cock inside you. As you stroke along with my commands and the subliminal images flashing before your mind, the desire gets stronger and stronger accumulating in your intense orgasmic release. By the end you want nothing more than to taste another man’s cum on your tongue.


Natasha’s Bedroom – Faggot Training Program – Make Me Bi, Forced Bi

Natashas Bedroom  Faggot Training Program preview

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It’s surprisingly easy to transform men sexually, to take straight guys and bring them over to the homo side, and it doesn’t even take that long. Especially when I’m so skilled at pressing just the right buttons in the gay side of your brain. Especially when you’re secretly not as straight as you think in the first place.
You begin your faggot training program today.
My gay training instructions will rework your sexuality in a number of ways. You’ll develop an aversion to pussy and heterosexual sex, while building and intensifying your latent cravings for cock. You’ll perform surprisingly easy tasks that will dismantle your hetero sense of masculinity. You’ll engage in simple mental exercises that will transform your arousal triggers. I won’t ask you to go out and get gangbanged or suck cocks — that comes later. This program is about reprogramming your very thoughts and intuitive desires.
Your homo side will grow and grow, until that’s all that’s left. After all, cock is all you really desire now; your brain just doesn’t understand it yet. But it will soon.


Mistress T – Religious Therapy For Closeted Republicans – Strap On, Mistress T – Fetish Fuckery

Mistress T  Religious Therapy For Closeted Republicans preview

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You don’t have to be a religious or a Republican to enjoy this vid. You could be a Conservative…or any guy with conservative leanings who secretly craves kinky adventures or is haunted by thoughts of sucking cock. If you are religious, even better. If you oppose gay marriage than this vid is a must-have. If you just like to jerk off to a woman coaching you to learn to suck cock well and take it in the ass…well, you’ve probably already hit the “BUY NOW” button.


Miss Kelle Martina – Forced Bi – A REAL Tranny Experience – Transsexual, Transformation

Miss Kelle Martina  Forced Bi  A REAL Tranny Experience preview

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After watching “Forced Bi: Tranny Lover Trance”, you will have made an appointment with a hot tranny of MY choice for this evening. You can hardly believe it yourself. There is no turning back. To make sure you stick to my plan, I deepen your trance and resolve by forcing you to stroke and edge for me, over and over. I flash photos of trannies while you edge for me, but all the while you will be looking at a photo of the tranny I have chosen for you to see in only a few short hours. You will be so hard and so willing and submissive when you finally see her…that you will just drop to your knees and suck away at your first shemale cock.
In fact, I explain in excruciating detail exactly what you will be doing with her, so you aren’t fumbling around like an idiot. Memorize my plan for you and everything will go as smooth as silk. Using my feminine charm, and sexy body I take you right to the edge, and ready to do ANYTHING for me. Remember, I have given your little malleable mind a tune up, warped your desires FOR ME. This is all for me. I really do get off on making you question your sexuality for me. After you’d sucked for first tranny cock…don’t think it’s over! I have one last assignment for you just to keep you cumming back for more.
Taking control of your body and desires, I prepare you for your first REAL tranny experience.


London Lix – Schoolgirl Turns You Into A Sissy With Poppers – Mind Fuck, Instructions

London Lix  Schoolgirl Turns You Into A Sissy With Poppers preview

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I’m a hot schoolgirl having to work with you on a project, and I’m looking for ways to make being around a loser more fun. I pull out some p..ppers and peer pressure you into sniffing. Maybe you’re not such a pathetic bitch after all. I notice you getting hard and tease you for it..I can tell I’m going to have a lot of fun today. I let you stroke for me, and I’m dosing you up nicely, but you’re so confused…I’m going from sweet and flirty to mean and bratty. You feel humiliated, but SO horny, as you sniff more and I get you to do perverted things. Before you know it, you’ve been tricked into being my sissy slut! I’m turning you gay with p ppers and there’s nothing you can do to stop it now. To prove my power over you, I’m going to get you to cum on command, but only while thinking about the most depraved things, of course!