Goddess Christina – CAUGHT IN MY WEB – Female Domination, Ass Worship

Goddess Christina  CAUGHT IN MY WEB preview

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There’s no use in fighting it. You’re caught in my web! You’re not going anywhere. The more you wiggle and squirm the more I’ll make it hurt. You exist to nurture my body and my life. My pleasure is your purpose. I’ll completely devour you. This is the beginning and the end of your life. I have full control now. Anything and everything to do with you revolves around me. I find you so appetizing. So easy to toy with. So weak and vulnerable. Emmm… how yummy! And now I’m hungry. I must have my final taste.


Dangerous Temptation – Worth More D$@D Then Alive – Pussy Licking, Goddess

Dangerous Temptation  Worth More DD Then Alive preview

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Do you remember what doctor says at latest medical examination? He sayd No sexual excitament or any kind of .. for 6 month, just take your pills and rest as long as possible, otherwise your poor heart wont resist longer, avoid strong emotions and stay away from your horny wife �� Also he says as a joke of course :Dude your worth more d#ad then alive, this makes me thinking so much so much’ you worth more d””d then alive , your live insurance its just impressing, I could buy a pair of shoes every day! what about your wild wife? She got hers needs, doctor told her also, you are so stressed you need more sex, more sexy , and you will feel more relaxed. Well you cant resist to my powerful pu$$y, I know you need to lick it..come on…..


Princess Ellie Idol – Harley Mindfucks And Eliminates A Snitch – Cosplay, Mind Fuck

Princess Ellie Idol  Harley Mindfucks And Eliminates A Snitch preview

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Harley is aware of your plan to RAT on the Joker. Everyone knows she loves tor.ture more than he does so your waking up tied to a chair in her presence means you’re in for some real trouble! She knows you’ve been talking to Batman and wants to know his secret identity. Won’t talk? Well, you will once you inhale her special concoction of Ivy’s pheromone-pollen, laughing gas, and Scarecrow’s fear toxin. The instant you breathe it in you start to feel the effects. Harley drops her top, exposing her big full breasts which instantly hy.pnotize you into writing down all your dirty little secrets including Batman’s REAL name. She’s not done with you yet though. Harley takes out a small box containing spiders and dumps them onto you. These little spiders will chomp on you if you squirt, which is inevitable with her divine ass in your face and hand stroking your cock!! You’re doomed. Don’t you know what happens when you snitch on Harley’s Puddin’? The only good rat is a D3.AD rat.


Dangerous Temptation – Every Man’s Dream: Captured By Blonde Femme Fatale – Executrix, Celine

Dangerous Temptation  Every Mans Dream Captured By Blonde Femme Fatale preview

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You must have been in the dungeon for at least 24 hours. The last day seemed like a bad dream but now you have woken, and you are still handcuffed to the bars of your cell, staring at the naked bodies of your fellow prisoners. Are you looking forward to your new life of torment slave? You might as well get used to the idea, because nobody on the outside knows where you are..Now stare at me slave….have a little think about the torment you are going to endure… you will give me blue balls today.. no wanking just humping the dirty floor and edge like a good p3t…


Dangerous Temptation – Slow D.E.A.T.H – Leather Gloves, Humiliation

Dangerous Temptation  Slow DEATH preview

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Custom clip request “”How does it look to be ki!!ed a female assassin ? It’s just fantasy, but please as realistic and merciless as possible!She is a powerful woman wearing leather gloves, leather pants, leather boots and a leather body, she is extremly sexy looking for a new victim, she is a professional murderess a true seductress, a Fatal Femme, a Succubus, BlackWidow, every man’s dream! Once you are h!pnotized, seduces, mesmerized, aroused by her overhealming voice you have no change to escape, you are just a poor fly trapped inside a spider web!!


Lady Olivia Fyre & Princess Ellie Idol – Your Fatal Mistake – Bondage, Executrix

Lady Olivia Fyre  Princess Ellie Idol  Your Fatal Mistake preview

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Custom (no name): You don’t yet realize it, but your worst nightmare is about to come true: Your wife (Olivia Fyre) & girlfriend (Ellie Idol) have met. You’re unsuspecting, as your wife initiates what should be an evening of marital bliss. You’re excited that she’s chosen to get kinky with some handcuffs, but as soon as she snaps the second wrist to the bed, she says, “I came to your work today to surprise you.” Then in walks your lover, Ellie. “So did I,” she says. Then in unison: “Boy were we surprised.” You try to struggle against the cuffs, but you know it’s useless. Then Ellie reveals that she has a knife. They’re not really going to use that, are they? Your mind races, trying to think of what you can say to make this right. Ellie explains that she’s had several husbands but she’s never been divorced. How can that be? Then the light glints off the knife & you realize that your fate has been sealed. The two women take turns showing off their bodies & then plunging the knife deep into your tissue. They’re clearly enjoying themselves and your horror. You pray for the pain to end, but somehow you survive, and they just keep tormenting you with shallow cuts then deep, twisting lunges. You must be close to death now, you think… you pray. But it just keeps going. It’s never-ending. While you’re lying there, hoping to become numb to the pain, the ladies are talking about how they’re going to divide up your money & possessions. Then they’re going to make out right in front of your lifeless body. Cheating on your wife was the worst decision you ever made… your fatal mistake. Olivia checks your pulse & is astonished to find that your heart is still barely beating. “Not anymore,” Ellie says, as she plunges the knife deep one last time.


Dangerous Temptation – Savage Love – Vore, POV

Dangerous Temptation  Savage Love preview

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What’s the worst you are ever been on? Can you imagine you dating a Black Widow? Does it sound dangerously? Having sex to a black widow can be a life or dea th experience.
His mate might decide to eat him, so he needs to find out whether she’s hungry before committing himself.The scientists found that young females were way less likely to ki ll and devour their mates than older females. ( Im not a young One…)))) so no good luck for you! Why do you think The Black Widow devore hers partner after sex? First….She is hungry and second,,,, males are USELESS after sex, right?He is just a good protein source…And a good fuck machine ..of course :))))


The Mean Girls – Princess Beverly – The Final Pain Pill (1080 HD) – Whip, MiamiMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  Princess Beverly  The Final Pain Pill 1080 HD preview

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You`ve no idea what you are in for as you sit in the cage at MGM. I walk by you and taunt you with the evil plans I have for YOU… My newest slave n victim! I explain all the pain and that you are about to endure here and I even offer to enhance your experience. I give you a little pill, Haha! You swallow it obediently and then I tell you that it will make your skin crawl. The pain of the whips will be much more excruciating. Your balls will swell up and become easy targets for with my boots! But then I tell you the best part… You have been selected to get the best pill I had… The one that will end your life! Yup, you better enjoy all the attention We give you as we beat you today because it will be the last thing you ever remember! Let’s get started slave!