The Real Queendom – Tiny Wiggle Pill – Fetish, Giantess

The Real Queendom  Tiny Wiggle Pill preview

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You told Goddess Holly that you wanted to be shrunk and swallowed swallowed like a pill and now here you are, shrunk and on her kitchen table. “You know, people don’t really like pills,” Holly says to you with a glare. Of course that won’t stop Holly from eating you alive. Without another word Holly walks to the kitchen to get a glass of water, leaving you trapped on the table and watching. You’re in awe of her amazing ass and beautiful body, the body you’re about to be trapped inside of. She comes back to you with her glass of water and just like that your time is up. She pops you in her mouth and swallows you down, gulping down water after you to make sure you get down into her tummy right away. Without giving you a 2nd thought Holly puts her glass of water away, a small burp the only acknowledgment of the tiny person in her belly. She simply carries on with her life while you slowly digest inside of her…


The Real Queendom – A Quick Snack – Vore, Executrix

The Real Queendom  A Quick Snack preview

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You begged Goddess Estancia to make your vore fantasy come true and swallow you alive and she agreed. She warned you that you would just be a snack for her, not a pet. She told you there would be no changing your mind, if she shrinks you she WILL eat you. Of course all you could think about was being swallowed whole and trapped in the belly of this sexy young Goddess. Now you’re here, shrunk and trapped in a bowl of shrunken people snacks. You watch your giantess Goddess as she relaxes and eats one of her snacks. Then her hand reaches in the bowl again, her fingers press into you, trapping you in her grip, and now its your time. Just be happy she remembers your wish to be swallowed alive and try to enjoy being digested in her tummy!
A quick and simple vore clip. Estancia doesn’t play with you or speak to you for long. To her you’re just a snack!


The Mean Girls – Hunting You Down – Boot Domination, Extreme Domination

The Mean Girls  Hunting You Down preview

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I need more of a challenge. Slave are just getting too easy to control…we need some excitement around here. So I’m going to let you go. Yes, that’s right- you are free. You now have 30 sec to run- but then Its my turn to track you down, and exterminate you!
By the way, I have a new crop of slaves coming in tomorrow, so that’s why I need to “thin out my slave ranks” a little anyway. So today I’m going to hunt the ultimate beast- YOU! I’ll give you a little head start, then I’ll be coming after you with no fucks given.
Ready bitch? Now get a move on.


Goddess Christina – Bratty CBT Game – Beating Up Your Balls – Fetish, Mean Girls

Goddess Christina  Bratty CBT Game  Beating Up Your Balls preview

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It’s time to beat up those pathetic worthless balls of yours. I just love fucking you up. I love the fact that you can’t help but think of me 24/7 as your balls are red, swollen, and aching for me! I make you hurt like no one else can. I don’t only leave physical pain on your body but also that mental pain of knowing that I have no remorse for the marks I leave. None whatsoever! I’m such a mean brat that loves watching you act like the total loser and idiot that you are. Now let’s play my fun little game of beating up your balls. I do such a good job at it. I promise I’ll make it hurt real good!


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Rubberband JOI – Executrix, JOI Games

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Rubberband JOI preview

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I have a very simple– yet extremely challenging– CBT assignment for you today. You’re going to use only one household item for this torment: rubberbands. We are going to make sure you have them wrapped correctly, tightly, and placed exactly where they will keep you hard and restrained. Then you’re going to have to stroke and follow my commands, taking off or putting them on at the specified intervals. This is a technique that I use during in-person sessions, so I know that it is very effective.
Grab several good sized rubberbands and get ready for my game.


Eva de Vil – Captured – Blowjob Simulation, Denial

Eva de Vil  Captured preview

00:35:19 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 1.90 GB

[Custom clip, no name] I know you’ve been watching Me, pervert. You’re always spying on Me, jerking off over My young, hot body, without My permission. That’s all about to change. One night, I break into your home and tie you up in your own sex dungeon. It’s here that you’ll begin your new life as My chastity slave, constantly teased, tortured and locked up. You’re resisting Me now but how long will it take Me to break you completely?


Mandy Flores – Club Brainwash – JOI, Fetish

Mandy Flores  Club Brainwash preview

00:13:16 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 780 MB

Im a private investigator trying to found out why many CEO’s of the most important business Companies are leaving their wives and moving to bachelor flats. All seems to start when this strip club opened in town. You work at the club and I’m interrogating you about what happens here. You lead me into the private room the girls give lap dances to special clients. You ask me to sit on the chair the clients use. I have a suitcase and a rope with me but I dont know why I brought it.You say you can show me exactly what happens here. First you fix me the CEOs favorite drink for me to sip as you dance and strip before my eyes. You show me how the girls teased the CEO’s putting their tits right on their faces and not letting then kiss or suck it. How they shake their asses and pussies but then pull it away from them and said: “Not yet! No… first you have to make a sexy girl happy.” You say there’s nothing more exciting than make a sexy girl happy. You ask me if you’re not the most sexy girl I’ve ever seen. Of course you are. You’ll be very happy if I relax and let you do all the thinking for me. I do it cause making you happy makes me very aroused. You make me relax as jerk off and look as your boobs and ass goes back and forth; I’ll fall into a deep trance just to make you happy. As I keep jerking off like a zombie, you ask me if I left my wife and went to a hotel as you ask me last time. I nod my head. Did I sell all my properties, my car and withdraw all the money from my accounts as you told me to last time? Yes. Did I put all the money in this suitcase. Sure. Did I burned all the papers and evidences about the investigation? Yes, I did as you told me. You ask me if I could tell you the code to the suitcase if you let me kiss your ass? Pretty please? I kiss your ass and now I can remember the code and I tell you. You get the suitcase and ask me for my wallet. You reveal that I’ve been here seven times before. And every and each time you led me here and me with your body. Then you brainwashed me into forgetting everything about it. Now I do anything you tell me to do cause I only get hard when I make a sexy girl happy. That’s what’s going on with all the CEO’s. They are slaves to the girls of the club. You tell me I’ll cum and will fall asleep and forget all about how I end up here. When I wake up I’ll get the rope and will leave the club throughout the back door. I will walk to the highest bridge in town. Then I’m gonna use the rope to tie a big rock to my neck and then I’ll jump into the river. Do you understand? I nod my head yes. It will make me very happy, and you love to make sexy girls happy, don’t you? I nod my head yes. You count me down to cum and smile to me as my eyes flutter. Now be a Goodboy and youself. Nightie night. Mandy Flores


Natasha’s Bedroom – Gay Sex Slave – Slave Training, Sub Training

Natashas Bedroom  Gay Sex Slave preview

00:16:40 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 514 MB

You wake up, groggy and confused, lying on the floor in front of me. The last you remember, you were having a beer at the bar…and that’s where your memory ends. I slipped a little something into your drink, and then you were mine. Drugg3d and .
And now you’re a little faggot sex slave. Your sole purpose from this day forward is to make money for me with all of your homo holes. You’ll have no say in the men who fuck you, or how many cocks you take at a time, or how much cum drenches your face and body. You’re my property.
What’s that you’re mumbling? You’re not gay? Too bad. You are now.
It’s time to strip. I want to evaluate my new asset. I tie you up and then cut off all your clothes, sizing up your slave value. Until you prove yourself, you’ll be naked and bound. The only food you’re allowed is cum. You’ll be fucked and abused and degraded, on call at all hours, your virgin holes sold off.


Divine Goddess Jessica – Hooking Up With a Vampire – Teeth Fetish, Lipstick Fetish

Divine Goddess Jessica  Hooking Up With a Vampire preview

00:11:52 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 348 MB

You wake up to find yourself with the girl from last night… you surprised to see she has fangs and even more surprised to find yourself tied up. You should be scared but she looks so sexy in her black, lace teddy. You want her more than anything and CLEARLY she’s worked up too. She tells you to masturbate and a wave of relief washes over you as you realize you have one hand free to do so. She keeps moving in to smell you, making comments on your beautiful neck and talking about how hungry she is. By the time it dawns on you that she’s a vampire you’re too horny and worked up to care. All that neck licking wasn’t foreplay, she was just getting herself all excited for dinner. You decide you don’t care, you just want to cum. If she wants to taste you, so be it. Bon Appétit.


POV Reverse Scissorhold Assassin – Female Supremacy, Executrix

POV Reverse Scissorhold Assassin preview

00:06:35 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 141 MB

You have agreed to help the teacher of a female assassination school. She will be demonstrating to her students the technique of breaking a mans neck with her legs… on YOU! All you have to do is lay still and let it happen. She straddles you, putting her glorious ass right in your face and then squeezes her legs like a boa constrictor around your neck. You struggle to breath as she goes on about the strength of female legs and neck breaking techniques. After about two minutes she gives a quick tug, snaps your neck and stands up. She laughs at you seizing on the floor, lowers her sole over your face and demonstrates how to finish a man off with one foot while you beg for your life, kissing her soles in submission.