Princess Ellie Idol – PERISH FOR PANTYHOSE – Mesmerize, Footworship

Princess Ellie Idol  PERISH FOR PANTYHOSE preview

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I’ve slipped you something in your beverage to make you collapse, unable to move. I sit on my throne above you dangling my high heels as I tell you my evil plan. My pantyhose is going to fuck your mind up, bringing you close to orgasm without even using your hands. The only catch is your life will end once you climax. I want you to perish for pantyhose, and I’ll mesmerize you into doing so.


Alexandra Snow – Beautiful Body Snatcher – Goddess Alexandra Snow, POV

Alexandra Snow  Beautiful Body Snatcher preview

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Another custom request that turned out too good not to sell! Email me at for your very own custom clip!
Oh, hello honey. Yes I’ve asked you here tonight for a reason. We’ve been married for so long, you see and I… Oh I can’t do this. You see, I’m not actually your wife. Your wife disappeared months ago. You’re so bland and dull that I was able to replace her and you’ve had no idea this entire time! How ridiculous! The truth is, I’m what you would call “intelligent life” from another planet. Humans, as far as I can tell, do not fit that category. Yes, I’ve come here to observe your kind. I wanted to see how your species worked. Turns out, you’re all incredibly dim witted and unobservant. Plus, you’re easily distracted by this body I’ve inhabited. Look, I can even use these breasts to defeat you.
Defeating your puny species is going to be so easy.


Mandy Flores – Blackwidow wedding with Executrix – Female Domination, Mind Fuck

Mandy Flores  Blackwidow wedding with Executrix preview

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Im your husband but your tired of me and you want money insurance policy. We have been playing edgy games so you see the opportunity…We are home one night and I have been begging you to play a marriage game where we get married and you then off me… You go in bed room come out wearing a wedding dress say are you ready to I say, youre not really going to me? you say YES… and smile and say.. just play along …. You tell me it has to play out your way or its a no go.I ask if your serious, but always want to pretend your serious so you have always played along so you say Yes and then show me a note and read it to me then make me sign it. you also make me give you passwords to all the accounts online cause Ill be d.ead and you need them … then you make me call your phone from mine and say im offing my self on a message… I agree to play your way.. and after coaxing do it all.. You kiss me and tell me you have everything ready and so we do the ceremony and are married exchange vows then sex cum hard… You then tell me now after you kiss me to get off you and go stand on the stool… I get up on the stool…. you tell me once again its real….your k.illing me call me honey and husband like you love me…I get on stool you put the around my neck then tighten. we have never used cuffs before so im like ready to play out the hang thing but you after talking to me a bit about our time together coming to an end and you love me etc…you tell me this is say, now do you really think im going to you ? I say no not really you say good well then let me cuff you fully and I will tell you the answer for real… you have to trust me… will I you or am I playing a game…..? The only way you can have this fantasy play out for real is to submit to the cuffs being in the and Ill let you know …You slowly cuff the other hand and smile staring me in the eyes.. You stand back and stroke me telling me to cum ……the real truth… this is not a game you should have never trusted me I am going to you in about 5 min for real..I get scared your like shhhhh….babe it will be quick,,,,but I will make you cum first ok? I have the note, your voice mail………your d.eath and the the insurance policy to be rich on.. I love you but I need to move on and I love money more.. do you want to right after you cum or slow after you cum…I say not at all you say answer me or ill do it now…I say slow then when I cum you reset the make me step down tilting the stool.. My toes are touching so I st.rangle slowly… you set the rope sit in the chair and stare at me after kissing me good bye,,,As I take a few minutes to st.rangle slowly you take the time to let me know you are pregnant as well that you loved me and will miss me tell me you love me so much …..Im gone…Then you remove the cuffs and call the cops and say I d.ied etc… you hang up and say Ill missed you and I do love you and always will like a phsyco would say or something then smile and say that was easy..


PORTIA – Vampire Queen Casts Your Mind Into A Deep Intoxicating Dream & Sucks Your Life Away – Mesmerize, Executrix

PORTIA  Vampire Queen Casts Your Mind Into A Deep Intoxicating Dream  Sucks Your Life Away preview

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Accept your fate as the latest spell-bound victim of the Vampire Queen. No man can resist her beguiling voice and intoxicating magic. Inhale her special incense on command and fall deeper down into an erotic trance, stroking your dick in tribute to her beauty as your free will melts away beneath her seductive words. Breathe, stroke & worship while your mind sinks into a dark sexual dream, reality falling apart as her true from and terrible nature is revealed.
Her spell is overwhelming. You will yearn to receive her vampire kiss – to pump and squirt your life essence inside her, to feed your queen with the ultimate gift. So deep is the trance, how can you be sure that she isn’t already sucking the life out of you as you drift through a euphoric dream symbolic of your demise? You will cum and fill your Queen with every last drop of life. And then sleep. The final sleep… never to awaken.


Princess Ellie Idol – Toilet Slavery Hell – CBT, Penectomy

Princess Ellie Idol  Toilet Slavery Hell preview

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Welcome back to hell, loser! I have a voice-controlled electric cock shocker attached to you now and I intend to use it. I’m going to make you worship a fresh pile of droppings as I, the devil, inflict pain upon your genitals. Once I’m satisfied with your dookie worship, I lower onto your face to unleash another blast of brown! You’re in for an eternity of suffering with me here in hell, but I have a surprise for you! I’ve brought someone to keep you company: your brother!! You will be my s***eating slave team here in the underworld. Now, before I finish pushing this loaf into your mouth, I’m going to castrate you!! I just love to make my toys suffer. Would you expect any less from Satan herself?


Bratty Bunny – Ass Executrixx – Ass Smothering, Ass Licking

Bratty Bunny  Ass Executrixx preview

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I just want to take away your last breath. Take a seat right on your face, let you inhale my tight skin and leave you with no oxygen. I want to take away everything you have had… your life. My ass will smother you, the perfect booty right on your mouth and nose so no air can escape or enter. I will sit right down with all my weight, and tightly squeeze you to . There’s no way out for you, you want this to happen. You need to have it all end just like this. It’s just so perfect….


Mandy Flores – Black Widow 2 – Femdom Sex – Fucking, Boot Fetish

Mandy Flores  Black Widow 2  Femdom Sex preview

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Knock knock!! He opens the door and a smoking hot, outgoing and very out spoken girl is standing there. “Hey I just moved in next you’re hot! Sorry, are you married? Well, I just moved in down the street and Im just being neighborly and introducing myself, do you mind if I come in?”Unaware of my intentions, he lets me on in and gives me a tour that cuts pretty short when all I want to see is his bedroom. “I hope Im not interrupting anything, are you expecting anyone?”I lay down on the bed and half heartedly apologize about my aggressiveness but get right down to what I want. His cock! “I have to admit I’ve been spying on you and Im just going to cut to the chase. I want to fuck you.” He’s willing, of course he is. All men are…Dumb fucks. He has no idea that Im the notorious black widow that fucks men and takes their soul. He has a good time until he realizes he’s done for…Mandy Flores


Black Widow Sisters Revenge Executrix – Mandy Flores (1080 HD) – Hot Femdom – Female Domination, Cunnilingus

Black Widow Sisters Revenge Executrix  Mandy Flores 1080 HD  Hot Femdom preview

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“It Looks Like You’re Completely Fucked!…..”
Custom Order – Mandy and her sister Barbie live alone in a quiet little neighborhood. While Mandy is out, Barbie is relaxing at home, running around topless in just her panties, unaware of the staring eyes just outside her window. The voyeur goes to the back door and begins to pick the lock, so excited about the naked beauty he is going to force himself upon that he fails to notice Mandy driving up the street behind him. She spots the intruder through her car window. Mandy immediately knows what she is going to do, as she quickly pulls the car to the other side of the house and takes out her stashed needle from the cars center console. She quietly runs up behind the intruder, wraps a cable around his neck and slams him to the ground! Barbie comes out the door to see what the noise is as Mandy injects him. They drag his anesthetized body into the the Black Widow Sisters Lair. They gear up and torture this pervert, realizing that he is the serial r**ist that has been terrorizing the area for months. Giving him the punishment his sick crimes deserve, they show hiim what it is to be a victim, toying with him, flogging him, smothering him, even fucking his ass and mouth, while he knows what his fate is going to be. Will Mandy let him catch his breath soon enough? Watch the preview, this is a must have clip to add to your Black Widow Executrix collection!!! ……Mandy Flores