Princess Ellie Idol – Foot Fantasies – Femdom, Footworship

Princess Ellie Idol  Foot Fantasies preview

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You’ve been thinking about my feet a lot. Lots of dreams…day…night…I’m in your head. My feet are dancing through your mind because you can’t get enough of me and my feet! Get close to my wiggling toes and dirty soles. Don’t you want to sniff them? You dream of running your hands over my feet. You fantasize about my soles wrapped around your dick, and I don’t blame you. Jerk off for my feet until I count you down. Sometimes you just can’t control those foot fantasies.


Enchantressbree – Shoe removal JOI – Jerk Off Encouragement, Jerk Off Instruction

Enchantressbree  Shoe removal JOI preview

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It’s just some quiet time for you and me. You know how warm and soft my feet get after being out all day in these espadrilles. I know it’s your favorite. And you know I love pleasing my man. So I want you to take your cock out and stroke for me; if you do, I’ll start taking off my shoes. One by one; slowly showing you my pedicured foot. They’re so soft and warm. Keep it up and you’ll get a nice reward. I love when you can’t get enough of me and my feet.


Harley Lavey – Footgasm – Tease, POV

Harley Lavey  Footgasm preview

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After a long hard day of walking and working it in my sexy stiletto heels, this goddess needs to give these feet a rest. I start to take off my shoes and my stockings as you volunteer to give them a little massage. You can’t help but get turned on at the sounds that I’m making, they’re almost orgasmic! I look down and notice that you’ve gotten a little excited yourself. I’m so relaxed and happy that you have just given me an epic massage, I decide to let you stare at my feet a little longer…and even cum all over them.


Cum Countdown – Ready To Worship My Feet? – Foot Smelling, Femdom 4K

Cum Countdown  Ready To Worship My Feet preview

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Foot bitches rejoice, because I will grace you with the presence of my feet. Go ahead slave kneel, and get your face close up to my toes. Look at them, smell them, worship them. Admire my pretty toes which are the same color as my soul, black haha. Now clean those dirty feet of mine like the good little foot bitch you are.


Sarah DiAvola – The Erotic Foot – Legs, Foot Worship

Sarah DiAvola  The Erotic Foot preview

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CUSTOM: “I was hoping to buy a 10 minute video of sensuality of of your soles and feet. I would like you to walk me through rubbing myself through my pants and ruining my pants with my precum and climax. I would like you to walk me through rubbing myself through my pants and ruining my pants with my precum and climax. What I was hoping for which may be a little different is the speech will not be coming from your mouth during recording, but it would be like a narration that is very similar to your writings in the description of the videos. Do you know what I am trying to ask for? You know how James Earl Jones narrates movies? Like that. I would like you to write what you are going to say because the way you write just makes me feel so good. The reason I want this is because I read your descriptions of your videos on iwantclips and everytime I read them I edge and sometimes climax as before I even purchase the video or before I can even finish watching the gif or preview. I have ordered a custom video from you before. I just love your vivid writing. I would like the writing to be sensual in nature. I would like it to be lustful, sensual, dreamy and mindfucking. Here are some examples of some things you wrote below that I love: “When I sit on your face, your skin will feel like it’s smashed in a sauna.” “Each repetition of My weights will move My ass cheeks just a little bit, firming the moist seal between My butt and your flesh.” “They’re so deep and flowing, ridging up My soles like elegant layers of foot sex cake.” “Watch me slither and sway My way into your brain and grab a hold of your cock without a single word. My body is a vision, and just when you think you can’t take any more, I lube it up with oil and double down on the erotic agony.” “From my head to my toes, I own your cock. I’m going to milk it, from the front and from the back, until I have your petit mort all over my perfect size 5.5 feet.” “Be lulled into a drooling messas you stroke your cock to My red pedicured toes. Give all of your wants to Me. I am everything you’ve ever searched for.” “My as above My feet is a jaw-dropping Delight, and the pre-cum that’s going to ooze out of your junk is going to ruin your fucking pants.” “To be my victim makes you feel like you’ve won.” These are just a very small sample. I am hoping you accept to do this. I am hoping to be mesmerized and mindfucked and sensually dominated as your victim as you make me soil myself with my own cum.”