Mistress Lady Renee – Anal chain gang – Catsuit, Anus

Mistress Lady Renee  Anal chain gang  preview

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Two prisoners in My slave labour camp have been caught slacking off one too many times. prisoner 17146969 has been locked in chastity due to his masturbation obsession. The other, prisoner 12813606, has already been severely whipped and punished for not obeying orders correctly. As part of My ongoing prisoner re-conditioning regime, I summons them to the work hall for a humiliating lesson in anal submission. After a general inspection and verbal thrashing, I have the inmates on their knees for some anal-chain-gang-degradation. Cock gags are fitted to the mouths of the bitches. I make them take turns in fucking each other’s slut cunts with their faces. My huge fucking strap-on finalises the anal domination of these two imprisoned slaves, they will never recover from the mental scars of being so anally humiliated and violated.


Lindsey Leigh Addiction – Leather Glove HJ CEI – K2s.cc, Femdom Online

Lindsey Leigh Addiction  Leather Glove HJ CEI  preview

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There is nothing more I enjoy than the moment I fully own a man. Watch it happen in this scene. I f o r c e my slave to endure a lotion filled hand job while I talk dirty to him. Multiple times he begs to cum with no release. Applying more and more lotion to my leather gloves I leave his cock throbbing. He begins to drip which only furthers my need to drain him. I count him down until I humiliate him by instructing him to finish himself off and eat his cum for me. The hand job was reward enough for this slave. He pumps, whines and begs his goddess to cum. I will not let him cum until he begs to eat it for me.


Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Virgin Strap on Sex – Pegging, Anal Masturbation

Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas  Virgin Strap on Sex  preview

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Oh how adorable another virgin boy waiting for the one or better yet waiting for the never going to happen lol.
This online loser emailed me about paying for sex & wanting to loose his virginity to a Hot Dominant woman such as myself. $500 later weve set a date & here we are.
I Leashed the little bitch up, Walked him into my living room & forced him to watch me pop his anal cherry.
This Bitch owes me a BIG thank you, Lets be honest No one is ever going to fuck him as good as i did.
Whos NEXT, Lets set it up. Real Women dont ask, They take it! Say good bye to your virginity loser. Remember, I Fuck when & how I want & I like it DEEP.


Goddess Foot Jobs – Stepdaughter Can’t Get Pregnant Starring Luna Jinx – Foot Massage, Foot Worship

Goddess Foot Jobs  Stepdaughter Cant Get Pregnant Starring Luna Jinx  preview

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Luna Jinx is missing her mother who’s traveling for work. She’s a little uncomfortable being alone around her mom’s new husband Tom. With his wife away for several weeks, Tom is getting a little horny. After admiring her new pedicure he begins rubbing her bare feet without asking. Luna is clearly uncomfortable. Tom helps himself to a taste of his new stepdaughter’s toes, and then begins reaching up her skirt. Luna explains that she doesn’t want to have sex: both because it’s a weird situation and she isn’t on birth control. The old guy is being driven by his lower brain, so Luna suggests a footjob instead of intercourse. He’s already raring to go, so Luna wraps her feet around his hard cock and begins pumping. Stepdad enjoys the foot loving and spews a hot load onto her waiting feet. Luna Jinx isn’t yet aware of what she’s started, but we can safely bet she’ll be getting more of this type workout over the next few weeks.


Young Goddess Kim – Pantyhose Office footstool – Shoe Fetish, Domination

 Young Goddess Kim  Pantyhose Office footstool  preview

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Sexy, powerful pantyhose feet can get any male dropping to his knees. No wonder I have a slave stowed away under My desk. With it being locked in chastity, it’s absolute blissful torture being so close to My perfect intoxicating nylon feet…
Includes: Young Goddess Kim, Pantyhose Domination, Femdom, Chastity, Footstool, Human Furniture, Shoe Worship, Human Carpet, Heel Sucking, Foot Domination, Office Domination, Female Supremacy, CFNM


Lindsey Leigh Addiction – Viagra Spike – Brunette, Submissive Slave Training

 Lindsey Leigh Addiction  Viagra Spike  preview

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My fan-slave has flown in to see me, how jealous are you right now? We meet in the lobby to catch up and have some drinks before heading up to the posh hotel room. I tell him to grab our drinks, put on his mask and meet me nude immediately. I can tell he is in agony from needing to use the washroom but I do not care. He begs before I let him exit, I have a plan. I take out some dick enhancement pills and drop them into his drink. When he arrives his drink is bubbling but he does not ask questions. I grab my funnel and explain to him Ive spiked his drink and to trust me. He agrees as I shove a funnel into his mouth. “Drink up and tell me what you taste, its not just beer”. He chugs down the beverage before I tell him what Ive done to it. He is in for a highly erotic session. Would you mind me spiking your drink?


Chateau-Cuir – Wanked by My leather coat part 1 – Fetish Liza – K2s.cc, Coats

 ChateauCuir  Wanked by My leather coat part 1   Fetish Liza  preview

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My long leather coat is soft and sexy and so is the satin lining. It is perfect for teasing and getting him hard. My red lips will do the rest, ensuring his cock is fully erect. Then I use my leather skirt to smother his face and my coat to jerk him off. The touch of leather and satin on his dick will surely make him cum hard. I love a messy load of spunk on my leathers.


Brat Princess 2 – Valora – Ballbusting Coach – Slave Training, Submissive Training

 Brat Princess 2  Valora  Ballbusting Coach  preview

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This slave has been having some issues with his ballbusting performance. He just doesn’t have the stamina and endurance he used to have. This is really displeasing to his Princess, and so she has sent him to Valora for come coaching. Valora asks the slave some questions but soon gets to see how he handles kicks. The slave drops to the ground after just one kick. He thought he was there for treatment, not more ball kicking! Valora discovers all of the slave’s fetishes and uses them to motivate him to accept even more and harder kicking. The slave shows some improvement, but he’s still going to need to come back and see Valora regularly.


Brat Princess 2 – Kaylie and Natalya – Ballbusting Cruelty – Femdom Online, Ball Abuse

 Brat Princess 2  Kaylie and Natalya  Ballbusting Cruelty  preview

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Natalya and Kaylie have an obedient male naked and ready to be kicked as hard as they can with their black boots. The boots allow the girls to deliver maximum full force kicks to optimize damage done to the testicles for each kick delivered. Meaning they can kick as hard as they can and it doesn’t hurt their foot at all! This video was shot in 60fps and surround sound. This means you can watch this clip in perfect smooth slow motion by slowing the video down yourself on your own player. The footage looks amazing!