The Mean Girls – Friend-Zoned Foot Freak – Foot Domination, Foot Worship

The Mean Girls  FriendZoned Foot Freak preview

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“You are the hottest girl in school. I have spent the better part of the last 2 years basically being “friend zoned” by you. I have done everything I could do to try to make you like me. I bought you gifts, did your homework, and even ran errands for you and your friends whenever you texted me to. It is now our senior year and I decided to finally tell you my feelings for you. but instead of returning them, you just get a strange look on your face and then break out in laughter.
You literally laugh in my face. “Did you really think a girl like ME would ever like a loser like you?? Did you really think doing all that stuff for me would give you a ‘chance’ at DATING me??” You explain that you & I are just friends- and that is ALL we will ever be. From there you decide to give me a choice. Now that you are thoroughly repulsed by this confession of mine, you say that if I want to be anything more than “friends” with you it is going to be VERY humiliating for me. because you tell me to my face that I am NOT good enough for you and that you ONLY date hot, rich, popular guys. But you explain that YOU have a secret- you actually like having your FEET LICKED and TOES SUCKED ON. But the “real men” that you date would NEVER do that- and you would never ask them to because then you would lose respect for them.
So you decide that I can serve that purpose for you- I can be your “personal toe sucker”. And if I want to be in your life I will need to accept that role. Then the rest of the video I am on my knees, staring at your feet, and you explain what my “duties” will be- and laughing in my face for being willing to accept this situation just to still be allowed in your life.”


The Mean Girls – Breakup Video for Foot Freak – Footlicking, Foot Licking

The Mean Girls  Breakup Video for Foot Freak preview

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So I made this video for you, babe. I guess you got the link to yootube if you are watching this now. We’ve been dating a few months, and I wondered why you seem to be so “obsessed” with my feet, of all things. But I really got my answer the other day when I watched some home security footage…and I saw you SNIFFING THE INSIDE OF MY SHOES! Wow…whatta FREAK you are! And I can not be dating a weirdo freak that sniffs my old work pumps when I am out of the house. So am I going to break up with you and leave you forever? Or will I still keep you in my life in some way? You will need to watch my breakup video to find out…


Sasha Mizaree – Loser Date with Handy – Femdom, Female Domination

Sasha Mizaree  Loser Date with Handy preview

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Nobody has been there for you the way your hand has. No girl has ever wanted to touch your cock, so as a result of all that rejection, you’ve become the humiliation porn addict you are today. Since you’ll never get a girlfriend and will always be a hopeless hand fucker, you will treat your hand as your girlfriend. That’s right dork, get everything ready. I’ll tell you exactly what to do step by step. You will need lipstick/lipgloss or a sharpie, candles or at least the ability to dim your lights, and most importantly your one and only gf Handy. Prepare to feel like a loser idiot for actually doing this.


Princess Miki – Gooning Session For High Losers – Jerk Off Encouragement, JOI

Princess Miki  Gooning Session For High Losers preview

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Get high, horny, fucked up and jerk yourself all day as you’re mesmerized by my hot body in this shiny, barely there bodysuit. I just enjoy knowing that I own your dick from miles away, that somewhere out there, there you are, my little jerk zombie. It feels good, huh? Even if you’re wasting your entire day and night jerking. You spend all your money on weed and paying girls to humiliate you. Yeah, getting high, edging and paying are your favorite things. But it feels too good — to be high out of your mind and goon. Keep edging yourself to oblivion with this video — jerk and jerk and watch on a loop as your brain turns to mush for me.


Princess Alexa – Coerced Loaded & J O I – Dare to play – Intoxication, Mental Domination

Princess Alexa  Coerced Loaded  J O I  Dare to play preview

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Here we are again – you have your Loaded of choice, and I have my special ability to make you weak. We seem to always find our selves here, don’t we? Tonight is going to be different though! I am going to make you so weak, that there will be no turning back. You will understand how addicted you are, as I tease you and give you instructions on stroking your dick into deeper submission. As I use my perfect red lips to seduce you deeper, you have no choice but to give in and give me full control… Dare to play?


Mystie Mae – Extra Credit From My Professor JOI – Hypnotic, Instructions

Mystie Mae  Extra Credit From My Professor JOI preview

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Hey Professor, thank you so much for letting me stop by during office hours. I’m falling behind in your class and I could really use some extra credit to get an A+. What can I do for you? Oh, you want to cum on my face? Of course, professor. Stare at me as I have you stroke close to my face. Watch me and my beautiful eyes and lips until you’re ready to cum hard on my face Professor. I can’t wait for that Extra Credit.


Mistress Harley – Sneakers Fetish Lick My Air Jordans – POV, Financial Domination

Mistress Harley  Sneakers Fetish Lick My Air Jordans preview

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I’m home from a sweaty gym workout, and I see you staring and my gorgeous goddess body. These tight yoga pants, my cute sports bra, and of course my sweaty dirty trainers. I love to tease boys with my dirty sneakers, I’ll make you lick the bottom of my Air Jordan’s, they cost more than you make in a week! Worship my trainers and show me what a good sneaker boy you are!


Mistress Harley – Getting Fucked – Denial, Tease

Mistress Harley  Getting Fucked preview

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I know we have been flirting for a while and I know how sexy and hot you think I am. I can see your big hard on through your pants whenever we hang out. I know you’re just a nice guy, way too nice to make a move. Lucky for you I have no problem being aggressive. I want you to take your dick out of your pants and stroke for me, because I’m going to tell you exactly what I would do to your big dick, and exactly how I’d fuck you.