Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Platform Boot Whore – Bootjob – Bootdom, Forced Orgasm

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Platform Boot Whore  Bootjob preview

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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression: “I wear heels bigger than your dick.” While that’s true most of the time, my little shoe sluts, this time my platforms are bigger than my boot whore’s dick! Well, it actually belongs to me, but that should go without saying. Such a lucky boot licker living its life under my soles, waiting to hear the click-clack of my stiletto heels, hoping I might step on my cock and make it spurt its boot polish all over the floor so it can lap it all up from my red bottoms. There’s a certain amount of joy in giving purpose to an otherwise misguided male. Now it can realize just what it was born to be — my platform boot whore!


The Mean Girls – Princess Carmela, Princess Lilly – Our Sissy Boot Bitch (1080 HD) – Boot Worship – Femdomboot, Bootdom

The Mean Girls  Princess Carmela Princess Lilly  Our Sissy Boot Bitch 1080 HD  Boot Worship preview

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Princess Carmela and Princess Lilly inspect the job their sissy maid did cleaning the floor. Princess Lilly can’t believe the slave made eye contact with her when she entered the room! WTF, does this slave actually think he’s a person! He’s not even human he’s just a pathetic useless little sissy bitch! They decide to judge how well of a job the slave did cleaning the floor by having him lick the bottoms of their shoes. If he can taste even a trace of dirt then he didn’t do a good enough job cleaning. Princess Lilly and Princess Carmela use the slave as a human boot wipe totally dominating him with their boots and feet. I love the combination of Princess Lilly in black bikini and thigh high shiny black boots and Princess Carmela in red bikini and thigh high shiny red boots. The slave is so lucky to be kneeling before such a powerful duo I would love to be in his place.


Goddess Foot Domination – Ruined Orgasm – Boot Worship – Footdom, Latina

Goddess Foot Domination  Ruined Orgasm  Boot Worship preview

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Goddess Kitty Carrera is enjoying her superiority over a submissive boot slut. She has a bound slave splayed out on his back, worshiping her thigh high leather boots. His head is locked in a facesitting box to exhibit his inferiority. Kitty sits atop the opening so her sweet ass is right in his face. She delivers the heel of her boots for him to suck like a tiny cock. The slave politely begs to worship Kitty’s incredible feet. When she finally relents to his requests, he is served through the opening in his deprivation chamber. Though he begs for release, the pain inflicted prevents him from achieving an erection and producing a load for his mistress. Goddess Kitty Carrera delivers a few severe stomps to his flaccid cock and withered balls in an attempt to elicit a reaction.


Absolute Femdom – Trained To A Useful Object – Boot Worship – Rubber, Cigarette

Absolute Femdom  Trained To A Useful Object  Boot Worship preview

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My friend and me are the 1st guests on a private party and we are just a little bored when this little piggy crawl in front of us and asked if he can serve us a little.
Alone the sight of this pathetic fat half naked slave pig in chastity awakes our sadistic tendencies and so the chubby idiot has to stand our harassing.He is verbally humiliated and used as human ashtray and busy bootlicker the whole time.


Brat Princess 2 – Chloe – Lick My Boots Office Worm (1080 HD) – Boot Worship – Humiliation, Chastity Male

Brat Princess 2  Chloe  Lick My Boots Office Worm 1080 HD  Boot Worship preview

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1080 HD Chloe works in an office with Danni. At her command, she makes her co-worker crawl over to her and lick her boots. Chloe also keeps Danni collared and in chastity. She makes Danni crawl on the floor like a worm. Danni’s job involves a lot of extra work. He has to lick boots all day in addition to all of his regular office tasks, which keeps him in the office late. But it’s not like he has anyone to go home to anyway. Chloe is pretty fanatic about keeping her black boots shiny and for Danni, that means a lot of crawling and licking. Girls hate work and they hate puny males. Such a brilliant idea to keep the puny males occupied with lots of work. Danni is sad that this is his life. All he wanted was a job. Amazing how quickly and easily hot girls can trap and ensnare the weak males for their use.


Mistress Gaia – Fuck My Boots! – Bootjob – Boot Domination, Sperm

Mistress Gaia  Fuck My Boots  Bootjob preview

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Last night I was at a party, and my boots they really need to be cleaned. Because today I am in a good mood, I will be generous with my beast, and so, in addition to allow it to clean them with his tongue otherwise useless, I grant him to make love with them! As soon as I raise the chastity belt, here slingshot to fuck … into heat and is so excited, that, perhaps due to the coerced chastity to which I submit him, he resists only a few seconds from the beginning of my final countdown … still the same asshole!!!
Ieri sera sono stata ad una bella festa, ei miei stivali hanno davvero bisogno di una ripulita. Siccome oggi sono di buon umore, saro’ generosa con la mia bestia, e cosi’, oltre a permettergli di ripulirli con la sua altrimenti inutile lingua, gli concedo di farci l’amore!!! Appena gli levo la cintura di castita’, eccolo fiondarsi a scoparli… E’ cosi’ in calore ed eccitato, che, forse a causa della castita’ forzata a cui lo sottopongo, resiste solamente pochi secondi dall’inizio del mio countdown finale… sempre il solito coglione!!!