Kitzis Clown – Sissy Pacifier – Fetish, POV

Kitzis Clown  Sissy Pacifier preview

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Oh, you are such a cutie! I’ve never been a babysitter before, but babes love clowns, so this should be great! Except… that RACKET. Why are you FUSSING like that?! Does the sissy babe want a toy? No? Hmmm, maybe a binky? OH NOES. I FORGOT MY DIAPER BAG!! Ummm ummm umm okay. Wellll.. uh.. did you know clowns actually have pacifiers ATTACHED to their bodies? Yeah, its totally true! Just pop it in your mouth and nurse it. Its super comforting, I promise. Mmmm, now isn’t that delicious? Yeah, sissy babes just LOVE sucking clown binkies.


Ibicella FR – Fais-moi confiance, tu vas adorer! (French Language) – Female Domination, Seduction

Ibicella FR  Faismoi confiance tu vas adorer French Language preview

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Pas de petite branlette solo et égoïste aujourd’hui, tu vas me faire plaisir et te sacrifier un peu… J’adore quand tu m’obéis aveuglément, prendre le contrôle de ta queue est tellement satisfaisant… A vrai dire, tu es toujours excité quand il s’agit de regarder mes vidéos, je ne t’ai jamais déçu, pas vrai ? Tu peux me faire confiance : peu importe ce que je te dis de faire avec ta bite, peu importe jusqu’où tu pousses tes limites pour moi, tu sais que tu vas adorer ça.


Goddess Femdom – Call me Allah – Religious, Foot Worship

Goddess Femdom  Call me Allah preview

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Pathetic little loser wasting so much of your time, energy and life on the words of a god that doesn’t exist. One man decided that he was special and wanted attention so he claimed to be a prophet and could hear god and you idiots fell for it. Now days if someone claimed to hear god they would get put on meds. What would you rather spend your energy on the ramblings of a old crazy man or a hot bratty woman? You don’t have to tell anyone that you have denounced Allah. You can still tell people that you pray to, worship and obey Allah. Just we will both know that your Allah is me. I’m your Allah, I’m your god. I will be what you pray to, worship, obey and sin for. Embrace your new religion and all the pleasure that I have to offer.


Kates-Palace – A Look Behind The Scenes 3 – Hot Femdom – Bondage, Medical Fetish

KatesPalace  A Look Behind The Scenes 3  Hot Femdom preview

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First rule of femme-domination: They may run, but they always come back. A WORLD CLASS DOMME will scare the shit out of any mere mortal, but submissiveness is hard-wired into us. We NEED to have A NASTY LADY in the driver’s seat, and that need keeps HER in clover. So here we have DOMINA KATE and LADY LARA immobilizing a familiar slave in a straitjacket and suspending him airborne so that LADY KATE can comfortably refuel him in mid-flight with HER BEST FRIEND, AN ENORMOUS FLESH-COLOURED DILDO. While flying high, he has a close encounter with LADY LARA’S EROGENOUS ZONES, which stay maddeningly just out of reach. Instead of just looking at LARA’S BEAUTIFUL TITS, the unmannered wretch has the cheek to try to bite them, and what self-respecting MISTRESS would allow that? THEY promptly refer him to the clinic, where NURSES KATE and LARA have all of the requisite skills and equipment to sand and drill those offending pillow-chompers right out of his horny mouth. As is customary in the PALACE OF SIN, there will be no anesthetic. After all, THEY’RE teaching him a lesson. You can run, but you can’t hide from your deepest controlling desires. They always come back.