The Miss Ginger – Halloween Humiliation Challenge Two – Footworship, Degradation

The Miss Ginger  Halloween Humiliation Challenge Two preview

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Challenge number two in the series Halloween Humiliation Challenges takes us a little bit further out into the humiliation zone. You are going to take your love and your love for Miss Ginger’s humiliation out with you! Grab some paper, and a permanent marker, and a safety pin. You are going to let everyone know just how big of a slut you are for Miss Ginger’s humiliation. You’ve always loved doing tasks secretly and here lately you have been dreaming of taking it a little more public. This is your chance to do so, and why not a better time to do it than during Halloween. Who is going to take you seriously, I mean you are a joke of a human being of course to begin with. Alright, lets play puppy!


Stella Liberty – Teacher’s Pet Feet JOI – Foot Licking, Femdom

Stella Liberty  Teachers Pet Feet JOI preview

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You’ve been such a good student and your teachers think you may have something in common with us. The way you stare at our high heels and classy attire. We tease off our high heels and reveal two pairs of perfect feet. We want you to pull down you pants and tug your cock for teacher. Jerk that cock as fast as you can for us while you slide your tongue across our toes. We think you have good potential to be a good foot servant. Won’t you rub out feet with your dick? We love getting our feet rubbed!


Mistress T – Reward Tease – Femdom, Denial

Mistress T  Reward Tease preview

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. Due to your pornography addiction, you’re not allowed to see me completely naked but I love to tease you….& you love to be teased, so it’s kind of a reward for you & fun for me. Win-win.
I make fun of your tiny 4 inch dick and humiliate you for having a collection of used panties you’ve bought from women & your obsession with women’s periods & tampons.


Miss Whitney Morgan – So You Want To Be My Shoe And Foot Slave – Foot Worship, Foot Domination

Miss Whitney Morgan  So You Want To Be My Shoe And Foot Slave preview

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So you’ve always wanted to be a shoe and foot slave to Miss Whitney Morgan… sniffing, smelling, licking, worshipping her old, used, smelly shoes.. cleaning her perfect size 8.5 feet from heel to tippy toe, lapping up all the sweat between each wiggling, spreading perfect toe. Now here’s your chance.. Get down on your knees, ready to please her well worn smelly ballet flats.. and her sweaty, smelly feet.. Learn your new place in life as her personal shoe slave and foot worship slave.. see the cage you’ll stay in.. and all the shoes you’ll clean WITH ONLY your mouth – for the rest of your pathetic life. Includes: POV, domination, shoe slave, foot slave, slave training, slave application, shoe sniffing, shoe licking, shoe smelling, foot sniffing, foot licking, foot smelling, foot worship, soles, toes, barefoot, ballet shoes, ballet flats, shoe dangling.


Madame Jade Paris – Weekend Masturbation …Edge and Cum for Mistress – Brainwashing, Brainwashed

Madame Jade Paris  Weekend Masturbation Edge and Cum for Mistress preview

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This is a file for you to enjoy over the weekend, There is a fairly lengthy induction as I give commands on how to touch yourself. It’s as if I were there swirling My long, sharp fingernail around and around. you are becoming so aroused as you obey your Mistress. Would you like to take this further and edge for your Mistress? Then do as I command. Let it grow and build up, it feels warm and teasing. Are you ready to let your hand go down to that area as you focus on the pleasure and listen to My voice. The deeper you go, the more desire you will feel and the more desire you feel, the more your mind will open up and let Me in. your cock desires to be touched as I tease you, not letting you touch it until I give you the command. Emptier and deeper, hornier and harder as I dance around in your subconscious mind. Listen to your Mistress and feel how ever word brings you closer. Listen and feel how your body obeys automatically because i have programmed your mind. Pace yourself for your Mistress, you are on the edge but I need you to be emptier and emptier, harder and hornier. When you obey you go deeper…..and deepness opens your mind….an open mind is Madame’s playground. Obediently stoking until you are finally allowed to explode. File includes: An “addicted to Madame” subliminal track, a main voice track and an audible background track. There is the usual binaural theta arousal beat along with ambient abstract sounds.


Crystal Knight – My Face Is Your Porn – Sensual Domination, Female Domination

Crystal Knight  My Face Is Your Porn preview

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This face is your favorite jerk off material. You couldn’t resist it if you tried once you stare into my blue and eyes and listen to the words coming off my perfect lips. You will obey everything I say. You want to jerk it to my face. You always have and you always will. My face is the greatest porn you could lay eyes on. I know exactly how to deepen your addiction and I’m going to use my seductive looks to get whatever I want, whenever I want from you.


The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum – The Boss-Bitch and Her Pathetic Assistant (1080 HD) – MiamiMeanGirls, Foot Licking

The Mean Girls  Goddess Platinum  The BossBitch and Her Pathetic Assistant 1080 HD preview

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Ms. Platinum is the hottest, but most difficult and demanding boss anyone could ever work for. This poor slob is her newest Personal Assistant, and is accompanying her to a meeting at a huge account. She humiliates him by making him get every door for her, she makes him carry her purse in public, and she berates him in front of everyone. She even makes him go up to the counter in the gift shop of this building to buy her Midol for her menstrual cramps!
She just simply hates him. Why? Just because she hates men in general. But especially this fat, bumbling slob. So she sends him off on an errand and calls corporate to discuss firing him. They say they would prefer that she make him quit, rather than firing him. That way the company doesn’t need to pay him any severance pay. So Ms. Platinum decides she will simply degrade and humiliate him 10 times worse than she usually does- until he finally quits. It should be easy. He MUST have some sort of limit to the abuse he will allow her to heap upon him, right??
When her assistant comes back, they get on an elevator and she demands that he literally get down on all fours in the middle of the public elevator and KISS HER FEET while expressing how much he wants to keep working for her! She doesn’t think he will really do it- but he does the entire time they are traveling to the top floor! In fact, she even demands that “while he is down there, he might as well SHINE HER SHOES FOR THIS MEETING WITH HIS TONGUE TOO!” Again, she thinks he will surely quit- but NO! He sinks to new lows by literally shining his hot boss’s work pumps with his own tongue while she rides the elevator to her important business meeting! All while she looks down upon him with absolute contempt and disgust.
She needs to take this to the next level, apparently… So Ms. Platinum walks over to a nearby couch in the lobby, sits down, crosses her amazing legs, and demands that her assistant literally KNEEL before her- she says that she does not even want him sitting on the same furniture as her from now on- even in public buildings. She wants to make it very clear to him that he is BENEATH her. She then lifts her work pump up, shoving the sole of her shoe right in front of his face – and demands that he LICK THE DIRT AND FILTH OFF THE BOTTOM OF HER WORK PUMPS NOW!! She says that if he wants to keep his job, he needs to show that he will do ANYTHING his boss demands of him, without hesitation. Surely he will not put up with this and actually do it…but to her shock and amazement, he DOES it!!
Well, it looks like the debasement of this “Pathetic Assistant” is going to have to go to new depths…because this idiot obviously wants to work for Ms. Platinum REALLY badly for some reason. Maybe he has some sort of on her- and will put up with anything, no matter how badly he treats him? What will it take to make him quit??? As he is licking the filth off the soles of her shoes in the middle of a public lobby, she begins discussing his already pathetic salary- and how she is going to be cutting it down to NOTHING…so he will now not only have to do ANYTHING she says at the snap of her fingers without hesitation- but he will have to do it for FREE from now on!


The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum, Princess Skylar – Hooters Foot Fetish Friday (1080 HD) – Female Domination, Financial Domination

The Mean Girls  Goddess Platinum Princess Skylar  Hooters Foot Fetish Friday 1080 HD preview

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Skylar is the top-paid waitress at the Hooters in Las Vegas. Her new manager that was just sent in from “corporate” can’t figure out why though?? She is lazy, rude to customers, and on this particular Friday she is literally just relaxing in a booth and texting on her phone when she should be working!
When her manager finally confronts her to ask what she thinks she’s doing, Skylar tells her “not to worry about it” and that today is “Foot Fetish Friday” at this Hooters. Its a program that she implemented awhile back- and it makes her so much money now that she barely has to even work anymore.
Basically all Skylar does now is put her feet up and let all the “foot freaks” come groveling to her, begging for her stinky feet, and PAYING her ridiculous amounts of $$$ just to sniff and kiss her feet after they have been in her old, dirty work sneakers all day. Skylar’s manager can’t believe it! That is absolutely ridiculous, she says. “No one would actually pay for that!”
Just then, the “first foot weirdo of the night” comes rushing in and throws himself at Skylars feet- BEGGING her to let him have just a few kisses on her perfect feet, and asking if he is “her first foot customer” of the night? She assures him that he is, and – to her manager’s amazement – she snatches a $100 bill out of the loser’s hands like it is nothing!
And soon the “foot freak” is sniffing and kissing Skylar’s smelly, sweaty socks- while her and her manager laugh right in his face and talk about how easy it is to take his money, like he isn’t right there listening to every word as they blatantly insult him! Skylar even brags to her manager that she doesn’t even have to be “nice” to these foot freak customers- she can treat them like absolute DIRT and they still come crawling back for more, and BEGGING to give her more $$$ just to kiss her feet after they have been sweating all day inside her tan stockings, wool socks, and old smelly tennis shoes all day!
She laughs about how she walks around now, just thinking about how much MONEY the sweat between her toes earns her…she brags that it is literally like liquid gold to these foot freaks! Especially since Skylar is known for having the oldest shoes and stinkiest feet in the entire Hooters! She even makes this customer PAY her just to lick the “chicken grease” off the soles of her old work shoes!!
After just a few minutes of being literally WORSHIPED by this foot-loser, Skylar has already earned more than a lot of the other waitresses do in an entire WEEK of actually “working” and kissing the asses of “normal” customers!
Skylar’s manager wants to get in on this…so she shoves HER foot into the foot-freak’s mouth and takes some of his money…and then she begins wondering aloud if she should suggest to corporate that they implement this “Foot Fetish Friday” promotion at all Hooters nationwide!