Young Goddess Kim – The Shining Smother – Female Domination, Leggings Fetish

Young Goddess Kim  The Shining Smother preview

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Just got in from taking this pathetic d*g for a walk at the end of My leash. I haven’t finished My fun with him yet! My shiny ass is the best delicious treat a slave d*g could dream of. I make sure he worships My ass to My liking and amusement, shoving his nose and mouth deeper, but I am still not satisfied. I desire more control over his face, I push it to the floor and straddle his head between My thighs. I want more power, I sit My ass over his face and make him kiss for his life. I feel his desperate gasps for air underneath Me. His struggle beneath Me excites Me. And when he is almost ready to panic, I allow him one last deep breath in and pose the final ultimatum – Air or Ass?…


Young Goddess Kim – Slavery – Whip, High Heels Worship

Young Goddess Kim  Slavery preview

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My conditions of its slavery are strict and merciless. slave is kept in My basement cell in the corner, knelt on the hard ground of the cold and empty cell. slave deserves no possessions, luxury or comfort. I allow it only the necessities of survival, and even these must be earned. I walk to the cell and My high heels echo on the concrete, the anticipation rises in the slave especially when My Goddess scent of leather reaches its senses. The only object in this room besides the slave is a metal **** that I use for its water. Half a glass is what it gets today, although most of it is spilled on the floor and on My shoe when pouring it into the metal ****. I graciously allow the slave to quickly lick the spilled water from My patent leather stiletto. POV angle scene included when I feed the slave water from My soles and cruelly whip its back. I command it to drink what remains from its ****. It thanks Me between the **** I give it, My words sting even more. Happiness in slavery


Young Goddess Kim – Estim Chastity Lockdown – Female Supremacy, Rubber

Young Goddess Kim  Estim Chastity Lockdown preview

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I loved your E-stim Treatment – No Escape clip. I would humbly pay you to make a clip in the same style, if you could?
You’re dressed in a latex catsuit and in an evil mood. You tell me that your goal is to test that my new chastity device won’t break. Although you really expecting it to. It will be my job to prove your right. I am restrained, completely immobilized. The electrodes from the advanced electro stimulation device is connected to my chastity device, cock and balls. You instruct me to break the chastity device with my erection, while you tease me.To keep my motivation on top, you tell me you’re going to turn on the e-stim if I fail to break the cage You start to tease me. I love crotch, ass, legs and close up of your face. After a few minutes you’re clearly irritated that the cage don’t break you turn on the e-stim to the low level. You know I love nipple Torment so you add nipple clamps to my sensitive nipples. Five more minutes with teasing and you turn the e-stim to medium level. You twist the nipple clamps and tell me to do a better job. Five more minutes with teasing and you turn the e-stim to maximum level. Twisting the nipple clamps again. After five minutes with the e-stim device on maximum level it’s me that breaks and not the device. I can’t handle it anymore and begs you to stop. Satisfied you turn it off and remove the nipple clamps. You tell me that you of course knew the chastity device never would break. Since I couldn’t handle the pain, you punish me with a month in chastity before my next e-stim session.


THE PLUMBER’S PIPES feat. AstroDomina – Ass Fetish, Astro Domina

THE PLUMBERS PIPES feat AstroDomina preview

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It opens where Sydney is checking the situation of the pipes with the plumber. Sydney had to call a plumber since her bathroom pipes fell into a mishap. “Oh dear, we can’t have this situation in my house. Ah, my fiancee is ringing me. Give me a sec.” she says. Sydney was wearing very provocative clothing so the plumber can’t help but stare at her legs and ass as she walked away and slightly getting turned on. The work was finally done and Sydney asks for the final bill. She goes, “$1500?! For that hour’s worth of work?! Are you fucking kidding me?? I can’t afford this! There must be another way mister. Let’s work something out.”
The plumber looks down at her chest, giving her the signal. “Oh I see. That could work. My fiancee won’t be home for another 30 minutes. Let’s make this quick.” she blurted. Sydney ushered the plumber into the master’s bedroom where they did the deed. She was obviously having fun and not regretting a single moment of this quick bliss. “You have a nice dick for a plumber mister” she commented. Suddenly, the garage door slammed closed & then…


Stella Liberty – give in to the cock – POV, Foot Licking

Stella Liberty  give in to the cock preview

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Hey there bitch! you are about to become the luckiest little slave to ever be in My presence, because you have caught Me in very rare form. See, I just removed My hot & sweaty leather boots and noticed that the run in the foot of My pantyhose has gotten worse… so bad that My large big toe is almost sticking right out! Feeling the air on just the one toe is kind of nice, and it’s actually giving Me the urge to stick it into a deserving slave’s mouth… and, well, you are the only slave I see, so I guess you’re the deserving slave! So, before I change My mind, open up that mouth and get to sucking. Oh, and remember, I want that mouth on My big toe ONLY. If I feel the tiniest bit of wetness on My pantyhose…well, I’ll kick you straight in the face, so I highly suggest minding your mouth…


Miss Honey – Greg’s Femdom Therapy – Session 4 – Foot Worship, Mistress

Miss Honey  Gregs Femdom Therapy  Session 4 preview

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Greg is a lost submissive caught in a spiral of addiction to and sex. He uses his vices to cope with his dissatisfaction with his own life. After years upon years of this viscious cycle he is constantly looking for new novelty, to feel the high he once felt. He loves to pay for porn to get personalized attention. He wants to feel like he is a special sub, different than all the others, more entrapped and yet has such potential.His pantyhose fetish makes this addiction even stronger & therapist is proving it by teasing Greg with her legs and feet. This therapy is helping Greg to accept himself and his need to worship pantyhosed legs no matter how man y woman he will be dating. Poor Greg…Sadistic and Evil Me…HeheheheHahaha!