Tara Tainton – Droppin’ These Big Ol’ BODACIOUS Titty-Licious Breasts! – Huge Boobs, Tit Worship

Tara Tainton  Droppin These Big Ol BODACIOUS TittyLicious Breasts preview

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I know what you like… Lucky you. I LOVE giving you exactly what you want. Now, sit back, relax, and let me smother you with my tits… I’m going to drop these huge, natural breasts and large nipples RIGHT ON YOUR FACE. I’m going to drop them so many ways, you won’t know what hit you. WARNING: you may get dizzy, your cock may get harder than it’s ever been, you may lose all sense of self-control.


Princess Berpl – DVa Bikini Show – Odd Insertions, Bikini Fetish

Princess Berpl  DVa Bikini Show preview

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This video is a little silly and a lot sexy! It was filmed in a hotel without professional lights so please keep that in mind for anything that seems washed out. I did a similar thing in a camshow and wanted to turn it into a video so it’s very spur of the moment! Minimal dirty talk. Video breakdown 0 – 8:20 = Trying on bikinis, 8:20 – 12:00 = Mech toy blowjob/titty fuck, 12:00 – 17:00 = Riding frontal, 17:00 – 18:51 = Riding from behind Princessberpl


Mandy Flores – Endless Strip Tease Transformation Fetish – Muscular Women, Female Domination

Mandy Flores  Endless Strip Tease Transformation Fetish preview

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How about an endless strip tease? For those that love strip teases and never want them to end this is for you. Im stripping out of an item of clothes every 15 to 20 seconds and with camera angles and cuts it never looks like I have more than a layer or two of clothes on at any time. Story of the video is we get back from our date. Thank you for a wonderful dinner, since this is our first date, I wanted to reward you for looking past my nerdy appearance and taking the time tonight to get to know the real me. Taking this leap of faith since most men I meet dont even give me a second look. So sit down and get ready! I begin to strip off multiple layers of clothes, twirling and teasing and with each layer it gets progressively sexier. Gradually I become more confident, outgoing and seductive. Putting on lipstick slowly, letting down my hair and showing off my muscular body.


Jerk To My Feet – Sweaty Nurse Feet – Femdom, Female Domination

Jerk To My Feet  Sweaty Nurse Feet preview

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You’re in the doctor’s office today with a big problem. It’s bad enough that you had to wait two hours to get in, but then you are being seen by a cute female nurse. Your complaint is very personal, but Nurse Honey Moon tells you the doctor is busy and she has lots of experience dealing with problems like yours. When you present your throbbing boner to the petite Asian nurse she cannot hide her surprise. When she learns of your foot fetish, she knows exactly what to do. Nurse Honey removes her shoes to reveal the prettiest little sockless feet. She allows you to smell them and encourages you to jerk off while enjoying them. She doesn’t have to tell you twice. You sniff, lick, nibble and stroke until you blow a giant hot load onto those perfect pink soles. Nurse Honey is so happy that your swelling appears to be subsiding. You are overwhelmingly thankful that the doctor was busy and you got this amazing nurse. Should you ask if she makes house calls?


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Find Your Prostate – Fuck Your Ass, Clinic

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Find Your Prostate preview

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For our next men’s health checkup, we’re going to explore your prostate. This tiny gland located in your rectum can be a very intense source of pleasure if you know how to locate it and stimulate it correctly. Men have such a hard time with this concept because it involves getting very intimate with your asshole. This is a real shame because stimulating your prostate on a regular basis can lower your risk of prostate cancer. We’re going to explore the world of prostate toys and stimulation, and then you’re going to explore your ass.
Now, turn your head and cough.


Ashley Sinclair – Toes Feet Cum Countdown – Foot Play, Female Domination

Ashley Sinclair  Toes Feet Cum Countdown preview

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Toe sucking, Jerk off instructions, Foot fetish, Legs, Dirty Talk. This video will have you cumming to a 5 second countdown by the end while you admire Ashley and her sexy body, toes, and feet. Her seductive calm voice coaching you on what she finds sexy about you jerking off to her while sucking and licking her own toes is what you’ve been waiting for.


Ashley Sinclair – Panty Sniffer Cum Eating – Female Domination, Ass Sniffing

Ashley Sinclair  Panty Sniffer Cum Eating preview

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You get caught in Ashley’s panty drawer again. Last time this happened she punished you by making you jerk off to her stinky panties while they were on her ass and then eat your own cum. Now you’re begging for it to happen again. You beg Ashley to let you eat your cum. She sits on your face and makes you worship her ass and panties but then remembers she has some in the dirty close that are disgusting from wearing them to the gym. They are pull of pussy discharge, sweat, and stains. She changes into these, sits on your face and then demands you flip your legs over your head and cum on your own face and eat the cum that lands on your open mouth. Open wide!


REA – Pick Up Delay – Foot Domination And Facekicking – Footdom, Foot Licking

REA  Pick Up Delay  Foot Domination And Facekicking preview

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Today I am back home from a business trip and when I arrived to the airport, my slave was not there to pick me up! He messaged me that the traffic is high and five minutes later he was there. But he had me waiting for five minutes! I don’t care for the traffic, he should count on it and be there on time for his Goddess. Of course the loser will be punished! To tell you the truth, it is not so much about the delay, I just miss to destroy him under my feet!
I sit on a bar stool with my slave trapped under it and my feet on his face. I ask him why he was late, just to laugh with his stupid excuses. He thinks that he can convince me, but what he takes is foot domination and kicks on the face! I humiliate him verbally and I remind him what is his position n his duties. At the same time I stomp his face, even with both feet and I make him worship them. I footsmother him hard and I wipe my feet all over his stupid face. My legs are dry and I put some cream on them, with his face as my footstool and after I focus on breaking his face, kicking, stomping n footslapping him in many ways. His excuses are now just begging for mercy. But I show no mercy, I stomp his face brutally until I make him cry!!!