Lady Esme Faye – Manipulative Boss Makes You Her Pantyhose Bitch – Jerk Off Instruction, JOI Fantasy

Lady Esme Faye  Manipulative Boss Makes You Her Pantyhose Bitch preview

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Your boss has called you in for a meeting. You see, you know the social climate is bad at the minute, and we are going to have to let some people go. Your numbers haven’t been very consistent and we think it’s time you left the company. I notice you’ve been staring at my pantyhose. Do u have a fetish, or are you just mesmerized by my long, perfect legs? Either way I think I can use this to my advantage. I’ll let you keep your job, but u are going to have to sign this contract. Nothing fancy, just you signing away all your worldly possessions n human rights. You we are too mesmerized to even notice. Jerk for me, empty that cock and get right back to work. You are mine now.


Lady Dee – White Converse and Toes – Foot Worship, Foot Fetish

Lady Dee  White Converse and Toes preview

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Being that my sexy toes r painted white, I couldn’t help but film a clip teasing & humiliating u wearing my white chucks. I know how weak all u foot boys get when it comes to sneakers & feet. But I know u can’t wait 4 me to reveal my feet from my converse, wondering if I am wearing socks or not. Just be careful not 2 spew your load too soon, u want to wait 4 the c4m countdown 2 my yummy white toes don’t u?


Lady Bellatrix – Wanking with Gasmask in Latex Dress – Latex Boots, Boots Fetish

Lady Bellatrix  Wanking with Gasmask in Latex Dress preview

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Our latest Lady Bellatrix Clip. On a hot summer day in Paris, I am lying around in My new dungeon in My gasmask wearing My latex dress. This heatwave is sure making Me horny and as I can’t find any decent cock, I decide 2 wank Myself off. Slipping My fingers into My knickers, I start pleasuring My already wet pussy. That isn’t doing the trick so I get the vibrator out & start rubbing Myself between the legs. As I build Myself up, My breathing is somewhat impaired by the gasmask, making Darth Vader like noises. Turning the vibrator up to the maximum, I get Myself off, steaming up the lenses of the S-10 gasmask as I do so.


Lady Bellatrix – Swallow My Spit – Spitting, Teasing

Lady Bellatrix  Swallow My Spit preview

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Lady Bellatrix returns home from a hard day of shopping. It is a hot summer’s day and she’s very thirsty. You, of course, have been in tow paying for the new items and carrying all the bags. “You must be parched” Bellatrix says, having denied you as much as a sip all day. She tells you she’s going to prepare a special drink just for you. She teases you with spit on her lips but sucks it back into her mouth.
She slowly lets her sweet spit drip into the glass, teasing you with it each time, until u see the delectable liquid begin to rise higher in the glass. It’s so nice and frothy and you’re so thirsty! Bellatrix says she knows you would love to have it directly in your mouth, but you have to earn anything that intimate. She cracks open a soft drink & takes a couple of big gulps. She gurgles some it and spits that into the glass, too. She continues to spit until there’s a thick cocktail you absolutely long to drink. She calls you pathetic because she can see how erect you are getting. By the time she’s teased u with all her spit, the glass is almost half full. She picks it up and has you open your mouth. Drink it all…


Lady Bellatrix – Sniff My Tiger Print Pantyhose – Foot Play, Foot Worship

Lady Bellatrix  Sniff My Tiger Print Pantyhose preview

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Perched on My bed, I catch you, My little nylon slave perving over Me in My tiger print pantyhose. In this POV I summons u to worship these exquisite Wolford pantyhose but wonder if just any pantyhose will do or r u a slave of distinction. I know how much u want 2 sniff it, I know how much u need to lick them but I’m going to make u beg. I know how to get through to you & manipulate you with My highly arched feet. You must have a scent fetish as I know how much you’d love 2 smell the gusset of these pantyhose as I expose just a hint of pubic hair 2 tease u even more.


Lady Anja – Wet Nylons – Fetish, Female Domination

Lady Anja  Wet Nylons preview

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My divine legs in white nylons. Of course, my bare legs already look very elegant but if u see them in some white stockings your slave brain crashes. You can’t help yourself.
if u see this picture u instantly start to drool & feel the urge to start jerking off your d1ck. But that’s not it, I have something else in mind 2 make you drool and fuck your brain. You won’t be able to withstand it. At these temperatures outside I am going to take a cool in the pool. I let my feet slip into the water & you’ll see the wet nylon around my feet. Can u see how the wet nylon covers my legs and they start to look better and better? I am sitting by the pool in my short Bra set & how I let my legs slip into the water. You can hardly stand it when I pull my legs out of the water & u see every single one of my toes. Of course, the purpose of the Bra set is to make u even more crazy. Well my foot slave, that’s exactly what you want to see right? In this clip u can not only see my elegant legs, but u see them in a very special way. That’s especially for my foot fetishists but all the other slaves start drooling to. You would do anything 2 be able to lick these divine legs. To fuck the brain of those of you, who aren’t interested in my legs this much I am wearing a sexy bikini. All in all: If you are a foot fetishist your brain gets f4cked twice. Otherwise only once. But no matter what your brain will After watching this video, it will take u quite some time to think clear again. Well at least if u ever could. The problem is that your brain is too small 2 think of anything else than your goddess.


Lacy Luck – Mommy’s Milkies – POV, Preggo

Lacy Luck  Mommys Milkies preview

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Mommy’s milkies are so full and swollen. I rub and rub over my shirt, “Oh they are so sore n full!” Soon milk starts to leak through my top.
I rub n squeeze my nipples, stimulating the milk flow through my shirt. “Mmm, mommy’s milkies are so full,” as I moan oohs and ahhs.
“Come help mommy with her milkies will u?” I lower my top to reveal big, full breasts heavy with milk. “That’s a good son,” as the sweet warm milk releases to your willing mouth.