The Mean Girls – Whole Paycheck Foot Worship (1080 HD) – Princess Amber – Shoe Worship – Femdom, Findom

The Mean Girls  Whole Paycheck Foot Worship 1080 HD  Princess Amber  Shoe Worship preview

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Its actually kind of funny how I used to actually “work” for a living before I learned that I could make WAY more money just by treating losers like krap and basically letting them PAY to worship me for being so young and hot and PERFECT. Because let’s face it- I AM perfect. Especially my feet. My PERFECT size 6 feet.
This freak cashed out his entire paycheck (as I had ordered him to do if he wanted to worship me!) and he has been waiting here like a fool for me with with over $1,000 in his teeth and his head pressed to the floor in “worship position”. (How long has he been waiting there like that? I have no idea…nor do I care!)
So I proceed to make him slowly hand over his entire paycheck bill-by-bill as he kisses my perfect feet…until it is ALL in my hands! I have this pathetic fool’s entire paycheck in my pretty little fingers within a matter of minutes- and he handed it all over just so he can kiss my FEET! Fucking pathetic if you ask me…but its great for ME! I’m too pretty to really “work” anyway…so I think letting losers hand over their paychecks just to worship at my feet is what I deserve.
Oh, and I make sure to count the bills out over and over right in front of the foot-freak’s face to rub it in that I just took it ALL from him. He begins crying and literally BEGGING for me to leave him some to “live on” until his next paycheck! And my answer is…um, NOPE! Come crawling back when you have MORE for me, loser!!
Honestly, I think if more girls knew about being a “Mean Girl” then probably NO hot girl would EVER work again.


Brat Princess 2 – Becky – Foot Worship and Wallet Drain (1080 HD) – Humiliation – Female Domination, Footworship

Brat Princess 2  Becky  Foot Worship and Wallet Drain 1080 HD  Humiliation preview

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1080 HD Goddess Becky wants her idiot slave to pay her car payment. She is too pretty to be paying her own bills. She knows that she can get the fool to do it for her with her looks and his desire to make her happy. She makes the idiot kiss her ass and where her boyfriend gets to fuck her. Then she makes him take off her shoes. The fool eventually agrees to pay her car payment. Becky knows that she can get the loser to do anything with her perfect feet!


Princess Lyne – My Personal Property – Financial Domination, Submissive

Princess Lyne  My Personal Property preview

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you are nothing more than My personal property. You exist for Me! you are here for My amusement, My personal gain, to Make My life easier… you exist for ME and ME alone. Without Me you are NOTHING. You understand this, don’t you? Of course you do. Without Me you would cease to exist. It’s really quite simple, you see. you were born at the bottom, and I was born at the top. Peons like you exist to serve Me. Finally your life has purpose after you become My personal property. Essentially this video is a reminder of why you were put here on this earth – to serve as My PERSONAL PROPERTY.


Princess Kitty Cash – My ass is driving you nuts – mean EDGING and training for you – Assworship (GERMAN Language) – Asslicking, Jerk Off Encouragement

Princess Kitty Cash  My ass is driving you nuts  mean EDGING and training for you  Assworship GERMAN Language preview

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Shitface, I know you can’t wait but before watching this clip I want you to wank ur cock real hard – without coming of course. You should be extremely aroused and submissive right now – close to run dry; in this state of mind you will do what I’m about to tell now. My words and incredible beauty will melt your brain and push you to become my perfectly trained payslut! I love to tease and humiliate you ugly bastard while playing a nice, little, mean edginggame on which you will be the loser for sure. As stupid as you are you can’t await to mutate into a wanking piece of **** who fucks his hand on my orders and got cashed out as well. Mein Arsch macht dich irre – fieses EDGING & Training für dich Drecksköter, ich weiß du kannst es kaum erwarten, aber bevor du diesen Clip schaust will ich, dass du dich so richtig dumm und dämlich wichst – ohne zu kommen natürlich! Du sollst extrem erregt und devot sein – kurz davor auszulaufen; genau in diesem Zustand wirst du jetzt alles genau so machen wie ich es dir gleich befehle. Meine Worte und meine unfassbare Schönheit werden dein Hirn wegficken und dich in deinem Training zur perfekt dressierten Zahl- und Wichsau weiter voran treiben! Ich liebe es einfach dich hässliche Fotze hart zu teasen, zu demütigen und dabei noch ein kleines, feines, fieses Edginggame mit dir zu spielen, bei dem du natürlich nur verlieren kannst. So behindert wie du in deinem Kopf bist kannst du es kaum erwarten endlich wieder zu einem sabbernden Zellhaufen zu mutieren, der brav nach meinem Kommando in die Hand fickt und sich dabei nach Strich und Faden abziehen lässt.**ALL CLIPS ARE SPOKEN IN GERMAN**


Princess Camryn – Mesmerizing Life Coach – Mesmerize, Mental Domination

Princess Camryn  Mesmerizing Life Coach preview

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A wealthy hedge fund director/man has agreed to a session with me because his friend, who is already my Mesmerized slave, has compelled him to come to me for “life advice or coaching”. When he gets there, I suggest hypnosis as part of the “coaching session”. He is not super interested, but before he knows it, I have him slowly falling into a trance and looking into my pendant, agreeing to give up his free will. I use hypnosis to compel him to return for a future session. and I let him go knowing that he will be back very soon.


HumiliationPOV – Date Reject Falls Into My Cuckold Trap – Financial Domination, Brat Girls

HumiliationPOV  Date Reject Falls Into My Cuckold Trap preview

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You never stand a chance, you’re just a loser. When you asked me out I felt bad, so I figured I’d let you take me out on a date and pay for dinner and have you come back to my place. But you’re not getting lucky though. The truth is, my boyfriend is at home and I’m going to fuck him and you’re going to sit here and listen, aren’t you?
You just got so rejected, lol. And I’m going to turn you into my cuckold bitch. There is nothing you can do about it. I’m so out of your league. I mean, you didn’t really think I was interested in you, did you? You’re a fucking loser and now I’m going to turn you into a cuck. How do you think that’s going to feel? I’ll bet it’ll feel good. But it will be even better for my boyfriend and I. You’ll probably cry at first like a little loser bitch, but soon you’ll come to realize that this is your place.
I’m so fucking perfect, I think it’s funny that you thought you were going to get lucky. You should have known that a guy like you never gets girls like me. You’re a fucking idiot. I brought you back here so I could do with you whatever I want. So when my boyfriend and I are done fucking, I expect you to take care of everything. You’ll pay for our food and clean our sheets and you’ll thank me for that opportunity. Soon, taking care of us will turn you on. That’s what happens when I transform losers into cucks for the first time.
You’ll never have me idiot, all you’re good for is your wallet. I truly love cuckolding guys for the first time and having them realize how much they like it. You didn’t even expect this to happen, and now here you are, desperate to be my cuck. I can’t wait to fuck my boyfriend in front of you and completely ignore you and show you how insignificant you really are. How does if feel to be totally fucking rejected?


Princess Pilar – Mental Chastity Addiction – Submissive Training, Goddess Worship

Princess Pilar  Mental Chastity Addiction preview

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My teachings have proven highly effective and beneficial for you. In your constant state of submission, your thoughts and behaviors are intertwined with the codes I have indoctrinated into your psyche. In this session, I will reinforce your previous sexuality reprogramming. Watch Me, and follow My directions; I am sculpting you into absolute male perfection. Enjoy xo- Princess


Princess Camryn – Sensual Seduction – Mesmerize – Sexy, Femdom

Princess Camryn  Sensual Seduction  Mesmerize preview

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Simply exist in this momewnt with me. Get lost with me, close to me. This is your reality. This extremely sensual and gentle mesmerize session with me allow you to slowly relax over time and let everything ease away from you until all you can focus on is the pleasure that I give you. I seduce you, get yiou weak, and you only have to focus on the escape that I provide you. You begin to feel happier and that happiness takes over you, flows into and I am inside of you forever. You have a chemical bind to me, oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, swarming inside you and you will never be without me.


Goddess Angel – Drained before your date – Findom – Cocktease, Jerkoff Commands

Goddess Angel  Drained before your date  Findom preview

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Let’s get real here, there’s no way you’re going on a date without thinking of me a few times, rubbing your hand against the outside of your crotch, and giving in completely- like you usually do. I think its adorable you’re trying to replace me with a “real” girlfriend, but I know you. You need to be used, abused, and taken advantage to get off, not smothered in love and affection, LOL. What a joke. You don’t need a real girlfriend, you need me, your bratty, demanding online Princess, who knows exactly how to persuade you. Sneak away to the bathroom, drain those little bitch balls, and of course, your bank account. I’m taking it all, and leaving you and your date absolutely nothing. Princess always wins, what a stupid date! (HIGHLY recommend watching this before a real date, as it includes direct instructions!)