Goddess Foot Jobs – Stepdaughter Can’t Get Pregnant Starring Luna Jinx – Foot Massage, Foot Worship

Goddess Foot Jobs  Stepdaughter Cant Get Pregnant Starring Luna Jinx  preview

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Luna Jinx is missing her mother who’s traveling for work. She’s a little uncomfortable being alone around her mom’s new husband Tom. With his wife away for several weeks, Tom is getting a little horny. After admiring her new pedicure he begins rubbing her bare feet without asking. Luna is clearly uncomfortable. Tom helps himself to a taste of his new stepdaughter’s toes, and then begins reaching up her skirt. Luna explains that she doesn’t want to have sex: both because it’s a weird situation and she isn’t on birth control. The old guy is being driven by his lower brain, so Luna suggests a footjob instead of intercourse. He’s already raring to go, so Luna wraps her feet around his hard cock and begins pumping. Stepdad enjoys the foot loving and spews a hot load onto her waiting feet. Luna Jinx isn’t yet aware of what she’s started, but we can safely bet she’ll be getting more of this type workout over the next few weeks.


Young Goddess Kim – Pantyhose Office footstool – Shoe Fetish, Domination

 Young Goddess Kim  Pantyhose Office footstool  preview

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Sexy, powerful pantyhose feet can get any male dropping to his knees. No wonder I have a slave stowed away under My desk. With it being locked in chastity, it’s absolute blissful torture being so close to My perfect intoxicating nylon feet…
Includes: Young Goddess Kim, Pantyhose Domination, Femdom, Chastity, Footstool, Human Furniture, Shoe Worship, Human Carpet, Heel Sucking, Foot Domination, Office Domination, Female Supremacy, CFNM


Brat Princess 2 – Kaylie and Natalya – Foot Smelling Human ATM – Financial Domination, Femdom

 Brat Princess 2  Kaylie and Natalya  Foot Smelling Human ATM  preview

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Kaylie and Natalya have a foot smelling freak they love to abuse. Besides exploiting him in videos they also exploit his weakness for smelling girls feet financially. Just back from a Mall rinse, the girls let him sniff their stinky feet. The freak gets so weak they even get more money from him! So funny! He is completely weak and vulnerable to the smell of feet. How weird but profitable for the girls!


Goddess Femdom – Call me Allah – Religious, Foot Worship

Goddess Femdom  Call me Allah preview

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Pathetic little loser wasting so much of your time, energy and life on the words of a god that doesn’t exist. One man decided that he was special and wanted attention so he claimed to be a prophet and could hear god and you idiots fell for it. Now days if someone claimed to hear god they would get put on meds. What would you rather spend your energy on the ramblings of a old crazy man or a hot bratty woman? You don’t have to tell anyone that you have denounced Allah. You can still tell people that you pray to, worship and obey Allah. Just we will both know that your Allah is me. I’m your Allah, I’m your god. I will be what you pray to, worship, obey and sin for. Embrace your new religion and all the pleasure that I have to offer.


Brat Princess 2 – Brianna and Lola – Girl Talk and Foot Play (1080 HD) – Foot Worship – Goddess Brianna, Dual Domination

Brat Princess 2  Brianna and Lola  Girl Talk and Foot Play 1080 HD  Foot Worship preview

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1080 HD Brianna and Lola are at Fetcon. Brianna comes back to her hotel room and makes her slave care for and worship her feet. Later, Lola joins her. The women chat about the convention while sitting on human furniture. They flirt with each other while sitting on the backs of the male slaves and plan to have a nice dinner together. The women discuss their latex outfits for a fetish event and soon head out to get ready for the night.


Venus Venerous – Sweaty Feet and Sneaker JOI – Submissive Training, Masturbation Instruction

Venus Venerous  Sweaty Feet and Sneaker JOI preview

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I just got done running in the neighborhood, no socks and cute sneakers. My feet and shoes are oh so sweaty and stinky, so sniff. Inhale my goddess scent deeply. Let it fill your nostrils and mind as you jerk your pathetic dick to my holy stench. Pump, pump, pump and allow yourself to explode to your favorite view and smell. And when you’re finished, clean my dirty sneakers spotless with your slutty tongue like a good boy. All in a days work. ��


GoddessFootJobs – Goddess Maya Bijou – Wish It Was Your Cock – Foot Licking, Fetish

GoddessFootJobs  Goddess Maya Bijou  Wish It Was Your Cock preview

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Do you like my feet? I wish this was your cock between my pretty feet. Keep watching my feet work this cock up and down while you stroke your warm, stiff cock in your hands. All I want is to do this to you. I know it would feel so good to have your shaft against my soft, wrinkled soles and your head rubbing against my toes. Please, I want you to watch my feet and cum for my cute little feet!


Goddess Christina – Sensual Pantyhose, Leg Crossing, Shoe Dangling, Feet & Toes – Redhead, Hypnotic

Goddess Christina  Sensual Pantyhose Leg Crossing Shoe Dangling Feet  Toes preview

00:06:23 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 166 MB

Where is your mind? Let it float away as you become mesmerized by my long beautiful legs and sexy feet. The sheen of my pantyhose shows the shape of my stems so perfectly. Seeing them crossed, gently dangling each heel, and slipping them on and off is enough to ignite your senses. Just watching and listening creates so much pleasure. Relax as you slowly lose your mind. Fetishes: Mesmerize, Sensual, Shoe Dangling, Pantyhose, Shiny, Tights, Feet, Foot Fetish, Upskirt, Fetish, high Heels, Goddess Worship