Jerk To My Feet – Sweaty Nurse Feet – Femdom, Female Domination

Jerk To My Feet  Sweaty Nurse Feet preview

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You’re in the doctor’s office today with a big problem. It’s bad enough that you had to wait two hours to get in, but then you are being seen by a cute female nurse. Your complaint is very personal, but Nurse Honey Moon tells you the doctor is busy and she has lots of experience dealing with problems like yours. When you present your throbbing boner to the petite Asian nurse she cannot hide her surprise. When she learns of your foot fetish, she knows exactly what to do. Nurse Honey removes her shoes to reveal the prettiest little sockless feet. She allows you to smell them and encourages you to jerk off while enjoying them. She doesn’t have to tell you twice. You sniff, lick, nibble and stroke until you blow a giant hot load onto those perfect pink soles. Nurse Honey is so happy that your swelling appears to be subsiding. You are overwhelmingly thankful that the doctor was busy and you got this amazing nurse. Should you ask if she makes house calls?


Ashley Sinclair – Toes Feet Cum Countdown – Foot Play, Female Domination

Ashley Sinclair  Toes Feet Cum Countdown preview

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Toe sucking, Jerk off instructions, Foot fetish, Legs, Dirty Talk. This video will have you cumming to a 5 second countdown by the end while you admire Ashley and her sexy body, toes, and feet. Her seductive calm voice coaching you on what she finds sexy about you jerking off to her while sucking and licking her own toes is what you’ve been waiting for.


REA – Pick Up Delay – Foot Domination And Facekicking – Footdom, Foot Licking

REA  Pick Up Delay  Foot Domination And Facekicking preview

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Today I am back home from a business trip and when I arrived to the airport, my slave was not there to pick me up! He messaged me that the traffic is high and five minutes later he was there. But he had me waiting for five minutes! I don’t care for the traffic, he should count on it and be there on time for his Goddess. Of course the loser will be punished! To tell you the truth, it is not so much about the delay, I just miss to destroy him under my feet!
I sit on a bar stool with my slave trapped under it and my feet on his face. I ask him why he was late, just to laugh with his stupid excuses. He thinks that he can convince me, but what he takes is foot domination and kicks on the face! I humiliate him verbally and I remind him what is his position n his duties. At the same time I stomp his face, even with both feet and I make him worship them. I footsmother him hard and I wipe my feet all over his stupid face. My legs are dry and I put some cream on them, with his face as my footstool and after I focus on breaking his face, kicking, stomping n footslapping him in many ways. His excuses are now just begging for mercy. But I show no mercy, I stomp his face brutally until I make him cry!!!


Goddess Foot Jobs – Footjob Challenge – Alexa Rydell, Cumshot

Goddess Foot Jobs  Footjob Challenge preview

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Alexa Rydell is looking absolutely scrumptious as she sits on the bed, showing off her long, sexy legs and beautiful bare feet. When she’s joined on the bed n asked about her foot skills, she admits that she has given a few footjobs before and that she has made a guy cum with just her feet. He tells her that he doesn’t think she can actually make a guy cum with just her feet, she steps up to the challenge to prove him wrong. After kissing n tasting her beautiful feet for a bit, his pants come off and she’s hugging his cock between her soft, wrinkly arches. Will she be able to foot milk him and make him cum all over her pretty feet?


EVIKE – Mistress Is Always Right – Foot Humiliation – Foot Licking, Degradation

EVIKE  Mistress Is Always Right  Foot Humiliation preview

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Cruel and bratty Evike is bored as Rea is going to be little late to come take her for the party. She felt hot and removed her pantyhose and now she is barefoot on the couch n calls me to play with me. She puts her feet on my face and makes me funny faces with her toes, laughing at me. Sometimes she footsmothers me catching my nose with her toes and blocking my mouth with the other foot and she humiliates me and laughs at me for a long time, making me feel so bad! Her feet are always at my face, using it like clay!


Rainbow Hemlock – Never Again Cucky – JOI, Masturbation Instruction

Rainbow Hemlock  Never Again Cucky preview

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My little slave, it’s been a long month of chastity, hasn’t it? Well, I had a really fun night out last night, so maybe I’ll pay it forward and let you have a little fun with me now that I can see you’re happy that I’m home. I would love to let you enjoy my feet and bury your face in my ass, because I know you love it so much. I know you love the way it smells, so take a deep sniff while you can! Please don’t think I’m going to let you fuck me though. I had way more fun last night and I know that you can’t give me that, so I don’t think you’ll be fucking me again cuck. I think I’ll keep you around for amusement and clean up. It’s not all bad! At least you get to watch.