The Mean Girls – Friend-Zoned Foot Freak – Foot Domination, Foot Worship

The Mean Girls  FriendZoned Foot Freak preview

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“You are the hottest girl in school. I have spent the better part of the last 2 years basically being “friend zoned” by you. I have done everything I could do to try to make you like me. I bought you gifts, did your homework, and even ran errands for you and your friends whenever you texted me to. It is now our senior year and I decided to finally tell you my feelings for you. but instead of returning them, you just get a strange look on your face and then break out in laughter.
You literally laugh in my face. “Did you really think a girl like ME would ever like a loser like you?? Did you really think doing all that stuff for me would give you a ‘chance’ at DATING me??” You explain that you & I are just friends- and that is ALL we will ever be. From there you decide to give me a choice. Now that you are thoroughly repulsed by this confession of mine, you say that if I want to be anything more than “friends” with you it is going to be VERY humiliating for me. because you tell me to my face that I am NOT good enough for you and that you ONLY date hot, rich, popular guys. But you explain that YOU have a secret- you actually like having your FEET LICKED and TOES SUCKED ON. But the “real men” that you date would NEVER do that- and you would never ask them to because then you would lose respect for them.
So you decide that I can serve that purpose for you- I can be your “personal toe sucker”. And if I want to be in your life I will need to accept that role. Then the rest of the video I am on my knees, staring at your feet, and you explain what my “duties” will be- and laughing in my face for being willing to accept this situation just to still be allowed in your life.”


The Mean Girls – Breakup Video for Foot Freak – Footlicking, Foot Licking

The Mean Girls  Breakup Video for Foot Freak preview

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So I made this video for you, babe. I guess you got the link to yootube if you are watching this now. We’ve been dating a few months, and I wondered why you seem to be so “obsessed” with my feet, of all things. But I really got my answer the other day when I watched some home security footage…and I saw you SNIFFING THE INSIDE OF MY SHOES! Wow…whatta FREAK you are! And I can not be dating a weirdo freak that sniffs my old work pumps when I am out of the house. So am I going to break up with you and leave you forever? Or will I still keep you in my life in some way? You will need to watch my breakup video to find out…


JerkToMyFeet – You Know What To Do – Foot Licking, Foot Fetish

JerkToMyFeet  You Know What To Do preview

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You find yourself in the prescence of a barefoot true Russian Goddess, Crystal Rush. She knows exactly what you’re here to do. You kiss her toes as she tells you to unzip your pants and free your cock.
Crystal admires your cock as it swells and swells, popping her eyes almost out of her head. You lick her feet, concentrating on the crevices between her succulent toes. Directions on how to jerk your cock are given. Long, slow strokes in rhythm to the licks you deliver to the soles of the Russian minx. Pressure mounts as you’re told to stroke faster and faster, squeezing and teasing as you continue your foot worship. You spray all over Crystal’s supple skin, leaving a treat she can’t help but taste!


The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum, Queen Grace – Grovel for Grace (1080 HD) – Foot Worship – Toes Sucking, AmericanMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  Goddess Platinum Queen Grace  Grovel for Grace 1080 HD  Foot Worship preview

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I am showing off the life of a “Mean Girl” to Queen Grace. This is her introduction to being pampered, basically. We have 2 slaves groveling at our feet, massaging them and worshiping us.
I decide to be a gracious host and allow Grace to borrow my footslave- so she has 1 for each foot! 🙂 She casually expresses in the video that she “thinks she could get used to this”…haha. Being a Mean Girl RULES.


ClubStiletto – Anything Sweaty (1080 HD) – Miss Jasmine – Foot Fetish – Foot Sniffing, Female Domination

ClubStiletto  Anything Sweaty 1080 HD  Miss Jasmine  Foot Fetish preview

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Miss Jasmine looks smoking hot and is ready to head out to party with her girlfriends. She hasn’t put on her shoes, however, and because her slave is lying at the base of the stairs, she makes use of him by ordering that he pamper her feet before her upcoming night of dancing. She explains in explicit detail how he is to massage, using firm pressure while kissing and sucking as well. At the same time, she shares some of her foot worship experiences. Her feet will be very sore and dirty when she gets home. Naturally, the devoted slave will be right there, waiting like a doormat to kiss and lick them all better.


Merciless Dominas – Shake Your Ass for Us, Betty – Miss Flora, Nikky French, Rebekka Raynor – Transsexuals – Strap on, Foot Licking

Merciless Dominas  Shake Your Ass for Us Betty  Miss Flora Nikky French Rebekka Raynor  Transsexuals preview

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For our Berlin shoot, two girls from my office joined me. They wanted to help, see Berlin and just in general experience a Mercilessdominas shoot. Finally, a chance for them to have some of their ideas made into actual clips. The first clip filmed by the girls was this one. Three Mistresses, two slaves, and a sissy to be trained [and they say that I have strange ideas]. Synopsis: Miss Flora, Mistress Nikky French, and Mistress Rebekka Raynor are having a small party. While being treated by a couple of their slaves, they are having a sissy girl [Betty] to perform quite a show. Sissy training and humiliation are the keywords for this one. Should the girl from my office join me an instruct more scenes?