London Lix – Poppers Edged Cum Eater – Intox, Jerk Off Instruction

London Lix  Poppers Edged Cum Eater preview

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This is a custom video. The name Peter is used.
Are you ready to be my little cumbucket? You will be when we’ve got you all worked up and edged on poppers. I’m going to get you really fucked up and intoxicated today, so start sniffing those poppers and start edging for me. Stroke to my hot body in this shiny bikini and feel yourself start to lose control. Feel yourself becoming sluttier & more cum hungry with every sniff and every stroke. Today you’re going to be worshiping this BBC I have with me, as well as sucking the cum out of the condoms I used with my boyfriend earlier. Mmm, that’s a good little cuck cum slut. Keep jerking and building up a nice big load for me, because you’re going to be gulping down your own cum too!


AMAZON Goddess Harley – Cum Eating Breakup – Faggot, Forced Bi

AMAZON Goddess Harley  Cum Eating Breakup preview

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I know you still love me, but I don’t love you. That’s why I decided on this very special way to break up with you. I’m gonna invite s hot guy back here… your gonna make out with him while he strokes your cock. And when you get close to cuming… your gonna leave me for him. Your gonna break up with me to be a full fag for this hot guy. Haha! Don’t you just love it? I know how much you love it when I’m mean to you… so think of this as a going away present! Oh and the best part is you can still be the subservient wimp you always were, I’m gonna bring home a dominant guy that likes his cock worshiped and his asshole licked. Isn’t this so nice of me? I have to admit I’m being a little selfish… not only does it amuse the fuck out of me but I’m gonna use this story of making you a bitch as a great story to tell for years. Well, at least until I forget about you… it may only be months. But the best part is I’m gonna make sure he’s very possessive and violent so you can’t go astray and try to contact me again. I know how in love with me, you are, so I don’t want any temptation to talk to me anymore. As much as a progress report would be fun, I would rather just turn you fag and throw you away. So don’t be tempted to email me pics of how stretched you asshole has gotten or the pierced nipples he made you get cuz I won’t be that interested. I mean those things are gonna be for sure anyway so it won’t surprise me. Omg are you crying??? Well can you jerk off for me while you cry cuz I kinda wanna see what’s it’s gonna be like when your crying as you cum for him. Ya know like when your rewarded for polishing his boots with your tears… maybe after he’s used the belt on you. Oh, oh, and can you cum for me as you cry too??? That would be awesome, I wanna see you smear the cum all over your lips and lick your fingers as you cry and say stuff like “thank you, Sir” . Oh yea… let me know if the cum tastes any saltier mixed with your tears! Fuck yea, this is just precious.


Goddess JessiBelle – Just to Taste It – Pussy Worship, Female Domination

Goddess JessiBelle  Just to Taste It preview

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Tel me what you would be willing to do just to get a tiny taste of my delicious, sweet pussy? Would you hurt yourself? Would your eat your cum? Would you suck dick? Mr J would stay down there eating my pussy for hours if I let him, but I always end up begging for his cock after cumming over and over in his mouth.
I wouldn’t let you NEAR my pussy. You don’t even get to look at it. You don’t deserve even sniffing my panties. My pussy is better than you. It doesn’t deserve the punishment of being close to you. What would you do to get just a taste? Do you want to lick my dripping wet cunt after I have cum over and over?
What if I let you taste my pussy, but only under one condition…you’d have to lick it off of Mr J’s cock. I bet you’d do it! You’d do it just to taste my Goddess pussy!


Humiliation POV – Blank Bimbo Doll Cock Puppet Reprogramming, Permanently Erasing Your Old Self – Degradation, Feminization

Humiliation POV  Blank Bimbo Doll Cock Puppet Reprogramming Permanently Erasing Your Old Self preview

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Warning: This is an extreme brainwashing hyp n0 s!s video designed to completely reprogram you. The changes to your inner self will be permanent. This is Not a ‘fake’ warning. This file is Very powerful. If you choose to proceed, be prepared to lose your old self completely.
We’re about to create a new personality, splitting off from the old. We’re entering that feminine part of your mind. You are a bimbo. Now sleep. Your old personality is switched off. Now your new personality is going to have more of a mind of its own, becoming more and more of a complete and utter bimbo, a compliant cock puppet. You are breaking free from your old mind and waking up as your new self.
You are transforming into a slutty cock sucking bimbo. You have no old memories of your previous self. Being a perfect bimbo is the only thing going on in your head. You are a dumb, blank, horny bimbo. Your new self is going stronger, erasing more and more of your old self. Every time you listen to this, your new self will grow stronger and stronger. You will want to listen to this every day as you begin to feel more and more like a good girl.
Your mind is turning into cotton candy. You begin to crave to dress like a bimbo. All your thoughts are turned off except for being a stupid brain bimbo who craves cock and dressing like a slutty bimbo. Your old self is spiraling away. There is no way to stop this now. Every time you get dressed up as a bimbo, your mind melts just a little bit more. You are falling deeply asleep and unaware of what is happening to you. You mind is cocooned in layers of hyp n0 t!c pink satin. Your new self is pushing harder and harder to take complete control of your mind.
You will find yourself dressing up more and more regularly as your old self slips helplessly away. This feels so good. You are a good girl. You are becoming a stupid doll. Your old self is now locked away in a deep corner of your mind, blanked out. You are a bimbo. You can hear yourself thinking in a feminine voice. You now think in a dumb, horny, bimbo voice. Inside your mind there is only a slutty bimbo voice, thinking slutty bimbo thoughts. You are feminine and girly. That dumb slutty voice echoes in your mind. You can’t avoid thinking like a happy, bubbly bimbo. You are slipping away into bimbo bliss.
You are far too helpless to resist. You keep yourself locked into your bimbo uniform and into bimbo mode, keeping your old self locked away. Your mind is so dizzy, everything else is fading away permanently. Your old self has faded away because there is no use for it any more. You are now a fuck doll. A blank and unresponsive doll. You feel a ball gag inside of your old self, your thoughts are being erased, the old self is permanently gagged and can no longer speak. You are so happy to free yourself of your boring old self. Your old personality has been erased. Now lower your old self into a box where it can be erased forever. Your old self does not struggle or respond as it is being lowered into the box. The big heavy lid of the lid closes and locks shut and your old self disappears from your mind forever. That’s a good girl. And this will happen all over again every time you slip into your bimbo uniform. You are a bimbo now.
You can now only think in a dumb sexy slut’s voice. You can’t remember being any other way. In every one of your memories you are a dumb happy slut. You have always been this way, a sexy slutty girl, unable to remember anything else. You are nothing but a bimbo fuck doll. You love to suck cock and be dumb, while you’re all dressed up like a slutty doll. This is all that remains of you. Just a blissful life as a braindead cock puppet, unable to think for yourself. Your dizzy brain is slipping down, dumber and dumber. Accept, obey and forget. That’s a good girl.


Amazon Goddess Harley – Eat Cum For Titties – Ruined Orgasms, Joi

Amazon Goddess Harley  Eat Cum For Titties preview

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Sure… I’ll let you see my breasts… under one condition. Don’t worry about what it is yet, just start stroking your cock and get nice and hard for me. Well, now that your hard, I can tell you that you will be eating cum for me! LOL! Oh and not just your own cum! You wanted to see my tits! Now you will eat cum for me!


The Mean Girls – Princess Beverly – Secret Cock Cravings (1080 HD) – Make Me Bi, POV

The Mean Girls  Princess Beverly  Secret Cock Cravings 1080 HD preview

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Here you are hidden away thinking of cock! A regular closet faggot. you can’t even get an erection without thinking of sucking cock. I have designed it to be this way. I planted the seed and reprogrammed you for cock. you didn’t even realize what was happening or how deep this fantasy would take you. I have turned you into My closet fag.


Sweetfemdom – Randy Moore Owns Your Balls – Make Me Bi, Tease And Denial

Sweetfemdom  Randy Moore Owns Your Balls preview

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Randy is doing her make up and you are on your knees behind her, staring at her perfect ass in her leggings. She has already locked your cock up in a spiked chastity cage, and each time her ass wiggles, your cock rages against the spikes, but you cannot stop staring…
Randy notices you, and loves watching you make yourself squirm. She teases you with her amazing body. Ass Randy struts back and forth, her heels click on the hard wood floor and your chastity cage makes you wince, which she loves.
She tells you how much fun she had dancing the night before, she talks about the hot guys and girls she met, then she really gets cruel and takes off her bra…
Randy has had your cock locked in a spiked chastity cage for a long time. She teases you relentlessly every day, and loves watching you wince in pain when your cock rages against the spikes…
Now she is going to offer you a special gift… but you have to work for it. She will unlock your cage and let you out for relief, only after she watches you suck 10 cocks for her.
Randy stuts around in her bra, panties, and heels, telling you how you are going to learn to be a good little cock sucker and cum eater for her if you ever want out of chastity…


Sweetfemdom – Nikki Darling, Will Havoc – Suck My Ballet Teachers Dick – Cum Eating Instruction, Blow Jobs

Sweetfemdom  Nikki Darling Will Havoc  Suck My Ballet Teachers Dick preview

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Nikki Darling is in a leotard, tights and foot warmers. Shes with her ballet teacher and shes horny as fuck. She sees you creeping on her and she makes you a deal.
She wants you to help her suck his big cock. If you do, shell get you off too. Nikki doesnt care what your orientation is. She just loves watching guys sock cock, and especially loves sharing a cock with men. It makes her crazy horny.
Will you swallow his load for her? Shell make it worth your while