Vicious Femdom Empire – Cum Treat – Anny Aurora – Forced Orgasm – Female Domination, Bondage Male

Vicious Femdom Empire  Cum Treat  Anny Aurora  Forced Orgasm preview

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German Goddess Anny Aurora allows her gimp bitch to finally cum this month as a reward for being so obedient. She gets off on making her slave’s eat every last drop of their load and feeds it directly into the hole of his locked & padded hood. Her bitch will soon learn that all slave’s eat their own cum in the house of Goddess Anny Aurora.


TheEnglishMansion – Beating His Cock (Feat. Goddess Serena) (720 HD) – Cum Eating – CBT, Sperm

TheEnglishMansion  Beating His Cock Feat Goddess Serena 720 HD  Cum Eating preview

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The stunning Amazonian Goddess Serena is using and tormenting her tied up slave. His hands are suspended, his cock exposed and balls stretched with a heavy weight, Mistress is soon cropping and whipping his dick, alternating with some teasing with the vibrator, bringing his pain and pleasure. She then uses the electro box to stimulate him further, putting a condom on him and when he cums, she pours the mess into his mouth.


MistressT – Bound Ruined Orgasm – Handjob – Mistress T, Sperm

MistressT  Bound Ruined Orgasm  Handjob preview

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Tied down on a bondage table, my slave is helpless, putty in my hands…well, not putty really, he’s rock hard and desperate for release. I’ve kept him on edge for awhile, teasing him to the point of near insanity. His cock has a hair trigger. It dances & twitches wildly at the slightest touch now. Feeling my body against him, my pussy right over his face, poor thing can’t help himself. I won’t let him an enjoy that spontaneous orgasm though. It won’t be a fulfilling, satisfying release. It will be abandoned & frustrating, which amuses me to no end…


Miss Jasmine – Humiliated and Ruined – Forced Orgasm – Humiliation, Mistress Jasmine

Miss Jasmine  Humiliated and Ruined  Forced Orgasm preview

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Mistress Jasmine constantly receives applications for stunt cocks – men who claim to be well endowed and stellar sexual performers. Her hopes were dashed when this applicant showed up. Jasmine wastes no time putting him in his place. She straps him into her favorite black dildo, “Big Bob”, and while taunting the slave about his inferior dick, she mounts Big Bob and sticks him inside of her. The poor slave is both humiliated and excited at the same time, and of course his dick gets erect. After making sure Big Bob is well lubricated with her pussy juices, Mistress Jasmine orders the slave to suck them off the dildo. Meanwhile, she gets the slave good and hard and forces him to cum. The question is, can he cum again, knowing he will never get to be in Big Bob’s position? For sure, this guy is ruined for life!
Involves a man tied down to a bed while she puts a strapon on him to use instead of his dick. She rides it for a bit, then makes him suck on the dildo while she jacks him off, eventually ruining his orgasm and making him cum on the dildo, which is then put back in his mouth while she ruins another orgasm.