Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Rubber Goddess Worship – Cybill Troy & Mistress Tangent – Ass Smothering, Spitting

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Rubber Goddess Worship   Cybill Troy  Mistress Tangent  preview

00:12:36 | 960×540 | mp4 | 207 MB

Cybill Troy & Mistress Tangent have decided that they deserve a relaxing smoke break & what better way to enjoy this than with Miss Troy’s gimp serving their every need.
Their summoned gimp has the pleasure of being used as a human ashtray for the two stunning Mistresses. Between the lungfuls of smoke he must breath in, their gimp also receives generous portions of spit into his lucky mouth.
Noticing how well lubricated their gimps mouth now is, Miss Troy & Mistress Tangent decide to task the gimp with a very, very lucky task……using his mouth & tongue to clean & shine their boots & outfits.
The super fortunate gimp is commanded to begin his tongue cleaning duty at his Mistresses boots, so begins working diligently away at Cybill Troys heels & boot soles.
As the gimp progresses with the pleasurable cleaning task, his fortune also increases. After polishing her boots to a good shine, the gimp is directed to lick & shine Miss Troys wonderful legs, then amazing ass before being commandeered to render the same tongue shining service to Mistress Tangents boots & outfit.
With their gimp giddy from the honour of the tasks they have set him, Cybill Troy & Mistress Tangent round off their pleasurable torment of their shiny pet by allowing him to further shine their latex clad asses in combination with smothering him until the gimp is almost overcome.


Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Double Strap-On Pile-Drive Destruction (Cybill Troy & Veronica Vixen) – Anal, Female Domination

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Double StrapOn PileDrive Destruction Cybill Troy  Veronica Vixen  preview

00:13:15 | 960×540 | mp4 | 417 MB

Welcoming LA Mistress Veronica Vixen in her first strap-on tag team with Cybill Troy!
After using and abusing the same slave whore’s ass for their entertainment separately for years, they decide its about time to join forces and make all of his wildest nightmares come true! Individually, these Mistresses always push him to the very edge of his limits… he’ll have have no choice but to reach a new extreme level of submission in order please them both at once!
Their anal fuck-toy is passed back and forth between the perversely gorgeous Dominas, an overwhelming assault of huge rubber strap-on domme-dicks penetrating him front and back relentlessly and without mercy.
Determined to stretch their whore-slave’s ass even more, they fuck him violently, giggling together as his fuck-hole is forced open with each brutal thrust. His moans and screams are muffled by a throat-full of cock as he’s forced to taste his own whore ass as Veronica and Cybill spit-roast him into oblivion.
Wanting to ensure that their slutty plaything is thoroughly emasculated and permanently dickmatized by their unparalleled double ass fucking, and most importantly for their own pleasure, they fold him up like a pretzel to pile-drive him with every inch of their Man-O-War cocks, slamming down into him full-force together.
Finally satisfied with how brutally they’ve stretched-out their slut-boy’s gaping ass, they shove a big pink cock into him and leaves him on the floor, emasculated and cock-addicted.


Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – ANAL ARMAGEDDON (Cybill Troy, Mistress Dometria, Myrina Delour) – Domination, Spitting

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  ANAL ARMAGEDDON Cybill Troy Mistress Dometria Myrina Delour  preview

00:42:44 | 960×540 | mp4 | 1.28 GB

It truly is the End of Days…. at least it is for this rubber fuck-toy’s doomed asshole.
In Mistress Myrina Delour’s FIRST ever movie, her Domina friends Cybill Troy and Dometria certainly make sure she debuts with a BANG!
43 straight minutes of NONSTOP extreme anal abuse from 3 of the world’s most sadistic Mistresses makes for some of the most merciless FemDom painal ever committed to film.
As his ass is violently fucked and stretched to take unbelievably huge cocks and more, even two at a time, his face and mouth are also abused with the Mistress’ smoke, spit, cocks, and even their full latex gloved hands gag him to tearful wretches.
These three ultimate Dommes, have their gimp secured, terrified & utterly at their mercy, as they set about abusing & expanding almost every orifice that they can assault and destroy. Their gimp is face-fucked & his ass obliterated by each Mistress, in a terrifying whirlwind of ceaseless cock confusion. Taking no heed of the incoherent noises their gimp emits during their cock-assualt, all three Mistresses upgrade to their largest, heaviest cocks before embarking on a truly amazing & shocking attack to the very core of their gimps body & soul, signaling what can only be the end of days for their latex fuck-target as he’s brutalized to the very brink of what the human body is capable of.


MISTRESS GAIA – GODDESS GAIA – Female Domination, Whip


00:13:13 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 601 MB

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I’m going to give you a little present. Of course it will be exciting and exhilarating, and should remain with you for a long time. With him on his knees, I lead my slave over to the cross. He is hooded and tightly gagged to keep him from making too much noise, and although I do enjoy making my bitch squeal. Too much noise is a distraction for me, and the beautiful sound of my bullwhip. With him tightly bound to the cross, It’s time to make my bitch suffer. After some warm up strokes, he already begins to whine. It makes no difference as I intensify my lashes. Red welts quickly begin to appear as I move from side to side, creating a nice pattern on his back. I give him a little break as I take a look at his marks, and he thinks his torment is over. Not yet… I’m in a sadistic mood, and once again begin to whip him severely. He tries to squeal, but his muffled sounds only make me whip him harder. With my bitch now exhausted, and his back nice and raw. I leave him on the cross to suffer, as he now joins the many slaves that bear the autograph of Goddess Gaia…


Lady Kara – I teach you how to be my ashtray – Gagged Men, Smoke

Lady Kara  I teach you how to be my ashtray  preview

00:12:37 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 870 MB

You’re gonna serve me like an ashtray! I will train you how to be a good astray. You must to be useful in my house. I need a few sessions like this to get used to you to the smell and taste of smoke butts. It’s gross but I will do it for you slave! You can scream, choke and squeal like a pig but your life must to have a purpose to be with me! I help you with that!


Danielle Maye – Thieving Whore – Gagging, Domination

Danielle Maye  Thieving Whore preview

00:05:35 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 303 MB

Another Happy Custom Customer. You are a H**ker. You come to a guys house after he calls you. You made arrangements for payment ahead of time. You offer him to have some kinky fun. He agrees. First you blindfold the guy, then you hogtie him on the bed. Next you take his money from his pocket and search in the house for more money. tease him. Then put some nipple clamps on him and gag him with a used panty of you. Then leave him. Please wear some black latex stuff. Danielle Maye XXX


Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Strap-On Degradation (Bartender Forced into Slavery PART 2) – Female Domination, Boot Domination

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  StrapOn Degradation Bartender Forced into Slavery PART 2  preview

00:07:04 | 720×406 | mp4 | 99 MB

After seeing just how low this bartender would humiliate himself for a tip in Spit-Guzzling Boot Licker (Bartender Forced Into Slavery PART 1) , Cybill Troy takes the dehumanizing debasement even farther by deciding to turn him from a boot whore to a REAL whore, pulling out the new strap-on cock she bought earlier in the day and fucking his civilian ass right on the bar. She orders him to keep licking her boots as she assaults his slutty asshole with her rubber dick–spitting all over him and abusing his balls as she fucks him like a pretzel before forcing him to lick his own ass off of he dirty floor.


Ashley Alban – Super Sloppy Deepthroat – Spit Fetish, Dildo Sucking

Ashley Alban  Super Sloppy Deepthroat preview

00:10:18 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 1000 MB

Ashley loves being messy for you. First she wants to tease you with her ass and shake it to get your dick hard. She knows you love her juicy ass. After shaking for a bit, she gets down on the floor and pulls out a large dildo. She wants to suck it, deep throat it, and gang all over it. She starts sucking and get spits all over her tank top. You can see the spit running down her shirt soaking it. She takes her top off. It’s time to get her tits covered with spit. Ashley continues to deep throat, getting thick, stringy spit all over her. She rubs it all over her breasts until they are shiny and wet. Don’t you love Ashley like this?


Kinky Company Of Princess Mira – Vendetta – I Sit On Your Stretched Wide Open Mouth! – Extreme Dental Gag Facesitting! (1080 HD) – Gagging, Extreme Domination

Kinky Company Of Princess Mira  Vendetta  I Sit On Your Stretched Wide Open Mouth  Extreme Dental Gag Facesitting 1080 HD preview

00:09:15 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 611 MB

Now you can know the most privileged employee of my company, She is smart, beautiful, bisexual and kinky as much as me. She is my lover in my private life as well. My other employees don’t like her because she has the highest salary and she has many other privilege as well. Today is the semi-annual performance reviews at my company but 1st of all I wanna play with my favorite girl. I send the guys out of my office and let the fun begin! Unfortunately I have to leave my dirty games with her because I have a business meeting nearby. When I get back to the office I can’t believe my eyes! Three of my employees attacked my little lovely bitch and they humiliate her in many ways because she is my privileged. “Ok losers, let the vendetta begin and don’t worry, all of you will get the punishment you deserve!” We punish the guys one by one without mercy and I can guaratee it’ll be the most memorable day in their life.
Anna continous the vendetta alone and she turns into really extreme. She throws Leslie down to the floor and put a dental gag in his mouth. She sits full-weight in his pathetic face in variety of positions and smother him without mercy. Anna sits on Leslie’s stretched wide open mouth and humiliates him verbally. Anna keep smothering him till Leslie is totally breathless!