Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Strap-On Degradation (Bartender Forced into Slavery PART 2) – Female Domination, Boot Domination

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  StrapOn Degradation Bartender Forced into Slavery PART 2  preview

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After seeing just how low this bartender would humiliate himself for a tip in Spit-Guzzling Boot Licker (Bartender Forced Into Slavery PART 1) , Cybill Troy takes the dehumanizing debasement even farther by deciding to turn him from a boot whore to a REAL whore, pulling out the new strap-on cock she bought earlier in the day and fucking his civilian ass right on the bar. She orders him to keep licking her boots as she assaults his slutty asshole with her rubber dick–spitting all over him and abusing his balls as she fucks him like a pretzel before forcing him to lick his own ass off of he dirty floor.


Ashley Alban – Super Sloppy Deepthroat – Spit Fetish, Dildo Sucking

Ashley Alban  Super Sloppy Deepthroat preview

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Ashley loves being messy for you. First she wants to tease you with her ass and shake it to get your dick hard. She knows you love her juicy ass. After shaking for a bit, she gets down on the floor and pulls out a large dildo. She wants to suck it, deep throat it, and gang all over it. She starts sucking and get spits all over her tank top. You can see the spit running down her shirt soaking it. She takes her top off. It’s time to get her tits covered with spit. Ashley continues to deep throat, getting thick, stringy spit all over her. She rubs it all over her breasts until they are shiny and wet. Don’t you love Ashley like this?


Kinky Company Of Princess Mira – Vendetta – I Sit On Your Stretched Wide Open Mouth! – Extreme Dental Gag Facesitting! (1080 HD) – Gagging, Extreme Domination

Kinky Company Of Princess Mira  Vendetta  I Sit On Your Stretched Wide Open Mouth  Extreme Dental Gag Facesitting 1080 HD preview

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Now you can know the most privileged employee of my company, She is smart, beautiful, bisexual and kinky as much as me. She is my lover in my private life as well. My other employees don’t like her because she has the highest salary and she has many other privilege as well. Today is the semi-annual performance reviews at my company but 1st of all I wanna play with my favorite girl. I send the guys out of my office and let the fun begin! Unfortunately I have to leave my dirty games with her because I have a business meeting nearby. When I get back to the office I can’t believe my eyes! Three of my employees attacked my little lovely bitch and they humiliate her in many ways because she is my privileged. “Ok losers, let the vendetta begin and don’t worry, all of you will get the punishment you deserve!” We punish the guys one by one without mercy and I can guaratee it’ll be the most memorable day in their life.
Anna continous the vendetta alone and she turns into really extreme. She throws Leslie down to the floor and put a dental gag in his mouth. She sits full-weight in his pathetic face in variety of positions and smother him without mercy. Anna sits on Leslie’s stretched wide open mouth and humiliates him verbally. Anna keep smothering him till Leslie is totally breathless!


Lady Sofia – Worthless Shoe Slave (MP4) – Shoe Worship, Femdom

Lady Sofia  Worthless Shoe Slave MP4 preview

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A shoeslave is there to please and to satisfy his Mistress! Of course he is there for taking care of his Domina shoes and boots, too! Lady Sofia is sitting comfortable on a chair wearing a sexy pair of leather high heels. Her slave is kneeling in front of the chair she is sitting on ready to amuse his Mistress by doing his humiliating task. Lady Sofia orders him to stick out his tongue for wiping the soles of her elegant high heels over his tongue. Again n again! She commands him to suck on the sharp heels like it is a cock. She seems to be very amused while watching him cleaning her shoes sucking on the pointy toe deep as he can. Lady Sofia fucks his mouth with her shoe and forces him to keep it deep in his mouth as he can. At the end she doesn’t needs her slave anymore and orders him to crawl out of her sight.


Miss Noel Knight – Service My Pussy – Pussy Licking, Femdom

Miss Noel Knight  Service My Pussy preview

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It’s your lucky day, little man. I’m going to give you what you’ve been craving for so, so long. I’m going to allow you to pleasure my sweet little pussy. Look at it, sniff it, smell it; you want it don’t you? I slowly strip down, teasing you with my curves and the sensual smell of my soft skin. You think you’ll be getting a taste of my holiest of holies but you couldn’t be more wrong. Let me explain to you just what will be happening today…


Obeynikita – Mistress Nikita – My Nails Own You, Slut – Forced Ejaculation, Handjob

Obeynikita  Mistress Nikita  My Nails Own You Slut preview

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What I love the most about my gorgeous red nails is the longer they are the more control I`ve over my little nail slut — The deeper I can get them down its throat and the deeper I can fuck its pee hole! Notice how it only gets hard when my nails are driven to the back of its throat? Just look at “my” cock jump to attention when it gags on my freshly painted deep red glitter nails! Hear it beg to get fucked by my nails when they stroke that cock n balls. I allow it to put a coat of “clear coat” on them, but only if it licks it all off to make them shine! At this point, it’s way too far gone… my nails truly do own this slut.


Kelle Martina – Filling Your Holes – Female Domination, Medical Clinic

Kelle Martina  Filling Your Holes preview

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Welcome. Is this your first time to the FemDom Clinic? The first thing you must understand is that to be my property, all your holes are available to me, all the time. I demonstrate my control and power over you by filling all your holes, one by one. You thought u only had two?
If you want to be of service to me and my beautiful girlfriends, I will have to make sure you are fully cleaned and fully inspected. Open wide for my dental gag, a strict steel rachet which holds your mouth propped open. Spread your legs for this fat, think enema nozzle. It will clean u out for our use. And my sounding rod? I will show you where that goes…
A visit to the FemDom Clinic gets very intense!


Mistress Nikita – Obeynikita – Gag On Gloves Cum On Shoes – Female Domination, Humiliation

Mistress Nikita  Obeynikita  Gag On Gloves Cum On Shoes preview

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Let’s see how far I can get my fist down this cum hole’s throat and how deep my metal heel will slide down it’s cock tube! I mean, it keeps begging to fuck my heels. Maybe it was thinking about something else… like rubbing that little thing on my shiny patent leather or along my smooth shiny pantyhosed feet. It should know by now that it doesn’t get to experience pleasure any more without some pain. For whatever reason, it feels good to reach all five fingers deep down it’s face hole so it gags – like I`ve total control over it’s every function. Well, yeah… I do. It was over due for it’s six-month release so I decided to allow it. And just look at all that shoe shine it produced on my command. So much cum for it to lick off!


Mistress Nikita – Obeynikita: Deeper Nail Whore – MP4 – Locked Dick, Finger Nail Fetish

Mistress Nikita  Obeynikita Deeper Nail Whore  MP4 preview

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I just got my long shiny red nails perfectly manicured at the salon. It’s the perfect time to make my nail whore crawl to my well heeled feet and beg to be owned by my nails! I’ve had “my” cock locked up for several weeks now so my little fingernail whore is surely overheated already. Seeing my new nails sent it over the edge. It was moaning so much I had to stuff a big red ball in its jaw while I tied it down to my exam chair. Then I amused myself by teasing it until that little thing between its legs was ready to bust out of its small plastic confines. I am not letting that thing out, however, until it can take my whole hand down its throat without yacking. It needs to feel owned the from the inside!