Larkin Love – Inflatable Femdom – Inflatables, High Heels

Larkin Love  Inflatable Femdom preview

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My friend, Mr. Whale, is in for a wild ride. I make him my bitch, threatening to pop him with my stiletto heels if he doesnt lay still and let me have my way with him. First, I take off my bra and rub my huge G-cup tits all over his springy rubber body. Once I know he won’t struggle, I taunt him by smothering him with my pussy and ass, grinding into his face until he almost bursts. Now it’s time for some real fun! I break out the hitachi massager and strap it to Mr. Whale’s underbelly. I switch on the hitachi and climb on top, straddling the whale’s tail, and putting my pussy right on the powerful vibrations. My inflatable lover heaves and flexes beneath my wriggling body. I love the feel of his taught, turgid tail between my thighs. After several spectacular screaming orgasms, I turn the hitachi on full blast. Oh my god, I’m going to squirt! I squirt three times in a row, soaking the whale, the bed, and myself with pussy juices. Mmmm, not bad, Mr. Whale. But not good enough! Once I’ve had my fun, I savage him with a pair of scissors and use his final exhalation to cool myself off.


Danielle Maye – Dani The Masturbatrix – Femdom, Garter Stockings

Danielle Maye  Dani The Masturbatrix preview

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I am David the Masturbator, you are Dani the Masturbatrix. You know that I love to sit naked at my computer stroking my cock as hot girls spread their cunts and their assholes for my masturbation pleasure. You know that I am a **** masturbator who is obsessed with jerk off instruction videos. And you know that a champion masturbator like me needs a world-class masturbatrix to bring me to the height of orgasm. You are my Masturbatrix! You explain my addiction sensuously and lovingly, all the while pumping your hand at your crotch to encourage my masturbation. (Please, no small cock humiliation or anything like that–I am proud of my cock, the pleasure it can bring and how I can stroke it to please my Masturbatrix.) You know that nothing excites me more than being shown how to stroke my cock while I stare at a gorgeous woman. You take off your skirt and reveal your amazing legs and ass in your stockings–“Doesn’t that make you masturbate even harder, my Wanker Boy?” Then, standing in profile, you pump sensuously at your crotch, making masturbation movements, all the while telling me what a good Masturbator I am, how excited I am getting, how I need to shoot a load for my Masturbatrix, how much it excites me to see you making JO motions, telling me to stare at my Masturbatrix’s body while I think of spread cunts and wide open assholes — “Don’t you love it when women spread their cunts for you, David, don’t you always want to masturbate when you see those gorgeous holes on display, you Masturbator! Well, dream of them while staring at your Masturbatrix! Stroke that cock, you cunt-obsessed Masturbator! Stroke that cock for your Masturbatrix, David the Masturbator!” All the while, you are stroking and stroking, keeping up a rhythm for me to follow, until you tell me it’s time to build up to my orgasm and to give the ultimate Masturbator’s tribute to my Masturbatrix–the gift of spunk. “Give your Masturbatrix your spunk, David, and be my good Masturbator!” You encourage me to a climax as I give you the gift of my spunk. At the very end, you relax and drop the character and tell me: “I hope you enjoyed being my Masturbator, David–I love being your Masturbatrix. Any time you need masturbation instruction, come back to me for me–I want you to be my Masturbator: David the Masturbator! Happy masturbation! [Final JO motions.]” Please say masturbate/masturbator/masturbatrix throughout. Always use the word “cock”, NEVER “dick”. I like the words wank/wanker but masturbator etc. really get me off, especially with your hot accent.


Tara Tainton – Did You Like What You Got to See? – Virtual Sex, POV

Tara Tainton  Did You Like What You Got to See preview

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You’re such a good boy. Mommy always says so. So, why is she being so short and curt with you now, just when you only want to be around her, only want her gentle attention before the day is over? She’s all dressed up in a way you haven’t seen before. She says she has a “special guest” coming over and you must get to bed right away. But when you later hear your own mother moaning and crying out, what are you to do?? Your curiosity gets the best of you and you slowly push open the door to your own mother’s bedroom… She’s on her knees, her silk robe’s fallen around her ankles, she’s moving back and forth and moaning even louder. Do you dare look again? Your mother’s standing now, bent over at the waist, bouncing back and forth and screaming in delight… she spots you! …and she smiles seductively as you watch her grimace, moan, scream, and finally, come with a giant orgasm. You scurry off to bed… only for your mother to come downstairs to your bedroom and ask you if you like what you got to see. You can’t answer, but your erect cock does when your mother pulls back your bed covers. Then, she knows you liked watching her being fucked… do you want to pleasure mommy too?


Olivia Rose – MY NEW SUNGLASSES – Garter & Stockings, Nose Pinching

Olivia Rose  MY NEW SUNGLASSES preview

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Hey babe, I know you’ve missed me so much. I am so glad we can set up this skype call while you’re abroad on business. Don’t you love my vintage lingerie? Perfect soft tan stockings, and garters? I also have to show you what I just purchased. My new sunglasses. I love how oversized the frames re na how dark they are. Don’t I look like a moviestar while wearing them? Let me just slide them down my nose so they pinch the tip of it. I love how these frame my face and pinch my nose. I love the feeling of my nose being pinched. Let me take off the glasses and show you. I love pinching my nose and showing you my profile. I know you think my Roman nose is beautiful. Don’t you love me pinching it over and over baby


Dangerous Temptation – You Hate Powerful Women But You Need Them – Female Domination, Degradation

Dangerous Temptation  You Hate Powerful Women But You Need Them preview

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Being a secretary is not such a bad job but somehow do my dominant side I can do more then this,I can have a better job like Financial Advisor.Ive been fired yesterday ( my boss found a cheaper pays secretary ), so today Ive decived to visit my boss office for 1 last time just to fix some things : Im going to defend him becouse I know about his nylon fetish and Im going to use this weapon again this pervert nylon addict and make him cum inside his pants!
Today I will make him ( my exboss) cum again inside his pants like a nylon pervert addict!


Dangerous Temptation – Helpless For Aunties Stinky Feet – Fetish, Celine

Dangerous Temptation  Helpless For Aunties Stinky Feet preview

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Your aunt is wearing fully fashioned stockings , black colour sexy pinup skirt, stiletto pumps, and a make up! you are a pathetic virgin and you are saving your cummy for aunties nylon legs , arent you? you are watching her legs every day when she is visiting your mom , you just love that coffee time when she is crossing her nylon legs make you feel like a pervert loser, thinking of her scented nylon toes … That day when she will instruct you how to hump her legs covered in fully fashioned Gio stcokings will be the beginning of your enslavement becoming her foot slave!


Dangerous Temptation – Sick Merciless Humiliation – Mind Fuck, Female Domination

Dangerous Temptation   Sick Merciless Humiliation preview

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Custom clip request “
NOTES:you wear black tight stockings and a miniskirt. you have a dominatrix style make up and hair. you wear both your white e black CASADEI blade and your black LeSILLA high heels (you switch between the two pairs),mix walking and sitting on the sofa. i’d like you to insult me EXTREMELY hard and non stop for all the duration of the as cruel as you can with you insults without any hesitation, humiliate me without any mercy. i want to feel sick after hearing what you say to me in this video.”


Dangerous Temptation – If Vacuums Will Be Humans… They Will Love Satin Robes – Jerkoff Commands, Celine

Dangerous Temptation   If Vacuums Will Be Humans They Will Love Satin Robes preview

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Custom clip request :Hi.
Ok so i’d like to see you vacuum black satin robe, wearing first then let the vacuum suck it off you. Doesn’t have to be fully sucked up if your vacuum can’t handle it, that’s fine. You could use the hose on the satin, pulling it out then letting the vac suck it back in some dirty talk and lip licking while you vacuum the satin would be nice, too.:


Young Goddess Kim – Locked & Loaded – Garter & Stockings, Foot Smelling

Young Goddess Kim  Locked  Loaded preview

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I often think of being coerced by you to be your Sissy slut. You told me to come to our meeting while i wear nylons, suspenders, panties, bra, lacquer dress, heels and of course to put on my chastity belt. At the beginning of the video, check briefly if I have met all instructions well. To be coerced by You to do this and then You coerce me to sniff rush, exactly according to Your instructions, so that I also become more weak and even horny. During this treatment You tease me additionally and I have to sniff at Your nylon feet and may worship You in Your nylons, garter belt and Latex Dress. You coerce me, so to speak, your Sissy slut to become more and more addicted to You with the help of Rush. If I can come for my mistress, then of course only ruined in the Chastity cage. I have a plastic chastity cage with electro (E-Stim). i love to be punished with the electro-cage while i have to beg and get teased and get loaded with poppers. Of course I just want to give you a rough guideline and I would be happy if you would bring in your own ideas!