ClubDom – Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave (Full Movie) – Pussy Tease – Goddess Valora, Chindo

ClubDom  Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave Full Movie  Pussy Tease preview

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Kitty and Valora have a brand-new slave. The only problem about brand-new slaves is that they need to be broken. New slaves sometimes still have the silly notion that they get to fuck Superior Women with their worthless cocks. This slave is about to find out that, on the slave farm, slaves are here to please their Mistresses. First, Kitty teases her slave by making him watch her fuck herself with a vibrator. Next, Goddess Valora puts a dildo gag on the bitch and makes him please Mistress Kitty with it. Then, it’s time for the new slave to be bound and milked. Whether he likes it or not! The final step of breaking this slut is to turn him into their degraded boot licker. Now this slave knows it’s place!


Humiliation POV – Cum Dumpster Reprogramming, Eat Yours And His – CEI, Goddess

Humiliation POV  Cum Dumpster Reprogramming Eat Yours And His preview

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Hello my little cum dumpster. I’ll bet you never thought you’d enjoy being called that, did you? But that’s exactly what you are. I’ve been turning you into a little cum addict. But it serves a purpose, it’s not just to humiliate you, it’s to train you to crave it, to associate the feeling of orgasm with the taste of cum. And soon your cum won’t be enough. Oh you know exactly where this is heading, don’t you? I’m going to make you gulp the cum of other men.
That’s what this is all about, it’s about conditioning. And even though a part of you is repulsed, you think that sucking another man and eating his cum is wrong. But somewhere inside that fucked up brain of yours, you want it. I mean look at yourself, you’re still sitting there jerking. And that’s good, I want you obsessed with cum. I want you to think about cum every time you get horny. Each time your cock throbs I want you to think about the taste of cum, the humiliation of it, but also the curiosity of how someone else’s cum would taste.
I’ll bet you’d love to combine his and yours together lol. You never dreamed that your life would be like this, paying money to have your brain reprogrammed to love cum, especially the cum of other men. But here you are. And now there’s no turning back. But I don’t even think you want to turn back. You already love it so much even as humiliating and degrading as it is. This is your life now, you’re a little recycling center for all of the jizz, yours and his. And you don’t just want one other man’s cum, you want all the cum you can get out of as many think veiny cocks as possible.
You wonder what the cum from a big, thick manly cock would taste like? These are the questions that a cum dumpster asks himself. Now I want you to work that big sticky load out of your balls. I know you’re already craving your own salty, repulsive load in your mouth. All of this cum talk got you so horny. Now shoot your load in your hand, catch it all, and eat it all up. And this time when you’re eating it, I want you to pretend it’s someone else’s. I want you to practice and come to terms with this because it’s going to happen.


Humiliation POV – Goddess Valora – Edge While You Beg Me To Deny You – Orgasm Denial, Edging Games

Humiliation POV  Goddess Valora  Edge While You Beg Me To Deny You preview

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You love to edge. You’ve been edging for hours already, haven’t you? In fact, you’ve been edging for years. You can’t get enough of it. You love getting right to the brink of cumming, and then stopping. You love the way that makes you feel, being completely denied. And if and when you do get to cum, it’s so much more powerful. The thrill is in the chase for edge addicts like you. So maybe cumming isn’t something you should ever do.
You know that I’m right, I know you better than you know yourself. I know your wants, your needs, and your desires. And you do not need to cum. Edge that cock and each time you get to the edge and I tell you to stop, you’re going to tell me that you don’t want to cum. You’re going to beg to be denied. Stare at me and stroke. Look at my long legs and my perfect ass as you edge that horny dick. It gets you so turned on. Now stop! Now beg me not to let you cum.
Now keep your hands off of your cock while you beg me to never let you cum. Now start stroking again. I love teasing losers like you who don’t want to cum. I mean you were begging me not to let you cum. Keep edging. It feels so good. I know you love edging. Ride that edge. And stop. Hands off! LOL! Beg me, beg me again not to let you cum. Now start stroking again, this time staring at my beautiful Goddess tits. The tits that you’re not allowed to cum for, because you don’t want to.
You begged for it, you don’t want me to allow you to cum. But doesn’t it feel good stroking to my tits? I know it does. Now stop! Since you’ve been begging me not to cum I’m going to be nice to you and give you your wish, complete denial. Isn’t that nice of me?


ClubDom – Goddess Valora and Kitty Carrera Slut Training – Female Domination, Club Dom

ClubDom  Goddess Valora and Kitty Carrera Slut Training preview

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Goddess Valora and Mistress Kitty are out by the pool and they have some things to teach you today! You better not be playing with your little cock unless they say so. First of all, why are your hands even free? Put your hands under your ass and sit on them. Listen to these Goddesses tell you how to touch yourself properly. They know that deep down you’re just a sissy slut. In fact, you are lucky to even have their attention in the first place. So, take notes and learn how a sissy should please their Goddess. How to suck their cocks. How to be used by their cocks in every hole.


ClubDom – Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave – Boot Worship – Spit, Double Domination

ClubDom  Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave  Boot Worship preview

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The new slave has had a very busy day being humiliated, teased and tormented by Goddess Valora n Mistress Kitty. However, the day is not over and this bitch’s torment is not finished yet. Since the slut has his own jizz all over his mouth, Goddess Valora is kind enough to wash it off. She spits all over the slave’s mouth and face while Kitty and her take turns slapping his pathetic face. Goddess Valora then informs her bitch that it’s boot worshipping time! Goddess Valora and Mistress Kitty are both wearing long, black, shiny thigh high boots. This slut better worship them really well! They attach a leash to their slave’s collar and force him to polish every inch of their boots with his tongue. They pull on his collar to make him suck every inch of their boots’ long heels. He is totally degraded by being made to lick the soles of their boots clean. Now their slave is completely broken. Just like Kitty n Valora like it!


ClubDom – Your Cock is too Small for Kitty and Valora – Female Domination, Small Penis Humiliation

ClubDom  Your Cock is too Small for Kitty and Valora preview

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Kitty Carrera and Goddess Valora are beautiful, smart, dominant women with hot smoking bodies. Did you think that you could ever be with them? Did you think you could be their boyfriend? Did you think you could fuck them? Did you think that your tiny cock could ever please them? Well, you’re an idiot! And so, wrong! Watch Kitty and Valora humiliate and laugh at you and your pathetic cock. They will make you feel like the loser that you are!


Brat Princess 2 – Valora – Edge for your Goddess (1080 HD) – Chastity, Mind Reprogramming

Brat Princess 2  Valora  Edge for your Goddess 1080 HD preview

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1080 HD Princess Chloe had sent one of her slaves to Goddess Valora for some additional conditioning. Today, Valora wants Chloe’s slave to devote 5 worship edges to its Princess. Valora toys with the key to the slave’s chastity device. The slave must worship Valora’s beautiful ass in spandex leggings before being allowed to touch itself. Finally, Valora grants its release and the slave jerks eagerly. It must edge for Valora in devotion to Chloe. Valora intends to reprogram the slave’s mind. She wants to deepen n reinforce the slave’s psychological connection between physical pleasure n debt. Valora aims to build a very strong connection in the slave’s mind between the 2. The slave must listen to Valora n edge exactly as she instructs. The slave must stroke when she tells it and stop when Valora commands. When the slave doesn’t listen carefully, Valora gets mad n slaps it in the face. While the slave is on the edge, Valora talks seductively about it going further n further into debt for women. The slave must admit that it is a pay pig. Pay pig is its’ new identity. The slave begs to be put back in chastity so that it can be a good pay pig and take Valora n Chloe straight to the mall. The slave obediently locks itself back up and presents Valora with the key. Valora snatches the key from it and off to the mall they go.


ClubDom – Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave – Milking – Sperm, Latex

ClubDom  Kitty and Valora Break Their Slave  Milking preview

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After teasing n denying the slave until he couldn’t take it anymore the Ladies decide that their bitch needs a good milking. They have their slave bound with his cock n balls locked tightly in a stockade. This bitch is at the mercy of Kitty and Valora now. There is no way to escape! Mistress Kitty uses her latex gloved hand to slowly stroke the slaves hard cock while Goddess Valora taunts n laughs at the helpless slut. Kitty edges the slut slave slowly and methodically. After she decides that the slut has been tortured enough she strokes him hard and fast allowing his cum to explode all over their latex gloves. Of course, they humiliate their bitch completely by rubbing all of his filth all over his face and in his mouth. Maybe next time he won’t take so long to cum for his Mistresses.


ClubDom – Goddess Valora Fucks Her Sissy slave – Anus, Sissy Training

ClubDom  Goddess Valora Fucks Her Sissy slave preview

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“What’s my name?” asks Goddess Valora. After the punishment that this sissy slave just received, he`ll never forget it. The sissy says her name correctly and his reward is a hard slap in the face. Goddess Valora doesn’t like mistakes. Now she is pissed but she will still give her whore what he wants n needs. Her cock! Goddess Valora shoves her huge black cock down the slut’s throat. He spits and gags, to the delight of Valora. Goddess Valora doesn’t make sensual love to her sissies. She fucks their faces and asses violently with her strap on. Today is no different. Goddess Valora puts her slut back on the spanking bench and fucks the shit out of his little sluthole. When she is done the sissy is crying on the floor, sucking his thumb, in the fetal position at her feet. Goddess Valora can’t believe that she broke this sissy so easily. Next time she won’t go so easy.