Kandi Kay – The Only Way You Get To Cum – Masturbation Instruction, Pov

Kandi Kay  The Only Way You Get To Cum preview

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I have something special in store for you. You are going to enjoy this and its NOT CEI! You are a very lucky loser! Are you ready? Now grab that cock and pump that cock twice nice and slow for me then stop! Now I want you to edge for this entire clip, I want you on the verge of cumming for me. Fill those balls up, if you are really lucky I will let you cum. Maybe I should just crush you and end your suffering. Nah! That would be too easy! I know your dying to hear what your treat is but you don’t get to know just yet. Look at you, pathetic little loser! Tell me how bad you want to cum again for me. Your first task today is to send me a tribute and Ill let you write some of the descriptions for my videos, I bet you’d like that. If you do well, you can keep doing it. Next task is to record a video of yourself humiliating yourself for me, do anything you can think of. Now the fun part! I want you go to out and find a nice big pink piggy stuffed . Oh yes! Then I want you to cut a whole out right under its tail and fuck it until you cum inside it. If you cant complete the challenge, I will just have to come up with something even worse including a very big tribute. Imagine all those pillow humpers out there and YOU my little bitch are going to be even more disgusting than them! I cant wait to see it! Its going to be fucking hilarious! – Kandi


Becky Dee – Back Again and Again – Goddess Worship, Tease & Denial

Becky Dee  Back Again and Again preview

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I know you say to yourself this will be your last clip, I decided I want to help you with this. I think you need one more clip binge. One more for the long haul. Go on, it’s ok. That’s it. Now I know you will be back after this. Sit back, relax and listen to everything I say. Look at me, we both know you can’t turn back now. You think you can run, but you can’t. You are hooked, addicted, obsessed. You can’t resist this perfect body and bratty attitude. Grab that cock and jerk it nice and slow for me. I know you love these huge tits of mine; you can’t resist them. The thought of being able to grab and caress them gets your cock so hard for me. My little loser, you can’t resist. You are mine. Jerk it harder for me loser. That’s right, keep going. I’ll see you again soon when you buy the next clip. I don’t think you can’t resist! – Becky Dee


Princess London Lix – The Online Femdom World Is A Sanctuary Of Social Rejects For Me To Mold – Mind Fuck, Powerful Woman

Princess London Lix  The Online Femdom World Is A Sanctuary Of Social Rejects For Me To Mold preview

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You used to be such a fucking loser didn’t you? A complete sad, lonely, pathetic wankaholic existence. You don’t really have family or friends who really care about you. You don’t have a social life except for fucking your hand. I know you don’t have a girlfriend. You have just a lonely jerkoff loser life. And you might be thinking that well, ‘I’m still a loser, I still have no friends, I’m still fucking the palm of my hand instead of a pussy’. And while I agree that you still have some loser qualities, you’re not a loser any more because you have me.
You see losers have no one at all. Losers do nothing but fuck their hands. And I’m sure some of you out there are still like that, but I’m hoping to change that today. I want you to transition from being a loser jerk junkie into my slave. Submissive men can actually be very useful. You have me now, you have a purpose, losers have no purpose. Losers just wank their dicks raw, but slaves obey, slaves serve. It will make you feel better about yourself, it will fill that empty void that used to be your loser life. Stroke to it, sexualize the submission.
You will belong to me, you will know what it feels like to truly submit to a hot dominant woman. You will sacrifice but it will forever change your life. You will no longer be a loser, you will be a slave. It is so much deeper and more fulfilling. You will give up your mind and your wallet, you will lock up your cock, and in return, I will bring you to a place you’ve never been to.
Every degrading thing you’ve done in your life has brought you to this moment, they have brought you to me. Slaves have purpose, slaves contribute, slaves mean something, slaves have an existence which is worth living. Don’t you want that? This femdom porn world is a sanctuary for social rejects, you just don’t work out there in the real world. And here you found me. It is here that I scoop up guys who are too socially inept to talk to women and I mold them into my slaves. Slaves are not pathetic. Slaves serve a purpose. You have me now and it feels so good to keep giving more and more of yourself to me.
You don’t have to be a loser, you can be a slave. You could have purpose and a reason for being. There is so much purpose in giving yourself to a woman like me.


Princess Mindy – Intense SNIFFERS breathing method PART 2 – Cum Countdown, Mental Domination

Princess Mindy  Intense SNIFFERS breathing method PART 2 preview

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This is the JOI cum countdown Part 2 of “Intense SNIFFERS breathing method” and this long 30 minute INTENSE SNIFFER commands sniffing clip is filled with non stop sniffer sniffing commands using this intense breathing technique, along with teasing and brattiness…
You have sooo many guided sniffer commands and sniff sound triggers along with being guided the whole time to get the most out of every sniffer sniff by using breath holds, slow inhales, exhales and other breathing techniques.
You will be inhaling poppers while jerking off and even SNIFF THROUGH a cum countdown. Have you ever had an orgasm while on an intense SNIFFER inhale??? well you will after this mind fuck SNIFF clip.
PLEASE BE SURE TO WATCH PART 1 FIRST *you wont understand the breathing method unless you are taught in part 1 first.


Mistress Harley – Cameltoe Panties Pussy Worship – Femdom, Brat Girls

Mistress Harley  Cameltoe Panties Pussy Worship preview

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You know a loser like you will never see my gorgeous perfect shaved pussy, so get on your fucking worthless knees to worship my pussy in these nearly see through black cotton panties. They’re soooo far up my ass that my perfect jiggly booty is hanging out, and these panties are so tight you can almost see my pussy lips exploding out the sides. Press your nose into the screen while you try to inhale my scent and beg to buy my dirty panties just so you can get a taste


Goddess JessiBelle – Just to Taste It – Pussy Worship, Female Domination

Goddess JessiBelle  Just to Taste It preview

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Tel me what you would be willing to do just to get a tiny taste of my delicious, sweet pussy? Would you hurt yourself? Would your eat your cum? Would you suck dick? Mr J would stay down there eating my pussy for hours if I let him, but I always end up begging for his cock after cumming over and over in his mouth.
I wouldn’t let you NEAR my pussy. You don’t even get to look at it. You don’t deserve even sniffing my panties. My pussy is better than you. It doesn’t deserve the punishment of being close to you. What would you do to get just a taste? Do you want to lick my dripping wet cunt after I have cum over and over?
What if I let you taste my pussy, but only under one condition…you’d have to lick it off of Mr J’s cock. I bet you’d do it! You’d do it just to taste my Goddess pussy!


Countess Crystal Knight – Scissorhold POV – Breath Play – Laughing, Female Domination

Countess Crystal Knight  Scissorhold POV  Breath Play preview

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Breath play can be fun. I’ve realized the only way I’m truly going to step it up with your addiction will be physically dominating you with my body. So I’ve decided a little scissor hold around your neck will implement all the superiority I hold over you. Put your life in my hands and get ready to hold your breath for a very long time. I’m going to introduce you to the next level of submission with a sexy and extreme point of view.