Natasha’s Bedroom – Do You Want To Be Unlocked? – Chastity, Denial

Natashas Bedroom  Do You Want To Be Unlocked preview

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Do you want to be unlocked? I have your chastity key right here, and all it would take is a little twist of my hand to let you free. That poor imprisoned cock is just stiff and aching as it strains against the cold metal of your cage.
Maybe I will let you out. Maybe I’ll free you for one quick cum milking. Or maybe I will take out that dick and use it as my own personal sex toy. Get down on your knees and try to convince me. Beg.
Just kidding! I’m only teasing; there’s no chastity reprieve for you today. You agreed to this. You chose to hand over total cock control to me, and there’s no going back. It is denial for you, for as long as I want.
I like to watch you suffer sexual frustration. It turns me on to have absolute power over the most intimate part of your body, and the more you suffer, the wetter my pussy becomes. I am won’t let you out for a single stroke. But I will make you want it even more. I’m going to tease that locked up cock and aching blue balls until oblivion. Until you can’t take another second.


Goddess Saffron – Your View from Below – High Heels, Female Supremacy

Goddess Saffron  Your View from Below preview

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You are a weak, small, little man with one use only – to worship the one true Goddess. The feeling you experience when you are in your rightful place makes you so thankful. Today we are going to discuss your view from below. How the view of My powerful designer heel sends shivers down your spine. How the feeling of my heel going deep to the back of your throat makes you harder than ever. Yes, that’s right, how your teeny weener throbs with delight at every glimpse of my overpowering presence. Oh you lucky slave. Today you are going to get licking. You are going to get licking clean the soles of My divine shoes and gag on My dangerous heel. I am going to grind you down into a little nub. As your pleasure intensifies, the weaker you get, round and round in a vicious circle you go. Eventually you will be so weak, that you will be begging to give yourself to Me completely.


Goddess Vera – Blackmails Not a Game – Blackmail Fantasy, Big Tits

Goddess Vera  Blackmails Not a Game preview

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While you’re distracted pumping away at your hand, let me make something very clear to you: I am not playing around anymore. I have the capacity to ruin your life, your family’s lives, to humiliate you at the snap of my fingers. Why would I do that? Simple. Because I can. I love watching you squirm, seeing your discomfort. And you’re too dumb to stop. I’ll tell you exactly how I’m going to ruin you, and you’re going to keep feeding me information. You. Are. Fucked.


Goddess Saffron – Brain Penetrating Heel Therapy – Tease And Denial, Hypno

Goddess Saffron  Brain Penetrating Heel Therapy preview

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You come to see Me, a renowned sex therapist with a 99% cure rate. You tell me all about an ongoing problem your have. You explain 2 me how you are literally debilItated when u see an attractive woman wearing high heels. How your addiction is getting deeper by the day. It is affecting your marriage and ruining your social life. You tell me also that you lose yourself and feel extremely vulnerable when you see a woman wearing high heels. You are now suffering from anxiety, in anticipation of the effects a pair of high heels can have on you. The arousal is now becoming fearful.I then begin to analyse just why you are addicted to high heels. I explain the reasons why heels have taken over your mind and crotch. But like all fears, you need to face them. So I decide the perfect treatment for you is to undergo my special Brain penetrating Heel Therapy. Sounds scary, but really it is something you are going to love. I will remove your addiciton and all anxiety you have towards your fetish. I then subject you to my perfect designer stiletto high heels. I invite you closer then take you through the steps of your treatment. Yet with all my therapy sessions, there is a price to pay. Watch to find out and see if you can survive my Brain Penetrating Heel therapy.


Princess Mika – Take The Pussy Free Pledge, You Don’t Deserve Pussy – Pussy Control, Pussy Worship

Princess Mika  Take The Pussy Free Pledge You Dont Deserve Pussy preview

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You need to take your submission to a whole new level. It was inevitable that we got to this point. Just look at my perfect pussy. You can see the outline of it through my panties. That is the best you can hope for. My pussy really does own you, doesn’t it? And you know deep down in the core of your soul that you don’t deserve pussy. You’re going to be pussy free for the rest of your pathetic existence.
And I really love teasing you with what you can never have. Just look at my sexy, perfect bikini body. Especially my pussy. So I’ve decided that you need to take a ‘pussy free pledge’. Even if you have a wife or a gf, you don’t deserve to fuck her. You deserve to be pussy free and you need to be dedicated to it. So I want you to take this pledge very seriously as you were born to be pussy free.
So you’re going to take this pledge as you stare at the outline of my pussy. Now put your right hand up and repeat after me, ‘I will remain pussy free forever.’ It’s so simple yet so powerful as you speak the words from your lips. No pussy for you loser. I want you to say this over and over again as you stroke and stare at my pussy. Make it your new mantra.
No one wants to fuck you. You’re a fucking chronic masturbating loser, why would any woman want that? They don’t, face it! So say it, ‘I will be pussy free forever’. Keep saying it over and over and over again until you get it through your stupid head. There’s no hope for you, is there? Doesn’t it feel good to just admit it? Pussy isn’t for you. You will be pussy free forever.


Crystal Knight – Your Religion = ME – Femdom, Slave Training

Crystal Knight  Your Religion  ME preview

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You spend all your time worshipping my body. You spend every day serving your Goddess. You claim your religious but are you? How could you be when your worshipping a deity on earth? I am your religion and it’s time you wake up and accept it. I am the one you will pray to, tithe to, and bow before. I am the one who gives your life purpose and makes you feel whole. There is no more Sunday church days unless your getting on your knees doing a 20 clip binge and praying to me all day. It’s time you accept the truth, your religion is me and thats never going to change. It’s just going to get even more extreme.


Latex Barbie – Almost Naked: Edge and Weaken – Erotic Nude, Edging Games

Latex Barbie  Almost Naked Edge and Weaken preview

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WOAH! DROP EVERYTHING! You’ve NEVER seen your Goddess like this before. In a barely-there transparent latex catsuit, it’s enough to break you from one single glance. I knew you’d be powerless against Me. You can’t even stop that cock from twitching. Give in, like you always do, buy this clip and indulge in my perfect curves, almost naked. Get weaker for the woman of your dreams as I sadistically instruct you to edge – and stop. Edge – and stop. The t0rture has just begun. I have built this clip, and pt. 2 and 3, to completely destroy and drain you harder than ever before. Get them all for the maximum fuck-up experience, and maybe even for the chance to cum!


Princess AstroDomina – Cum Drunk – Cum Eating, Cum Eating Instruction

Princess AstroDomina  Cum Drunk preview

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Mark has never been seduced to [***] and jerking. he begged me to create a video for him that will show how powerless he is in the face of severe seduction. i had him prepare beer & liquor shots before he gets to implode in the very end. but here’s a little kicker… he doesn’t know that I am going to make him taste his own cum! he’ll be so wasted and horny, he’ll do anything i tell him to! ha! talk about a real noob huh? by the time mark gets to his ejaculation, he’ll be so intoxicated & cumdrunk, he’ll want more of his tasty cream!


Miss Noel Knight – Sweaty School Girl Domination – Ass Sniffing, Femdom

Miss Noel Knight  Sweaty School Girl Domination preview

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You are the nerdy loser and I am the popular hot girl. Our worlds never collide. You can only watch and want me from afar. One day you stray a little too close & are entranced by the smell of my dirty, smelly feet. I laugh at you, humiliate you and force you to smell my nasty knee socks and moist toes. You are so submissive before the scent of my sweat that I decide to make you my personal bitch boy. In exchange for the privilege of sniffing my sweaty toes, armpits & ass, you’ll do anything I say from now, regardless of how humiliating, degrading or painful. Do we have a deal? I just knew you’d say yes! Now get that nose on my bottom, boy, and take a deep breath!