Worship Goddess Jasmine – Tits and Int0x – Mesmerize, Hypno

Worship Goddess Jasmine  Tits and Int0x preview

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Can u resist my tempting cleavage huh? Most definitely not. I want you high as you drool over my juicy tits. I want u hitting that bottle over and over and I tease you. I want you to test yourself and see how far you can actually go. Lose all inhibition and inhale like never before. My tits make you weak and they’re going to push you today. I want you bl.o.o.d.ed nosed in a heap on the floor with nothing but the image of my tits in your head.


Goddess Madam Violet – Deep Dicknosis – POV, Love Addiction

Goddess Madam Violet  Deep Dicknosis preview

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All those times I’ve mesmerised you, yet I have never done it to your dick….*SNAP* down you lay there helpless as I talk directly to your dick; “now his arms are so very heavy and he cannot move them…now he is under MY control – who is going to stroke you, hmmm, little dick?”
I place you and your mind into a deep state with a rapid induction. A subversion of an NLP ‘Parts Therapy’, it gets right to the ROOT. So to speak! I will be mesmerising your dick, I will be mind-fucking your dick, I will be teasing your dick, forcing your DRIPPING dick to surrender to Me, to submit to Me to hand over the reigns of your body and mind to Me. If he does as he is told, then I will release just one of your hands from your deep, unnatural eyes-wide-open sleep and command you to stroke.
The whole time YOU are unable to do anything, you’re barely taking in what I’m saying, you are a bystander, POWERLESS as the little brain DICKtator that controls your every move and I have a ‘discussion’ about your future. About OWNERSHIP. The more mesmerised your dick becomes the more it TWITCHES, the more it dances and DRIPS as you are perfectly still.
Finally with three twitches I get your your dick to AGREE that I am now in charge. I bring you up, tell you to stroke at a constant speed and then DROP you back down…counting down your dick into orgasm….It lies there shrivelled, deflated, defeated. There’s a new boss in town!


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Your Gender is Sissy – Sissy Training, Feminization

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Your Gender is Sissy preview

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Let’s get one thing clear, my dear. You’re not a man. Your desire to be dressed up and humiliated, made to wear women’s clothing, stockings, heels, makeup.. This obviously lacks all aspects of masculinity. But if you think you’re a woman, think again. Women are beautiful, graceful, sensual, and fine – you are not. Your gender is sissy. You’re something else, the chimera of the sexual world, made up of all these different parts. A man’s equipment but a woman’s desires and a slut’s need for humiliation.
Fortunately for you, I know how to train the sissy and perfect it…


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Stronger Than My Date – Goddess Snow, Fitness

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Stronger Than My Date preview

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I agreed to go on a date with you because you told me that you were a strong, confident, and muscular guy who went to the gym all the time. You told me that you go to the gym all the time but it is not true. As you started to take your shirt off that you had the wimpiest arms and I tower over u. Apparently you had lifts in your shoes! No, fuck you. I think I need to show you how I can manhandle you for being the shrimp you’re. Oh? You challenge me to a push-up contest? To see me naked? You are on..
What happens when you don’t win..?


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Fall in Love and Never Escape – Goddess Worship, Femdom

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Fall in Love and Never Escape preview

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So explain to me how you thought you might escape my grasp. Tell me that you had some kind of plan, right? How did you think you might get away from me? Thought you could stop cold turkey? We both know that the moment you laid eyes on me.. You were fucked. You knew u fell deeply, madly in love with me. You couldn’t leave me if you tried. Love is a funny thing.. it’s a force to be reckoned with. You didn’t know you had feel this way, that you’d fall so hard for this beautiful, sadistic creature.
It’s not just my beauty, it’s my raw attraction that keeps you entranced.


ClubDom – Goddess Tangent – Anal Stretch – Female Domination, Strap-On

ClubDom  Goddess Tangent  Anal Stretch preview

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Mistress Tangent calls for her sissy slave. Crossed dressed, Goddess Tangent is pleased with her sissy bitch, that is until…she notices his shade of lipstick, and instantly recognizes it. Mistress Tangent queries her sissy bitch, and you can see the trepidation in his eyes, as he immediately realized the stupidity of his mistake. Mistress Tangent is pissed. Pissed that he contaminated her lip stick with his disgusting sissy germs, now rendering her lip stick useless. What is the perfect punishment? Anal stretching! Does the punishment fit the crime? I am sure Mistress Tangent will make it fit, 1 way or another. Her sissy slave’s ass is already destroyed from his previous beatings, and it is several shades of black and blue. Such is the life, one must suffer and endure to be a slave, and that is what this sissy will do. An angry Mistress Tangent with an inflatable dildo is a scary thought…


Worship Goddess Jasmine – The Power Of My Ass – JOI, Cocktease

Worship Goddess Jasmine  The Power Of My Ass preview

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My bank balance is proof of just how powerful my ass. Whenever I do an ass clip, I have slaves, subs falling over themselves to send me money. I even have ‘businessmen’ making excuses to work for me & so called ‘vanilla’ boys trying to find excuses 2 pay me without ‘coming out of the closet’.
Some slaves tell me its because my big, superior, perfect ass makes them draw comparison to their own inferior or beta body, or their tiny, inadequate dick. Some slaves says its the shiny material or hot pants around my perfect cheeks that ruins their resistance and makes them want to pay. But whatever it is, pay u all do.
And its power on screen is only a small portion of its power in real life. Should you ever be wealthy enough to kneel before it in real life, just one sniff on my ass crack or kiss of my butt cheek would have you pleading with me to take everything.