Goddess Jessica – Kitchen CBT – Jerkoff Commands, Female Domination

Goddess Jessica  Kitchen CBT preview

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Thanks for joining me in my kitchen this evening. Today we are going to prepare a lovely Mincemeat pie! We need the following tools: tongs, chop sticks, coffee cup, wooden spoon and a rolling pin. We need the following ingredients: hot sauce, ginger root, ice cubes and a penis that deserves it. I hope you enjoy my recipe!


Goddess Jasmine – Suck Cock For Us – Female Domination, Coerced Bi

Goddess Jasmine  Suck Cock For Us preview

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It is something that you have thought about for a long time isn’t it. Seeing the title of this clip just lured you in. You HAD to click and BUY.
You’re such a loser. You really would do anything for a dominant, ALPHA PRINCESS! You are a needy, nerdy DORK! Today myself and Princess Danielle are going to tease you so bad, verbally humiliate you, you will just want to have your lips wrapped right around the strap on.
Now you know you said you would do anything to serve us. We want to see just how far you would go. You are a broke ass loser so we feel the ONLY way to serve us is with your mouth. Yes, you will work for us, taking cock in both your holes. We don’t care that your an anal virgin you will work hard for us and make us money. As you are a ugly disgusting dork so you will therfore charge fuck all. So the pennies you make will come our way. You will have to take A LOT of cock to make a decent amount for us both. You will make the effort, dressing up like a cock craving slut and you will not be fussy.
We will teach you just how to satisfy a man and those measly dollars will come our way all whilst you get absolutely RUINED.


Goddess Jasmine – Stinky Gym Slave – Sock Smelling, POV

Goddess Jasmine  Stinky Gym Slave preview

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See a Loser like you fantasizes about my smelly items. My perfect scent sends blo..od rushing to your groin area, what a fucking wierdo! But I love to tease and manipulate you stupid weak idiots. See you want these items don’t you? Real bad. Imagine having them in your hands right now, think about all those perverted fucked up you would do to them. Knowing that I wore them and my perfect princess scent is nicely embedded in them.
I am the ULTIMATE tease. By the end of this clip you will be so horny you wont be able to think straight you will just feel the NEED to have my items NOW. So therefore parting with a whole lot of CASH!


Goddess Datura DiVine – A Memento – Financial Domination, Shiny Fetish

Goddess Datura DiVine  A Memento preview

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Some things are just better posthumously. You find yourself in a bare room with an antique chest. The smell of My perfume lingers in the air, reminding you that your evening had started with Me…elsewhere. But now you’re here, on your knees, not quite sure how it all happened and completely unable to look away from My glossy designer stockings. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter anyway. I talk, and you listen. I remind you of the promises you made, and tell you I intend to help you keep them- indefinitely. You see, as it turns out, I’m known in certain circles for offing men this way. Recognize Me? I smoothly elaborate on My plans for your funds, and tell you what will become of you. I even give you the secret to My black pearls, but if you’re wondering about the chest…that I cannot tell you. As for your life? It will end in a ritual. I give you the chalice, and then…, dizzy, delirious from My Daturan elixir, I make you focus on Me. Stroke…swear yourself to Me. Watch the ritual blade and with your last breath, say….


Goddess Angel – Cult of Angelism – Religious, JOI

Goddess Angel  Cult of Angelism preview

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Belonging is a common desire. You want to belong, belong to me, belong to my cult of devoted, loyal slaves, belong to something greater than what you can comprehend… Surely there’s a reason I have acquired men all over the world, happily following my orders, letting me guide them into the proper state of total and complete servitude… There must be something about me that has completely dismantled the willpower and internal strength of all types of men everywhere. Something that has compelled these slaves to fall into a deep entrancement, a reoccurring web of desire, need, the need to serve…. Dip your toes into the water, worship Goddess, take her words into consideration if you haven’t already, truly let yourself focus on the verbal masterpiece of this clip and feel yourself slip away slowly… Become one of Goddess Angel’s toys, become someone who simply belongs…


Goddess Alexandra Snow, Mistress Ezada Sinn – One Month CBT and Ruined Orgasm Assignment Task 1 – Jerkoff Commands, Fetish

Goddess Alexandra Snow Mistress Ezada Sinn  One Month CBT and Ruined Orgasm Assignment Task 1 preview

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I’m sure all you would like to do looking at two gorgeous leather beauties as Alexandra Snow and I is stroke your pathetic cock, am I right? It just gets hard the same instant you see Us, and your hand instinctively reaches into your pants, I know. So, for jerk-off junkies like you We have a one month assignment to show you who is really in control of your cock. A new task will be issued each week, alternatively on My store (tasks 1 and 3) and Goddess Alexandra Snow’s store (tasks 2 and 4). Make sure you don’t miss any and execute them as instructed!
The assignment contains CBT and ruined orgasm instructions that can be performed using nothing else but regular household objects. Each task comes with a different way of ruining your orgasm, and sometimes you will have to try more times until you manage to do it properly.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Ball Stretching – POV, Masturbation Instruction

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Ball Stretching preview

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I know you have such an attachment to your balls. Literally and figuratively. You’re very protective of those little squishy bits below your cock. This attachment feels a bit unnecessary to me, honestly. As your Goddess I should be able to tell you to do whatever I want with whatever body part I want. This includes your balls. So today we’re going to do a stretching exercise. We’re going to yoga the fuck out of those balls and stretch them as far as they can go while you jerk for me today. You’re going to need to grab yourself a small collar and leash of some sort.
It’s time to really emphasize the “BT” in “CBT”.


Goddess Vivian Leigh – I am your new Allah – Findom, Financial Domination

Goddess Vivian Leigh  I am your new Allah preview

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You worship this silly allah, this ridiculous book. You kneel down on your little sub rug and submit to…what? I read from the English (dominant) translation of this silly book and realize that it’s all about trying to hide your feelings of inadequacy over your very small and very smelly brown penis. Then I laugh at you. Ha! Nobody believes this, not even you. So I wipe my ass with your silly book, and now you will worship ME.