Harley Lavey – Slave for the Pussy – Pussy Denial, Blonde Goddess

Harley Lavey   Slave for the Pussy preview

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You’ve been dying to see my beautiful pussy up close and personal. But the second you set your eyes on it you can’t peel them away, the longer you look the further you fall into a state of complete and utter obedience. You’ve become dazed and in a trance. Your mind is blank and empty, only visions of my luxurious pussy exist. Nothing is left of your free will, body or self control, you’ve become a mindless robot. A slave to the pussy.


GoddessFootJobs – Goddess Maya Bijou – Wish It Was Your Cock – Foot Licking, Fetish

GoddessFootJobs  Goddess Maya Bijou  Wish It Was Your Cock preview

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Do you like my feet? I wish this was your cock between my pretty feet. Keep watching my feet work this cock up and down while you stroke your warm, stiff cock in your hands. All I want is to do this to you. I know it would feel so good to have your shaft against my soft, wrinkled soles and your head rubbing against my toes. Please, I want you to watch my feet and cum for my cute little feet!


Goddess Venus – Itty Bitty Clitty Brainwashing – Mean Girls, Small Cock Humiliation

Goddess Venus  Itty Bitty Clitty Brainwashing preview

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What’s an antonym for “affirmation”? Not finding any good ones on the online thesaurus. Allow you mind to become empty as I fill it up with these SPH affirmations. You’re cock is too small. That’s not a dick. That’s an itty bitty clitty. If you had any doubts about your size or worth you won’t after this intense brutal rewiring. You should know by now you don’t have much to work with, and you can’t please any woman….But let me remind you over and over and over. Does it get easier to hear after a while? Or does it sting more and more with each verbal blow?


Goddess Kyaa – Cock sucker training 101 – Degradation, Dildo

Goddess Kyaa  Cock sucker training 101 preview

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Bow before our big strap-on cocks and learn to be our obedient whore! We’ll turn you into our robo-cocksucker. A slutty robot with no gag-reflex! Instead of struggling to swallow cocks whole you’ll be able to slide every last inch of the shaft deep into your throat. With our help you’ll be able to fit the biggest cocks in your fuck-hole.
Sarah Diavola team up in this hot double-domination forced-bi and strap-on fetish video. It’s time to learn to be the best fuck-hole you can be!


Goddess Christina – Sensual Pantyhose, Leg Crossing, Shoe Dangling, Feet & Toes – Redhead, Hypnotic

Goddess Christina  Sensual Pantyhose Leg Crossing Shoe Dangling Feet  Toes preview

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Where is your mind? Let it float away as you become mesmerized by my long beautiful legs and sexy feet. The sheen of my pantyhose shows the shape of my stems so perfectly. Seeing them crossed, gently dangling each heel, and slipping them on and off is enough to ignite your senses. Just watching and listening creates so much pleasure. Relax as you slowly lose your mind. Fetishes: Mesmerize, Sensual, Shoe Dangling, Pantyhose, Shiny, Tights, Feet, Foot Fetish, Upskirt, Fetish, high Heels, Goddess Worship


Goddess Christina – Perv For Dirty Panties – Ass Licking, Ass Fetish

Goddess Christina  Perv For Dirty Panties preview

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I know that you’re a total Perv for my panties. You get off to looking at them – especially seeing my hot little ass in them. You enjoy smelling them, maybe even tasting them. Such a perv! You know I have one sweet little pussy right here. It’s usually pretty hard for me to get my panties nice and dirty before I send them your way. It takes days of me wearing them to get them nice and fragrant for you. But ever since I’ve moved to Florida – it’s nice, and hot, and humid here – so this tight pussy gets to marinate in these sexy little panties. Do you want to smell them? Dont lie. I know that you if you were here alone in my house and you saw a pile of my dirty clothes – you couldn’t resist picking up a pair my panties – holding them right up to your nose and taking a nice big whiff.
Look just me talking about this is making you hard. Watch my body grind up and down while I tell you what I want you to do pervert. Then you know whats next do it!


Goddess Christina – Panties of a Goddess – Masturbation Encouragement, Bra & Panties Tease

Goddess Christina  Panties of a Goddess preview

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You love panties. New, old, clean, dirty – they turn you on. But you prefer dirty dont you? Used panties from an irresistibly sexy women drive you wild. You look at these panties that Im wearing right now and you fantasize about holding them in your hand. You can imagine how hard your dick would get as you look at them, feel them and smell them. You know thats as close as youll ever get to experiencing my scent or my flavor.
Email to order a pair of my panties.


Young Goddess Kim – Sinful – Humiliation, Jerk Off Encouragement

Young Goddess Kim  Sinful preview

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I hired you to be My photographer and shoot some smoking pics of Me. I’m ready… Are you? I light up My first cigarette, posing a dangle, profile nose exhales, some open mouth, some french… The room is filling with My smoke and getting to your head. My lips, cleavage, legs and of course smoke has you mesmerized and starting to lose control. It’s become so obvious that you are not concentrating, I stop smoking and confront you. I can see the bulge in your pants and its so unprofessional! No, don’t try to hide it. Unzip your pants and show Me! Take off your pants and get on your knees. you’re going to stroke it My way and right here in front of Me as I smoke another cigarette, so hot its sinful and making you do anything to become My smoke slave.


Goddess Venus – So Small Brainwashing – Female Domination, SPH

Goddess Venus  So Small Brainwashing preview

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Ew. Your dick is so small. It’s so disappointing. You probably already know this. You’ve probably known it your whole life. And somehow you get off on being confronted with this fact by hot girls like me. Being told over and over that your cock is inadequate makes you so hard. And even hard it’s MICRO. I’m taking you deeper with this brainwashing clip. Over and over I tell you how small it is and ridicule it’s pathetic size alongside humiliating subliminal messages. If having a tiny dick wasn’t engrained in your stupid head before it will be after this mind control clip. Find more SPH clips from me by going to my profile and filtering to the Small Penis Humiliation category.