Goddess Alexandra Snow – Big Black Cock Training – Rubber, Femdom

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Big Black Cock Training preview

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Your pathetic white cock could never compare with a big black cock, so its time you learned to respect a massive black tool. You need to pay homage to a thick, long dick like this… and I know just how to train you. Watch the screen as I show you one massive black tool after another, demonstrate how you will suck with my own strap-on, and keep you rock hard throughout with my erotic voice. As if that wasn’t enough, the sight of me in this super hot red latex casuit and big black strap-on will make your mouth water… by the end, the black dick will make your mouth water as well.
Open wide for me, whore. I’m going to train you to want this cock more than anything.


Glam Worship – Her Big Date – Denial, SPH

Glam Worship  Her Big Date preview

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Your long time fantasy to see your girlfriend cheat on you and to become her cuckold has finally happened. However, your long time fantasy has become a very real nightmare. And now has come the time for her FIRST DATE.
It is now time to sit back and watch your beautiful, young, sexy girlfriend get ready for her date with a work colleague. You can see the excitement in her eyes and hear it in her voice. She LOVES this new arrangement and couldn’t believe her luck when she found out about your secret fetishes. The second she found out, she was encouraging you to buy the chastity device, and now you are in it, you are completely helpless and weak.
Your wife teases and torments you as she puts on her tight, figure hugging dress. She looks amazing and shows off her ass. You plead with her not to go and say you have changed your mind but it is too late and she leaves the apartment to have the night of her life!!!


EVIKE – Mistress Is Always Right – Foot Humiliation – Foot Licking, Degradation

EVIKE  Mistress Is Always Right  Foot Humiliation preview

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Cruel and bratty Evike is bored as Rea is going to be little late to come take her for the party. She felt hot and removed her pantyhose and now she is barefoot on the couch n calls me to play with me. She puts her feet on my face and makes me funny faces with her toes, laughing at me. Sometimes she footsmothers me catching my nose with her toes and blocking my mouth with the other foot and she humiliates me and laughs at me for a long time, making me feel so bad! Her feet are always at my face, using it like clay!


Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer, Kendall and Sara – Danni Bullied with Spit and Feet (720 HD) – Humiliation, Femdom

Brat Princess 2  Jennifer Kendall and Sara  Danni Bullied with Spit and Feet 720 HD preview

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Jennifer, Kendall and Sara call danni into the room. They tell him to take off all of his stupid clothes. Danni does what the girls say. Underneath his dorky clothes, hes wearing a chastity device. Its pink. The Princesses point and laugh at dannis little pink chastity. Sara tells danni to get on its knees n lick the bottoms of her shoes. Dani does what Sara tells him to do. Sara tells danni to lick her friends shoes, too. Danni licks Kendalls shoes. Jennifer spits on dannis face and Kendalls shiny black shoes. They tell danni to lick all the spit off the shoes. Danni licks Jennifers shoes next. Her gold shoes are very dirty. They spit on dannis face a lot, to train him. They want danni to know what it feels like to have cum dripping down his face. Hes going to have to get used to the feeling, because they are about to make him into a sissy. In his new sissy life, danni will have cum on his face all the time. Danni continues to lick Jennifers shoes with spit on his face. The Princess spit on danni a lot as they verbally degrade him. Sara shoves her bare feet into dannis mouth as Kendall holds his head. Jennifer and Sara fit both of their toes in dannis mouth at the same time. Jennifer thrusts her feet in dannis mouth as he gags. Danni then bobs on Kendalls foot like hes giving head. He is going to make a great slut! For once in his life hell be good at something.


Princess Ashleigh – Poppers Intox To Addiction – Chastity, Humiliation

Princess Ashleigh  Poppers Intox To Addiction preview

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You about to lose control. Slowly breathe in those mind fucking poppers and listen to my voice. I am about to take advantage of your fucked up weak little mind. I know just how to get what I want. I know how to make you submimt and obey my every command, Just keep sniffing and strokingfe. Falling deeper and deeper into my trap. Stare at my dangerous knee high boots and you jerk your way to complete destruction. Just a flick of my long blonde hair and you’re completely hooked. You know there is no escape my poppers pervert. You will obey every tribute command and every sniff command. You are nothing but a toy for me to tease and torment. Its time to get high. Its time to get ADDICTED.


Mistress T – Fucking On Your D e a t h Bed – Ass Licking, Ass Fetish

Mistress T  Fucking On Your D e a t h Bed preview

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This clip contains a few minutes of the highlights from “Warning: May Cause A Heart Attack” which is a great POV tease clip all on it’s own. If you like a little more sucking and fucking with your jerk off material than this one delivers. After causing your heart attack I fuck your accountant in front of you as you take your last breaths. Pure evil.


HumiliationPOV – Your Ex Is Getting Fucked While You Watch This Video – Verbal Humiliation, Cuckold

HumiliationPOV  Your Ex Is Getting Fucked While You Watch This Video preview

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I heard something really sad today. I heard that you’re still obsessing over your ex girlfriend. Now I understand if you’re still in love with someone and you long to be with them. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with you. You don’t want her back. You’re obsessed with the fact that she’s fucking other guys. Lots of other guys. And you’re obsessed but not upset. It seems you enjoy the fact that she’s getting fucked by other guys and you wish you could watch! Now that’s fucked up. I’ve heard of some crazy stuff regarding guys and their ex’s but I’ve never heard of a guy who got dumped who Wants his ex to be fucked by other guys while he watches!
So let me see if I understand this correctly… You sit at home jerking off to thoughts of your ex getting pounded by another man? That’s fucking pathetic. Most guys would be jealous, infuriated even, but not you. You’re a fucking wimp. Does she know about this?
And while you obsess about her all day long, she doesn’t think about you for a one second. She fucking can’t stand you. She thinks you’re a fucking loser and that’s why she left you. You are not even a factor in her life. But you want to stay a part of her life and you’re willing to do Anything, just to be near her. Even if that means having her fuck other guys right in front of you while the two of them laugh at you! I’ve never heard of anything so sad and pathetic. Really.
She’s getting wined and dined by hot guys who bang her all night and then toss her aside. They don’t even care about her like you do but still she’d rather fuck them than you! I’ll bet she’s getting fucked right now while you’re watching this video!
You are a fucking loser. That’s why she left you. She was the best thing you could ever hope to have and you just can’t let go. Get fucking over it! Or beg her to be her cuck, maybe, just maybe, she’ll keep you around to toy with some more, lol. You always knew she was going to move on.
So you can either ask her to watch while you jerkoff in the corner or you can spend the rest of your life jerking off to videos like this!


HumiliationPOV – My Boots Or My Strap-on – Oral Fixation Confusion – Princess Miki – Female Domination, Strapon

HumiliationPOV  My Boots Or My Strapon  Oral Fixation Confusion  Princess Miki preview

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You love being on your knees, don’t you? You love kneeling before your Goddess. I know you’re drooling and desperate to be able to lick these knee high black boots. They are so shiny and sexy. But I also have something else you might like. LOL, yes my huge strap-on. You’re salivating, you wish your mouth was on it. You wanna be on your knees sucking my cock. I know it turns you on.
You’re a pathetic loser with an oral fixation problem. Are you thinking about sucking my cock or the heels of my boots? You don’t know do you? You’re so confused. Part of you wants to lick the soles & suck on the heel and run your tongue up and down my pretty boots. But you also get turned on by the sight my big strapon in between my boots. Which would you rather suck?
You wanna run your tongue all up and down the shaft of my cock, don’t you? You want to suck on the tip. You love how cock feels on your tongue. You wanna take it all the way down your throat. That makes you throb, doesn’t it? But then you see my boots again & you just want to slobber all over them. It is so confusing.
What do you want in your mouth? And why do you want to suck everything you see on me? Stare at my boots and my strapon at the same time. Confuse your brain even more. You’re a little loser with an oral fixation issue. You’re a loser who always needs something in your mouth. You are a cock hungry loser who also loves licking boots. How fucking dirty. You even want to suck my heel as if it’s a cock. And while this makes you so confused, it also makes you so horny.
There’s so much going on right now, what are you going 23 do? I love that you are drooling right now and your mind is about to explode. Your eyes keep going back and forth as you try to decide if you want my cock or my boots, you are having such a hard time. So so confused. What if I were feeling generous and let u have both? You could go back and forth from cock to my boots. You’re hungry for both. Your cock is throbbing at the thought. You’re addicted to having things in your mouth.


Humiliation POV – Princess Candy Glitter – HumiliationPOV – Is Your Sex Life – Mind Fuck, Goddess Worship

Humiliation POV  Princess Candy Glitter  HumiliationPOV  Is Your Sex Life preview

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Hey loser, have you realized yet the HumiliationPOV is your sex life? You’re so fucking obsessed with the hot dominant brats on this site that you don’t even have a sex life outside of this. But it’s not like you could really have one even if you wanted to. You couldn’t go out and pick up a girl and have sex like a normal guy. You wouldn’t even want to. This is your sex life. Whenever you get horny, you log into HumiliationPOV and start pumping your stupid dick while we make fun of you. You know it’s true.
You know that the hot girls on here who you stare at endlessly would never fuck you. We’d never even acknowledge you in real life. But that doesn’t stop you from humping your hand to us over and over and over again. You live to be degraded by us while you fuck your hand. Even now you can stop jerking to thinking about how true my words are, this really is your sex life. How pathetic.
You are obsessed with us and this site and I think it’s pretty fucking pathetic. Seriously you’re so fucking sad. This is how you get off. You’ve been conditioned by us and now there’s nothing you can do about it. Jerk jerk jerk loser as you stare at my hot body. This is your sex life loser. You’ll take whatever you can get because women don’t fuck you, do they loser? You don’t even try to go out on dates any more, you’re addicted to HumiliationPOV. You’re jerking right now and this just proves my point.
You’re a HumiliationPOV junkie, aren’t you? So many hot bratty girls in one place, how could you resist? We’re hotter than any woman you could ever get. And only we know how to make you cum. You couldn’t even cum for normal sex. No woman in real life is even trying to make you cum. So you just sit at home in front of your computer jerking like a mindless fucking idiot with nothing else to do. It’s embarrassing the amount of time you’ve spent jerking off to this website. And now you don’t have a sex life at all outside of this.
Jerk it you stupid little HumiliationPOV addicted loser. You get hard before you even log in, just the fucking logo makes you hard, LOL! We’ve conditioned you to be so horny and mindless for us. And now you don’t have a sex life at all, you don’t even have the drive for sex any more. You’ll never have a girlfriend ever again, your hand is your fucking girlfriend. This is what you fucking deserve loser, to be alone and jerking your life away. This is what your life has come to. You are so fucking pathetic, do you realize that? You’re a pathetic jerk junkie. But if feels so fucking good that you can’t stop! We both know that. And now you’re going to cum as I degrade you because this is your sex life. We fucking own you!