Bianca Bakers – Faggots Love Big Dicks – Cock Tease, Masturbation Encouragement

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You must be really fucking stupid faggot; don’t you know how much of a faggot you are. I know you have been waiting my verbal return.. You’ve been waiting so patiently waiting for coerced bi to be updated. Your going to be stroking to big dicks and I’m going to verbally assault you while you do it. This is DEFINITELY not a encouraging coerced bi clip. Aren’t you ashamed faggot, aren’t you embarrassed faggot. Imagine if everyone found out that you love dick. That you stroke to dick and cum for dick.. I know how hard you get the second you see a hard dick. I know the urges you get. I know you love it faggot. When it cum’s it’s all over for you. You’ve tried to hide it your whole life; but lets just be real here you’ve been a faggot your whole life. If your hiding it you must be ashamed and embarrassed. What happens when your family finds your gay porn? You think there going to accept you? NO faggot.


Mistress Lady Renee – Anal chain gang – Catsuit, Anus

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Two prisoners in My slave labour camp have been caught slacking off one too many times. prisoner 17146969 has been locked in chastity due to his masturbation obsession. The other, prisoner 12813606, has already been severely whipped and punished for not obeying orders correctly. As part of My ongoing prisoner re-conditioning regime, I summons them to the work hall for a humiliating lesson in anal submission. After a general inspection and verbal thrashing, I have the inmates on their knees for some anal-chain-gang-degradation. Cock gags are fitted to the mouths of the bitches. I make them take turns in fucking each other’s slut cunts with their faces. My huge fucking strap-on finalises the anal domination of these two imprisoned slaves, they will never recover from the mental scars of being so anally humiliated and violated.


Lindsey Leigh Addiction – Leather Glove HJ CEI –, Femdom Online

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There is nothing more I enjoy than the moment I fully own a man. Watch it happen in this scene. I f o r c e my slave to endure a lotion filled hand job while I talk dirty to him. Multiple times he begs to cum with no release. Applying more and more lotion to my leather gloves I leave his cock throbbing. He begins to drip which only furthers my need to drain him. I count him down until I humiliate him by instructing him to finish himself off and eat his cum for me. The hand job was reward enough for this slave. He pumps, whines and begs his goddess to cum. I will not let him cum until he begs to eat it for me.


Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Virgin Strap on Sex – Pegging, Anal Masturbation

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Oh how adorable another virgin boy waiting for the one or better yet waiting for the never going to happen lol.
This online loser emailed me about paying for sex & wanting to loose his virginity to a Hot Dominant woman such as myself. $500 later weve set a date & here we are.
I Leashed the little bitch up, Walked him into my living room & forced him to watch me pop his anal cherry.
This Bitch owes me a BIG thank you, Lets be honest No one is ever going to fuck him as good as i did.
Whos NEXT, Lets set it up. Real Women dont ask, They take it! Say good bye to your virginity loser. Remember, I Fuck when & how I want & I like it DEEP.


Lindsey Leigh Addiction – Viagra Spike – Brunette, Submissive Slave Training

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My fan-slave has flown in to see me, how jealous are you right now? We meet in the lobby to catch up and have some drinks before heading up to the posh hotel room. I tell him to grab our drinks, put on his mask and meet me nude immediately. I can tell he is in agony from needing to use the washroom but I do not care. He begs before I let him exit, I have a plan. I take out some dick enhancement pills and drop them into his drink. When he arrives his drink is bubbling but he does not ask questions. I grab my funnel and explain to him Ive spiked his drink and to trust me. He agrees as I shove a funnel into his mouth. “Drink up and tell me what you taste, its not just beer”. He chugs down the beverage before I tell him what Ive done to it. He is in for a highly erotic session. Would you mind me spiking your drink?


Brat Princess 2 – Anabelle and Chloe – Sweaty Gym Brat Trample and Facesit – Humiliation, Foot+worship

 Brat Princess 2  Anabelle and Chloe  Sweaty Gym Brat Trample and Facesit  preview

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Anabelle and Chloe want to do some yoga poses and stretching on their human mat after coming back from the gym. They can do whatever they want because they are hot! The loser just lays there and gets trampled by the sweaty girls. Chloe makes the loser suck and lick all the sweat off her toes. They are ripe from her gym sneakers. The loser is very close to the girls’ sexy, fit, bodies while they use him as a stretching mat. This is all he is good for. They would never have sex with or date a loser. The girls laugh and spit on the loser while they trample him and make him lick all the sweat from their stinky feet. They spit all over his wretched face and leave him on the ground.


Princess Miki – Gloryhole Fantasy CEI – Enforced Bi, Jerk Off Instruction

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Oh look, another closeted fag who wanks off to My fag encouragement clips without doing a single thing about his raging gay desires. It looks like you believe you still need some training before you take a trip to the glory hole to suck cock and take in a mouthful of cum.
So you want to get off today, huh? Well, I have a few supplies for you that you need to get. The first is a hard cock, which naturally, you already have since you came here to jerk. The second item is a nice, big dildo. You will be sucking on this cock for the duration of the clip, up until I tell you to release.
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You will imagine that you finally took in your first big mouthful of cum from another man’s cock. You will taste the flavor of your gay desires and thank Me for it.


KimberleyJx – Swallow Your Load – JOI, Jerkoff Commands

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You know that when I wear Latex it turns me onto a dominant bitch & don’t you just LOVE it? Well when I purchased this new Latex Outfit it made me dominant once again, this time – not only dominant, it made me want to explore the world of CEI & you know I get what I want so you have to oblige, don’t you? Normally you’re not so submissive but when I get this latex on, it makes you so so weak doesn’t it? It makes you even listen to me when I tell you to swallow your own cum load. The trouble is, you kinda like it. It wasn’t ever anything you thought would turn you on but it does, doesn’t it?