Sasha Mizaree – Loser Date with Handy – Femdom, Female Domination

Sasha Mizaree  Loser Date with Handy preview

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Nobody has been there for you the way your hand has. No girl has ever wanted to touch your cock, so as a result of all that rejection, you’ve become the humiliation porn addict you are today. Since you’ll never get a girlfriend and will always be a hopeless hand fucker, you will treat your hand as your girlfriend. That’s right dork, get everything ready. I’ll tell you exactly what to do step by step. You will need lipstick/lipgloss or a sharpie, candles or at least the ability to dim your lights, and most importantly your one and only gf Handy. Prepare to feel like a loser idiot for actually doing this.


Princess Miki – Gooning Session For High Losers – Jerk Off Encouragement, JOI

Princess Miki  Gooning Session For High Losers preview

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Get high, horny, fucked up and jerk yourself all day as you’re mesmerized by my hot body in this shiny, barely there bodysuit. I just enjoy knowing that I own your dick from miles away, that somewhere out there, there you are, my little jerk zombie. It feels good, huh? Even if you’re wasting your entire day and night jerking. You spend all your money on weed and paying girls to humiliate you. Yeah, getting high, edging and paying are your favorite things. But it feels too good — to be high out of your mind and goon. Keep edging yourself to oblivion with this video — jerk and jerk and watch on a loop as your brain turns to mush for me.


Princess Alexa – Coerced Loaded & J O I – Dare to play – Intoxication, Mental Domination

Princess Alexa  Coerced Loaded  J O I  Dare to play preview

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Here we are again – you have your Loaded of choice, and I have my special ability to make you weak. We seem to always find our selves here, don’t we? Tonight is going to be different though! I am going to make you so weak, that there will be no turning back. You will understand how addicted you are, as I tease you and give you instructions on stroking your dick into deeper submission. As I use my perfect red lips to seduce you deeper, you have no choice but to give in and give me full control… Dare to play?


Mystie Mae – Extra Credit From My Professor JOI – Hypnotic, Instructions

Mystie Mae  Extra Credit From My Professor JOI preview

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Hey Professor, thank you so much for letting me stop by during office hours. I’m falling behind in your class and I could really use some extra credit to get an A+. What can I do for you? Oh, you want to cum on my face? Of course, professor. Stare at me as I have you stroke close to my face. Watch me and my beautiful eyes and lips until you’re ready to cum hard on my face Professor. I can’t wait for that Extra Credit.


JerkToMyFeet – You Know What To Do – Foot Licking, Foot Fetish

JerkToMyFeet  You Know What To Do preview

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You find yourself in the prescence of a barefoot true Russian Goddess, Crystal Rush. She knows exactly what you’re here to do. You kiss her toes as she tells you to unzip your pants and free your cock.
Crystal admires your cock as it swells and swells, popping her eyes almost out of her head. You lick her feet, concentrating on the crevices between her succulent toes. Directions on how to jerk your cock are given. Long, slow strokes in rhythm to the licks you deliver to the soles of the Russian minx. Pressure mounts as you’re told to stroke faster and faster, squeezing and teasing as you continue your foot worship. You spray all over Crystal’s supple skin, leaving a treat she can’t help but taste!


HumiliationPOV – I Love Playing With Your Broken Brain, Daddy – Femdom, JOI

HumiliationPOV  I Love Playing With Your Broken Brain Daddy preview

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Do you like my outfit daddy? You bought it. Doesn’t it look so good on me? I’m such an innocent, young, pure thing. I know you have devious, twisted urges. I know you’re a nasty pervert. You’re gross.
I know you love jerking to me in this outfit. You get off on buying me hot things. What else are you going to buy me? Lots of things I know, you can’t resist, can you daddy? I like exciting you, I like just how easy it is. I like having your cock in my hand and deciding how long it’s going to last. It could be thirty seconds, or hours, and you’re helpless and I just get to play with that broken brain of yours.
Pump that cock daddy and put it to work for me while you stare helplessly at me. I know you’re hanging on my every word. It’s too late for you, you’re trapped. You ache for me. I know exactly what I’m doing to you. I know what’s going on in that weak brain of yours. You’re giving up control to me. You don’t stand a chance against me. You’re fucked. You’ve told me too much.
I’m going to count you down daddy as you stare helplessly at my young body in this outfit that you bought me. It’s too much for you to resist. So don’t even try. How does it feel to be truly fucked in the head by someone half your age.