Goddess Jessica – Bukkake Blowjobs For Everyone – Feminisation, Female Domination

Goddess Jessica  Bukkake Blowjobs For Everyone preview

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(You’re REALLY going to have to use your imagination for this clip because there is no background tracks/sound effects to support this fantasy. This was a custom clip) I work at a porn shop and on certain days of the week I advertise $5 blowjobs to patrons. I take YOU and chain you up in the back of the store. Horny men come in droves for this excellent deal! They don’t really mind that it’s you your mouth and not mine, they can just look at me and pretend! I laugh as these scumbags run a train on your cum dumpster of a mouth. I call you a whore as I instruct the men to fill you up with load after load after load. At the end I offer up your ass to the last remaining customers for an extra $20. My little jizz chugging money maker!


Goddess Jessica – Drop Kicking Testicles with Jasmine – Ballbusting – Ball Abuse, Latina Goddess

Goddess Jessica  Drop Kicking Testicles with Jasmine  Ballbusting preview

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Stupid slave. Is TWO hours of edging so hard? Of course he blew his load even though he was specifically instructed not to. Bad slaves need to be punished. Jasmine Mendez and I will show him what happens when a slave let’s his testicles run his life. How many kicks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop?


Divine Goddess Jessica – POV Sissy CEI – Humiliation, Masturbation Instruction

Divine Goddess Jessica  POV Sissy CEI preview

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I know you LOVE stroking your dick but I was hoping we could do something different today. Let’s just see what you like in my lingerie, I’m so curious! Maybe just a little blush, just to see. Oh… almost forgot about these heels here! I know this is terribly embarrassing for you, but hey, you get to stroke don’t you? C’mon, just humor me here. One more thing… if you could just throw your legs up over your head that would be great. I won’t judge you, I swear.


Goddess Jessica – The Sickest, Most Creative POV CBT – Female Domination, Executrix

Goddess Jessica  The Sickest Most Creative POV CBT preview

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The clip starts with your girlfriend handcuffing you to the bed. You’re spread eagle and she perches between your legs, satisfied that you can’t move. You prepare yourself for the hottest, kinkiest sex you’ve ever had until she pauses and looks into your eyes. “This might be weird, but sometimes I fantasize about giving you a vasectomy.” She goes into great detail about how she would do it and even demonstrates on your balls. You’re horrified and ask her to stop talking about such gory stuff involving your groin. “You think that’s bad? Have you ever heard of a priapism? What about testicular torsion?” She goes on and on despite your protesting. After a while she laughs about your raging hard dick, “I gave you some boner pills I bought on the internet.” Things go downhill from there and by the end of the clip, she’ll make sure you’ll have both a priapism AND testicular torsion. She planned a long time ago to use this opportunity to leave you tied to the bed and your cock and balls to rot. Cheaters deserve to be eunuchs.


Goddess Jessica – Kitchen CBT – Jerkoff Commands, Female Domination

Goddess Jessica  Kitchen CBT preview

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Thanks for joining me in my kitchen this evening. Today we are going to prepare a lovely Mincemeat pie! We need the following tools: tongs, chop sticks, coffee cup, wooden spoon and a rolling pin. We need the following ingredients: hot sauce, ginger root, ice cubes and a penis that deserves it. I hope you enjoy my recipe!


Goddess Jessica – Toxic perfume – Smell Fetish, Female Domination

Goddess Jessica  Toxic perfume preview

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Similar to “Vampiress Seduces and Enslaves.” You seduce the steps0n (me) who has a sniffing fetish. Straddle my lap, grind softly and let me sniff you. I don’t know you have already used some poison perfume on your body unti suddenly I feel my heart beating too fast. You tell me the secret of your perfume- it will make me cum and d!e within minutes. I start to cry but you calm me dominantly. You mention my erection is stronger than my @ther who had been k!lled by you as well. You even insert your finger in my mouth to make me more obsessed and infatuated. Get closer several time to kiss or lick my neck and lips (like u did in the vampire clip) while I sniff the lethal scent from your body. When I’m about to cum by the poison and your grind, make me say things like ” I love you” and “mother.” Finally I cum, my heart gives out and I d!e.


Goddess Jessica – Husband Hunter – Femdom, Vintage Stockings

Goddess Jessica  Husband Hunter preview

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My best friend asked me to check in on her husband and make sure he’s being faithful so we devised a plan. She tells me his weakness is nylons and garters so I go out and buy the perfect outfit to distract him from his marital obligations. She tells him that I need help at the house and so he stops by. When he shows up I’m in my skimpy outfit and I immediately stand up to show off my fun new vintage garters. He can’t help but get hard instantly and within seconds he’s on the floor jerking away and following my every order with his eyes wide open. I have never seen a man grow so weak so fast. I start to think this might be a useful thing to know. If I can snap my fingers and have this stupid, horny man at my beck and call at any moment, I can’t give this up. I decide to keep this whole situation a secret from his wife so that I can use him forever as my horny servant. “He was so great, he’s so dedicated to you! Such a wonderful husband you found. A keeper!” I might need to hang out with more husbands…


Goddess Jessica – Humiliation Tasks For The Common Loser – Degradation, Embarrassment

Goddess Jessica  Humiliation Tasks For The Common Loser preview

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Hi dipshit, you’re groveling at my feet again of course. “Goddess, I’ll do anything for you, pleaseeee!” Yeah, ok, I’ve got a list for you then… you’re going to feel lower than dirt. These tasks might knock your self worth down a few points, but hey, it MIGHT make me laugh so at least there’s that. #WorthIt