Goddess Christina – Perv For Dirty Panties – Ass Licking, Ass Fetish

Goddess Christina  Perv For Dirty Panties preview

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I know that you’re a total Perv for my panties. You get off to looking at them – especially seeing my hot little ass in them. You enjoy smelling them, maybe even tasting them. Such a perv! You know I have one sweet little pussy right here. It’s usually pretty hard for me to get my panties nice and dirty before I send them your way. It takes days of me wearing them to get them nice and fragrant for you. But ever since I’ve moved to Florida – it’s nice, and hot, and humid here – so this tight pussy gets to marinate in these sexy little panties. Do you want to smell them? Dont lie. I know that you if you were here alone in my house and you saw a pile of my dirty clothes – you couldn’t resist picking up a pair my panties – holding them right up to your nose and taking a nice big whiff.
Look just me talking about this is making you hard. Watch my body grind up and down while I tell you what I want you to do pervert. Then you know whats next do it!


Young Goddess Kim – Sinful – Humiliation, Jerk Off Encouragement

Young Goddess Kim  Sinful preview

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I hired you to be My photographer and shoot some smoking pics of Me. I’m ready… Are you? I light up My first cigarette, posing a dangle, profile nose exhales, some open mouth, some french… The room is filling with My smoke and getting to your head. My lips, cleavage, legs and of course smoke has you mesmerized and starting to lose control. It’s become so obvious that you are not concentrating, I stop smoking and confront you. I can see the bulge in your pants and its so unprofessional! No, don’t try to hide it. Unzip your pants and show Me! Take off your pants and get on your knees. you’re going to stroke it My way and right here in front of Me as I smoke another cigarette, so hot its sinful and making you do anything to become My smoke slave.


Princess Lexie – Up and Down III – Jerk Off Encouragement, Financial Domination

Princess Lexie  Up and Down III preview

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You’ve seen the first two installments and now it’s time for number three.
I’m back again with another zipper holding in My perfect tits. Look at it. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. It’s mesmerizing, isn’t it? Makes your mind go all mushy.
My body, My cleavage, My voice, the zipper. They all make you so weak, don’t they?
You’re nodding your head up and down now in agreement with Me. Every word I speak is true. “Yes Princess,” you say aloud.
You want to jerk, Don’t you?
Yes Princess. Move your hand up and down on your cock in time with My zipper. Feels so good, so right. I’m in charge of that dick now. Every inch is Mine. My zipper goes up, your hand strokes up on your cock; My zipper goes down, your hand strokes down. This feeling is overwhelming. You’ve been here with Me before, but this time is different. This time I have something else in store for you. You want to cum. But will I allow you to?


Princess Wystri – You Can Cum If You Eat It – Femdom, JOI

Princess Wystri  You Can Cum If You Eat It preview

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We’re going to play a fun game today, and you get to choose your ending. I’m going to guide you to jerk off for Me and edge yourself again and again while I tease you with My perfect body. When I’m finally done playing with you, I’ll give you a countdown. You can choose to either deny yourself and get nothing, or you get to cum for Me! But there’s a catch — if you choose to cum, you have to eat it all up. And if you can’t make it to the end and cum early, you have to eat it too. It’s all up to you!


Polish Mistress – Weronika – White Socks Milking Day 1 – Masturbation Instruction, Joi Games

Polish Mistress  Weronika  White Socks Milking  Day 1 preview

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„could you wear a school uniform (hair loose, with a hairband), including little white cotton socks and your flat white sandals. You sit on a couch (full view), one leg crossed over the other. You pretend to jerk off a penis to encourage me to masturbate, and then move your dangling foot up and down as a rhythm for me to masturbate to. You start off very slowly to set the pace, getting gradually faster as time passes, so I have to masturbate harder to keep up with your bouncing dangling sandalled foot.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Timing is Everything – Jerk Off Encouragement, Femdom

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Timing is Everything preview

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You like to think you need a lot of wining and dining to get off, don’t you? You like to think you’re a man that can hold out for hours, just pumping away. You’re a fine male specimen of power and stamina, aren’t you? Hah! Well that’s a lie. I could give you five minutes and just a little nudge of my attention and you’d be spurting all over the place. But I don’t want your worship puddles right away. I want you to practice edging for me. I’ve got no use for two pump chumps in my world. You’re going to stroke and edge exactly as I say. Then you’re going to cum on command.
It’s a simple yet vital skill every slave need learn.


Princess Leia – POV Ruined, Ruined, Ruined – Femdom, Femdom 4K

Princess Leia  POV Ruined Ruined Ruined preview

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You finally have me right where you’ve always wanted me. My soft hands tightly gripping you in just the right way. My pretty eyes staring back at you with what really does seem like lust. I do enjoy rubbing that hard cock, but only when I have complete control. I love feeling you squirm when I tease you with my fingertips. You never know what I’ll do next. How am I going to make you cum this time?
Oh you poor thing… You actually thought I would let you cum all over my face. You look so disappointed with that ruined cum leaking out of you… Tell you what, I’ll make it up to you and let you cum in my mouth this time. Promise! Would I lie to you?


Lindsey Leigh – Save 5 Loads CEI – Femdom, Jerkoff Commands

Lindsey Leigh  Save 5 Loads CEI preview

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This must have been a long week for you. I mean 5 loads saved, what is that 5 days? Edging every day to my clips only filled your balls more. I can see the veins, you are ready to burst. Can you make it for 10 minutes or are you going to explode in 3? You will stroke faster and slower at my command, sampling your dripping pre cum. I make you lust for 10 long minutes before I allow you to ingest your tasty cum for me.