Madison Marz – JOI & CEI With A Twist – Cum Eating, Femdom

Madison Marz  JOI  CEI With A Twist preview

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I start out telling you exactly how to start stroking that cock of yours. While you do so, I tease you and show off my tight and toned body. I instruct you to go get a plate so you can catch all of your cum on it once you do blow your load. I show you exactly how I want you to stroke your cock. You are to stroke faster and faster for me until you are nearly close to shooting that hot load. I tell you to grab your plate and hold it up close to your cock. I count down from 5 and when I hit zero, you are to catch every last drop of cum on your plate. Once you get the cum all over the plate I show you exactly how I want you to taste and savor your delicious, sticky load. This video was shot with a professional mirrorless DSLR, lens and microphone in HD 1080p 60fps


Kiitte Nymph – Bratty Sis Creampie JOI – Taboo, Masturbation Instruction

Kiitte Nymph  Bratty Sis Creampie JOI preview

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First, You start by spying on your sister while she fucks herself with a dildo Until, She Catches you watching her! To your surprise, your bratty sister shares your same sick fantasies & Starts to tease you by stripping & twerking for you! First she inserts a pink tail butt plug & then fucks herself in 6 different positions until she’s filled up with all your sticky hot cum! Lastly, Your bratty sis has always fantasized about teaching you how to stroke your cock so of course she gets her way & teaches you how to properly jerk off! Features JOI & a cum countdown!


Jerk To My Feet – Sweaty Nurse Feet – Femdom, Female Domination

Jerk To My Feet  Sweaty Nurse Feet preview

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You’re in the doctor’s office today with a big problem. It’s bad enough that you had to wait two hours to get in, but then you are being seen by a cute female nurse. Your complaint is very personal, but Nurse Honey Moon tells you the doctor is busy and she has lots of experience dealing with problems like yours. When you present your throbbing boner to the petite Asian nurse she cannot hide her surprise. When she learns of your foot fetish, she knows exactly what to do. Nurse Honey removes her shoes to reveal the prettiest little sockless feet. She allows you to smell them and encourages you to jerk off while enjoying them. She doesn’t have to tell you twice. You sniff, lick, nibble and stroke until you blow a giant hot load onto those perfect pink soles. Nurse Honey is so happy that your swelling appears to be subsiding. You are overwhelmingly thankful that the doctor was busy and you got this amazing nurse. Should you ask if she makes house calls?


Ashley Sinclair – Toes Feet Cum Countdown – Foot Play, Female Domination

Ashley Sinclair  Toes Feet Cum Countdown preview

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Toe sucking, Jerk off instructions, Foot fetish, Legs, Dirty Talk. This video will have you cumming to a 5 second countdown by the end while you admire Ashley and her sexy body, toes, and feet. Her seductive calm voice coaching you on what she finds sexy about you jerking off to her while sucking and licking her own toes is what you’ve been waiting for.


Ashley Sinclair – Panty Sniffer Cum Eating – Female Domination, Ass Sniffing

Ashley Sinclair  Panty Sniffer Cum Eating preview

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You get caught in Ashley’s panty drawer again. Last time this happened she punished you by making you jerk off to her stinky panties while they were on her ass and then eat your own cum. Now you’re begging for it to happen again. You beg Ashley to let you eat your cum. She sits on your face and makes you worship her ass and panties but then remembers she has some in the dirty close that are disgusting from wearing them to the gym. They are pull of pussy discharge, sweat, and stains. She changes into these, sits on your face and then demands you flip your legs over your head and cum on your own face and eat the cum that lands on your open mouth. Open wide!


Addicted to Layla’s Big Butt! with Layla Moore – Ass Worship, Bbw

Addicted to Laylas Big Butt with Layla Moore preview

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Word on the street is that you really appreciate a nice big ass. So when Layla invited you over, you were hoping to maybe catch a glimpse at her plump rump… well lucky for you, Layla is horny and up for fun! She has heard about your love of butts and decides to have a bit of fun with you. She teases you a bit at first, but before long, she wants to see your cock! Don’t just stand there, pull it out and show the lady! She wants to watch how you stroke to her nice and sexy big ass! This gets HOT!


WankItNow – Jaye Rose – Dont Tell Your Father Part 1 – Masturbation Encouragement, Female Domination

WankItNow  Jaye Rose  Dont Tell Your Father Part 1 preview

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Frustrated and annoyed, your Step-Mom storms in the room having just fallen out with your father. He says she is dressed too slutty, what do you think? It doesn’t matter what you think because your Step-Mom is going to spread her legs and show you every inch of her hairy pussy. So get your DICK out and WANK with her. Your Father will never find out.


WankItNow – Amber Jayne – Full Working Order – Masturbation Instruction, Stockings

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Amber Jayne likes to give her apprentices a full physical examination before she offers them a position at her hospital… There’s nothing to worry about… All you’ve got to do is get your COCK out and show her your kit! Amber doesn’t want you to feel embarrassed, in fact, this filthy nurse is going to be joining in on the action by giving you all the encouragement you need to get hard and show her the content of your balls! Amber’s going to finger FUCK her MILF PUSSY while you STROKE the SPUNK out of your nuts!


UpSkirt Jerk – Help You Relax – Nurse, POV

UpSkirt Jerk  Help You Relax preview

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Lucy is here to get you ready for your routine check up but she can tell you are a bit nervous, she tells you that most of the men she sees are nervous and she has figured out a way to make them more comfortable. She caught you looking up her uniform a few time while she was bent over and she thinks that if you have a wank over her ass and pussy it will relieve some of the tension and nerves!


Rainbow Hemlock – Never Again Cucky – JOI, Masturbation Instruction

Rainbow Hemlock  Never Again Cucky preview

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My little slave, it’s been a long month of chastity, hasn’t it? Well, I had a really fun night out last night, so maybe I’ll pay it forward and let you have a little fun with me now that I can see you’re happy that I’m home. I would love to let you enjoy my feet and bury your face in my ass, because I know you love it so much. I know you love the way it smells, so take a deep sniff while you can! Please don’t think I’m going to let you fuck me though. I had way more fun last night and I know that you can’t give me that, so I don’t think you’ll be fucking me again cuck. I think I’ll keep you around for amusement and clean up. It’s not all bad! At least you get to watch.