Gynarchy Goddess – My Cuckold Husband – Sissy – Keyholder, Cucky

Gynarchy Goddess  My Cuckold Husband  Sissy preview

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I am running late for my date at the opera with my lover, so I must utilise my chaste sissy husband Jessica to help me get ready for the occasion. It is Jessica’s job to silently rub lotion onto my long, slender legs as I brush my shiny hair and apply my make-up. There will be no room for jealousy here – my cuck husband knows the only way I will allow her to remain in my life is as my maid. She must prepare the perfect bed linen and ensure the house is immaculate before I arrive home with my well endowed lover. Jessica knows her pathetic little cock has never satisfied me, so we have removed it from the equation by keeping it locked away by the key that lies delicately and foreboding around my neck. My pleasure is all that matters.


Dominated-Men – Suffering for the key – CBT – Canes, Caning

DominatedMen  Suffering for the key  CBT preview

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My poor slave has been in distress in his Chastity Cage with big balls for a long time. Today I like to see what he is ready to suffer for me his mistress that I give him the key. At first the whole Cage is set under current whereby I use with pleasure him still as a storage for my boots. What a miserable position he has to take. Then he comes into the pillory and I unpack my punishment instruments, whip, cane and even a carpet beater. The slave dances in pain and sorrow. Well, it doesn’t matter what he endures for me today, he doesn’t get the key, only he doesn’t know that… smile I thing this is pur sadism!


Young Goddess Kim – Human Cushion slave – Ass Worship – Asslicking, Annilingus

Young Goddess Kim  Human Cushion slave  Ass Worship preview

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I know this slave will be moaning in today’s tormenting tease and cruel denial. The inferior thing climbs out of storage when it hears My heels summon it. My property locked away in chastity and ready to suffer for Me. Being a Goddess, I have the power to create anything I want from a male subject. And right now, I feel like a human cushion to smother and squash beneath My amazing shiny ass. Beg for Me to sit on your face, bitch.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – International Women’s Day (1080 HD) – AstroDomina – Face Sitting – Tease, Tease & Denial

Goddess Alexandra Snow  International Womens Day 1080 HD  AstroDomina  Face Sitting preview

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AstroDomina decided to pay me a visit a few weeks back. She showed up to play in my dungeon and grace my slaves with her presence when we look at the calendar and realize, it’s National Women’s Day! Being the strong, beautiful, powerful women, we are; we decided to show my slave just how weak he is compared to us. How better to do that than the physically overpower him? We decide to give him a fighting chance in a wrestling match, but after a few seconds it’s clear his struggle is useless. Astro and I take turns scissoring his head and holding him down until his face starts to turn blue! What a pathetic wimp.
It’s clear who the stronger sex is here.


Fetish Liza – Latex nurse chastity tease – Hot Femdom – Locked Dick, Keyholder

Fetish Liza  Latex nurse chastity tease  Hot Femdom preview

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My rubber doll has been in chastity for weeks, his balls and cock are slowly turning blue from the erotic pressure. I love how desperate he is now for a release but I have a better plan…Teasing him with my latex gloves, my sexy body and tongue will drive him mad. Just look at how tight his cage is getting…but I won’t release him, he simply has to suffer for me.


HumiliationPOV – Lock Your Cock, Life Improvement For Chronic Masturbators – Chastity – Cock Cage, Denial

HumiliationPOV  Lock Your Cock Life Improvement For Chronic Masturbators  Chastity preview

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I’ve noticed that so many of you have very little control over themselves. As soon as your dick gets hard, you lose the ability to think straight. You’ll do just about anything in order to be able to tug on it. You’re so easy. But you need to learn that life isn’t about serving your own sexual needs and desires. Especially if you want to serve me. Serving me means that you’re focused on my needs and desires. And your dick isn’t one of them. And your orgasms mean nothing to me.
So in order to improve your life, I’ve got something for you that will keep you more focused on being a good slave for me. And you can’t think with that dick of yours getting horny all the time. I got you a chastity device that will keep your wandering hands off of your throbbing cock. This will ensure that your focus stays on me. Because if you ever want to touch that cock again, you’re going to learn to be very obedient. You’re going to put your selfish needs aside to make sure I am spoiled and catered to.
This cage will make it impossible for you to stroke. And if you do get hard, it will make it a very uncomfortable experience. Now I want you to put it on for me. Then lock it up and send me the key, so it will be far from your hands. Now you will become a more productive member of society and you’ll stop thinking with your dick and actually start using your brains. Now maybe you’ll actually be a better slave for me, more focused on my needs instead of yours.
And now let’s test out your new cage. I’m going to tease you with my perfect body. It would be a shame if you got a hard on while you were all locked up, lol. I wouldn’t do that, would I? Of course I would. I know it’s already pushing against that cage, I can see the desperation already welling up in your eyes. And I’m not going to let you out no matter how much you beg. That cage seems to be working well, making it impossible for you to stroke. I love teasing you like this. You can stare all you want, but you can’t stroke. And you’re going to have to earn the opportunity to be let out of your cage.
Now you’re going to be my toy, now I’m going to control you more than before because with that cage, I’m always going to be at the forefront of your mind. You’re not going to be able to get me out of your head. I’ll have a hold on you at all times. And you need this, don’t you? You can’t control yourself. Chastity is my new tool and I have no intention of letting you out. I’m going to make you watch my other videos and stare at me for hours every day, making you throb in that cage to prove a point. You belong to me and I control you.
– Goddess Mina Thorne –


Ibicella FR – Piégé et humilié par ton ex – Chastity – Foot Fetish, Foot Worship

Ibicella FR  Pig et humili par ton ex  Chastity preview

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Ton ex s’amuse à te faire miroiter une possible seconde chance en te faisant signer un papier mystérieux. Elle a tout préparé à côté de toi. Cependant, tu as signé sans le savoir ta mort sociale ! Elle a tout pouvoir sur toi à présent, elle va pouvoir te prêter à ses amies sur lesquelles tu fantasmais tant, se torcher le cul plein de *caca* avec ta langue, et te faire faire un tas de choses répugnantes et humiliantes pour son amusement vicieux. D’ailleurs, tu devrais te méfier car elle a plus d’un tour dans son sac pour t’asservir, et elle connaît tous tes points faibles !