Miss Noel Knight – From Wife To Domme – Cock Cage, Whip

Miss Noel Knight  From Wife To Domme preview

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In this clip I play your snotty, conservative wife. I call you into to have a very important chat. You’ve requested several times over the years that I act a bit more dominant in the bedroom. Until now, I’ve found your appeals totally appalling. A lady would never behave in such a way! However, I think I may have been a bit too hasty. I’ve been doing a little research and actually, the FemDom lifestyle is quite interesting. I love the idea of a man serving me, controlling his pleasure, dressing him up and showing him off. I think it’s really something I could get into! I purchased a few items to get us started and designed a set of rules specifically for you. From now on, I’ll be the head of the household and will be keeping you firmly in your place: on your knees, worshipping your wife!


Miss Noel Knight – Suffer For The Leather Domme – Keyholder, Cock Locked

Miss Noel Knight  Suffer For The Leather Domme preview

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I am wearing my sexiest leather outfit; a tight leather skirt, red corset, long black leather gloves. Oh, and let’s not forget my tall, thigh high, leather boots. I know you have a weakness for dominant females wearing leather. The very sight makes you feel helpless, submissive and aroused. I teased you, showing off my lovely curvy body, all encased in leather, and you can’t help but fall to your knees and beg to worship me. I laugh and tell you that if you want to worship me, you’re going to have to work for it. I have a very evil, sadistic little assignment in mind for you. You see, I want you to suffer for me. I want you to sacrifice your pleasure in exchange for mine. Will your pain be enough to please me? How can you earn a place at my feet? Buy this clip and find out…


Goddess Eva de Vil Ruins your Date – Beautiful Girl, Stockings

Goddess Eva de Vil Ruins your Date preview

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I let you out of your chastity device tonight to go on a date and, somehow, it’s actually going well. That’s really too bad loser because I’ve decided I want u to sabotage it. A beta virgin like you doesn’t deserve sex or orgasms, so after I’ve made you edge in the toilets for Me, you’re gonna come back here and lock that cage back on where it should be, so that you’ll be a virgin loser for Me, for life.


The Mean Girls – Slave Cum Goes In Toilets – Humiliation, Forced Male Orgasm

The Mean Girls  Slave Cum Goes In Toilets preview

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You have been Our slave at Mean Girl Manor now for a LOOONG time…you came to Us 5 years ago when you were still a COMPLETE VIRGIN! You had never even jerked off! You were BEGGING Us to enslave you and help you control these “evil urges” you were having, so We did- by locking you into CHASTITY!
And today is your day you finally get let out and get to CUM! But you don’t get to cum like a “real man” (inside a woman’s pussy) oh nooooo…. Slaves don’t get to do that. Slaves have to cum into toilets- because that’s where their “seed” belongs! Flushed down the toilet with all the other filthy “waste”! LOL!
So We (Princess Jennifer & Goddess Nina) are going to take that little cage off your cock now and you better start stroking! Because we are only going to give you ONE MINUTE to cum for the first time EVER! Oh, and did we mention that we are going to lock you right back up for another 10 YEARS after you cum?? LOL you should have never come to the MEAN GIRLS for “help”!


Dominatrix Annabelle – Woodland Bondage! – Ejaculation, Male Orgasm

Dominatrix Annabelle  Woodland Bondage preview

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As the menacing skies continue to shower our countryside, I’ve decided to stick with plan A! Everything is prepared for my gentleman friend to indulge in some heavy leather bondage! My goodness, for those who seriously loves the sound of leather, you’re going to love this movie, as right the way through you’ll hear the signature creaking sound of leather, it’s incredible, and I love it. My slave is bound in a leather straight jacket, shackled to my electric hoist, & as I place him in position, I am ready to fuck his arse with my pink dildo!
While he hangs in this position, I have to be careful, as his little cock is ready to explode! Oh yes, while his cock may be small, he has the biggest balls, and he can spurt hard! I do provide him with a little break, and retrieve my leather flogger!


Vicious Femdom Empire – Kendra James – Last Orgasm Lock Up – Cock Cage, Cock Locked

Vicious Femdom Empire  Kendra James  Last Orgasm Lock Up preview

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It has been far too long since you have had your cock locked away. I have been extremely generous in letting you out of your cage for so long, but you have been abusing my generosity. The constant jerking of your cock has got to stop! I am locking that cock up, no more masturbation, and definitely no sex! You are loosing your freedom, your manhood, and the ability to control your own orgasms. I am giving you one last session to cum as hard as you can before getting locked back up in the steel cage. I can’t wait to see your cock swelling pressed against the tight bars of the chastity cage, begging for me to unlock you any time you want to cum. You better be extremely obedient during you chastity sentence if you ever want your cock unlocked again.


Mandy Marx – Allowed To Try And Fuck Me – Chastity, Tease And Denial

Mandy Marx  Allowed To Try And Fuck Me preview

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I’ve an intense fascination for the boys drawn to this, it is amazing. You must be honest. And u should obey, otherwise I am happy to leave u to your limitations.
This is how I prefer to keyhold. Positive energy and simple commands. Rewards for good behavior, and now you may come here. And touch and enjoy & listen. Try to put it in. Or not, if it’s too much of a mindfuck. Let as be chastity friends.


Madame Says – Cock Locked – Chastity Encouragement, Humiliation

Madame Says  Cock Locked preview

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Harsh verbal humiliation of you and your after thought of a “penis” in this clip, I’ve decided your cock is to be locked up forever since it is of no use to anyone and it distracts u from being useful to Me. But before I lock it up forever, I’ll let u have one last orgasm that you will eat as a show of dedication to Me & Me only. I will also test the fit of your new cage by teasing you with My beautiful ass in shiny trousers.