Club Stiletto FemDom – Were You Trying To Breath Under There – Princess Lily – Body Kissing, Smother

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Were You Trying To Breath Under There   Princess Lily  preview

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“I just love sm0thering my slaves with my latex” pretty Princess Lily says as this scene opens with her sitting on her slaves face. She comments how it totally seals off their air and they can’t breath. It’s a combination of chair for her and suffering for the slave. She gives the slave some air and asks him if he appreciates her amazing ass and when he says he does she says “It just takes your breath away doesn’t it?” She then settles back onto his face, grinding it with her ass but not allowing any air to get to him.
“You know what else is fun?” she says as she reaches into a container of clothes pins. She starts to apply them to his cock and balls but stays on his face until he starts to kick desperately. “Were you trying to breath under there?” she says with a laugh. She lets him breath but before he can answer she is back on his face. She tells him to stroke himself to take his mind off his lack of air but comments that the stroking is going to make the clothespins hurt him even more. Now Lily gives the slave a real treat as she gets up and removes her skirt revealing her beautiful but sweaty ass. “Lick up the sweat, it’s all your getting for dinner tonight” she tells him. As the slave licks one cheek she looks at you and says “Why don’t you come over here and lick the other cheek.” Her ass is big enough for two!


Larkin Love – Latex Ass Worship JOI Cum Countdown – Masturbation Instruction, Dirty Talk

Larkin Love  Latex Ass Worship JOI Cum Countdown preview

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My hot, shiny ass controls your cock completely! Lose your restraint and find your bliss between my firm, heavenly ass cheeks. Slide your tongue into my inviting asshole and stroke your throbbing, pulsing cock. Between the shine of the latex, the jiggle and bounce of my flesh, and the hidden delights of my pussy and ass, you’ll be mine in no time. A liberal dose of my signature dirty talk pushes you over the edge. Can you make it to the cum countdown?




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There you are… all tied up and nowhere to go! You are truly beneath me and I am going to tease and deny you your senses of touch. You can imagine getting up real close to my pussy, but then that’s something you will never have. It pleases me to know how frustrated you are beneath me as I run my hands all over my body, my skin tight latex and thigh length leather boots, then gently caress my cunt right above your slobbering face.


Dominated-Men – Suffering for the key – CBT – Canes, Caning

DominatedMen  Suffering for the key  CBT preview

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My poor slave has been in distress in his Chastity Cage with big balls for a long time. Today I like to see what he is ready to suffer for me his mistress that I give him the key. At first the whole Cage is set under current whereby I use with pleasure him still as a storage for my boots. What a miserable position he has to take. Then he comes into the pillory and I unpack my punishment instruments, whip, cane and even a carpet beater. The slave dances in pain and sorrow. Well, it doesn’t matter what he endures for me today, he doesn’t get the key, only he doesn’t know that… smile I thing this is pur sadism!


ClubStiletto – Faceful of Rubber – Miss XI – Face Sitting – Facesitting, Femdom

ClubStiletto  Faceful of Rubber  Miss XI  Face Sitting preview

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This scene opens with sexy Asian Princess Miss Xi dressed in latex and sitting on her slaves face. “It’s comfortable and so warming on a cold day” she says adding that she also likes testing a slaves lung capacity because she’s in no rush to move. After a minute of sitting the slave starts to kick for air so Xi gives him a quick breath but tells him she is disappointed with him. Then after almost another minute she lets him breath again before sitting quickly again.
She finally turns to sit sideways on his face. While still restricting his air he now deals with the discomfort of his own nose being crushed into his face. She eventually turns into a forward position and again settles on his face. She puts her feet on his chest and proceeds to do butt lifts on his face before extending her legs and bouncing on his face. Miss Xi spends the better part of this scene sitting on the slave face with only short breaths allowed. She ends with a count as to see how long he can go without breathing. When she finally lets him breath he is totally spent. “We’re just getting started really” she tells him.


Feminized – Sissy cocksucker – Mina Thorne – Hot Femdom – Female Domination, Bi

Feminized  Sissy cocksucker  Mina Thorne  Hot Femdom preview

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Mistress Mina has her sissy trained to be such a submissive slut that she is actually profiting by whoring out her slave. Mina has put an advertisement out on the internet for the best cock sucker in town, the slave will have to suck off any guy that responds. The first customer comes in, the whore is blindfolded she doesn’t even deserve to see who she is sucking off. The John pulls down his pants and starts fucking the slaves mouth with his massive cock. The slave whimpers as the man deep throat fucks the whore. Mina observes and instructs while holding whore’s leash. “I love whoring out my slave’s mouth” The John throat gags and fucks sissy whores mouth to completion, pulls out just in time to squirt his sticky load onto the eager sluts face. The john wipes off his cock on the sluts face like a filthy cum rag, the cum runs down her face. Now the slut really knows what it is like to be treated as a real sex slave.