Sweetfemdom – Randy Moore Owns Your Balls – Make Me Bi, Tease And Denial

Sweetfemdom  Randy Moore Owns Your Balls preview

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Randy is doing her make up and you are on your knees behind her, staring at her perfect ass in her leggings. She has already locked your cock up in a spiked chastity cage, and each time her ass wiggles, your cock rages against the spikes, but you cannot stop staring…
Randy notices you, and loves watching you make yourself squirm. She teases you with her amazing body. Ass Randy struts back and forth, her heels click on the hard wood floor and your chastity cage makes you wince, which she loves.
She tells you how much fun she had dancing the night before, she talks about the hot guys and girls she met, then she really gets cruel and takes off her bra…
Randy has had your cock locked in a spiked chastity cage for a long time. She teases you relentlessly every day, and loves watching you wince in pain when your cock rages against the spikes…
Now she is going to offer you a special gift… but you have to work for it. She will unlock your cage and let you out for relief, only after she watches you suck 10 cocks for her.
Randy stuts around in her bra, panties, and heels, telling you how you are going to learn to be a good little cock sucker and cum eater for her if you ever want out of chastity…


Kendi Olsen – Locktober Week One – Sensual Domination, Mesmerize

Kendi Olsen  Locktober Week One preview

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Happy October! You know what that means… Halloween is coming! You, however, won’t be lol. You’ll be celebrating Locktober all month! You will be in chastity until Halloween. No cumming, no jerking to all my hot costumed content. Your dumb, dirty little dick is going to be behind bars while I jangle the keys and produce the hottest content you’ve ever seen every day this month. I know, this October is frightening indeed! Your cock is going to be leaking so badly your nasty dick is going to look like a glazed ghost by the time Halloween gets here! You’re a fucking Locktober Loser, and you’re in for a month of denial, mindfucking, and more tricks and treats than you can handle!


SubbyHubby – Sheena’s Hubby Slave Part 4 – Chastity – Pussy Tease, Degradation

SubbyHubby  Sheenas Hubby Slave Part 4  Chastity preview

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Domina Sheena is relaxing on the couch with her sissy hubby slave. She is telling him how she is about to have fun with her lover while he is forced to watch. Twirling the chastity key in front of the locked-up sissy, she teases her slave. Hubby slave cries out in pain as Sheena touches and pokes his tiny cock, locked in the cage. After teasing his balls, Sheena decides to finally unlock the sissy’s cage. However, Dominatrix Sheena informs her slave that he isn’t being released out of her kindness. His little dick needs to be free to see what a real cock looks like! Dommes Sheena ridicules his tiny cock, saying that she should have used her pinky to measure the chastity device that she bought for him. She continues to verbally humiliate her sissy slave as she starts to play with her pussy with her fingers in front of him. The sissy tries to stroke his tiny pathetic cock but it’s no use. He can’t even get hard anymore. Sheena is so disgusted by her impotent slave’s effort that she commands him to stop. She doesn’t want to get out of the mood to be fucked by her Big Black Cock later!
Part 2 – Stocking Worship


The Mean Girls – Masturbation Service – Jerk Off Instruction, Instructions

The Mean Girls  Masturbation Service preview

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We know you masturbate WAY too much. Hell, YOU know you masturbate too much. So we are going to solve your little problem for you. You are going to download this clip, and Goddess Raven and I are going to tell you how we plan on solving it FOR you. Let’s just say it involves you locking up that evil little penis of yours and sending US the keys! Then WE will decide when you get to jerk off from now on!


Mistress Harley – Be a Better Sissy Guide – Keyholder, Sissy Slut

Mistress Harley  Be a Better Sissy Guide preview

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In this video I give you advice on how to be a better sissy! I know you need advice about what to buy, what to practice, how to train your holes for cock, and how to avoid “faggot regret”, that feeling after you cum where you want to pretend you’re not a sissy at all. I want to help you accept your inner sissy self while training you to be a better fucktoy!


Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Trophy HotWife Cuckoldress – Cheating Wife, Milking

Mistress  T  Fetish Fuckery  Trophy HotWife Cuckoldress preview

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I’m the trophy wife of a wealthy older man. I stay married to him but I don’t fuck him. I bring in hot, young studs to take care of my sexual needs. It amuses n arouses me to force my husband to do sex acts on them (FORCED BI). He claims he hates it but he will suck cock and lick balls if I tell him to. I humiliate him by comparing his limp dicklet to big, thick cocks. I make him eat other men’s cum from my pussy…in fact, that’s the only way he gets any pussy anymore!


Princess Rabbit – I Like When You Don’t Cum – Femdom, Female Domination

Princess Rabbit  I Like When You Dont Cum preview

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Teasing you into an erection is way easy, but I like it when you don’t get to cum. I like it when I take control of your cock and lock it away for indefinite amounts of time. There are other, more useful things you can do for me that don’t involve you making a stupid mess and turning what could be devotion to me into a jerk fest. Follow my instructions puppet.


Miss Mackenzie – Your Unauthorised Erection Masturbation Tax For March – Humiliation, Findom

Miss Mackenzie  Your Unauthorised Erection Masturbation Tax For March preview

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It is essential you buy and watch this clip as a matter of urgently as it includes very important information in with regards to you March unauthorised erection and masturbation tax. Your payment for these unauthorised erections & masturbations is late, and this is not acceptable behaviour. I understand that your useless tiny penis does not get any real action but that is not a good enough excuse. You owe 350 and I expect immediate payment or face the consequences. You can pay your taxes via a tribute, so I suggest you get straight on to it! CS0065