WankItNow – Naomi – Locker Room Loving – Instructions – Jerk Off Instruction, Nude

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You’re in the gym locker room changing when you hear a woman’s voice in the male changing room… You go to check out where you heard the voice when you see a gorgeous blonde sucking a dick at the back of the locker room. You can’t help but stand and stare, you even get your COCK out. You can’t stop WANKING over this naughty situation… It’s not every day that you see something like this at your local gym.


FuckedFeet – Right off the Convention Floor – Arabella Jade – Foot Worship – Female Domination, Footlicking

FuckedFeet  Right off the Convention Floor  Arabella Jade  Foot Worship preview

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Check out Arabella Jade. She had NEVER shot for any companies before so I jumped at the opportunity. She was definitely a little nervous and unsure at first. She had never done anything on camera before, much let alone, foot fetish, foot worship or a footjob. She had just turned 18 recently and graduated from High School just two months earlier. Gotta LOVE THAT! She is such a fresh-faced beauty. She has a golden brown tan and nice highly arched size 8 feet. The tops of her feet are also very tan, against her pink soles. The kind of tops that look incredible in closed toe heels, which you can see in this clip. Great toe cleavage, too! Since she has been wearing closed toe heels, that made her feet nice and sweaty. Her soles are nice and PLUMP and MEATY and they wrinkle up very nicely, too. Very nice thick wrinkled soles. She slides off one of her feet not quite out of her heel yet and does a sexy, sensual DANGLE. She eventually kicks off both heels and holds up one foot at a time followed by both feet up with her soles facing the camera. She does a toe point and there’s a lot of toe wiggling. In fact, this tan hottie is part Irish, Italian, Native American and German. Quite a neat mix! She also gets weekly pedicures. That must be why her feet are so damn soft. I also have Arabella step up as high as she can on her tippy toes and you get a low angle as if you were looking right up toward her from ground level. I am shooting this angle and position more and more now. See her shapely calves, yes she was a cheerleader in High School, and the backs of her ankles, so meaty and soft. What a view! She also has this super sexy voice. You guys will LOVE this girl! I don’t think you can see this girl on any other sites. This was a total pickup at a convention. That’s what makes this scene even sweeter!! She gets compliments all the time about her nice, tan, wide size 8 feet. She gets pedicures very often and loves the attention her feet get her. See Arabella pour oil all over her soles and feet, including the tops and backs of her ankles. She takes the bottle of oil, pours it all over her feet and you can see the streams of oil as she does this. She then rubs the oil and works it into her feet, making them all nice and shiny. I then, have her hold up her feet to the camera and she wrinkles her shiny soles by doing plenty of sole scrunching, toe pointing, toe wiggling, and toe flexing. If you like nice tan feet with wrinkled soles accentuated by the oil, making them nice and shiny, you’ll LOVE this clip!! Great closeup action, as well! Arabella continues her FIRST EVER foot worship scene in the POSE POSITION! See me lick her size 8 bare feet in several positions in the Pose. I have her lay on her stomach with her soles facing upward. You get great closeups of this action, as well. See me lick he wrinkled scrunched soles and the back of her ankles as well as her legs. Arabella then goes up on her tippy toes and lick her high arches. She’s also quite TICKLISH and you’ll hear light giggles throughout, especially when I suck her toes. She then flips over as I lick her feet and soles as she does a toe point toward the camera. Her pretty face is looking right at you as I worship those perfect size 8 feet! Really HOT 1st timer and she loves having her feet licked and toes sucked and it really shows in these clips. Not only is this her FIRST FOOTJOB, but it’s her FIRST SHOOT OF ANY KIND!! She was kind of shy at first but she really warmed up and she showed how AWESOME she is at giving footjobs! She has really nice tan feet, the tops are really tan, too, and they are size 8! This scene took place at an adult convention and I was so glad to have met this BRAND NEW girl! She has really nice wide feet and SUPER WRINKLED SOLES! We start off by me licking one foot while she plays with my already hard cock. She strokes it really well and I’m ready for both feet around my cock. She starts off with slow sensual strokes and then she picks up the pace and goes faster. She then pours oil all over my cock and her feet and then her tan shiny feet and soles are working my cock in a fast stroking manner. After much cock stroking, I shoot a load all over her feet and soles and also into the air, it’s a monster pop shot. She then works the cum all into her feet and holds up her cum soaked wrinkled soles up to the camera! Another first timer, another WIN!!


Miss Kelle Martina – Doctors Orders – Pegging – Female Domination, Handjob

Miss Kelle Martina  Doctors Orders  Pegging preview

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The doctor has been having an affair. It starts normally enough like every other check up, but under that lab coat she’s wearing bright red lingerie. She always checks his prostate, but this time she goes further. She massages his prostate with a large red prostate massager, bringing his cock to full hardness. Then she straps on a red cock, teasing his hole, and fucking his mouth. She slides it in his ass, fucking him fast and slow. She’ll milk his balls dry with firm application of a vibrator, making him cum ropes of jizz all over himself. He loves his prostate exams!


DirtyDommes – Rich blonde cuckolds Loser husband part 2 – Nesty – Cum Eating – Cuckie, Make Me Bi

DirtyDommes  Rich blonde cuckolds Loser husband part 2  Nesty  Cum Eating preview

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As her hubby is asleep, the couple start kissing and even fucking right on top of him! Haha, he has no clue…until he wakes up and he realises what his dear wife is doing. He cannot be mad, he knows he is a cuckold, destined to watch his young wife fuck other guys that are much better than him! He gets the scraps, he must worship her feet and eat his cum. Humiliated, cucked and she will do it to him again!


PureCFNM – Cheating Cheerleaders – Amber Deen, Honour May and Roxi Keogh – Handjob – Triple Domination, Milking

PureCFNM  Cheating Cheerleaders  Amber Deen Honour May and Roxi Keogh  Handjob preview

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Three cheerleaders visit the referee’s office before their team’s big game to coerce him into helping their side win. The referee is having none of it, but girls start bending over in front of him and letting him see up their skirts. They stand him up and say they will help him get dressed for the game, but as soon as they have him naked, they take turns to wank and suck his cock to convince to help them. When he loses control and accidentally cums in Amber’s mouth. He knows he has to let them win now.