Princess Ellie Idol – Cheering You Up – Gfe, Blowjobs

Princess Ellie Idol  Cheering You Up preview

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You’re laying in bed feeling like your life is crumbling around you. You just lost your mediocre job, you and I have had a lack of intimacy, frankly things just suck all around lately. I come into the room, sensing your emotional distress. I want more than anything to cheer you up. I take your cock in my mouth and begin to free your mind of all the worries you had. Maybe life isn’t so bad. Maybe this is a brand new start for us. Maybe this whole situation is a blessing in disguise. You know you’ll find a job with the pay you actually deserve. You know you’ll have more time to spend with me now… I’m working your dick in my mouth and in this moment you feel like perhaps you just might be the luckiest man on earth to have a girlfriend who cares this much about you.


Princess Ellie Idol – Blowjob Breakup – Facials, Cum In Mouth

Princess Ellie Idol  Blowjob Breakup preview

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This is a break up video for my boyfriend. My new lover holds the camera and provides his big, thick cock to suck as I break the bad news to my soon to be ex, John. It’s over! My new man is way better in every single way and I actually LOVE sucking his dick. I never felt that way about John. I’m going to crush my ex-boyfriend with every word, with every lick and suck….and when my lover gives me a big facial John will REALLY know it’s over FOR GOOD.
Due to the way this clip is filmed, you can either imagine you’re John or my lover holding the camera.


MeanWorld – Mean Bitches – Noemie Bilas – Hot Femdom – Ass Licking, Foot Licking

MeanWorld  Mean Bitches  Noemie Bilas  Hot Femdom preview

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Sexy student Noemie stole her teacher’s cell phone and now she is using it to get what she wants. She texted all his private pics to her phone and tells him she will everyone that he texted her dirty pics. She makes him tell her that he is a pig and makes him kiss the bottom of her dirty shoes. Then she makes him her beautiful ebony asshole while she sits on his face!


FuckedFeet – Brees Kelly’s Wrinkled Soles – Footjob – Young Mistress, Foot Licking

FuckedFeet  Brees Kellys Wrinkled Soles  Footjob preview

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Brees Kelly is a hot freckle faced redhead from the Midwest. She’s 22 years old and has size 5.5 feet with super high arches. She loves having her feet worshiped and she absolutely loves to tease! Brees teases you by dangling her heels off each foot and then holds up her barefeet while wrinkling her soles. Her soles are super wrinkled, too! See Brees Kelly in several anal scenes at She is really getting into having her feet pampered. Just licking her fair skinned feet was a pleasure itself for me! Although, they don’t seem so small, they are size 5.5 feet. I think her high arches make them appear bigger. Doesn’t matter either way, as it was such a turn on to lick her soft, smooth wrinkled soles and to lick in between each toe as well as suck each one. You can tell Brees was getting turned on just as much! Watch her tease me with one foot as I lick the other one. Then she rubs my cock over my shorts and then underneath them. By now, I have a raging hard on and I’m ready for her feet to do some strokin! In the meantime, she rubs this vasoline / oil type stuff on her soles and makes them really shiny and soft. Affter some rigorous cock stroking, I explode all over her feet.


Larkin Love – Eager To Swallow You – Ball Sucking, POV

Larkin Love  Eager To Swallow You preview

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A good blowjob can only end one way – with a swallow! I love the taste of cum. I will lick, suck, and tongue every inch of your cock until it gives me what I want. I want that hot load of yours dripping down the back of my throat and coating my tastebuds.
I want you to drain every drop of cum in those balls right into my open, willing mouth. And when I get my prize, I’ll savor it for a moment or two, allowing you to see your seed pooling around my tongue, before swallowing it down in one big gulp. Delicious.


ImMeganLive – POV Mania Edging and cum in my mouth – Female Domination, Big Breast

ImMeganLive  POV Mania Edging and cum in my mouth preview

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You are the chosen one! I want you to cum in my mouth…BUT…you need to be able to hold it long enough for me to play with your cock! I wanna suck it so bad, feel it down my throat…and between my big and huge tits! I know that after a minute you want to cum all over me…but you are not the one who decide. I DO! I will make you edge for 11 long minutes…oh it’s going to be a tough one! The reward you will get in the end is meant only for the chosen one. You are sitting at his place right now! Now give me that cock


Xev Bellringer – Cuckolding Cock Worship – POV, Blowjob

Xev Bellringer  Cuckolding Cock Worship preview

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Why do you want to know if I’ve had a cock bigger than yours? You won’t get mad?…Yes, I have. It was this much bigger, if you have to know. I can’t believe you’re turned on by this! Well in that case, I think you’ll want to hear all about the times he used me with his massive dick…but I’m going to ride you while you listen. Don’t cum too fast, I want your load all over my face just like his was.


Brat Princess 2 – Lola and Sadie – Cuckold Couples Counseling (1080 HD) – Handjob – Cucky, Femdom

Brat Princess 2  Lola and Sadie  Cuckold Couples Counseling 1080 HD  Handjob preview

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1080 HD Sadie and her husband have been seeing Lola, a relationship counselor, every week. While Sadie’s husband lays on a medical bed, held in place with bondage, Lola and Sadie discuss the relationship and the sort of progress Sadie and her husband have been making. Sadie and Lola are determined to turn Sadie’s husband into a full cuckold. He is very nearly there. After today’s session, there will be no going back, and he will be very thoroughly mentally conditioned to be his wife’s cuckold, fully and completely. With Sadie’s husband totally immobilized, a virtual reality headset has been placed over his eyes. The headset displays an array of cuckold porn scenarios. The audio has been turned off, however, so that Sadie’s husband can fully hear what Sadie and the counselor have to say. The counselor suggests that Sadie unlock her husband from chastity and manually stimulate him. While Sadie and the counselor manually stimulate Sadie’s husband, Sadie reveals that she has her first bull all lined up. It’s her husband’s boss! Lola cautions Sadie’s husband that he is sure to feel jealousy and hurt when his wife has sex with his boss but assures him that it is what his wife truly desires. Having a happy and satisfied wife can only improve the relationship, and so, even if it hurts, its really in everyone’s best interest for Sadie’s husband to accept his place as a cuckold. Lola reminds Sadie’s husband that the relationship could end in adultery, or divorce, like so many do. Sadie’s husband is very lucky that she has decided to preserve their relationship by giving him a role. He may not get to fuck her, like his boss will get to, but he can lick his boss’ hot cum as it drips from his wife’s pussy when she gets home. It’s very nice of Sadie to include her husband in anything she does instead of leaving him. Being a cuckold is much preferable to being a lonely bachelor forever. The women discuss Sadie’s husband’s chastity regimen before allowing him to spill. The women scoop up the cuckold’s emission and force it right into his open mouth. Swallowing his own cum is good practice, as soon he will be swallowing his boss’. The cuckold swallows the whole mess forced into him. Sadie and Lola are both very pleased with his progress.


Goddess Foot Jobs Avery Moon – New House Rule – Foot Worship – Footworship, Foot Licking

Goddess Foot Jobs Avery Moon  New House Rule  Foot Worship preview

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Avery Moon is a typical rebellious teen, defying her new stepfather’s rules and being a real brat. This guy isn’t going to stand for this unruly behavior and moves to show her exactly who is going to be the boss in the household. Stepdad throws young Avery across his knee and begins spanking her bare bottom. As the old guy repeatedly slaps Avery’s tight, little bare bottom we can see that the girl is becoming excited. Stepdad is going to fix her in more ways than one! He dips his fingers into her already dripping wet pussy between spanks and Avery’s entire attitude changes. He quickly rips the clothes off his stepdaughter and lays her on the sofa. He commences worshiping her feet with incredible passion and Avery moans with pleasure as she becomes even hornier. She loves the sensation of having her feet kissed, licked and sucked by this older authority figure. She gives up complete control to stepdad as he goes down on her sweet, juicy pussy. Stepdad whips out an already engorged cock and begins fucking her sweet, tan feet. He pumps and plows those soft young soles with enthusiasm. The guy sits on the sofa next to Avery and she grabs his dick between her sexy feet and begins jerking him off. He moves her into a reverse position so she can jack him off with her feet while he spanks her ass even more. As he drops a big, hot load onto her perfect feet, it appears clear that Avery Moon is ready to accept a submissive position with the new dominant male of the home.