Young Goddess Kim – Cum for Lunch – Shoe Worship, Humiliation

Young Goddess Kim  Cum for Lunch preview

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Rules for watching this clip: Take off all your clothes, get a plate, get on your knees in submission and press play. It’s lunchtime slave, but as you can see I have no scraps for you. you deserve nothing from Me anyway – you deserve to suffer, I should really just let you starve. But I suppose a pathetic slave needs some nourishment to keep it going. Hahaha! you are not even worth My spit today, or any dirt I trample. I will make you consume your own cum, you will eat your mess, you will lick up every last drop you spill on the plate in front of you – you will because I say so. I’m going to order you how to jerk off in front of Me and encourage those balls to fill up with so much cum for Me. Just look at My perfect shiny ass. Thirsty bitch? cum for lunch.


WankItNow – Stephanie Carter – Waiting Room Wank – Natural Small Tits, Jerk Off Encouragement

WankItNow  Stephanie Carter  Waiting Room Wank preview

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Stephanie is getting bored waiting for her appointment, she notices that you seem to be keeping a close eye on her and decides to have some fun to pass the time. She begins to unbutton her blouse and you can barley believe what is happening. A hot blonde is stripping off right in front of you, you waste no time in taking your dick out and start rubbing it while Stephanie teases you with her natural perky tits and trimmed pussy.


WankItNow – Lu Elissa – Detention Buddies – Part 1 – Female Domination, Jerkoff Commands

WankItNow  Lu Elissa  Detention Buddies  Part 1 preview

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You’ve been a distraction in class and now you’re in detention! Luckily you’re not alone and you’ve got the gorgeous Lu Elissa keeping you company and you both decide to play a game of truth or dare! You ask her if she keeps a dildo in her bag and what are the chances that she does? Lu is going to show you just how she uses her dildo, but she wants you to wank for her while she does!


WankItNow – Lauren Louise – Nurse Nymph – Suspenders, Brunette Hair

WankItNow  Lauren Louise  Nurse Nymph preview

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A couple of months ago you were at your local GP talking to nurse Louise… And since then you seem to have made a huge recovery… Now, this naughty nurse is incredibly attracted to you because of how good you look now! She wants to treat you with a striptease and get you to CUM for her! Pump that DICK for your nymph nurse Lauren Louise!


UpSkirt Jerk – Up My Skirt – Ass, Femdom

UpSkirt Jerk  Up My Skirt preview

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You’re in your local clothes store shopping for some new clothes and you bump into the most attractive woman you’ve ever met! You go to try on some clothes and there she is, attending to the fitting rooms… While your trying on you clothes, the sexy Sophia Smith is right outside your curtain. Standing there watching her… You can’t contain yourself!


Mistress Harley – Social Media Blackmail Timer Game – Tease And Denial, Masturbation Instruction

Mistress Harley  Social Media Blackmail Timer Game preview

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This blackmail timer game is definitely going to make you sweat. You’re going to take an incriminating photo with your social media account info, and then we’re going to gamble and see if my hot body makes you so weak that you forget to stop the devilish timer. Fail to stop the timer and I’ll just have one more piece of information to blackmail and expose you with. How long before you’re trapped in my web forever?


Madam Violet – Ego Annihilator – Men Following Orders, Slave Training

Madam Violet  Ego Annihilator preview

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You will take one LOOK then BUY this!
It’s fucking HOT when you BEG, when you strip, kneel, crawl, when you bark or snort, when you slap your face or balls, when you DO IT JUST FOR ME, when you BEG again, when I SQUEEZE My ass and tits, When grind My hips and finger My pussy….when you CRY and BEG and record yourself and send it to ME and FINALLY I allow you to STROKE your SWOLLEN COCK for ME until you CUM for ME.
I dislike the word ‘loser’; it is over used, I especially dislike any man who claims to be a ‘loser’. I like my man-victims to have a bit more self respect than that – it’s more fun to crush your ego then! I just want you to fucking KNOW how pathetic you ALWAYS are before ME, I want you to fucking BEG and WEEP from your cock and eyes for mercy.
Do as I say, give Me what I want, and survive the onslaught of perfect ass, thighs, tits, smile…it will feel like a LIFETIME!! I want you ego-less, pathetic, desperate, dependant and THEN you can stroke. All I want is the rush that cums from KNOWING you LOVE being My helpless horny bitch. And W/we both know you’ll give it to Me.


LilCanadianGirl – Mutual Masturbation – POV, Jerkoff Commands

LilCanadianGirl  Mutual Masturbation preview

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I show you my bikini and start feeling my body up. I turn around and shake my ass for you. After a little I cant help but touch myself so you watch me rub my pussy in doggy style. Then I tell you to jerk off as well, we can both touch ourselves until we cum. I watch you stroke and you watch me play. I let my tits out and take off my bottoms. I make my pussy wet and rub my clit. Now I begin to use my fingers for you. I slowly fuck my pussy and let you know I will cum soon. When I cum, You cum! We both orgasm and my pussy cums. I lick my cream and open my legs wide for you. I rub my pussy again until I cum a second time.


DownBlouse Jerk – Office Flirting – Jerk Off Encouragement, Braless

DownBlouse Jerk  Office Flirting preview

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You are new in the office and Lucy has asked you to take some paperwork to another department, while you are waiting for her to get it all together you notice that from where you are stood you can see straight down her blouse. She isn’t wearing a bra and when she moves you get a good look at her nipple, it doesn’t take long for your cock to stand to attention but what will Lucy do when she realises you have been perving?