Miss London Lix – Deep and Meaningful Findom – Wet Look, Shiny Clothing

Miss London Lix  Deep and Meaningful Findom preview

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You love stroking for me so much, that you’re willing to pay a pretty price to do so. That act of financial submission actually makes your hand on your cock feel even better. But you’ve been seeking a deeper connection, something a little more meaningful. I’m going to make our pleasures a little more intertwined today, and our findom connection even more intimate. Soon, stroking for me will feel better than ever before


WankItNow – Natalia Forrest – Just Another Pussy Patt 1 – Instructions, Female Domination

WankItNow  Natalia Forrest  Just Another Pussy Patt 1 preview

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So you’ve never even seen a naked girl before? Well lucky for you, your sister, Natalia Forrest always jumps at the chance to get nude! You’re in for a real treat this time, join Natalia and watch her strip down to her birthday suit! But that’s not all! Natalia has come equipped with some lube and a dildo to give you the show of your life and show you how to really pleasure a woman.


WankItNow – Jess West – Useless Wanker – Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement

WankItNow  Jess West  Useless Wanker preview

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Jess West loves to dominate a pathetic WANKER! She’s the new CEO of your company and she’s got your cards marked! Jess walks into the office ready to humiliate you with her Strap-On dildo! You better do as you’re told… If you’re lucky, she might let you CUM! If you don’t follow her orders you’ll be punished even harder! How much abuse will your DICK be able to handle?


UpSkirt Jerk – Watch Up My Skirt – Jerk Off Instruction, Jerk Off Encouragement

UpSkirt Jerk  Watch Up My Skirt preview

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You’ve always wanted to see up Tindra Frosts skirt and now you’re going to get your chance… This sexy babe is shopping for new clothes in your store and you’ve spotted her going into the changing room to try on some clothes… You take note of which cubicle she went into and decide to pop your head under the curtain! Don’t get caught!


Sarah DiAvola – Edged to Blue 3 – Bikini Goddess, Erotic

Sarah DiAvola  Edged to Blue 3 preview

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This is it. One of My most-imitated yet never-duplicated creations. My specialty. My sensual domination. My sadistic lover tease. I take you by the cock and lead you on a rollercoaster masturbation session, building you up… balancing your plateau… and buffering your pleasure. Up, down, faster, slower, I instruct your hand as if it is Mine. “I” stroke your cock until it works into a thick, stiff, throbbing erection, and then I let off and start teasing more mercilessly. I start again, just as you’re starting to catch your breath. “I” manipulate that penis until it’s oozing precum and begging Me for release. And I say “no.” The anticipation, the build-up, the denial, the intensity of the tease is unbearable. I have you sweating, panting, shuddering, begging. I have you right where I want you. Isn’t it excruciating, to watch Me touch Myself, pleasure Myself, expose Myself, while you cannot even lay a finger on your own body without My permission? Knowing that I’m not even going to let you cum at the end…makes it hurt so fucking good. …you love every moment of it. This may be the 3rd in a series of the same name, but I want you to dive deep into My collection for My world-renowned and universally-praised edging teases. My best-selling video is Dick Tease, and I highly suggest adding it to your cart if you really want to spend the entire day and night together.


Mistress Harley – Break Your Dick For Me – Tattoos, Brat Girls

Mistress Harley  Break Your Dick For Me preview

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I know how much time you spend obsessed with my beautiful body, jerking to my perfect curves. Well now I’m going to make you break that dick for me. I’m going to MAKE you jerk off until you wish that you’d never touched that weak pathetic piece of flesh in the first place. You like jerking it? Well I’m going to make you jerk it until you break it!


London Lix – Poppers Anal Slut Card Game – Instructions, Female Domination

London Lix  Poppers Anal Slut Card Game preview

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Today we let fate decide how your intox game should go, and I’ll tell you now; it does not go easy on you �� The cards I draw from this deck will decide when you take a nice hit from that bottle, fuck your ass with a dildo, or send me a little $10 tribute. The deck of cards will also determine when you cum, so you’ll need to be ready at any given moment. This is the ultimate game of p()ppers anal slut play, with a nice dose of beginner-level findom mixed in. You’re going to be SO excited edging and butt-fucking yourself for me, lapping up my humiliation and commands every step of the way. You know how weak you get when you sniff, and so do I, so I take full advantage of every hit, switching up the pace – long hits, short hits, double inhales and even some br3 4th play in the mix. This is for *advanced* intox players and anal masturbators – the directions are extreme and intense. I.e. A LOT of fun.


DownBlouse Jerk – Cleavage Perv – Ashley Jayne, Cocktease

DownBlouse Jerk  Cleavage Perv preview

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Ashley has no idea you are peeking around the door at her while she is sorting out some clothes, she is wearing a very low cut top and when she moves her arms her top slips down to show her nipple. The more you get to see the more aroused you become, you start to wonder if you could get away with having a sneaky wank while hiding and perving on her!