Princess Miki – Gooning Session For High Losers – Jerk Off Encouragement, JOI

Princess Miki  Gooning Session For High Losers preview

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Get high, horny, fucked up and jerk yourself all day as you’re mesmerized by my hot body in this shiny, barely there bodysuit. I just enjoy knowing that I own your dick from miles away, that somewhere out there, there you are, my little jerk zombie. It feels good, huh? Even if you’re wasting your entire day and night jerking. You spend all your money on weed and paying girls to humiliate you. Yeah, getting high, edging and paying are your favorite things. But it feels too good — to be high out of your mind and goon. Keep edging yourself to oblivion with this video — jerk and jerk and watch on a loop as your brain turns to mush for me.


Goddess Jessica – Kitchen CBT – Jerkoff Commands, Female Domination

Goddess Jessica  Kitchen CBT preview

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Thanks for joining me in my kitchen this evening. Today we are going to prepare a lovely Mincemeat pie! We need the following tools: tongs, chop sticks, coffee cup, wooden spoon and a rolling pin. We need the following ingredients: hot sauce, ginger root, ice cubes and a penis that deserves it. I hope you enjoy my recipe!


Brat Princess Natalya – Edging Marathon Session for Advance Masturbators – Findom, POV

Brat Princess Natalya  Edging Marathon Session for Advance Masturbators preview

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This is an intense edging session for experienced masturbators, with a financial incentive to complete the full session. Only advanced masturbators will even have a shot at making it to the end of this edging. When I’m done toying and teasing, you get to cum to a nice ten second countdown, but if you don’t follow directions there’s a price to pay. Good things come to boys who exercise patience and self-control. Penalties are there for those of you who fail my challenge. Watch this clip with your credit cards handy. My bet is you can’t last.


Shaye Rivers – Count Your Strokes JOI – Edging Games, Cocktease

Shaye Rivers  Count Your Strokes JOI preview

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I am going to give you the most intense jerk off session you have ever experienced, and all you need to know how to do is count. Listen closely to My instructions. You have never had jerk off instructions like this before, and I guarantee you are going to blow the biggest load of your life. Give Me all of your cum and submit to Me.


Mistress Harley – Pornsexual Gooner Stroke Zombie – Jerk Off Instruction, Denial

Mistress Harley  Pornsexual Gooner Stroke Zombie preview

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You’re such a fucking gooner, sitting there, stroking yourself, you just can’t wait to get home from work and turn on my videos, to watch my amazing ass and my huge tits mesmerize you as you stroke and ridge the edge of your throbbing cock. You love stroking until you’re dumb brain starts to leak out of your cock, and you love edging for gorgeous girls like me, girls who would never actually let you see us naked in person. This is better than any sex you can or could have, the pleasure you feel as you stroke and edge and goon to me is better than the bad date with the chubby brunette that you COULD get. Humping your hand and watching my perfect body writhe for you is almost more than you can handle. But you better stay right on that edge for me. No cumming!


Empress Elle – 60 Second JOI Challenge – Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement

Empress Elle  60 Second JOI Challenge preview

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I have a little challenge for you. If you thought My 3 minute JOI challenge was easy…this is the game for you! While a 60 second timer is running, I taunt and tease you with My beautiful breasts, wearing the teeniest, tiniest bikini I own. But there’s a catch- if you can’t get off in 60 seconds…you have to WAIT until tomorrow to try again! Think you can do it? Good luck!


Goddess Celine – Testosterone Training – POV, Femdom

Goddess Celine  Testosterone Training preview

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This a therapy session for all guys who have a no comun nylon layers obsession.Before you go any further, you should know what this tease entails. The story behind this tease is that you live in the not too distant future where things are, shall we say, a little bit different. You have been found guilty of deviant behaviour and have been sentenced to 1 year.The school tutor is here to train you through psychological and physiological techniques to the extent that the ability to orgasm via conventional means is removed. Graduates of the school find themselves living in a constant state of frustration. They spend hours every day living on the very edge of orgasm, but find that they can never get that last little kick that sends them over the edge. Their minds and their bodies deny them.You find yourself at the beginning of your training.To do this tease series properly you must deny yourself orgasm from the day you start the tease, and it is preferable that you complete each tease as instructed.


Ella Kross & Anna Myst – Jerk Off to My Ass Game – Masturbation Instruction, Tease & Denial

Ella Kross  Anna Myst  Jerk Off to My Ass Game preview

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Sitting outside with the gorgeous Anna Myst, we announce that we`re going to be playing a little game with you today. You`re going to jerk-off off to my sexy ass, but the moment I turn around you have to stop. That`s right; you`re going to stroke your cock while I show off my gorgeous ass but you better stop when I turn and face you or you`ll be punished! with the rules layed out, Anna instructs you to begin touching yourself while I stand and flaunt my nice, round bottom in your face. Towering over you I tease you with my sexy ass while you stroke your hard cock before abruptly turning to face you which means you better stop touching yourself! Over and over again we play our cruel game, having you jerk your hard cock only to have you stop which makes it impossible for you to cum. Will we ever let you blow your big load? Watch and find out, loser!


Miss Alisandra – 1 Minute Cum Challenge For Tit Addicts – Tease & Denial, Edging Games

Miss Alisandra  1 Minute Cum Challenge For Tit Addicts preview

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You know how weak My tits make you. They are powerful to the extent where no man can ever resist them. You are not an exception. I have a challenge for you today – you are not allowed to touch your dick until I allow it. I will tease you mercilessly, playing with My big natural tits, pushing them in your face, stepping away leaving you begging for more… All while you’re forbidden to touch yourself. And just when you’ll feel like this sweet Torment will never end, I’ll give you a minute. One sweet short minute to stroke your dick hard and fast and cum for My tits. Will you make it?