Mistress Victoria – Intense Edging Schedule Part 2 – Did you make it? – Instructions – Masturbation Games, Tease

Mistress Victoria  Intense Edging Schedule Part 2  Did you make it  Instructions preview

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I left you last with a very intense edging schedule. You were absolutely not allowed to cum or else you had to pay a tax. I made you watch so many videos every day and edge exactly how I said. Did you make it? Well if so keep watching…here is your reward for waiting all this time to be allowed to finally cum.


Mistress Harley – Edging for a Big Load CEI – Female Domination, Instructions

Mistress Harley  Edging for a Big Load CEI preview

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I know how edging over and over again drives you crazy, and I’m going to make sure that you are DESPERATE to cum. So desperate that by the time you blow that big load you’re going to be ready to drink it up for me. Make sure you have a glass ready, because I’m going to make you stroke and edge and stroke and edge while you look at my gorgeous hot body in this teeny tiny slingshot bikini, and when you blow that load you’re going to drink it all down for me.


Exquisite Goddess – Home wreck – Mind wash – Masturbation Instruction, Jerk Off Encouragement

Exquisite Goddess  Home wreck  Mind wash preview

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Hows wifey? She’s been keeping you away from me? It is time to correct that and remove all the protective layers of your mind.
With each Botton I open one layer gets removed and by the end of it you will be blank, obedient and MINE all over again. Just like you should…..
Clip contains: sensual domination, mind fuck, mind reprograming, JOI. orgasm control, CEI.


Goddess Christina – JOI Game: Are You Getting All Worked Up – JOI Games, Redhead

Goddess Christina  JOI Game Are You Getting All Worked Up preview

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Custom request. No name used. You are my girlfriend’s best friend and you two are going on a trip to the islands. You come over to get her opinion on some outfits you bought but she isn’t home. You always catch me staring at you so you decide have fun with me. You ask if you can try on some of the outfits for my opinion. You start trying on the outfits teasing me as you show them off and make me watch you change out of them. You notice me getting excited and aroused. You decide to make it a game instructing me to get my dick out and stroke for you. If I can make it to the end without exploding I win but if I can’t then I have to pay for the outfits. At the end you add another twist by telling me that I have clean it all up or you will expose me.


Crystal Knight – Only Non-Nude JOI For You – Mental Domination, Masturbation Instruction

Crystal Knight  Only NonNude JOI For You preview

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*This clip is on sale for one reason, to addict you FOREVER* If you’re reading this, you’ve adopted the censored life, or at least you’re about to. You know you are such an addict you’ll do anything for me, and we both know that losers don’t deserve nudity. No nipples, no asshole, no pussy. The only thing you get is extremely erotic IMPLIED teasing that will drive you crazy. I love reminding you that you are only allowed non-nude jerking sessions, loser.


Mina Thorne – Beg for Ruination – Mental Domination, Joi

Mina Thorne  Beg for Ruination preview

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What a mind fuck getting on the verge of orgasm and begging me to ruin your orgasm again and again. Obedient little beta bitches like you should always be focused on my pleasure alone. Which is why you crave ruination, you know it’s all you deserve. Knowing that I love ruining your orgasms in that way you actually find pleasure through your ruination. It’s not enough for me to ruin it just once, I’m going to ruin your orgasm multiple times in this session and each time you are going to beg me to ruin your orgasm. Such a mind fuck begging for your own ruination but all it takes is one look at me and you know it’s what you deserve.


Princess Pilar – Findom Rehab – Edging Training – JOI, Cleavage

Princess Pilar  Findom Rehab  Edging Training preview

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Another day, another intensive psychotherapy treatment. You don’t know what your Sexy Therapist has in store for you, but you’re looking forward to it. Strangely, your Findom Addiction seems so much stronger when you are in Her presence; you try your best to “act normal” but She knows you too well, She knows that you’ll melt beneath Her like the malleable drone you are. She reveals that She will be utilizing one your favorite subjects of submission: edging- to help cure your addiction. Enjoy xo- Princess Pilar


Enchantressbree – Red light, green light JOI – Foot Licking, Masturbation Instruction

Enchantressbree  Red light green light JOI preview

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As part of all of the festivities going on today, I think you deserve to play a little game with me: Red light, green light! However, I added a little twist. You’re going to sit there and stroke to my sexy feet in green tights, but only when my heels are off. You have to stop when I put them back on. You can jerk it as well when I’m dangling, but at a slow and sensual pace. Do you think you can be a good boy and follow my directions? If you’re good, I promise you’ll get a nice reward at the end. Ready? Set. Go!