Worship Goddess Jasmine – Tits and Int0x – Mesmerize, Hypno

Worship Goddess Jasmine  Tits and Int0x preview

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Can u resist my tempting cleavage huh? Most definitely not. I want you high as you drool over my juicy tits. I want u hitting that bottle over and over and I tease you. I want you to test yourself and see how far you can actually go. Lose all inhibition and inhale like never before. My tits make you weak and they’re going to push you today. I want you bl.o.o.d.ed nosed in a heap on the floor with nothing but the image of my tits in your head.


HumiliationPOV – You Wouldn’t Be Watching This Clip If You Didn’t Want To Eat It – Jerk Off Instruction, Femdom

HumiliationPOV  You Wouldnt Be Watching This Clip If You Didnt Want To Eat It preview

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How bad do you want to stroke right now? Now tell me how badly do you want to eat your cum for me? Well you might be a bit hesitant but by the end of this clip, you are going to blow that load right into your mouth because you wouldn’t be watching this clip if you didn’t want to eat it. I know u want to. So start jerking your fucking dick.
Jerk it as I tease you with my hot sexy body. Jerk it knowing that by the end of this clip I’m going to have you on your back, with your legs up in the air, your dick pointed straight at your face, with your mouth wide fucking open. Eager, ready and anxious to take that load right in your mouth so you can gobble it all up. Don’t pretend like it’s not been on your mind. I’m sure you have probably done it before, you just love eating your own cum. And when you have a hot Goddess telling you to do so, it makes it so much better.
And if this is your first time, do not hesitate. You’ll blow that load into your mouth. And you will fucking love it. Jerk that dick knowing that when you fucking cum, you are going to cum in your mouth for me bitch. But I don’t want you 2 cum just yet, I want to make sure you build up a huge load.
Now I want you to lay down on your back and jerk your cock with your legs spread wide open. I want it to be easy for you to flip your legs in the air with your dick as close to your face as possible, so that when you blow that load, it can go directly into your fucking mouth and you can eat up every drop, just like I want you to.
I want you to get ready to cum right into your mouth and eat up every last drop. Because I said so, because you want it. Because you are nothing but a cum eating jerk off junkie, watching femdom porn just like u do every other day. You’ll do it every day for the rest of your sad pathetic fucking life. Are you ready? Blow that load right into your fucking mouth bitch. Make sure you lick up every fucking drop loser. I want it all in your mouth right where it fucking belongs. You are nothing but a cum eating jerk junkie.


Goddess Madam Violet – Deep Dicknosis – POV, Love Addiction

Goddess Madam Violet  Deep Dicknosis preview

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All those times I’ve mesmerised you, yet I have never done it to your dick….*SNAP* down you lay there helpless as I talk directly to your dick; “now his arms are so very heavy and he cannot move them…now he is under MY control – who is going to stroke you, hmmm, little dick?”
I place you and your mind into a deep state with a rapid induction. A subversion of an NLP ‘Parts Therapy’, it gets right to the ROOT. So to speak! I will be mesmerising your dick, I will be mind-fucking your dick, I will be teasing your dick, forcing your DRIPPING dick to surrender to Me, to submit to Me to hand over the reigns of your body and mind to Me. If he does as he is told, then I will release just one of your hands from your deep, unnatural eyes-wide-open sleep and command you to stroke.
The whole time YOU are unable to do anything, you’re barely taking in what I’m saying, you are a bystander, POWERLESS as the little brain DICKtator that controls your every move and I have a ‘discussion’ about your future. About OWNERSHIP. The more mesmerised your dick becomes the more it TWITCHES, the more it dances and DRIPS as you are perfectly still.
Finally with three twitches I get your your dick to AGREE that I am now in charge. I bring you up, tell you to stroke at a constant speed and then DROP you back down…counting down your dick into orgasm….It lies there shrivelled, deflated, defeated. There’s a new boss in town!


Miss London Lix – Sissy Chastity Training 4 – Orgasm Control, Leotard Fetish

Miss London Lix  Sissy Chastity Training 4 preview

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I think that you just love having your power removed, don’t you? Me completely taking control of your cock, and your life, literally immobilizing you, rendering you useless physically, is such a sweet relief to you from the pressures of every day life. You don’t fear bondage; rather you crave it. In being tied down, you are made completely free. Devoid of responsibility. With me in control, you can just ‘be’. This power exchange for you manifests as emasculation in the form of sissification, sexual control in the form of keyholding and chastity, but also physical control today with bondage. Let’s see how much fun we can have controlling your orgasm as you’re forced to watch me in this shiny leotard, as you can barely move…


Charlotte Stokely – Blackmailed By My Black Ass – Edging Games, Masturbation Games

Charlotte Stokely  Blackmailed By My Black Ass preview

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My ass makes you wanna stroke your cock so fucking hard! What turns you on more… My shiny leggings or the fact that I could make you do anything for me? I’m gonna ruin you by making you get so on edge that you send me all kinds of blackmail info! Oh tell me more secrets, baby, haha! The more you tell me the harder your cock gets! You secretly want me to do this to you! You want to be ruined by my black ass!


Whitney Morgan’s Karate Feet JOI – Foot Fetish, Foot Play

Whitney Morgans Karate Feet JOI preview

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Whitney Morgan is in the Karate dojo at Roxie’s Karate Academy and she has used her bare and powerful, Size 8.5 Feet to take you down to the mats where u belong. Whitney knows you enjoy the beat down and she teases u with her big feet & soles in your face. Whitney is going to let you jerk and stroke to her feet as she encourages you with jerk off instructions letting you look closely at her toes & soles. Whitney might even let you cu since you’re all alone with her but wait for her cum countdown.


WankItNow – Wanking bonus – Female Domination, Heels

WankItNow  Wanking bonus preview

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Gracie wants to leave work on time today but you want her to stay behind and clean up, she wants to know what she can do to change your mind and you decide to take full advantage of the situation. You tell her that if she strips off for u she can leave on time, Gracie can’t believe how much of a perv you’re but she agrees 2 do it knowing full well that she will have something to hold over you next time she wants anything.


WankItNow – Overtime wank – POV, Heels

WankItNow  Overtime wank preview

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You have agreed to do overtime with Stephanie, she is clearly very bored and decides to use you for her personal entertainment. She shows u that she is wearing stockings and suspenders and tells u that she enjoys watching men wank over her, Stephanie begins to strip out of her dress and instructs you to take your dick out & start wanking while she teases u with her naked body.