Princess Breanna – You Belong To Me – Hypnotic, Religious

Princess Breanna  You Belong To Me preview

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Do you think that your struggles go unnoticed? I know you’ve been struggling with yourself on the inside. You’ve been trying to break free from the hold I have on you. You go to church and try to pray for strength, forgiveness, any kind of help. Yet your prayers go unanswered. Silly little loser, you know you can only worship one. Your God can’t save you now, your body, mind, and soul are mine, and there is no escaping. You belong to me!


Miss Untamed – Villainess Untamed Fucks Your Mind – Femdom, Female Domination

Miss Untamed  Villainess Untamed Fucks Your Mind preview

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Captured and no where to go. Villainess Untamed has an evil plan for her slaves she obtains. Leaving a special bottle of p.opp3rs beside you she demands you take a deep hit. Instructing you to hold it 5..4..3..2..1… Exhale. Feeling the fucking rush all over your body you become more enslaved to her. Her echoed words, sleek body and demands for you to stroke your slave cock have u fucked out of your mind. The more deep hits the more fucked you become. With the head rush and the pumping to your cock you have no choice but to obey her commands. Can you finish to the end or will you be too fucked out of your mind to finish at all? Watch and listen as I laugh and get off on obliterating your brain cells. Hahahahahaha!


Mandy Flores – Poisonous revenge – Female Domination, Home Wrecker

Mandy Flores  Poisonous revenge preview

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I married and your father just for his money and he went behind my back and left it all to you. His son…Im sure he was just looking out for you but what he did was far worse. As you count your money right in front of me I begin to seduce you & talk sweetly how you are now the man of the house. Now you will fill your Fathers shoes. I know u must have been jealous of your father with his new beautiful wife n now Im all yours…it leads to me putting on some poisonous perfume and just with a few sniffs you begin to get weaker and weaker. Your heart begins to beat faster and I tell you to go ahead and jerk, if you cum to me well both feel better about the whole misunderstanding. As you go over the edge I confess that I have poisoned you and to say hello to your Father for me.


Goddess Madam Violet – Succumb to the Succubus – Mesmerize, Fantasy

Goddess Madam Violet  Succumb to the Succubus preview

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THE Topless POV fuck of your life! & your last : )you awaken to the sound of your own heartbeat, or at least you thought you were awake until you see the Woman. Before your conscious mind has a chance to register, She is sitting on your legs and telling you to Ssshhhhhh, you’re still fast asleep, this is only a dream. She smiles slowly, youre inclined to believe what this devastatingly beautiful Woman says to u, how can She be real? BUT you can feel Her weight on your body, and you swear you can feel the heat of Her PUSSY through the bed sheets all the way to your twitching cock. She whispers sweet words which make your balls ache, She moves her body in way which makes your mind MELT. She flashes you a smile as She says every KISS from Her lips will make your body HEAVIER, and they do, youre body is soon immobile, you cant move at all. So heavy, utterly POWERLESS. She sees the FEAR in your eyes, She soothes you When My hot, wet, tight pussy slides down your hard aching dick, ALL resistance ALL fear will VANISH, you will LET GO, & surrender. The pleasure will take over. Without knowing why or how, you know you want this, you NEED this to happen. and then you are being taken DEEP inside of Her, you still cant move, you can only lay there and scream in ecstasy inside the darkness of your mind as She grinds and WRITHES all over your hard cock. Im to going to fuck every last drop of cum out of you, Im going to keep fucking u even after youve cum, Im going to drain your balls of all CUM and your body of all LIFE you notice that you are not scared, not enough, you couldnt stop Her even if u wanted to, you have NO thoughts, just this PLEASURE, just these PERFECT breasts in your face and Her pussy gripping and pulsing around you dickyou want to cum, She says She can feel youre closeand finally, as She allows you to orgasm, She fucks you harder, sucking every last drop if life force from you give it to Me, just Let go. She cums. As the light slowly leaves your eyes and your body bucks beneath Her, your power, you pleasure, your LIFE becoming HERS.*Listen with Earphones*


Goddess Madam Violet – Brain Fucked Hipn0 Bitch – Submissive Training, Brainwashed

Goddess Madam Violet  Brain Fucked Hipn0 Bitch preview

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Roll up My hipn0-sluts! I have 35 minutes of brain-fucking, heart- breaking, dick-twitching Femdom hipn0sis for u…
If you were to have a live -session with Me there would be no handy run through of what’s to come before we start. And apart from the obvious limits you would have no say and no real idea of what was to come. You would be at My mercy. And apart from the fact you would NEVER get to see My tits live (or two of Me), this is exactly like that….
A powerfully woven blend of induction and deepeners – conversational, confusion, eye fixation, breath control, finger snaps I will wear your mind like a fucking glove & achieve My objective with aplomb.
And that’s all I am going to tell you.
But know slave that once you are My hipn0tic hostage I will play with not only My PERFECT naked breasts but with YOU exactly *I* chose, how *I* want, and you will OBEY, because it’s just no fun otherwise.
I loved filming this imagining you helplessly obeying, it really turned Me on….so CUM and play slave, PROVE yourself worthy of Me by surrendering all control, be My GOOD little brain-fucked hipn0-bitch ��


Goddess Datura DiVine – Easily Bewitched – Cocktease, Femdom

Goddess Datura DiVine  Easily Bewitched preview

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Charmed, entranced, and enthralled… Is it My serpentine green eyes? Perhaps My stunning beauty? It may be that you’re stupefied by My cleavage or in this case, My shining dress… but there is always more… Many men who have fallen DEEP for Me know of My true power, and how dangerous it is. But does that ever stop you? No, never~ Men like you’re easily bewitched by Me, and I use My beauty and body as tools of control after arresting your attention with My wickedly shiny dress. It doesn’t matter how much I warn you..but I do it anyway because it is so amusing to see you fall under My control despite knowing ‘better!’ If you ever had a chance of resisting, it’s been long gone, and by the time you’re staring at My mesh-adorned cheeks, you’ll be Mine~ Note: If certain colors start to seem strangely intense and magical..that’s normal. It means it is taking effect. * lust magic * shiny fetish * ass tease * enslavement * fishnets *


Pay To Obey Meggerz – Instant Gratification or Always Mine? – Cock Cage, Goddess Worship

Pay To Obey Meggerz  Instant Gratification or Always Mine preview

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Imagine that caged cock of yours rubbing against my sweet, soft ass. But do you really want me to unlock you for a one time release? Wouldn’t you prefer to endure the agony day in an day out in order to stay mine? The choice is yours… I will let you have the keys if you really think one quick release is worth losing me forever.