Goddess Alexandra Snow – Pussy Command – Tease & Denial, Mental Domination

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Pussy Command preview

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Something about keeping my pussy away from you boys turns you into pussy addicts. The saying “You always want what you can’t have” really rings true for you pussy addicts. You spend all of your time online buying my videos and imagining what this pussy tastes like. You’d love for me to give you a pair of my panties just so you can get a whiff of what my delicious juices smell like. You’re obsessed with it. You’ve wanted my pussy for so long it’s almost a mythical thing in your mind. I love torturing you with it, so I’ve put on this cotton bodysuit with no panties. I’m going to get right up close so you’ll feel like you’re inches away. You’re desperate for this pussy. I can feel your need every time I make a video.


London Lix – Ultimate Sissification – Hypno, Femdom

London Lix  Ultimate Sissification preview

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You’ve already fallen far down the sissy hole. You used to have to be coerced into this type of thing. It was a fantasy. You used to envision fucking a woman like me. Now you want to BE a woman like me. I’ll help you today. We’ll get you shaven & silky smooth, we’ll get you dressed up like a sissy slut, and we’ll get you being the sissy whore you crave to be. This clip contains extensive tasks designed to consume a few hours if not the better part of your day, so come prepared. Be prepared to fill your holes and prettify yourself for me. Be prepared to sexualize she-dick and lust for cum. Be ready, for your ultimate sissification. You’ll need: makeup, sissy clothing, butt plugs, nipple clamps (optional), dildo. Contains: light pain play, anal masturbation, cum eating instructions, feminization, teasing humiliation, tasks, slut training, nipple stimulation, cock sucking, shemale jerk encouragement, coerced bi, edging instructions. DISCLAIMER: Every clip released this September is a custom clip. The ideas, style, and verbiage may not reflect my regular style. The content of each is fairly niche. These clips are still my usual PERFECT quality, and you will find many as enjoyable, if not more so, than my ‘regular’ clips. But I wanted to write this for new customers to say: do not judge me as an artist based on these clips, buy one of my regular clips to see what I’m all about. And for older customers to say: do not think this is a ‘new direction’ my clips have taken; they are just customs.


HumiliationPOV – Go Broke For Me – Findom Mindfuck – Mind Control, Kaylynn

HumiliationPOV  Go Broke For Me  Findom Mindfuck preview

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I make you go so broke. I make you spend your entire paycheck in an hour so I can spend it frivolously on the things I want and desire. And I get everything I want and I always want more, I’m so greedy. And a greedy Goddess is never satisfied. And you will sacrifice for me for I am perfect, I am your God. You are here to please me and give me everything I want.
You go broke for me. You take out loans to give me everything. I deserve it. And in return you are lucky to even be in my life. I drain you dry. I am pure feminine power and you are a weak willed loser put here to spoil me. I will always make you go broke. I deserve the very best, don’t I? Perfection has a price and in my world you have to be willing to pay it.
I own you. Mentally you are my slave, captured and entranced by my beauty. You are undoubtedly below me. I am far above. So you spend, you give it all to me. I am God Kaylynn and I get all of your money. You live broke and struggling, hopeless so that I can live lavishly. I am entitled to every paycheck. I am entitled to your rent money. It’s all mine. Just so you can worship, just so you can exist in my world. There’s nothing better and you know it.
You’ll never have me. All you can do is hope that for every tribute I might give you a tiny bit of attention. You will always be broke for me. You will sacrifice and cut back to give me what I deserve. Do you think you have what it takes to live in my world? Do you have what it takes to please me? You better, there is no other way. This is your new life. You will willingly send me everything I deserve without me having to lift a finger. And that’s the point. I am God.


Goddess Jessica – Encouraging Your Desire To Please – Mind Fuck, Financial Domination

Goddess Jessica  Encouraging Your Desire To Please preview

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*no makeup in this clip* You love being trained. You love being under my influence. You’ve devoted yourself to me completely and here you are, reaping the rewards. Now you get to pay me, over and over. You get to please me. You get to listen to me. To look at me. It’s such an honor to let my words take hold. You are grateful and you are thankful.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Enraptured Trance – Denial, Hypno

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Enraptured Trance preview

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This video is done Neurolinguistic Programming style, which means it begins casually and conversationally.. then descends into an almost seamless trance through voice inflection and specific words. It’s only a matter of moments before you’re listening to my voice but you can’t remember what I said. Your head feels soft and fuzzy, your conciousness is slipping away. You begin to understand this word: rapture. You feel enchanted with my voice, my face, my lovely eyes.. soon the world fades away and it is only you and I. Slowly and completely, I become the very center of your world.
This a powerful NLP brainwash style trance!


Miss Roper – Chastity Mind Fuck – Mesmerized Into Servitude Part Two – Keyholder, Sexy

Miss Roper  Chastity Mind Fuck  Mesmerized Into Servitude Part Two preview

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In the final part of this two part series, I use the very key from the lock that will trap your manhood to complete my control over you and your mind. Swaying the key back and forth, I whisper intruding words that enter you, grabbing hold of your former self and reprogramming you with triggers. You, are now a mindless slave to me, a puppet, my whispers pulling the strings. You are to never be set free from my grasp, the key to your freedom in my hands, moving along my body in seductive motions. I, your manipulative key holder now have you by the balls; both in mind and in body.


Miss Roper – Chastity Mind Fuck – Mesmerized Into Servitude Part 1 – Sexy, Hypnotic

Miss Roper  Chastity Mind Fuck  Mesmerized Into Servitude Part 1 preview

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By the end of this two part series you will be fully entranced by me, trapped and held prisoner by my seductive spell. You will fall deeply, willingly surrendering yourself & your cock to me; you eagerly await my control. These words, these words will ring in your ears, echo in your mind; say these words with me. “I want to be Miss Love Locks’s chastity slave” repeat. I’m going to control every one of your orgasms, you’re going to belong to me; I am going to be your key holder. Say these words with me, “I wish for Miss Love Locks to hold my key”; repeat. You want me to trap your cock, every part of your mind wishes to be under my spell and my control. When part two is released, you will purchase it to complete the transition, the transformation into my mindless Chastity slave.


JessiBelle – Don’t Deny It ‘Til You Try It! – Gay Encouragement, 4K Video

JessiBelle  Dont Deny It Til You Try It preview

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I am absolutely that you have heard this at some point – how do you know that you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it?I can understand with foods not to want to try stuff, but for other things how will you know if you don’t try it? How do you know that you don’t like cock if you don’t at least try it? You like women, but how do you really know that you don’t like men if you don’t at least TRY cock? Maybe you want to fuck a man’s ass or have him fuck yours. Maybe you want a blowjob from a man or give one. How do you know that you don’t like cock if you never try it! You will regret never trying it, but at least you can say you tried – whether you liked it or not!


Evelyn Milano – Fall For Feet – Love Addiction, Mind Fuck

Evelyn Milano  Fall For Feet preview

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***This video includes visual and sound effects. Best enjoyed in a dark room with headphones*** You fall for my feet so easily, but I just need to show you the power they have over you.. and it’s so easy. You will fall in a deep trance for them, focusing on my soles. You are under their spell, falling further and further down the rabbit hole with no chance of escaping. You must worship and serve the feet that encapsulate your weak brain. You belong to these feet, and there is NO going back.