Princess Ellie Idol – Harleys mind controlled impose bi 3some – Sperm, Coerced Bi

Princess Ellie Idol  Harleys mind controlled impose bi 3some preview

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You’re going to be one of two test subjects for my “Harley & Puddin’ Approved Mind Control Device”. Who’s the other you ask? Why Gotham’s own hero of course: Batman! I’m going to turn you both into my sex slaves, mindless, unable to do anything but please me, Lil ol’ Miss Quinn! I know the newspapers say I’m crazy but I just need someone to fuck it out of me! Batman will fuck me while this doll gags on your cock until I swallow your load. Then, I want you to suck B-man’s cock to taste all of me on him. You don’t have a choice, after all! Suck that cock like a good little slave!!


Mistress Vikki – Mesmerised To Stroke For My Ass – Kink, Female Domination

Mistress Vikki  Mesmerised To Stroke For My Ass preview

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It’s been far too long since you were on your knees, worshiping my ass. Look at it, look how it moves. so easily back and forth. captivating you already. MMM. you need it, you want don’t you? mmm…just what you need in your face. My nice big full ass. So why don’t you beg for it? Like a goooood boy. you want it so bad, because you want to be able to jerk your cock to this nice big ass of mine. you need it, you want it. Look at it. so perfect. MMM. Nothing else compares to this ass, being mesmerized by it. you need it sooo bad. right there. so close. MMM. such a turn oon isn’t it?


Princess Alexa – Face Worship – Mouth – Tongue & Spit Tease – Mental Domination, Eyes

Princess Alexa  Face Worship  Mouth  Tongue  Spit Tease preview

00:11:07 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 452 MB

There is something about me you just love more than anything else. I know exactly what it is, you LOVE my beautiful face, my gorgeous eyes, my perfect lips. Every time you see me you start to breathe harder and harder. Seeing my beautiful perfect face is enough to make you cum instantly. I am going to exploit your love for my beautiful face and make you so weak just by puckering up my lips, batting my eyes, and teasing you with my tongue. You won’t last more than a few minutes, not with me. So go ahead, stroke your cock. Let my beauty do the rest.


London Lix – Year Of The Pig – Goddess Worship, Brat Worship

London Lix  Year Of The Pig preview

00:09:22 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 399 MB

How appropriate is it that 2019 is the Chinese Year of The Pig?! Very appropriate, I would say, my paypiggies, as Miss Lix intends to make a LOT of $$$ this year. I talk you through some commonly held beliefs about the pig in Chinese culture, and how these are going to fit into your role of serving me this year, as well as tease you in my satin & stockings, encouraging you to stroke, of course. I have a special task for you too, to start the year of the pig off JUST right ��


Lady Nina – Therapysts – They’ll never understand – Addiction, Femdom

Lady Nina  Therapysts  Theyll never understand preview

00:07:28 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 305 MB

Ah. Right, sure! Therapy will totally cure you. Cure you of your ADDICTION TO ME. Think again, addict. Shrinks and therapists don’t get the textbook that says “how to cure addictions to goddesses.” Where will you even start? By explaining your addiction. They’ll never understand. Imagine the talk in the staff room as she mocks you of your addiction. Knowing full well she cannot cure you. But will take you on for her own personal amusement. Quit it, slave, you belong to me, and so does that wallet of yours, ill not have it wasted on such. I am your WORLD.


Princess Ashley – Mormon Porn Addict – Jerk Off Instruction, Religious

Princess Ashley  Mormon Porn Addict preview

00:07:41 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 303 MB

Being taught to suppress your sexuality REALLY fucked you up, didn’t it Mormon? Now you live a double life where you hide your online porn addiction from your f4m1ly, friends, coworkers, and of course the church! If only they knew what a little sexual deviant you are! Constantly jerking off to porn and thinking about women, sex and pussy all the time. You are soooo obsessed with sex and porn, it consumes your mind. You are so controlled by your secret little habits, always trying to sneak away to get your fix! If only they knew….


Princess Lexi – Poppers: The Ultimate Blackmail – Intoxication, Jerkoff Commands

Princess Lexi  Poppers The Ultimate Blackmail preview

00:11:12 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 323 MB

“Hi Princess Lexi, I have been watching a lot of Blackmail videos recently and I think I am ready to take the next step in handing over my details to such a beautiful Goddess like you. I’d find it such a turn on to hand over full control to you, and would love for you to make a custom clip where you manipulate me in to doing so through the use of popper s. At the start of the video, I’d like you to say that from now on you will be in full control and that I will have no choice but to obey your every instruction. I like long , deep 10 second hits where you count me down each time and tell me to hand over important/private info each time I do (please keep the hits regular with or without info). I am single so I can’t hand over a girlfriend’s info but there is a girl I care about that I could hand over some details of. I’d like you to warn me in the video that I am playing with fire should I go through with it and press send and I’d like to hear some of the consequences of my actions shou ld I do it. You are welcome to make me tribute you also whenever you feel like it, you can do this after a few hits if you like? Also, if you can tell me after that I have made a huge mistake in sending you my details that would be perfect. I’m pretty sure with you saying and doing all this with me so high on poppers I’d have no choice!”


Natashas Bedroom – Faggot Trigger Massive Cock – Coerced Bi, POV

Natashas Bedroom  Faggot Trigger Massive Cock preview

00:16:39 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 441 MB

You’re a hesitant faggot. You try to suppress your hidden homosexual desires, but sometimes you simply can’t hold back. Like when you see a massive cock. A big, fat throbbing dick is your ultimate faggot trigger.
There’s no shame. There’s no embarrassment. It’s hot when you jerk like a homo for me, and I just love playing on your fantasies. I’ve chosen these giant dicks just for you to stroke to, to make you gayer and gayer with each passing moment, and I just can’t wait to see you lose control.
The sight of these powerful, throbbing, huge cocks is enough to make you cum, but it’s not enough for me. I want to show you just how gay you are. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.