Goddess Vera – Mind Fucked and Homewrecked – Mental Domination, Hypno

Goddess Vera  Mind Fucked and Homewrecked preview

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I want to do some simple addition and subtraction with you. How much do you spend a year on taxes? School for your, if any? Your wife? Now, think for a second. Which of those give u a tangible benefit? Taxes go toward healthcare and infrastructure. Your are, well, your . But your wife? The cow who gives you a pity-handjob maybe once a year? How do you justify that? Add up food, gas, emotional labor and you come up with a huge figure for someone who gives you anxiety when you wake up next to them.
There is zero reason to be with that bitch. You never wanted to end up like this. That is why you should leave her for me. Just fucking leave. Look at my incredible body, my huge, round ass, my breasts. I understand you, your kinks, your sexuality. You might think what I am saying is fucked up, but I bet you have your dick in your hand right now, don’t you? I’m going to tease u, mindfuck you, speak to your brain and cater to your cock until you see things my way.


HumiliationPOV – Damage Your Brain, Mind Melting P0p.p3r.z !n.t0x Addict Destruction – Degradation, Mesmerize

HumiliationPOV  Damage Your Brain Mind Melting P0pp3rz nt0x Addict Destruction preview

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Hi !n.t0x addict, here to play? Are you here to have you mind melted by those p0pp3r.z that you just love to abuse? Good. You see not only are the type of jerk junkie who has to log into a clip site and hand over his hard earned cash to a hot woman so she can tell you how to touch your cock, but you’re also the type of guy who likes to be instructed on how 2 sniff, how to inhale, how to dope yourself up on that poison which makes your mind all the more malleable for me to fuck with.
And I’ll happily oblige you and mindfuck you while I get you nice and dosed up. Because I really do think that you p0pp3r.z sniffers are total losers. Not only are you a jerk junkie who’s addicted to touching his penis but you’ve done this so much that you have to make it more interesting for yourself by fucking up your brain cells. So you found your way to f0rc3.d !n.t0x. Giving up control of your cock wasn’t enough, you need to give away control of your mind. Because when you are sniffing for me you become weak and stupid. I just love how stupid p0pp3r.z make you.
So jerk that cock and pick up that bottle and bring it to your nostril and get ready to take that first big hit. Let’s see how stupid we can make you for me. Inhale. Deeply. Are u starting to get those tingles, are you starting to float away? Good now sniff with the other nostril. I love that you’re damaging your mind for me. Feel yourself letting go. What he fuck is wrong with you? LOL. Do you know what the fuck you are doing to yourself right now? You’re making yourself the perfect loser toy for me to fuck with. Stroke some more with that poison floating around in your system and !nt0x!c@at!ing your blood stream.
p0pp3r.z make you weaker and more able to indulge in your forbidden fetishes. You find it easier to open to me when you’re on p0pp3r.z. I’m going to fuck up your mind with my wicked verbal humiliation while your brain is swimming in a sea of jelly. I want to melt that mind of yours even more, sniff again. Stuff your fucking brain for me, make yourself dumb. Take another hit. I don’t care about your mind, all I care is turning you into a jerking mindfucked !nt0x!c@ted puppet for me. You’re so easy to manipulate when you are in this state.
You get so mesmerized by my body when you’re fucked up. It’s so easy to seduce you loser. You don’t get this in your real life, you have to come here to your fantasy land and let your mind float away, where you allow yourself to poison your own brain just to get off. You love being my little toy. Let’s so how much you can take, hit it again loser. Show me how stupid you want to get for me because you fucking love this. You need this. This is your escapism. p0pp3r.z addicts are so easy to fuck with. You’re a mess already. You are a stupid p0pp3r.z addict. I want you to jerk off and hit it again, step outside of your comfort zone.
I’ll bet you have done some really fucked up things on p0pp3r.z that you never would have done otherwise. I know exactly how you get and I’m going to exploit you. Look at you sniffing away like a pathetic little d.r.u.g.. addict. You’re melting, you’re just putty in my fucking hands. I love watching you !nt.0x addicts just edging your fucking life away. You’re wasting your life and you’re so fucked up that you just don’t care. You can’t even get off without p0pp3r.zany more. You have ruined your sex life. I am going 2 make you cum in the most depraved way loser. You’re my stupid little p0pp3r.z junkie.


Goddess Saffron – Brain Penetrating Heel Therapy – Tease And Denial, Hypno

Goddess Saffron  Brain Penetrating Heel Therapy preview

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You come to see Me, a renowned sex therapist with a 99% cure rate. You tell me all about an ongoing problem your have. You explain 2 me how you are literally debilItated when u see an attractive woman wearing high heels. How your addiction is getting deeper by the day. It is affecting your marriage and ruining your social life. You tell me also that you lose yourself and feel extremely vulnerable when you see a woman wearing high heels. You are now suffering from anxiety, in anticipation of the effects a pair of high heels can have on you. The arousal is now becoming fearful.I then begin to analyse just why you are addicted to high heels. I explain the reasons why heels have taken over your mind and crotch. But like all fears, you need to face them. So I decide the perfect treatment for you is to undergo my special Brain penetrating Heel Therapy. Sounds scary, but really it is something you are going to love. I will remove your addiciton and all anxiety you have towards your fetish. I then subject you to my perfect designer stiletto high heels. I invite you closer then take you through the steps of your treatment. Yet with all my therapy sessions, there is a price to pay. Watch to find out and see if you can survive my Brain Penetrating Heel therapy.


Princess Lexie – Hands Free For Me Custom – Cum Countdown, Mesmerize

Princess Lexie  Hands Free For Me Custom preview

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Today’s a special day: the day I’m going to make you cum without even touching your cock. I know how weak you get when I lick My fingers like this, it’s one of My absolute favorite ways to tease you. You quickly feel all the bl00.d in your body rush through you—straight to your hard dick. This feeling grows even stronger when I start teasing you with My perfect tits. My lips, My tongue, My eyes. How can you stop now? You can’t. You need Me. You need this. To cum. Completely hands-free.


The Mean Girls – Glamazon Hipnosis – Mesmerize, Hypnotic

The Mean Girls  Glamazon Hipnosis preview

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You feel yourself slipping into a deep slave coma…the continuous loss of control is really getting to u, really scaring you. You come crawling to me to tell me “it’s over” and you don’t want to be my slave anymore. LOL…but it is NOT over. Not until I say it is!
I look SO amazing as I remind you who’s REALLY in control here. Suddenly your worries melt away…you kneel before me, awestruck. You admire my long legs and sexy, seductive, curvy amazon body. It’s impossible not to drift away as I coax you into submission, effortlessly putting you right back in your place.
Before you know it you’re telling me over and over that you are my slave again and will be FOREVER, as you’re stroking away and trying your hardest to hold off an orgasm because all you want now is to linger in front of me, in this perfect moment for eternity…


Princess Breanna – Clean Your Mind – Mental Domination, Brainwashed

Princess Breanna  Clean Your Mind preview

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DANGEROUS CLIP!! My most highly requested clip is finally here my addicts! Finally, a way to cleanse your mind of all of its impurities. You are ready to submit everything that you are to me. You’ve already come this far, why would you get in the way of your own happiness? You crave to be my mindless drone. You want your addiction for me to go so far that you are literally an empty headed zombie! There’s just one thing u need to do. You need to completely wipe your brain and start new. You need to get rid of the sad, pathetic, loser of a man that you were and embody your new place at my feet. Silly little things like your free will, you personality, and your ability to think for yourself all get in the way of surrendering 100%. Now it’s time to get rid of what’s left and live only to serve and obey ME!*By purchasing this clip, I (the purchaser) acknowledge that there are serious risks associated with watching this clip.I UNDERSTAND THAT I AM ASSUMING 100% OF THE RISK


Miss Noel Knight – Only Safe With Me – Mesmerize, POV

Miss Noel Knight  Only Safe With Me preview

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It’s okay, darling. Just relax. I’m going to take very, very good care of you. I want you to block out everything else; just listen to my voice and float away. It’s okay to be a little nervous. I understand that allowing someone else to control your mind can be scary. In this trance video, I will be using your fear against you to make you loyal only to me. By the end of my induction, you’ll only be safe with me!


Goddess Idelsy – Idelsy Love – Goddess Evening Ritual – Female Domination, Tit Worship

Goddess Idelsy  Idelsy Love  Goddess Evening Ritual preview

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This was a custom request so I will let him explain it in his words. This clip is part 1 of 2. “I was hoping for two unique Goddess Worship Routine videos. One for the morning and one for the night. So that you’re the first thing i wake up with & the last thoughts on my mind before bed : ) I love how you always make your worshipers repeat the “I worship Goddess Idelsy” mantra in all your Goddess Worship clips. Basically i want you to please tell us it is time to take this worship to the next level and increase our worship of u. So if you could please add more mantras for us to repeat to you, every morning & night (please make each video similar that way but have totally unique mantras). Have us fall on our knees and worship a divine gorgeous Goddess like yourself, I love the religious/divinity ideas that you have started and the idea of praying to you daily as my one and only Goddess and not watching anyone else’s videos and working hard daily to buy more clips, pamper u and only stroking for you and no one else and worship u as you see fit, when you see fit..I would love if you could also tell us exactly what things to say to you every morning and every night, what things to thank you 4, how from no one we can only cum and touch ourselves if you see fit, whatever themes you would like please make it how you see fit = ) = ) oh and as much as i would love to be stroking to these clips, i want them to be about getting more addicted and entangled in your web so no jerk off instructions, if that’s okay.? or maybe some but no cumming ? I was hoping you could film the video sitting on a chair or a bench with the same point of view like the big black cock clip (from the preview it looks like the perfect view point 2 give the impression we are kneeling and looking up at you…) i absolutely love how you run your hands through your hair and entrance your viewers, so if you could please please do a ton of that type of posing even if you could leave and run one hand or both hands through your hair as you make us repeat our mantras….it’s such a sexy pose..i absolutely love your black or pink latex/pvc/leather outfits with a neck choker, it truly makes you look divine. “