Vicious Femdom Empire – Feminized – Rikki’s Chastised Sissy – Ladyboy, Sperm

Vicious Femdom Empire  Feminized  Rikkis Chastised Sissy preview

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Miss Rikki keeps her sissy bitch locked away in a pink chastity cage because she only likes big cock and his cock is of no use to her. Mistress Rikki dresses her bitch in a pink nighty n orders her to lick her pussy. The sissy will be serving her sexually now as a woman, only allowed to use her tongue while sissies cock is locked away in chastity.


Mistress Ezada Sinn – Hard no matter what – Ruined Orgasms, Forced Male Orgasm

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Hard no matter what preview

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When a slave is close to Me, almost touching My gorgeous Feminine body, My sensual breasts and My voluptuous ass, he must be hard. In part, I lock my boys in chastity to keep them horny, I want to see them aroused when they are with Me, not to disappoint Me with their flaccid impotence. This is the way I like it, to see their cocks hard, no matter how sensually or painfully I touch them. Through spit and slapping, all the way to extreme kicking and ball busting, My slave must remain engorged, bristling with desire for Me, his Goddess. No matter how unbearable the pain, the slave must never go limp. he must remain erect even following not just one or two, but multiple ruined orgasms. his cock belongs to Me, and it must be ready for My use whenever I am near or desire it.


Mandy Flores – Cuckold My StepDaddy Slave With His Brother – Milking, Female Domination

Mandy Flores  Cuckold My StepDaddy Slave With His Brother preview

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My daddyslave ray had no choice but to become my slave and do whatever I say. I have blackmailed him by recording him jacking off to me and admitting damaging information that I could ruin him. I tease and mock him about all the humiliation and torture he has had to endure from me and all my girlfriends. What’s next for my slave? I have a tiny confession to make to him and at the same time expose him to his own brother! Daddy, I have been fucking your Brother and today you will be our cuckold. Yes, watch your brother fuck your sweet little girls pussy and ass! Beg him to fuck me daddy and beg him for his cum. Does it hurt to see my getting fucked? Good, come here and lick your brother’s ass juices. What a fucking loser! Suck on my sweaty dirty feet as I get rammed in the ass. He is going to fill up my ass and you will lay there with an open mouth waiting for me to squeeze it all out. You are so disgusting, this is exactly where you belong.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hands Free Explosion – Sensual, Orgasm Control

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Hands Free Explosion preview

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My slave has been tied and teased for hours on end and he is positively ready to burst. I am not about to give him a quick relief, so I restrain him to the bondage bed and begin to tease him even further. I tease him with my breasts, hair, voice, and finally my hands. It is a grueling 12 minutes of aching tease that finally errupts in a completely touch free ruined orgasm.. that he must thank me for. He spurts and dribbles all over himself as I laugh at his frustration.
All it takes in the lightest touch and he explodes.


ClubDom – Milked by Goddess Dahlia – Milking, Handjob

ClubDom  Milked by Goddess Dahlia preview

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Now it’s time for the pony slave to be milked! Goddess Dahlia makes it clear that it isn’t going to be easy and fun for her slave. This isn’t about giving pleasure it’s about teasing and tormenting her poor tied up slut. Goddess Dahlia has her slave standing on the milking platform in the dungeon. The slut’s hands are bound above his head. He is helpless as Goddess Dahlia teases his cock. She uses her spit as lube while she slowly strokes his hard cock with her latex gloved hands. When Goddess Dahlia decides that her slut has been tortured enough she gives him permission to cum. Of course, pony boy will have to eat every drop of his filthy milk.


Helena Price – My Cuckold Husband 8 – Handjob For Slave – Face Sit, Facesitting

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My husband watching me give my slave a proper hand job! HE CUMS ALL OVER MY WEDDING RING!!! HD Okay, I admit. I like playing with big dicks. I know, I know, what am I doing touching this slave cock and giving him any kind of satisfaction? Actually its all part of my husbands training. You see, my husband is a cuckold in training and one of the thinks he has to understand is that I am not really into his little cock! Nope! Im into big dick. So this slave has a rather thick big cock and I like feeling it in my hand as I start to stroke it over and over, talking trash to my hubby about his little wee wee! I sit on his face and listen to him fight for every breath he takes has he can barely breath from the weight of may ass covering his nose and mouth. As my slave does this I stroke his cock. I milk that thick dick of all his cum. It oozes out all over my fingers onto my wedding ring, hahaha! I made an observation while watching this video myself. I noticed that my husband has a hard time getting his little cock hard when Im filming him playing with his small memeber in the past. But now, my husband has got himself a little stiffy! All because im jerking another guy off? lol. Probably likes looking at that cock more than he likes watching me stroke it! Ha! What a sissy my husband is showing himself to be! Now watch and enjoy my cuckold husband getting another lesson from his loving wife!