Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hitchhiker Victim – Part 2 – Handjob – Public, Glovejob

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Hitchhiker Victim  Part 2  Handjob preview

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This is the continuation from my wildly popular Hitchhiker Victim Part 1 clip.
My unlucky hitchhiker is beginning to come to consciousness after my special drink had him out for several hours. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s even survived at all to this point. No matter. I’ve decided to have a bit of my own fun with him before he meets his end. See, I have a thing for beautiful places. With all the waterfalls around I’m sure I’ll be able to find a nice spot to get my souvenir from him before sending him to his demise. I’ll jerk him off to get his seed, and then I’ll put him down with my breasts. He should be thankful though. His last glimpse of light will be the lovely waterfall, and then my beautiful breasts. My scent will be his last experience on this earth as his breath leaves him.


ClubStiletto – Rubbery and Slutty (I like playing with dolls) – Miss Jasmine – Urethral Sounds – Corset, Forced Ejaculation

ClubStiletto  Rubbery and Slutty I like playing with dolls  Miss Jasmine  Urethral Sounds preview

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“I’m lying here with my rubber doll” Jasmine says as this scene opens. She mentions that his clitoris is a bit big though and she rubs it to stimulate ‘her’. She takes a sharp tool and rolls it over the dolls clitty. “She’s just a doll so she really can’t complain” Jasmine adds. Now she reaches for a sounding instrument and talks about how she wants to stretch the dolls clitty so it can take her little finger. The dolly dick is hungry and it completely swallow the metal rod. Jasmine moves it in and out and while the dolls facial expression isn’t changing the breathing does.
Jasmine decides the doll needs something bigger so removes the rod and reaches for a larger one. This one is quite big and she wonders if her toy can take it all. She gets the tip in and works it up and down and then suddenly it falls deep into the hole. Jasmine strokes the dolls growing clit and soon it’s rock hard. The sound completely disappears. She slaps the dolls berries and says “I like abusing my dolls.” Now she spits on the clitty and strokes harder and harder, she wants her toy to squirt a big juicy load and shoot the sound out at the same time. She squeezes her berries and strokes and strokes until suddenly a big creamy load shoots out onto the dolls corset. Jasmine removes the corset and says “I like playing with dolls.”


Princess Ellie Idol – Cheering You Up – Gfe, Blowjobs

Princess Ellie Idol  Cheering You Up preview

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You’re laying in bed feeling like your life is crumbling around you. You just lost your mediocre job, you and I have had a lack of intimacy, frankly things just suck all around lately. I come into the room, sensing your emotional distress. I want more than anything to cheer you up. I take your cock in my mouth and begin to free your mind of all the worries you had. Maybe life isn’t so bad. Maybe this is a brand new start for us. Maybe this whole situation is a blessing in disguise. You know you’ll find a job with the pay you actually deserve. You know you’ll have more time to spend with me now… I’m working your dick in my mouth and in this moment you feel like perhaps you just might be the luckiest man on earth to have a girlfriend who cares this much about you.


Princess Ellie Idol – Blowjob Breakup – Facials, Cum In Mouth

Princess Ellie Idol  Blowjob Breakup preview

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This is a break up video for my boyfriend. My new lover holds the camera and provides his big, thick cock to suck as I break the bad news to my soon to be ex, John. It’s over! My new man is way better in every single way and I actually LOVE sucking his dick. I never felt that way about John. I’m going to crush my ex-boyfriend with every word, with every lick and suck….and when my lover gives me a big facial John will REALLY know it’s over FOR GOOD.
Due to the way this clip is filmed, you can either imagine you’re John or my lover holding the camera.


MEDICALY SADO – Patricia MedicalySado, Anna, Glitter Slut – Milking Punishment – Forced Orgasm – Handjob, X-Frame

MEDICALY SADO  Patricia MedicalySado Anna Glitter Slut  Milking Punishment  Forced Orgasm preview

00:12:02 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 441 MB

My friend and I decide to milk our slave tied to the cross, performing a whole ritual of torment on his cock. We take turns to massage his cock, continuously, without stopping, and at no time do we let him ejaculate. We put some red-heeled boots on him, to have him more submissive and it is then that he cannot stand the punishment any more and he ejaculates.


Maya Sinstress – Cock and Ball Destruction with Julie and Maya – CBT – MayaSinstress, Milking

Maya Sinstress  Cock and Ball Destruction with Julie and Maya  CBT preview

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Julie Simone and Maya Sinstress want to destroy slave 66’s cock and balls. They start by adding heavy ball weights on his already tender junk. He grunts in agony as more weight is added & a spiked metal chastity cage is put on. They tease his cock while it’s all caged up. Not please with the amount of agony he is in, the Ladies swop his cage out with a much cruel and sharper cage. They use a vibrator to get him hard while in the cage, making the spikes dig in even more. He cries out in suffering and agony.


MeanWorld – Mean Bitches – Noemie Bilas – Hot Femdom – Ass Licking, Foot Licking

MeanWorld  Mean Bitches  Noemie Bilas  Hot Femdom preview

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Sexy student Noemie stole her teacher’s cell phone and now she is using it to get what she wants. She texted all his private pics to her phone and tells him she will everyone that he texted her dirty pics. She makes him tell her that he is a pig and makes him kiss the bottom of her dirty shoes. Then she makes him her beautiful ebony asshole while she sits on his face!