Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Virgin Strap on Sex – Pegging, Anal Masturbation

Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas  Virgin Strap on Sex  preview

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Oh how adorable another virgin boy waiting for the one or better yet waiting for the never going to happen lol.
This online loser emailed me about paying for sex & wanting to loose his virginity to a Hot Dominant woman such as myself. $500 later weve set a date & here we are.
I Leashed the little bitch up, Walked him into my living room & forced him to watch me pop his anal cherry.
This Bitch owes me a BIG thank you, Lets be honest No one is ever going to fuck him as good as i did.
Whos NEXT, Lets set it up. Real Women dont ask, They take it! Say good bye to your virginity loser. Remember, I Fuck when & how I want & I like it DEEP.


PORTIA – Vampire Queen Casts Your Mind Into A Deep Intoxicating Dream & Sucks Your Life Away – Mesmerize, Executrix

PORTIA  Vampire Queen Casts Your Mind Into A Deep Intoxicating Dream  Sucks Your Life Away preview

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Accept your fate as the latest spell-bound victim of the Vampire Queen. No man can resist her beguiling voice and intoxicating magic. Inhale her special incense on command and fall deeper down into an erotic trance, stroking your dick in tribute to her beauty as your free will melts away beneath her seductive words. Breathe, stroke & worship while your mind sinks into a dark sexual dream, reality falling apart as her true from and terrible nature is revealed.
Her spell is overwhelming. You will yearn to receive her vampire kiss – to pump and squirt your life essence inside her, to feed your queen with the ultimate gift. So deep is the trance, how can you be sure that she isn’t already sucking the life out of you as you drift through a euphoric dream symbolic of your demise? You will cum and fill your Queen with every last drop of life. And then sleep. The final sleep… never to awaken.


Ibicella FR – Fais-moi confiance, tu vas adorer! (French Language) – Female Domination, Seduction

Ibicella FR  Faismoi confiance tu vas adorer French Language preview

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Pas de petite branlette solo et égoïste aujourd’hui, tu vas me faire plaisir et te sacrifier un peu… J’adore quand tu m’obéis aveuglément, prendre le contrôle de ta queue est tellement satisfaisant… A vrai dire, tu es toujours excité quand il s’agit de regarder mes vidéos, je ne t’ai jamais déçu, pas vrai ? Tu peux me faire confiance : peu importe ce que je te dis de faire avec ta bite, peu importe jusqu’où tu pousses tes limites pour moi, tu sais que tu vas adorer ça.


Harley Lavey – Slave for the Pussy – Pussy Denial, Blonde Goddess

Harley Lavey   Slave for the Pussy preview

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You’ve been dying to see my beautiful pussy up close and personal. But the second you set your eyes on it you can’t peel them away, the longer you look the further you fall into a state of complete and utter obedience. You’ve become dazed and in a trance. Your mind is blank and empty, only visions of my luxurious pussy exist. Nothing is left of your free will, body or self control, you’ve become a mindless robot. A slave to the pussy.


Goddess Christina – SWALLOW it Slave: Dont Miss a DROP – Mind Fuck, Cum Swallowers

Goddess Christina  SWALLOW it Slave Dont Miss a DROP preview

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You’ve been dying for this. Fresh new content from Goddess. You crave my control. You need to worship me… to stroke for me… to CUMMM for your God. Whatever I command you’ll do. However I order it – you must do it to please Me. More of ME. It’s what you NEED. What I ignite inside you is like no other. How easily I make you BLOW… how effortlessly I make you EAT it. SWALLOW it Slave! Don’t miss a DROP!!!


Roxana Rae – Obey the Cameltoe – Pussy Control, Hypnotic

Roxana Rae  Obey the Cameltoe preview

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I don’t think men really appreciate pussy. Not the way they should. For instance the cameltoe, the outline of a womens pussy is a thing to be worshipped all on its own. It’s the ultimate tease….you get a glimpse of perfection while your imagination does the rest….now it’s time to let me inside your brain, I will need some time to reprogram your thoughts and help you appreciate the cameltoe in all its glory.


Natashas Bedroom – The Way To Gay Hypno – Make Me Bi, Enforced Bi

Natashas Bedroom  The Way To Gay Hypno preview

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You can relax. You can let go. I’m going to show you the way to gay. Watch my pendant swing and feel yourself fall down. I’ll lead you down the sweet path to fagdom. Breathe in and out. Slip away with me. I won’t bring you back until you’re screaming for cock.
Your mind is blank. Cock flashes across the screen, and there’s nothing to hold you back. There’s no fear or hesitation. You stiffen, your mouth opens for it, you need cock. Your response is reflexively gay. Homosexual.
Faggot. Faggot. Faggot. Every time you hear that word sweetly whispered from my lips, your faggot side is triggered. Homo. Homo. Homo. Each time I say it, it becomes more true. There’s no resistance. My sexual reprogramming is so gentle that you don’t even notice how deep you’re falling.
Cock. Cock. Cock. There’s no confusion now. You’re desperate for cock. Just hearing that word sends a rush of pleasure through your body. And the sight of cock simply overwhelms all your senses.
You can taste him in your mouth. You can feel his cum on your tongue. Your body demands penetration, violation, surrender. You shudder with excitement. With the pure bliss of being fully gay.
You’re my little faggot now. Just how I like you.


Goddess Venus – Itty Bitty Clitty Brainwashing – Mean Girls, Small Cock Humiliation

Goddess Venus  Itty Bitty Clitty Brainwashing preview

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What’s an antonym for “affirmation”? Not finding any good ones on the online thesaurus. Allow you mind to become empty as I fill it up with these SPH affirmations. You’re cock is too small. That’s not a dick. That’s an itty bitty clitty. If you had any doubts about your size or worth you won’t after this intense brutal rewiring. You should know by now you don’t have much to work with, and you can’t please any woman….But let me remind you over and over and over. Does it get easier to hear after a while? Or does it sting more and more with each verbal blow?


Goddess Christina – Sensual Pantyhose, Leg Crossing, Shoe Dangling, Feet & Toes – Redhead, Hypnotic

Goddess Christina  Sensual Pantyhose Leg Crossing Shoe Dangling Feet  Toes preview

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Where is your mind? Let it float away as you become mesmerized by my long beautiful legs and sexy feet. The sheen of my pantyhose shows the shape of my stems so perfectly. Seeing them crossed, gently dangling each heel, and slipping them on and off is enough to ignite your senses. Just watching and listening creates so much pleasure. Relax as you slowly lose your mind. Fetishes: Mesmerize, Sensual, Shoe Dangling, Pantyhose, Shiny, Tights, Feet, Foot Fetish, Upskirt, Fetish, high Heels, Goddess Worship