Countess Crystal Knight – Rinse My Wishlist – FINDOM Task – Mind Fuck, Femdom

Countess Crystal Knight  Rinse My Wishlist  FINDOM Task preview

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It gives you a rush to spend on your favorite queen. When the mailman rings my doorbell with gifts from you, it turns me on. Turns me on in SO many ways….I get off to the fact that I get anything and everything I want. Straight from your wallet into my greedy hands. My trips coming up and I want my entire wishlist rinsed by the time I go to Jamaica. Enjoy this wallet draining, give me everything I want, and say thank you.


Madame Jade Paris – Weekend Masturbation …Edge and Cum for Mistress – Brainwashing, Brainwashed

Madame Jade Paris  Weekend Masturbation Edge and Cum for Mistress preview

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This is a file for you to enjoy over the weekend, There is a fairly lengthy induction as I give commands on how to touch yourself. It’s as if I were there swirling My long, sharp fingernail around and around. you are becoming so aroused as you obey your Mistress. Would you like to take this further and edge for your Mistress? Then do as I command. Let it grow and build up, it feels warm and teasing. Are you ready to let your hand go down to that area as you focus on the pleasure and listen to My voice. The deeper you go, the more desire you will feel and the more desire you feel, the more your mind will open up and let Me in. your cock desires to be touched as I tease you, not letting you touch it until I give you the command. Emptier and deeper, hornier and harder as I dance around in your subconscious mind. Listen to your Mistress and feel how ever word brings you closer. Listen and feel how your body obeys automatically because i have programmed your mind. Pace yourself for your Mistress, you are on the edge but I need you to be emptier and emptier, harder and hornier. When you obey you go deeper…..and deepness opens your mind….an open mind is Madame’s playground. Obediently stoking until you are finally allowed to explode. File includes: An “addicted to Madame” subliminal track, a main voice track and an audible background track. There is the usual binaural theta arousal beat along with ambient abstract sounds.


Crystal Knight – My Face Is Your Porn – Sensual Domination, Female Domination

Crystal Knight  My Face Is Your Porn preview

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This face is your favorite jerk off material. You couldn’t resist it if you tried once you stare into my blue and eyes and listen to the words coming off my perfect lips. You will obey everything I say. You want to jerk it to my face. You always have and you always will. My face is the greatest porn you could lay eyes on. I know exactly how to deepen your addiction and I’m going to use my seductive looks to get whatever I want, whenever I want from you.


Young Goddess Kim – Forbidden Fruit – Masturbation Encouragement, Femdom

Young Goddess Kim  Forbidden Fruit preview

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I am your Goddess, your Mesmerizing Muse, The One you bow down to and confess your hidden weaknesses to. Begging for Me to take you, begging for Me to mold you into My good slave. The power I have over you brings you to your knees and the more control I take from you, the more you crave to surrender to Me. Completely. To let go and give it all to Me. Every last drop of your manhood. you have been trying, but without Me – you are useless and incapable. you need My guidance, My inspiration, My command over every single stroke you take. The game you are about to play is going to take you on the path to surrender. This game will program your cock and mind for My pleasure. Beware My tease doesn’t have you fail, for this time you will resist temptation. your mouth will salivate at the Forbidden Fruit I tempt you with, as you know My Forbidden Fruit has the sweetest taste. But in My garden of pleasure, you will obey My rules and withstand the longest laps over and over to the exact beat to give Me all control, to make you Mine. Includes: Edging Masturbation Instruction using timed metronome at various speed and intervals. The rules are explained in the beginning of the game.


Miss Roper – Forced Intox – Female Domination, Mental Domination

Miss Roper  Forced Intox preview

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I bet your curious as to why I got up early and fixed you breakfast this morning, aren’t you dear? Something I’ve never done for you before. Well, that’s because I laced your breakfast with a little something special. A substance, that once reaches the receptors in your brain; makes you Tipsy for dick. Every part of you begins to slowly crave cock, growing hard at the thought of your mouth and holes being used by a man, diminishing your own male ego. Lucky for you, I made sure to invite someone over to fill that craving, someone who has rejected the offer of condoms I’ve given him, someone who wants to take you raw in every hole. Why would me, your wife do this to you? Well, that’s simple. It’s because I’ve always wanted to sit back and watch my husband be used like a little whore.


Mina Thorne – Growing your Addiction – Rubber, Mesmerize

Mina Thorne  Growing your Addiction preview

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1st time you came across me you were looking for a quick fix but something happened. Now you are fixated, addicted, and can’t stay away. After that 1st jerk you couldn’t stop thinking about me. I had already gotten inside your head and slowly your addiction started to grow. Again n again you came back, clip after clip, and then you wanted to be more than a fan. That first rush of seeing yourself as my slave, serving me, obeying me has changed you deeply.


Jade Paris – Humping Induction & Fucktoy Virus – Jerk Off Encouragement, Submissive Training

Jade Paris  Humping Induction  Fucktoy Virus preview

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This file is for My most devoted mesmerize slaves. It is to be listened to before My two other files: fucktoy 1 & 2. This file starts with a humping induction. I want you to relax and focus on the rhythm of your movement. Humping back and forth for your Mistress becomes easier and easier as you listen to My commands. Two layers of my voice will put you into a trance without a doubt. There is also a subliminal layer that will be picked up by your subconscious mind. Let yourself go completely for Me and do as I command. Rubbing and humping back and forth, becoming mindless, and relaxed yet aroused. The more you thrust the better you will feel, surrendering to the need and deep cravings mindlessly… just the way I like you. Once you are deep I invade your psyche and implant a “fucktoy virus” into your mind. You will be programmed and become obsessed with becoming My fucktoy. This is a very mesmerizing work of art and I want you to fall hard and go deep. When I ask you a question, I want you to answer it. As you listen to My haunting voice, you will lose your grip on reality. You will be My FUCKTOY, so hard and so simple… mindlessly, rock hard while letting go of all inhibitions. This is true programming, manipulative and skillfully delicious. Included in this file: My personal video, two layers of My Goddess voice plus one programming subliminal that is only audible to your subconscious mind. A binaural theta arousal beat and hypnotic background sounds. Only those who want to be My ultimate fucktoy and be programmed should get this file. Always wear headphones and enjoy. xoxoxo Madame Jade Paris


Erotic Goddess Christina – Feel the HEAT! – Too Fucking HOTTT!!! – Mind Fuck, Goddess Worship

Erotic Goddess Christina  Feel the HEAT  Too Fucking HOTTT preview

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It’s heating up in here! Goddess is fanning your flames. Taking you deeper. Making you CRAVE me MORE! Feel the HEAT slave!!! Your cock, your balls, your body, your MIND. MINE! They want me SOOO MUCH! They NEED ME! Get lost in my body. The flames are burning around you. You feel their warmth. You know as they grow they will consume you but you can feel me taking over. Nothing else matters. You embrace the fire. And soon you’ll BURN!


London Lix – Pop Or Not – Instructions, Masturbation Instruction

London Lix  Pop Or Not preview

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You can think of this as an orgasm control game, poppers edging fun, or an intox challenge. This jerk off encouragement clip is really what you make of it, and it can be different each time you play, depending on what you’re in the mood for; a sensual poppers release or a hard mindfuck and edging marathon. Oh yeah, you’re going to get a lot of use out of this one. I make the rules, and it’s up to you (a little) how you follow them. How much will you let me dose you up today? Will you be able to cum?