ClubDom – Tangent’s Plans For Sissy Bitch – Sissy Training, Strapon

ClubDom  Tangents Plans For Sissy Bitch preview

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Mistress Tangent has more plans for her sissy bitch. On his knees, he is ready to try to please his Mistress. Mistress Tangent is wearing one of her favorite strap ons, her big red as she likes to call it. Mere seconds into this, the sissy slut is choking n gagging on her big red. Mistress Tangent has a handful of his hair, face fucking him without mercy. When she allows him to come up for air, she slaps his face, and spits right into his pathetic mouth. Mistress Tangent has him bend over, after the brutal face fucking. Now it’s time to drive up the rear. Mistress Tangent has him bent over the spanking bench, and slams his ass with her big red. She pounds away, regardless of his screams n yelps. Mistress Tangent is balls deep with her big red.


Mistress T – Taboo Big Black Toy – BBC, ETHNIC

Mistress T  Taboo Big Black Toy preview

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***WARNING: Offensive terms and language. ‘Taboo’ clips are designed for those with race-related fetishes: non-white men who fantasize about serving a cruel White Goddess. The price is set higher to reduce the chances of someeone buying the clip by accident and getting offended. It also reflects the fact that clips of this nature are very difficult to find. finger Mistress T is performing a fantasy role play and this clip does not reflect her true feelings or opinions on the subject matter.*** I know my addicted masturbaters will buy this clip without knowing too much about it. It is similar to “White Goddess Abuses Non-White Driver”, “Black Sex Slave”, “Taboo Addicted To White Goddess”, “Custom Taboo Clip 2”, “Taboo Foot Worship Day”, “Taboo White Goddess Torment”. If you have a question about this clip before or after purchasing it feel free to email:


Miss London Lix – Shiny Bikini Drain 2 – Mistress, Findom

Miss London Lix  Shiny Bikini Drain 2 preview

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Your shiny addiction will be your demise again today, as I get your dick springing 2 attention with just a few simple wiggles in my metallic bikini. A squeeze of my tits, a shake of my booty, and you’re aching to PAY. This is nothing new, but that’s exactly why this works; you’re conditioned to STROKE & SPEND when you see shiny bikinis now. Nothing feels better.


ClubDom – Goddess Tangent – Anal Stretch – Female Domination, Strap-On

ClubDom  Goddess Tangent  Anal Stretch preview

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Mistress Tangent calls for her sissy slave. Crossed dressed, Goddess Tangent is pleased with her sissy bitch, that is until…she notices his shade of lipstick, and instantly recognizes it. Mistress Tangent queries her sissy bitch, and you can see the trepidation in his eyes, as he immediately realized the stupidity of his mistake. Mistress Tangent is pissed. Pissed that he contaminated her lip stick with his disgusting sissy germs, now rendering her lip stick useless. What is the perfect punishment? Anal stretching! Does the punishment fit the crime? I am sure Mistress Tangent will make it fit, 1 way or another. Her sissy slave’s ass is already destroyed from his previous beatings, and it is several shades of black and blue. Such is the life, one must suffer and endure to be a slave, and that is what this sissy will do. An angry Mistress Tangent with an inflatable dildo is a scary thought…