Mistress Lady Renee – Anal chain gang – Catsuit, Anus

Mistress Lady Renee  Anal chain gang  preview

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Two prisoners in My slave labour camp have been caught slacking off one too many times. prisoner 17146969 has been locked in chastity due to his masturbation obsession. The other, prisoner 12813606, has already been severely whipped and punished for not obeying orders correctly. As part of My ongoing prisoner re-conditioning regime, I summons them to the work hall for a humiliating lesson in anal submission. After a general inspection and verbal thrashing, I have the inmates on their knees for some anal-chain-gang-degradation. Cock gags are fitted to the mouths of the bitches. I make them take turns in fucking each other’s slut cunts with their faces. My huge fucking strap-on finalises the anal domination of these two imprisoned slaves, they will never recover from the mental scars of being so anally humiliated and violated.


SubmissiveCuckolds – Last Update (March 2019) – Mistress Rebeca – Cuckold – Cuckie, Femdom

SubmissiveCuckolds  Last Update March 2019  Mistress Rebeca  Cuckold preview

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“Don’t be so rude honey. Crawl over on your hands and knees and slobber to your new master”. That’s what Hotwife Rebecca said to her cuck. He watched in absolute ecstasy how the alpha male penetrated her married pussy. Also, he was a real submissive to dine on her wife’s pussy and another man’s cum.


Princess Nikki Cruel – Mini and Nikki Burping Queens – Spitting – Mistress, Degradation

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Every time Mini and Nikki shoot together they order the burping slave on his knees and start to burp and spit in his face. They are the burping queens and the clip is full of yummy spit and very very authentic becuse both princesses have so much fun and are loughing like crazy becuse the slave looks so funny with all the spit in his face.


MistressT – MILF’s Driving Gloves – Handjob – Forced Male Orgasm, Milking

MistressT  MILFs Driving Gloves  Handjob preview

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You’re maturing and changing. I’ve seen the way you look at my leather gloved hands gripping the steering wheel and you think about them gripping your cock. You know it’s improper to be aroused by your own MILF, but it’s really about the gloves, isn’t it? I decide to use my gloves to train you to be a better lover, to teach you orgasm control…so that if I fuck you, you’ll be able to please me…


Mistress Lady Renee – Bench Fucked Bitch (720 HD) – Pegging – Anal, Dildo Fucking

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I see this slave arse in front of Me and I just need to ram My large strapon in that submissive hole. No matter how willing your slave hole opens up, I will force it wider while I ram deeper and deeper. No mercy for slave arse if you ask Me. I will take your owned hole hard and fast. it will know who it’s Owner is. you will feel Me deep and hard in your arse. A slave like you has no choice but to undergo anal Domination by My heavy strap-on. you are just an anal fuckhole for Me that I will peg brutally. If you are a good submissive anal bitch you will be sucking that huge, used and dirty strap-on clean in the end. But don’t worry, I will force you to be that submissive bitch.


TheEnglishMansion – Under Her Sharp Heels (Complete) (720 HD) – Mistress Lola – Trampling – Foot Licking, Cumshot

TheEnglishMansion  Under Her Sharp Heels Complete 720 HD  Mistress Lola  Trampling preview

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Stunning lady boss Lola calls the new office junior into her office for a disciplinary incident. It has been reported that some stockings have been taken form the locker room and someone saw him with them, caught red handed. He is embarrassed and ashamed but then surprised at the approach his boss takes. She explains she also has a fetish for nylons so will give him another chance if he follows her regime, placing the stockings over his face, making him smell the strong scent and then ripping his work shirt off. She sits on his face, slapping his already hard cock before trampling his body with her sharp heels, over and over, his whimpers of discomfort at odds to his rock hard dick. She then rubs her nylon clad feet over his cock, edging him closer and closer until he can’t control himself and shoots a big load of cum over her stocking clad feet.