Mistress T – Cruel Surprise Part 2 Cheating Girlfriend – Balls Busting, Blowjob

Mistress T  Cruel Surprise Part 2 Cheating Girlfriend preview

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Now we get to the SURPRISE! Tied to a chair my very horny ‘boyfriend’ freaks out when I bring my lover out of the bathroom and break the news that I’ve been cheating on him. It takes some FACE SLAPPING, SPITTING and BALLBUSTING to bring him under control. I continue to fuck with his head by teasing him and making him think I’m going to kiss him, but instead I kiss my lover. I tease him making him think I’m going to give him a blow job, but then I blow my lover instead. I tell him that if he had been better in bed and had a bigger cock I wouldn’t have cheated on him with his best friend, with other guys and now with this guy. I tell him I’m going to make him watch him fuck me so he can see what it looks like when I’m really being sexually satisfied. I want him to see how filled up my pussy looks when I’m getting fucked with a REAL cock. Great action. If you enjoy watching a guy REALLY suffer (who doesn’t?) this contains very intense emotional/psychological abuse with physical abuse.


EVIKE – Mistress Is Always Right – Foot Humiliation – Foot Licking, Degradation

EVIKE  Mistress Is Always Right  Foot Humiliation preview

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Cruel and bratty Evike is bored as Rea is going to be little late to come take her for the party. She felt hot and removed her pantyhose and now she is barefoot on the couch n calls me to play with me. She puts her feet on my face and makes me funny faces with her toes, laughing at me. Sometimes she footsmothers me catching my nose with her toes and blocking my mouth with the other foot and she humiliates me and laughs at me for a long time, making me feel so bad! Her feet are always at my face, using it like clay!


ClubStiletto – Face Sitting Both Losers – Jasmine, Fetish

ClubStiletto  Face Sitting Both Losers preview

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Mistress Jasmine has 2 slaves but only one ass, so she has decided to test both slaves to see which one gets locked away and which one gets an evening as her seat. Which face is the most comfortable? Which slave can take more? Well, she’s about to find out. Dressed in only a bra and a pair of sheer, see-through pantyhose, Jasmine looks stunning as she subjects both slaves to her full weight.
She makes sure there’s a tight seal because the ability to hold one’s breath will certainly be a factor in winning the competition. Oh, and there’s another hook: the winner in this competition gets a blowjob… not from Jasmine, however, but from the loser! Jasmine notices that 1 slave is really rock hard and says “I wonder if he’s so hard because I am sitting on his face, or maybe he’s excited about getting a blow job… or maybe giving one.”. In the end, she comes up with a kinky idea to determine who’s the winner n who’s the loser.


Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer, Kendall and Sara – Danni Bullied with Spit and Feet (720 HD) – Humiliation, Femdom

Brat Princess 2  Jennifer Kendall and Sara  Danni Bullied with Spit and Feet 720 HD preview

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Jennifer, Kendall and Sara call danni into the room. They tell him to take off all of his stupid clothes. Danni does what the girls say. Underneath his dorky clothes, hes wearing a chastity device. Its pink. The Princesses point and laugh at dannis little pink chastity. Sara tells danni to get on its knees n lick the bottoms of her shoes. Dani does what Sara tells him to do. Sara tells danni to lick her friends shoes, too. Danni licks Kendalls shoes. Jennifer spits on dannis face and Kendalls shiny black shoes. They tell danni to lick all the spit off the shoes. Danni licks Jennifers shoes next. Her gold shoes are very dirty. They spit on dannis face a lot, to train him. They want danni to know what it feels like to have cum dripping down his face. Hes going to have to get used to the feeling, because they are about to make him into a sissy. In his new sissy life, danni will have cum on his face all the time. Danni continues to lick Jennifers shoes with spit on his face. The Princess spit on danni a lot as they verbally degrade him. Sara shoves her bare feet into dannis mouth as Kendall holds his head. Jennifer and Sara fit both of their toes in dannis mouth at the same time. Jennifer thrusts her feet in dannis mouth as he gags. Danni then bobs on Kendalls foot like hes giving head. He is going to make a great slut! For once in his life hell be good at something.


ClubDom – Goddess Tangent Canes Gaby – Brutal, Female Domination

 ClubDom  Goddess Tangent Canes Gaby  preview

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Mistress Tangent, known for her cruelty, which is on full display. Mistress Tangent has one of her favorite implements of torture, her cane. With her slave kneeling at her feet, fully exposed and at her mercy, Tangent warms him up with some verbal abuse. Mistress Tangent thoroughly explains her love of causing pain, hurting slaves, and beating men down. Although already bruised from a previous beating, this`ll have not have any impact on her mercy. Mistress Tangent is kind enough, prior to the beating, to spit n smack the slave in his face. The slave is bent over a slave cage, and Mistress Tangent begins her discipline of her slave. She beats his ass without mercy, and his ass is not red, but white! She beats this slave ruthlessly and smiles deviously, overwhelmed with the joy of the pain she causes this slave. Thwack, thwack, thwack – the sound of her cane.


Terminal Euphoria Productions – Bizarre CBT POV #6 Camo featuring Mistrtress KALI – Urethral Sounds, Femdom

Terminal Euphoria Productions  Bizarre CBT POV 6 Camo featuring Mistrtress KALI preview

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Mistress Kali is wearing a camouflage bra, tiny black lace-up thong and black leather 8 inch ankle boots. She begins by teasing her victims cock with her extremely long hot pink nails, then she applies a red silicone ball harness. Her goal is to milk as much pre-cum out of him as she can, although she informs him that she will not be allowing him to cum. Mistress Kali then torments his shaft with a fondue fork, followed by a long Q-tip which she inserts into his urethra repeatedly. Her next tool is a medical sounds, which she inserts deep inside his penis. Finally she utilizes an automotive antenna magnet, which she uses to beat his cock and insert into his urethra. Mistress Kali enjoys taunting her victim with his pre-cum. Shot in High Definition.


Mistress T – Fucking On Your D e a t h Bed – Ass Licking, Ass Fetish

Mistress T  Fucking On Your D e a t h Bed preview

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This clip contains a few minutes of the highlights from “Warning: May Cause A Heart Attack” which is a great POV tease clip all on it’s own. If you like a little more sucking and fucking with your jerk off material than this one delivers. After causing your heart attack I fuck your accountant in front of you as you take your last breaths. Pure evil.