Miss Whitney Morgan – So You Want To Be My Shoe And Foot Slave – Foot Worship, Foot Domination

Miss Whitney Morgan  So You Want To Be My Shoe And Foot Slave preview

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So you’ve always wanted to be a shoe and foot slave to Miss Whitney Morgan… sniffing, smelling, licking, worshipping her old, used, smelly shoes.. cleaning her perfect size 8.5 feet from heel to tippy toe, lapping up all the sweat between each wiggling, spreading perfect toe. Now here’s your chance.. Get down on your knees, ready to please her well worn smelly ballet flats.. and her sweaty, smelly feet.. Learn your new place in life as her personal shoe slave and foot worship slave.. see the cage you’ll stay in.. and all the shoes you’ll clean WITH ONLY your mouth – for the rest of your pathetic life. Includes: POV, domination, shoe slave, foot slave, slave training, slave application, shoe sniffing, shoe licking, shoe smelling, foot sniffing, foot licking, foot smelling, foot worship, soles, toes, barefoot, ballet shoes, ballet flats, shoe dangling.


Madame Jade Paris – Weekend Masturbation …Edge and Cum for Mistress – Brainwashing, Brainwashed

Madame Jade Paris  Weekend Masturbation Edge and Cum for Mistress preview

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This is a file for you to enjoy over the weekend, There is a fairly lengthy induction as I give commands on how to touch yourself. It’s as if I were there swirling My long, sharp fingernail around and around. you are becoming so aroused as you obey your Mistress. Would you like to take this further and edge for your Mistress? Then do as I command. Let it grow and build up, it feels warm and teasing. Are you ready to let your hand go down to that area as you focus on the pleasure and listen to My voice. The deeper you go, the more desire you will feel and the more desire you feel, the more your mind will open up and let Me in. your cock desires to be touched as I tease you, not letting you touch it until I give you the command. Emptier and deeper, hornier and harder as I dance around in your subconscious mind. Listen to your Mistress and feel how ever word brings you closer. Listen and feel how your body obeys automatically because i have programmed your mind. Pace yourself for your Mistress, you are on the edge but I need you to be emptier and emptier, harder and hornier. When you obey you go deeper…..and deepness opens your mind….an open mind is Madame’s playground. Obediently stoking until you are finally allowed to explode. File includes: An “addicted to Madame” subliminal track, a main voice track and an audible background track. There is the usual binaural theta arousal beat along with ambient abstract sounds.


Vicious Femdom Empire – Feminized – Rikki’s Chastised Sissy – Ladyboy, Sperm

Vicious Femdom Empire  Feminized  Rikkis Chastised Sissy preview

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Miss Rikki keeps her sissy bitch locked away in a pink chastity cage because she only likes big cock and his cock is of no use to her. Mistress Rikki dresses her bitch in a pink nighty n orders her to lick her pussy. The sissy will be serving her sexually now as a woman, only allowed to use her tongue while sissies cock is locked away in chastity.


Mistress Ezada Sinn – Hard no matter what – Ruined Orgasms, Forced Male Orgasm

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Hard no matter what preview

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When a slave is close to Me, almost touching My gorgeous Feminine body, My sensual breasts and My voluptuous ass, he must be hard. In part, I lock my boys in chastity to keep them horny, I want to see them aroused when they are with Me, not to disappoint Me with their flaccid impotence. This is the way I like it, to see their cocks hard, no matter how sensually or painfully I touch them. Through spit and slapping, all the way to extreme kicking and ball busting, My slave must remain engorged, bristling with desire for Me, his Goddess. No matter how unbearable the pain, the slave must never go limp. he must remain erect even following not just one or two, but multiple ruined orgasms. his cock belongs to Me, and it must be ready for My use whenever I am near or desire it.


Lady Roksana – Mistress Human Floor (MP4) – Shoe Worship, Fetish

Lady Roksana  Mistress Human Floor MP4 preview

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It is a honor for a devoted slave being allowed to serve as a human footstool for such a beautiful Mistress like Lady Roksana is! Lady Roksana is so superior n dominant! She loves to humiliate slaves and it is much more humiliating to abuse the face of a slave as a footrest than his chest or belly! She is sitting comfortable on a chair having her long legs crossed while reading a magazine. Lady Roksana ignores her shoeslave all the time but she knows for sure that she causes him a lot of pain while crushing his face under the soles of her elegant Italian slingback stilettos. Watch it with great POV scenes and nice close ups in between.


Lady Iveta – Worship Under The Table (MP4) – Mistress, Footlicking

Lady Iveta  Worship Under The Table MP4 preview

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The beautiful Lady Iveta is sitting on a chair having her devoted footslave laying under the table at her sexy high arched feet. She wants him to worship her feet while doing some messages with her smart phone. Lady Iveta doesn’t give her slave attention ignoring him while resting her sexy feet on his chest right in front of his face. Her slave is giving much effort to please his Mistress licking all the tasty sweat off the soles n toes.


Mistress Harley – HANUKKAH Humiliation: Night 1 – Femdom, POV

Mistress Harley  HANUKKAH Humiliation Night 1 preview

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It’s the first night of Hanukkah and you owe your Jewish Goddess obedience! I can’t wait to give you your first task to pleasing me this holiday season. I want to make sure you suffer for me, for all the Christmas crap I have to deal with. Your Jewish goddess will make you hurt and humiliate yourself, and you’ll love it


Mistress Harley – Castraing You Like Livestock – Cocktease, Financial Domination

Mistress Harley  Castraing You Like Livestock preview

00:06:44 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 246 MB

Boys like you are basically the same as livestock to me. You work for me, you are part of my stable, and you ended up there because you just don’t measure up in all the ways other men do. Men like you end up in my stable because you’re basically a sexually useless gelding, to be used as a work horse. Do you know what happens to livestock that’s not used for breeding? They get castrated, and I’m going to do the same thing to you. Once you get used to living without those distracting male parts you’ll be a much more dedicated work horse for me.


Jade Paris – Humping Induction & Fucktoy Virus – Jerk Off Encouragement, Submissive Training

Jade Paris  Humping Induction  Fucktoy Virus preview

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This file is for My most devoted mesmerize slaves. It is to be listened to before My two other files: fucktoy 1 & 2. This file starts with a humping induction. I want you to relax and focus on the rhythm of your movement. Humping back and forth for your Mistress becomes easier and easier as you listen to My commands. Two layers of my voice will put you into a trance without a doubt. There is also a subliminal layer that will be picked up by your subconscious mind. Let yourself go completely for Me and do as I command. Rubbing and humping back and forth, becoming mindless, and relaxed yet aroused. The more you thrust the better you will feel, surrendering to the need and deep cravings mindlessly… just the way I like you. Once you are deep I invade your psyche and implant a “fucktoy virus” into your mind. You will be programmed and become obsessed with becoming My fucktoy. This is a very mesmerizing work of art and I want you to fall hard and go deep. When I ask you a question, I want you to answer it. As you listen to My haunting voice, you will lose your grip on reality. You will be My FUCKTOY, so hard and so simple… mindlessly, rock hard while letting go of all inhibitions. This is true programming, manipulative and skillfully delicious. Included in this file: My personal video, two layers of My Goddess voice plus one programming subliminal that is only audible to your subconscious mind. A binaural theta arousal beat and hypnotic background sounds. Only those who want to be My ultimate fucktoy and be programmed should get this file. Always wear headphones and enjoy. xoxoxo Madame Jade Paris