JungleFever69X – Youre Not Allowed To Touch Your Cock – POV, Cuckolding

JungleFever69X  Youre Not Allowed To Touch Your Cock preview

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Just because I’m allowing you to watch me stroke this massive cock doesn’t mean I will permit you touching your weak little dick. I don’t care if your blue balls are causing you physical pain, you’re going to push through the pain for me. The only cock that deserves to be drained is this big black one right here.


London Lix – A Ruined Valentine’s – Femdom, JOI

London Lix  A Ruined Valentines preview

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Your Valentine’s Day was always going to be ruined. Either you know you’re spending it alone (most likely), or you’ll end up going on a desperate last minute date who either won’t show or won’t put out. You’re better off staying inside with me, where you know it’s safe. You know exactly what you’re going to get with me. You know it’ll be hot, you know I’ll have to humiliate you a little, like you love, and you know you’ll get to cum…although of course it will have to be a ruined release. I have a special valentine’s themed new ruined orgasm technique I want you to try out for me too; so pull out your cock & be useful, pet! Let’s face it, this is better than anything you could have got offline, right?


Princess Ellie Idol – Monthly Game – Jerk Off Instruction, JOI Games

Princess Ellie Idol  Monthly Game preview

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I love games and I know you do too! Games of chance are my favorite. You’re going to watch this clip the 15th of every month. This is the only opportunity you have to cum on a day of the month that isn’t the 30th. You’ll need a single dice to play, as well as a bottle of . I will say the number your dice needs to land on in order for you to have an orgasm. Do not look at your dice until the countdown. If you do roll the same number, and you get to cum you have to show your gratitude by buying one item off my wishlist spoilellie.com. You’ll be so wasted for me by the end of this game, just the way I like you. Let’s begin!


Bratty Bunny – Fund My Vacation – Findom, Jerk Off Instruction

Bratty Bunny  Fund My Vacation preview

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Guess what? I’m on vacation right now. You’re here to fund it. Don’t you want to be a good boy for me? Show me you want to enhance my life. I go on vacation and you are still in the same spot, jerking to my little bikini. This is meant to be. Gorgeous Goddess goes on vacation and Losers PAY. I’ll allow you to stroke, but I’m leaving you with nice big blue balls… you know to match my bikini I’m wearing. You work for me, bitch. You do what I say. I keep getting hotter, and you keep being a stroking addict.


Princess Mika – Gross Humiliation Tasks – Submissive Training, Degradation

Princess Mika  Gross Humiliation Tasks preview

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No longer are W/we going to do some basic humiliation tasks, it turns you on and you then get to call yourself submissive! No. W/we are really stepping things up in this clip! And it is so easy to step things up for Me, isn’t it? Just look at My long, slender, sexy body. You cannot say no to this. You really will do anything that I say. And this clip is truly going to be disgusting. Do you think you will be able to cum, even after going through all of these disgusting tasks?


Princess Beverly – More Then You Asked For – Brat Girls, AmericanMeanGirls

Princess Beverly  More Then You Asked For preview

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***Custom Clip*** “I want you to mock of me, how I spent so much money on a video of you, how I’m so obsessed with you, how you have me at your mercy, how you can make me do whatever you want so easily … You will treat me with superiority and you will demonstrate your power over me ordering me to pay you 100 dollars extra (which I will do) At the end of the video you will say that you are tired and that you are going to give me what I desperately want, you are going to make me cum, and I will only do at your command. You will give me a bratty countdown and finally say “cum” in an offhand manner. Thank you so much!”


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Spurt Break – Pov, Joi

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Spurt Break preview

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I know you’ve had a long day at work. I think it’s time you took a little break. Not too long, mind you. I know your breaks are short. So we’re going to get this done nice and fast. You’re going to get your cock out and stroke for me. You’re going to stroke and cum for my beautiful body in this bodysuit. But make it fast. We don’t have all day.


Miss Madison Stone – Milk your Micro Dick Masturbation Instructions – Mind Fuck, Jerk Off Instruction

Miss Madison Stone  Milk your Micro Dick Masturbation Instructions preview

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Well theres a bit of an issue….I see you’re a total pervert but you have a small penis. You want pussy, you love pussy but you know very well your shrimp dick isn’t about to satisfy any pussy at all. So how shall we take care of this issue? I was think maybe a pocket pussy would be more suitable for your little manhood and if you don’t have a pocket pussy or fleshlight then you will be left using your hands. I’m sure your penis is VERY familiar with your hands! Really what were you thinking? You could fuck me? No not in this life time….my pussy is above average and was built for a real man’s meaty cock to stretch me open and stuff me good. Your penis is way below average and doesn’t deserve anything my your and or a plastic toy. I’ll show you exactly how I expect you to jerk off for me and guide you into an intense orgasm.